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Senator at party with Trump and KGB-Mossad operative Maxwell was sexually compromised by Soviets

AT SEA—Donald Trump on Maxwell yacht the Lady Ghislaine with broadcaster Mike Wallace (second from right) and KGB/Mossad super spy Robert Maxwell (right) in 1989. The man in the middle with the glasses is Senator John Tower, who was involved in Maxwell’s KGB/Mossad PROMIS software scandal, technology theft for Soviet aims, and possibly his Soviet sex ring. It appears that Jeffrey Epstein madame Ghislane Maxwell (Robert’s daughter) is situated between Wallace and Robert Maxwell perched on a ledge in the background.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 22, 2022 Anno Domini

One factor in late U.S. Senator John Tower’s lost bid for Secretary of Defense was due to his alleged sexual compromise by a Soviet “sparrow”.

The United States Senate rejected Tower’s nomination for U.S. Secretary of Defense by 53-47 votes in 1989 after an investigation found he was sexually compromised (kompromat) by one or more “swallows” (female KGB sexual operators) while working in Geneva, Switzerland as head of the Soviet-invented Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I), a clever way of “promoting peace” and disarmament but on Soviet terms (meaning only the USSR left with nuclear capability).

According to the Chicago Tribune,

“Defense Secretary-designate John Tower quit the U.S. arms control delegation in Geneva in 1986 after his wife threw him out of their home because he was keeping secretaries as mistresses, according to a U.S. investigator who looked into allegations of wrongdoing in the delegation.”

The report went on to say that Air Force Col. Robert Moser Jr., then a top aide to Tower and other U.S. ambassadors, “supposedly maintained ‘hit lists’ of damaging information on his fellow Geneva delegation members. Moser, Indahl said, had dismissed his illicit affair with a woman with Soviet-bloc links by noting that 14 of his peers—including 13 who were married—were engaged in similar affairs while part of the 100-member U.S. Geneva team.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is suspected of having been sexually compromised by the Russian state and/or its satellites in the “former” Soviet bloc—the direct result of which is believed to have influenced the decisions he made while serving in the White House.  

In 1989, a photo was taken of Trump alongside Senator Tower, CBS host Mike Wallace, and KGB-Mossad operative Robert Maxwell (late father of Ghislaine Maxwell) on board Maxwell’s yacht, The Lady Ghislaine. Maxwell is believed to have been involved with Jeffrey Epstein and his apparent sexual compromise operation of VIPs using his daughter Ghislaine to procure teenaged girls from the United States, Russia, and Eastern Europe. One of the girls, Maria Farmer, claimed Trump was involved in the Maxwell-Epstein sex ring. Maxwell may have been the ringleader who ensnared both Trump and Tower, eventually using both for neo-Soviet purposes: with Trump, using his business clout and eventual presidency to advance Western-Soviet convergence, and with Tower, to use his clout as a politician to advance the phony disarmament agenda and to provide government access (intelligence, Sandia, high technology, etc.) to Soviet saboteurs and double agents. Tower was involved in the Soviet-Israel PROMIS espionage affair by helping the Jewish KGB operative Robert Maxwell gain access to U.S. nuclear lab Sandia, where the spy penetrated the U.S. government’s most sensitive area with Soviet-Israel bugging capabilities. Tower was also involved in the Soviet-Israel-orchestrated Iran Contra Affair. 

WASHINGTON, DC—President Reagan and Vice President George Bush meet with U.S. arms negotiators (LTR) Max Kampelman (Jewish member of JINSA), Senator John Tower, and Maynard Glitman in the Oval Office. President Reagan described them as “a great team” of negotiators for new talks with the Soviets on nuclear weapons and the prevention of an arms race in space.

Late Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn wrote that the disarmament and world peace effort was a Soviet-invented ruse used to render the West completely vulnerable to Soviet nuclear blackmail, which would result in Soviet-Western convergence and eventual world government.

“My assessment is that, when the long-range strategy was worked out and adopted in the period 1958-60, the Soviets and Chinese agreed to plan and prepare for the eventual reform and liberalisation of their regimes while, in the meantime, following different paths,” Golitsyn writes in The Perestroika Deception (1995). “Liberalisation formed part of the strategic design of procuring the disarmament of the West and the convergence of the Communist and Eastern systems on Communist terms.

“In his predictions made in 1967, Sakharov said that ‘restructuring’, disarmament, socialist convergence and the creation of a World Government could be complete by the year 2000. His timetable may have slipped a bit but, given Western ignorance of Soviet strategy and the West’s erroneous response to Gorbachev, the worst may happen.”

The disgraced Tower died in 1991 in a somewhat mysterious plane crash with his family, the same year as the fake collapse of communism was orchestrated and the beginning of the end for the free world.

Robert Maxwell’s private yacht, The Lady Ghislaine, is moored at the Hercules Port in Monaco on July 22, 1992. – Emad Khashoggi, also developer of the Château Louis XIV and the Palais Rose, sold the yacht to Robert Maxwell who renamed it Lady Ghislaine, named after his daughter Ghislaine. (Photo credit should read JACQUES SOFFER/AFP via Getty Images)
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