Soviet artist smuggles heretic into Vatican with help of ‘Pope’

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN—Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria Egypt prays together with Pope Francis at the Redemptoris Mater Chapel on May 10, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. The Joint Declaration that was signed then by those two Popes represented “a milestone on the ecumenical journey” and helped institute a joint commission of theological dialogue between the two Churches. (Photo by Vatican Pool/Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Feb. 8, 2022 Anno Domini

The “pope” many call a Saint requested that a Soviet artist and prominent Russian Orthodox iconographer create a mosaic for the papal chapel.


If that weren’t bad enough, apparent Soviet subverter Oleg Germanovich Ulyanov placed a heretic alongside the likes of the most revered Saints of the Roman Catholic Church. Imagine, an accepted heretic within the walls of the Vatican sitting beside Saint Thomas Aquinas—thanks in large part to “Saint Pope John Paul II” (Karol Wojtyla).

In the 1996 papal mosaic dubbed “the new Sistine Chapel of the 21st century” and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Cappella Redemptoris Mater (Mother of the Redeemer) depicts the Virgin and our Lord Jesus as an infant as well as many Saints of the Catholic Church within the walls of New Jerusalem. Not only is the entire chapel’s art in the Byzantine tradition, one can find a depiction of heretic Gregory Palamas, a doctor of the Eastern Orthodox Church, next to Saint Thomas Aquinas. Also in the depiction are other Eastern Orthodox saints not recognized by the Catholic Church as such.

Andrei Rublev’s anti-Filioque Holy Trinity icon, which is now displayed in the Vatican.

Palamas is known for establishing mystical teaching within Eastern Orthodoxy, specifically “hesychasm”, which seems to bear more resemblance to Yoga and the Kabbalah than anything a Catholic would expect to see of a worshipper of the Almighty God. Palmas is no Saint; should not be revered by lay Catholics, let alone the Vatican; and his teaching and legitimacy is disputed even within Eastern Orthodoxy itself (see Barlaam Seminara).

Given that Ulyanov is considered an Eastern Orthodox iconographer and the entire depiction is in Byzantine tradition, it would seem that the adaptation of Andrei Rublev’s Holy Trinity icon (located at the top, above the Virgin Mary) somehow represents a non-Filioque Trinity, that is, one that strips the Holy Spirit from Christ. What may be an indication of this heretical concept are the blue shoulders depicted only on God the Father and God the Holy Spirit (assuming that Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father, which would put him at the very left of the icon). Our Lord is not represented with this blue distinction. If true, this is outrageous, blasphemous, and must be remedied immediately by the Vatican. It’s another, if not the most important, reason that the entire mosaic must be destroyed or painted over with a truly Roman Catholic Mosaic, not some Eastern Orthodox schismatic impostor.

The official reason from the John Paul II papacy is that the mosaic is to foster unity between East and West—a typical humanist mask for ongoing Second Vatican Council subversion of the traditional Roman Catholic Church since 1958.

“He (John Paul II) likewise desired that the new chapel include the presence of Oriental tradition, which is of important ecumenical value. Thus it has become a visible sign of communion between the Eastern and Western Churches,” the Vatican states.[1]

Wojtyla, “Saint Pope John Paul II”, receives Soviet-Israeli sexual blackmail operatives Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

What’s more likely is that the mosaic represents ongoing anti-Christ subversion of God’s Holy Church through the push for one-world syncretic, Noahidic religious rule, and subjugation to the leading church in the world communist conspiracy—the Eastern Orthodox Church, specifically the Moscow Patriarchate or Russian Orthodox Church.

Keep in mind here that John Paul II, originally from Soviet-occupied Poland, is suspected of having been a Communist and/or Freemason and Judaizer, among other anti-Catholic things. If true, his reverence for Russian Orthodox heretics, teaching, and orientalism begins to make more sense. Wojtyla’s reasoning for the Soviet mosaic presumes that the Roman Catholic Church is somehow lacking unity (with the non-Catholic world). But how can light have any part in darkness, as the Bible rhetorically asks? Pope Leo XIII brings clarity in Satis Cognitum: “Jesus did not found a Church that embraces a plurality of communities which are generically similar, but distinct and not bound by ties forming only one Church.”

