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WEF’s Klaus Schwab is Jewish

Klaus Schwab (R), Founder and President of the World Economic Forum and Rabbi Arthur Schneier (C), Founder and President of Appeal of Conscience, light candles February 3, 2002 at Ground Zero during visit of religious leaders participating at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in New York.—Getty Images

By Valentin Katasonov
Aug. 25, 2021 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Dr. Klaus Martin Schwab , President of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has become one of the key figures in world politics since last year. In 2020, he put forward a “Great Reset” plan designed to completely revolutionize the world order. This plan is outlined in sufficient detail by Schwab in his book COVID-19: the Great Reset , published in the summer of 2020. Schwab continued this theme in the book of Stakeholder Capitalism: A Global Economy that Works for Progress, People and Planet ( Capitalism stakeholders : the global economy is working for progress, people and the planet), which appeared at the beginning of 2021.

Schwab, who turned 83 in March, is, one might say, at the zenith of fame. True, scandalous fame. For the plan of the “Great Reset” presupposes the seizure of power over the world by a small group of the “chosen”. Naturally, interest in the biography of Klaus Schwab grew. The Internet gives a detailed description of the life of our hero, but for some reason only from the moment he graduated from high school and entered in 1957 to study at the Federal Swiss Institute of Technology.

What about that? Two or three lines of the following content: born on March 30, 1938 in the German city of Ravensburg. He also studied at the gymnasium, which he graduated from in 1957. Nothing is said either about his parents, or about his ancestors and relatives, or about studying at the gymnasium, or about childhood friends, habits. It seems that someone put the stamp “secret” on the biography of Klaus during his life in Ravensburg. Naturally, versions appeared.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 13: Klaus Schwab (C), Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, walks into Trump Tower on December 13, 2016 in New York City. President-Elect Donald Trump continues to hold meetings with potential members of his cabinet at his office. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Some of them are sensational in nature. For example, there is a picture on social networks depicting the ancestry of Klaus Schwab. It follows from it that his father is Fred Schwab , his mother was Marianne Schwab , nee Rothschild (born in 1919). In turn, Marianne’s father was Louis Rothschild (1864-1942), a banker from the German city of Bad Homburg. Later, most of the materials belonging to Klaus Schwab to the Rothschild clan disappeared, as the authors of the sensational news made confusion. Indeed, there were such Fred and Marianne Schwab, and Marianne was indeed from the Rothschild clan, but Klaus Schwab was not among their children. It turns out that Fred and Marianne are the namesakes of our Klaus.

Yet find out why Klaus never mentions his parent’s name. In the most concentrated form, information about Klaus’s father is collected in the material Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich (Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich) , published  on March 18, 2021.

Klaus’s father’s name was Eugen Wilhelm Schwab . Born in 1899. When Klaus was born, his father was the director of Escher-Wyss & Co., which was based in Ravensburg. Evgeny Shvab continued to work for the company as Honorary President until his death in 1982. Company Escher-Wyss was founded in 1805. In the twentieth century, she developed unique high-strength materials intended for the production of gas turbines, compressors, electrical equipment, heat pumps and other heating equipment, hydraulics, ships, aircraft, etc. understand what Escher-Wyss was up tounder the leadership of Eugene Shvab before and during World War II: the company was under the special patronage of Hitler due to its importance in the military-industrial complex of the Third Reich and was awarded the honorary title of “exemplary national socialist enterprise”.

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIAN FEDERATION—Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands with Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum during a plenary session at the 11th International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, 10 June 2007. —NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP via Getty Images

Escher-Wyss was, in modern parlance, Ravensburg’s “backbone enterprise”. In a sense, Klaus Schwab’s father ran not only the company, but also the city. And the city is famous for practicing eugenic principles to kill “useless eaters”; Ravensburg was a testing ground for technology developed by the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Ravensburg, located next to the German-Swiss border, is also known for the fact that at the end of the war it became a transit point through which gold plundered by the Nazis in different countries was sent to Switzerland.

