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Moscow Makow drops his mask

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 10, 2022 Anno Domini

It’s taken years for Henry Makow to let his mask slither down his face to expose the snake that he is.

But he has fully exposed himself now. 

After years of using the lure of anti-Feminism and anti-Sabbateanism to build his audience, the Polish Jew from Winnipeg is now feeding his helpless readers a steady diet of propaganda manufactured in the Lubyanka. It’s as if the KGB/GRU’s Operation Trust officers in charge of these fake alternative media “analysts” have given orders to intensify shilling because an end game scenario is right around the corner and the game of pretenses is no longer necessary. 

Once you take away the deception that Russia is an anti-globalist dissident fighting the Jews and the “evil West”, what is left? Russia is nothing but a long impoverished multi-ethnic state run by a cabal of criminal Jewish mobsters seeking world domination—the same as it was under Gorbachev, Khrushchev, Stalin, and Lenin. Nothing has changed but the design of the national flag and the official titles of the country and its massive internal security apparatus (Putin even reverted the national anthem back to the Soviet one, although without lyrics). If you haven’t figured this out by now, you absolutely must read the revelations of late Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception. Genuine Western conservatives and Christians are being set up for total annihilation. It’s a trap! Get out! 

Screenshot of recent Kremlin cucking from Makow.

Before dropping his mask, Moscow Makow’s game seemed to be to allow some dissenting views on his site—his alibi. He was allowed to do this just as long as the Kremlin-kosher narratives were more frequently published. He would throw the occasional bone to his unwitting audience by “exposing” feminism and the “Illuminati” by peppering his rants with forced clickbait terms like “Jew”, “Cabalists”, and “freemason” to create the illusion of authenticity as a patriot dissident. But Moscow Makow isn’t Jewing everyone. We see right through him.

Recently, Makow begged his readers to financially support fellow Jew-in-Kremlin shillery “Brother” Nathanael Kapner, a member of the KGB-controlled Russian Orthodox Church who puts out the same crypto-Soviet scripts as Makow, just in his own style. Moscow Makow’s pro-Kremlin, anti-Western propaganda is a daily thing now both on his site and on his social media accounts. Most of his sources are Russian and have been for years, not just now during the invasion of Ukraine. Although there are drops of truth in his rhetoric, it’s generally full of doom, gloom, and fear mongering. Reading through his site is like a psychodrama. It is straining and hard on the soul. I’m sure much of his audience feels defeated and depressed. This is another reason to dump Makow, along with most of the alternative media, who all seem to be reading from the same Kremlin-Knesset script. We need encouragement and truth in these difficult times, not pessimism, mockery, and disinformation. 

If the West is so evil and Satanic, as Moscow Makow and his Duginist shills claim, why does he still live in the West? Perhaps Makow should put his money where his mouth is and go live in Russia, the “workers paradise”.

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