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Chabad, Russian Revolution, Kabbalah & Jewish messianism

By Josh
Nov. 30, 2021 Anno Domini

Major Robert H. Williams – ‘Know your enemy’ 1950, pg 3

“It is, in fact, the very inability of the gentile to comprehend, to accept psychologically the facts of Jewish racial gangsterdom, which enables the Jewish strategists to succeed.”

The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919:

“There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consistent with the finest ideals of Judaism…”

The Soviet Hammer & Sickle is a veil for Hebrew letter Aleph

Chabad & the Russian Revolution.

“Throughout the revolutionary period, its leadup and its aftermath, Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn—known in Chabad as the Rebbe Rashab— worked tirelessly to mobilize the Jewish community, strengthen its Purim in Petrograd, 1917 infrastructure, and ensure that its most basic religious needs were provided for. The decisive days of February and October 1917 found him in Petrograd and Moscow respectively. […]

Back in 1910 the Rebbe Rashab had stood up to the Tsarist regime when they sought to secularize Jewish education. In a meeting with Pyotr Stolypin at the time, the soon to be assassinated Minister of the Interior dubbed the Rebbe “Schneersohn the revolutionary.” […]

In this context, the Rebbe Rashab recalled that at every moment the famed Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev anticipated the onset of the messianic age, the ultimate redemption that Jews have awaited for two thousand years. But at the time of Napoleon’s invasion, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad, “knew with clarity that the time had not yet come,” and argued instead that Russia’s success would ensure the spiritual welfare of the Jewish people. While the Rebbe Rashab’s comments—as recorded by his son—are rather cryptic, it seems that he hoped that this time the war would indeed anticipate a messianic upheaval, bringing spiritual and physical emancipation for the Jewish people and the entire world.” […]

“[Chabad Rebbe] argued, the Jews of Russia should exercise their civil rights to advance the cause of Torah. In a second public letter he called for individuals in each city and town to organize themselves on the local level, acting strategically to reinforce the fundamental institutions of Jewish life.”

pgs 22, 24, 30


The 5th Chabad Rebbe travelled to Petrograd from his base in Rostov, just before the 1917 uprising began in Petrograd.

“He would remain there for 7 full weeks before returning to Rostov. In the course of those 7 weeks, the Tsar’s government would disintegrate before his very eyes. The record of the Rebbe’s activities for the next 2 months are scant. Before leaving Rostov, his last discourse was on the power given by G‑d to Moses to bring about Pharaoh’s downfall.”

paragraphs 18-23

As shown above, the 5th Chabad Rebbe’s activities are scant. It seems the records of his activities – as well as his successor, the 6th Chabad Rebbe – were deliberately destroyed by the Bolshevik Jews to conceal the activities of the Chabad network in Soviet Russia.

“The fate of the Schneerson private archive is not as widely known as that of the Schneerson library, the famous collection torn apart by the [Jewish] Russian revolution in 1917. However, the fate of the archive is another typical World War II-era story of spoils of war seized by [Jewish] Soviet troops in 1940s Europe. Such collections were generally of no use to the Soviet authorities, so they were buried — made virtually inaccessible to the public or to scholars […] While the Schneerson book collection has garnered plenty of attention, the archive remained in the shadows, though it contains important information for research on such topics as the development of religious Jewish communities in Soviet times as well as the history of the Sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe himself and the history and organization of Chabad in the period between the two world wars.

pg 2

The records of Chabad’s activities were destroyed and concealed by the Jewish Bolsheviks because they directed the Soviet Union project. Although this Rabbi lies by suggesting the Jewish communists were anti-Jewish, he confirms Chabad was active in Soviet Russia.

“Born in Gizhatsk near Moscow in 1919, his childhood and youth were spent evading the communist net and learning Torah in the underground network of Chadorim and Yeshivos operated clandestinely by the [Chabad] LUBAVITCH MOVEMENT IN RUSSIA.

pg 1

The Chabad Rabbinate, based the entire Soviet Union project (part step to bring in moshiach) on this line from the Psalms, where Edom is counted as Christian civilization: Psalm 59:10 “Into Edom will I stretch out my shoe: to me the foreigners are made subject.”