In the Hitlerite state, the  Escher-Wyss company occupied a special place in the military-industrial complex, since it was entrusted with the task of creating … nuclear weapons. Hitler did not manage to create this weapon, but some developments in the Escher-Wyss company were made, they found application in the post-war period.

After completing his higher technical education in Switzerland, Klaus worked under his parent’s guidance for Escher-Wyss . He was entrusted with the merger of the German company Escher-Wyss and the Swiss company Sulzer AG . Klaus Schwab solved the problems associated with the illegal supply of components for the production of nuclear weapons by Escher-Wyss to South Africa. This he did at least until 1971, when he established the World Economic Forum (then called the European Management Forum ). The supply of materials and components for the production of nuclear weapons was banned by a UN decision.

There is no doubt that Klaus Schwab was involved in their smuggling of nuclear weapons components to South Africa, but escaped punishment. Therefore, he is afraid to even mention his father’s name.

As for the mother of Klaus Schwab, until recently there was no mention of her at all. Surprisingly, in 2021, Klaus Schwab publicly announced the names of his parents for the first time. Schwab’s book Capitalism of All Stakeholders is dedicated to parents: To my parents, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab and Erika Epprecht who taught me firsthand the value of education, collaboration, and the stakeholder principle. Named not only the father, but also the mother – Erika Epprecht (Erika Epprecht) , but this is a shameless lie. Erica Epprecht is the stepmother of Klaus Schwab. And his blood mother is Emma Gisela Tekelius Schwab , nee Kilian, the first wife of Eugene Wilhelm Schwab. She was 100 percent Jewish. Soon after the birth of Klaus, the persecution of Jews in Germany intensified, and his mother was forced to leave the country. On December 9, 1938, Emma Schwab emigrated to the United States under the name Gisela Schwab, leaving behind an infant named Klaus. Her further fate is unknown.

(L to R) Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel, Egyptian sheikh al-Zafzaf, President of the permanent Committee for dialogue among Monotheistic Religions, Lord Carey of Clifton, former Archbishop of Canterbury, David Rosen, International director for interreligious affairs of the American Jewish Committee, Rabbi Awraham S Soetendorp of the Netherlands and Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum attend a Holocaust Commemoration ceremony held in Davos city hall 26 January 2005. (Photo by ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP via Getty Images)

Soon, my father married again. His wife was the woman whose name is indicated in the dedication of Klaus Schwab on his book – Erika Epprecht. Klaus’s stepmother, as the author of the publication “Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich” notes, “was a strong Aryan, acceptable to the Nazis . At the same time, no records of a divorce from Emma or a remarriage with Erica were found. Perhaps Erica Epprecht was not quite the legitimate stepmother of the future president of the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab, brought up in early childhood in the spirit of National Socialism, in every possible way hid who his mother really was. Even in his youth, our Schwab entered the role of a 100% Aryan. The Aryan spirit tried to convey to him his father. Probably, after the flight of Emma, ​​Eugene Schwab breathed a sigh of relief: she would have interfered with his career in the Third Reich.

Klaus Schwab has an older brother who was born into the family of Eugene and Emma Schwab in 1927. His name is Hans Schwab . He, unlike Klaus, always considered himself a full-fledged Jew (Jewry is determined not by his father, but by his mother), he did not renounce his mother, but he also maintained relations with his father. In Brazil, a company was created, which became part of Escher-Wyss , and Hans took over the management. Once Klaus Schwab let slip that Eugene and Erika Epprecht visited Brazil in 1960 …

The author of the article “Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich” writes: “Klaus Schwab almost never smiles. We now know why. He knows that he is a swindler – a circus barker who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, whose heart has nothing to share with the world. “

Such a person is a convenient figure for those who conceived The Great Reset. No, he is not from the Rothschilds. But he is undoubtedly the agent and protege of the Rothschilds. I write about this in my book “Reading Schwab. Inclusive Capitalism and the Great Reset. An open conspiracy against humanity ” (Moscow: Knizhnyi mir, 2021).

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