Depiction of Saint Thomas Aquinas (not related to the Redemptoris Mater Chapel).

When we consider the Roman Catholic teaching of the Filioque (the concept that the Holy Spirit proceeds from both the Father and the Son—not just from the Father, as is taught in Eastern Orthodoxy), it was the Mother of Russian Orthodoxy, the great kingdom of Byzantium, that fell to the Islamists on the very day of Pentecost (when Christ sent His Spirit out onto the world) in 1453 while Rome stood unmolested and the Catholic faith spread to every corner of the world. It’s difficult to interpret this historical event as mere coincidence. It seems more likely that it was God’s punishment on the heretical Byzantine theocracy, which then relocated its base of operations north to what became Russia and the Soviet Union (this transfer of Eastern Orthodox power seems to have been aided by the Jewish kingdom of Khazaria, but more on that for another article).

The writers of a 1988 EIR special report drew an interesting conclusion on rejection of the Filioque, the Soviet system, and centuries of Russian imperialism:

“Denial of the Filioque leads to the doctrine that Stalin is always right (the Logos proceeding only from the Father), and that all individuals must be directed in all their actions by an omniscient state planning authority like the Gosplan or the Oprichina of Ivan the Terrible. The alternative is the Western system, seen in the Prussian Auftragsprinzip or assignment principle, in which the individual is given a large area of initiative to solve problems that emerge in the course of carrying out overall policies with which the individual politically agrees.

“Thus, the Filioque creates the concept of the individual, who in turn participates in both freedom and necessity, and must accept responsibility for both. This idea of the exercise of individual reason has always excited the hatred of Byzantium and its successors. It is the key to the fight between Western freedom and Soviet totalitarianism today.”[2]

As we can see, the rejection of the Filioque is no trivial manner and certainly not one that the so called Popes at the Vatican should be embracing for the so called sake of unity with schismatics.

Let’s let a true Saint, Thomas Aquinas, put the controversy to rest.

“It must be said that the Holy Ghost is from the Son. For if He were not from Him, He could in no wise be personally distinguished from Him…. The Holy Ghost is distinguished from the Son, inasmuch as the origin of one is distinguished from the origin of the other; but the difference itself of origin comes from the fact that the Son is only from the Father, whereas the Holy Ghost is from the Father and the Son; for otherwise the processions would not be distinguished from each other….”[3]


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  1. Thanks Mr. Tim! Never saw a pic of Pope, Jeff and Ghislaine together. Wow! They really did float to the top of the septic tank didn’t they?

    1. On January 30, 2023, the Presidential Library hosted a video lecture The New Sistine Chapel of the 21st Century within the framework of the project Knowledge of Russia. The lecture was delivered by Oleg Ulyanov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Russian Academy of Natural History. He told the story of the reconstruction of the papal chapel Redemptoris Mater (Latin: Mother of the Redeemer), located in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

      In the spring of 1996, Prof. Ulyanov was invited to Rome with the blessing of Pope John Paul II. There, a grand mosaic was made according to his iconographic program. Thus, thanks to the joint efforts of Orthodox and Catholics, images of Russian saints and even the world-famous image of The Trinity by the great Russian iconographer Andrei Rublev appeared in the papal chapel of Redemptoris Mater in the Vatican.

      This innovative mosaic was a spiritual testament to contemporary art, and 25 years later it became highly appreciated worldwide as the “new Sistine Chapel of the 21st century”:

  2. My first thought with the headline picture was that you were talking about the subliminal that Bergoglio used in his chosen name, Francis. I think the strategy is to further try to minimize the real Saints, and St Francis of Assisi is one of the greatest, new generations which know only vatican 2 would most likely think of this heretic and his jewish-masonic-marxist actions and words instead. As we’ve seen every tool that has been the public leader of the vatican 2 church has been named a saint up to the coward/antipope known as Benedict 16th. I have no doubt the gangsters in the hierarchy who vote on it will name him a “saint”. If you notice one of the most vile babylons of modern times is named after St Francis, San Francisco, probably on purpose as there’s no reason for one place or another to be so subversive other than deliberately or a large jewish/masonic population. The founding of the UN, the gold/greed rush, the awful silicon valley tech center, drugs, sodomite culture, terribly corrupt marxist government etc etc etc it’s all there in San Francisco.