“The Great Wise Men and Rabbis Kimchi, Ibn-Ezra, and Maimonides, and Abarbanel, all unite in saying that all the Gentile Christians are the seed, or children, of Esau, or Edom.

Russian Chabad ‘moshiach’ website:

“And now the most interesting thing: at the end of November 1989, the Hasidim noticed that the Rebbe had put on new shoes. This happened on the eve of Saturday 26 Mar Heshvan, 5750, when the Rebbe entered the afternoon prayer wearing new shoes. No one knew why the Rebbe suddenly did this. But the Hasidim had a feeling that this dramatic change might be related to a letter to the Rebbe King Moshiach from his father, in which Rabbi Levi Yitzchak linked the destruction of evil empires to the power of the holy shoe.’

In 1937, the Rebbe King Moshiach, then 35 years old, lived in Paris. Before the Passover holiday, he sent a pair of shoes as a gift to his father, Rabbi Levi YItzhak Schneerson, who was behind the Iron Curtain and held the post of Chief Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk (today Dnipro).

In a letter from Rabbi Levi Yitzchak, sent from Russia to France, he expressed gratitude for the boots. Then, in four short cryptic lines, he explained the meaning of the shoe from a mystical point of view and its connection with Passover. The great Kabbalist expressed the wish that ‘thanks to this aspect, the peoples of the world will be defeated in the future, as it is said … I will throw my shoe on Edom.’ And he concluded the letter with the following words: ‘We will not touch on this in detail here. And what has been said is enough for those who understand.”

More Chabad fingerprints on the Soviet Union project to bring in Moshiach (Antichrist):

Iskra (The Spark) was a socialist journal founded by (Jew) LENIN in 1900

“At creation, there was an explosion & the SPARKS of divine light were shattered & subsequently HELD CAPTIVE IN SHELLS, KELIPOT. The sparks need to be restored to their original state. [By killing non-Jews] […] This is also the view of the Tanya & is still ONE OF THE MOST CENTRAL DOCTRINES IN CHABAD”

Pg 59

Sparks – The Weekly CHABAD Video Magazine


“The Spark” 1974; an overview of the Lubavitch, by Mel Epstein

Sparks of Wisdom

Fr. Pranaitis records Jewish ‘doctrine’ on how they teach by killing the Kelipot-goyim & removing them from this world, they raise the holy SPARKS, which in return, accelerates or hastens the coming of ‘Moshiach’. As you have already read above, this is a central ‘doctrine’ in Chabad.

Before quoting Fr. Pranaitis, it is important to clarify that Kelipot does mean non-Jews.

Source: The Messianic Idea in Judaism And Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality by Gershom Scholem, a professor of Jewish mysticism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Quoting Fr. Pranaitis:

“In Sefer Ohr Yisroel – ‘Take the life of the Klipot & kill them, then the Shekinah will consider this on par with the incense of the sacrifice.’ Also ‘A Jew is obliged to remove thorns from his vineyard.”

Section 11.

“When creating the good and evil sides (the evil side – the Kelipots), part of the sparks of the Deity fell on the evil side. The release of these sparks from the Kelipot (the evil side) and their return upward – to the original source ACCELERATES the coming of the Messiah. […]

To clarify and confirm the above, we can cite passages from the writings of Chaim Vital (who died in 1620), which enjoys great prestige among the Jews. In his work “Shaar Gakdamot”, shaar, 6, derush 2, sheet 33, c, it says:

[Hasten the coming of Moshiach] by KILLING THE SHELLS (KELIPOT, GOYIM) AND REMOVING THEM FROM THIS WORLD, for then they themselves (the Kelipots) lift up the holy sparks in their shells.

Section 15.

Tanya: “The root and source of all Jewish souls is in the Supreme Wisdom… the kelipot and sitra achra (non-Jews) are called vomit and filth, as is known.” chapter 24, last paragraph

Chabad Rebbe:

“The holy spirit of God spoke via Isaac (Yitzchak) Luria (Arizal).”

“For Luria, this was, therefore, a way of explaining redemption: once all the sparks had been liberated [Non-Jews being killed] and returned to God, the exile would end and the time of the Messiah would come”

Pg 78

Redemption is no more than the external manifestation of the inner state of tikkun (“restitution”) which depends on the deeds of Israel and a realization of the way of life which the Kabbalah preaches. The fact of tikkun is not something which depends on a miracle, but rather on human action … [the Messiah’s] coming is conditional upon the accomplishment of the task of Israel in the “tikkun of the world.” According to this latter view, there is a human and historical preparation for redemption and the Messiah will come automatically if this preparation is completed. This belief is widespread among the disciples of Isaac Luria, and it follows logically from the basic assumptions of Lurianic Kabbalah. (Encyclopedia Judaica, “Redemption”)



Jewish philosopher Solomon Maimon (1753-1800):

“The secret political meaning of the Kabbalah is known only to the superiors of the secret society. These superiors themselves, as well as their operations, remain ever unknown; the rest of the society you may become acquainted with, if you choose. But the latter cannot betray political secrets which are unknown to themselves, while the former will not do it, because it is against their interest. Only the lesser (purely literary) mysteries are entrusted to the people and urged upon them as matters of the highest importance. The greater political mysteries are not taught, but, as a matter of course, ARE BROUGHT INTO PRACTICE.”

page 158


“Early kabbalah was INFUSED WITH MESSIANISM (i.e. END TIME CALCULATIONS, messianic ideas & visions. It stressed the catastrophic element of redemption […] The task of HASTENING THE END even became pivotal for the mystics, just as it is for [CHABAD] LUBAVITCHERS today.”

Pg 57

Neil Asher Silberman archaeologist and historian:

“Concealed between the lines of the Kabbalah’s most powerful scriptures…a secret movement of kabbalists who eagerly looked forward to the destruction of Christendom and the end of the world.”

This matches with what we see in the Protocols as well:



3 “Remember the French Revolution: it was wholly the work of our hands. Ever since, we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so in the end they turn in favour of that KING-DESPOT OF THE BLOOD OF ZION, WHOM WE ARE PREPARING FOR THE WORLD.”

So as we see, Communism was a tool created by the Kabbalist Rabbis, to enslave and conquer nations, as well as hasten the coming of Moshiach by killing mass amounts of non Jews. Hence;



More Chabad & the Russian Revolution:

1927: The 6th CHABAD Rebbe Joseph Yitzhak Schneerson, was arrested in Russia. Semyon Dimanstein, who was head of the Jewish section of the Communist party & who ordered the arrest & interrogated him, HAD BEEN ORDAINED A RABBI BY THE SAME 6TH REBBE.

2nd last paragraph

“Near midnight of June 14, 1927, a detail of the OGPU – the Soviet Secret police – headed by 2 ‘former’ Lubavitchers, came to Joseph Yitzhak’s home.”

2nd paragraph

Note: Circling back to the beginning of the article, I have shown how the Jewish Bolsheviks destroyed the records of the 5th & 6th Chabad Rebbe’s activities in Russia. It should now be crystal clear why that happened.


Fr Fahey – The Kingship of Christ and The Conversion of the Jewish Nation.

“The Jewish writer, Bernard Lazare, expresses this very forcibly. “The Jew,” he writes, “is the living testimony of the disappearance of the State founded upon theological principles and which the Christian anti-Semites dream of reconstructing. The day when a Jew became the holder of a public position, the Christian State was in danger. That is perfectly accurate, and the anti-Semites who affirm that the Jews have ruined the idea of State could say with greater justice that the entry of the Jews into society symbolised the destruction of the State, that is, of course, of the Christian State.


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