    Another subliminal is the use of John and Paul, one referring to John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ and the other St Paul the major written evangelist towards gentiles. So to the twisted Vatican II religion John 23rd(there was a previous John 23rd who was deposed as a heretic in ancient church history) is the Forerunner and Paul 666 is the principal teacher/founder. And then we have the John Paul popes, the first one being poisoned probably because he planned to root out a lot of heretics within the hierarchy and repeal a lot of the ghastly mutilations of the liturgy etc and the second one John Paul 2, of the heretical Church of John 23rd and Paul 6. In a Chiesa Viva biography of JP2 it’s almost proved that JP2 was a crypto-jew himself, being a lover of acting and other things that he carried into his reign as a sponsored TV propaganda tool. He was the first pope to celebrate mass with protestants, all those terrible circus events(ie large displays of dancing and other displays) which are normal now with no dignity or solemn holiness about them but great for the press/tv cycle. I’ll never forget the prominence the crypto-jew Bush presidents were given at JP2’s funeral, tells a lot in itself. The crypto-jew Bushes are not even Catholic on the surface, they’re one of the many bastard protestant forms. Of course a lot of post ww2 popes have received a lot of evil people but I don’t think such vile people have ever been invited or so prominent at a papal funeral.

  3. Dear Timothy, I am confused. You have stated previously that you are an Eastern Orthodox Christian. You now appear to be a Roman Catholic. Could you please clarify.

  4. Wow! Why would Epstein and Maxwell want a photo with a Pope at all?

    Timothy Fitzpatrick, I see that you are lean on content these days.
    I have written a multi part expose on the use of hypnotic suggestion to control the masses.
    I think you will enjoy it.
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  5. If the FBI says so, it must be true.

    You can’t believe Christianity but you believe the FBI? I see you rail against the Christ- rejecting Jews but it appears you are also a Christ rejector.

    Your assertions about ancient symbology are questionable, I propose that the double triangle is a representation of Chiun ( Remphin ) which would also be objectionable and suggest a longer term infiltration than Vatican II in addition to being a symbol belonging to the group which controls “the Jews”.

    1. Perhaps you are right and the Catholic Church was infiltrated a thousand years ago or earlier. Maybe the Protestants are right about everything, I do not care, all Christians are a type of a Jew, Christianity is Judaism for dummies, but the idea that the Jews are useful idiots working for someone else is very stupid. If true, they benefit greatly. Who are they working for, aliens or those pesky Jesuits. People like you who pretend or actually believe that Jews are innocent and working for someone else are far worse than Jews themselves. You really fucking disgust me, All facts lead to Jews. There is no player on top of the Jews.
      I can overlook Christians worshipping their Jew God but most Christians worship Jews and lie to defend them. They are disgusting stupid people.

      1. Hey, I never said “The Jews” were innocent.

        The hardest thing to change is a mind that’s already made up.

    2. The group which controls the “Jews”. You put Jews in quotation marks. Are they fake Jews? Are Black Hebrew Israelites the real Jews or is it Europeans or some other bullshit. Jews are Jews. The world is run by rich people and these rich people are led by Jews. Anyone who says otherwise is stupid scum of the earth or lying to protect Jews. All Jews know this and all Jews are guilty. The lesser Jews and people like you who attempt to conceal this fact are all as guilt as the top Jews.
      Of course the pope is a diddler. For some reason leaders of all major religions like to fuck kids.
      There is nothing worse in this world than a non Jew, assuming you are not a Jew, who pretends the Jews are working for someone else. That would not make them any less guilty. On top of that people like you generally claim the poor Jews are scapegoats of some nefarious secret society, that if it exists at all was infiltrated by the Jews, like all the Christ worshipping religions. I think Protestants are funny. They think that one of their cults with millions of people in it was not infiltrated by Jews. How could it nit be? Did Jewsus protect it? Jews have their dirty hands in Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, all religions are Jew controlled.
      Whatever way one looks at it, anyone who claims the Jews are working for someone else is far far worse than a Jew and it is too bad such people exist.

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