China’s covid misdirection via Epoch Times and other alt media

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Nov. 25, 2021 Anno Domini

If The Epoch Times is controlled opposition on behalf of China, as I suggested in the summer of 2020, then what can we make of the widely distributed newspaper’s fixation on the “Wuhan virus” narrative?

The evidence is now overwhelming that “Covid-19” is completely fake. There is no evidence of a contagion. None. Yet, The Epoch Times (Falun Gong) and others in the alternative media (even Fox News) have been spreading non-stop since the beginning of this farce that China created a virus called Covid-19 as a bioweapon against the West. As alluring as this hypothesis is, especially to an anti-communist like myself, it simply doesn’t add up. Even if you threw out the mountains of evidence against the contagion hypothesis of Covid-19, the logistics don’t make sense. Covid-19 would be a bioweapon that only kills off upwards of two percent, at best, of those it infects? Why would China go to all that trouble to kill off fewer than two per cent? “Wuhan virus” proponents might respond to that question with, “it’s not about killing with the virus but about necessitating a vaccine.” OK, then, if it’s about the vaccine as the end game, why wouldn’t China just fake a virus using the world’s all-too-compliant media? Wouldn’t that be easier, quicker, more controlled, and less expensive to do then creating a real virus, which could backfire and kill your own people?

This, it seems, is exactly what has happened; although, it’s not just China but the entire world involved, perhaps with Russia, China, and Israel (Falun Gong has support of at least the Israeli Knesset and one Jewish banker) leading this massive psyop democide.

Why, then, is The Epoch Times pushing the “Wuhan virus” narrative so hard? Furthermore, if The Epoch Times is a CCP surrogate, why would China implicate itself in a worldwide conspiracy? That couldn’t possibly be, could it?

The answer seems to be that the Epoch Times is trying to gatekeep the reality of this pandemic hoax by distracting truth seekers with the “Wuhan virus” carrot, which legitimizes Louis Pasteur’s dubious “germ theory”, and China is implicating itself as part of a larger hybrid warfare campaign, with the desired result of the communists actually winning. This hybrid warfare (or non-linear warfare) campaign seems to involve China taking the heat off of other neo-Soviet players in the world conspiracy, namely Russia, Israel, and the Eastern Bloc. By focusing the world’s anger and wrath squarely on China, the other players can continue to discreetly sabotage the world with their world communism agenda. In hybrid warfare, you can allow yourself to be exposed or blamed to a certain degree as long as you ultimately come out ahead. In this way, hybrid warfare can dovetail nicely with limited hangouts. It’s a very effective deception tactic that is intended to render the target bewildered and disarmed.

If this sounds far fetched, consider that in the 1950s-1960s, China appeared to do this very same thing when heat was about to come on Russia and Bulgaria for leading global narcotics trafficking as a political weapon against the West. China stepped in and allowed itself to take most or all of the blame, thereby distracting and diverting anti-narcotics initiatives from the Western powers. This drastic measure was taken by China in order to maintain the overall strength of the worldwide communist front.

“These propaganda instructions were extended in 1964 in a letter signed by Leonid Brezhnev, which was discussed at a meeting of the Czechoslovak Defence Council. The letter directed that data on the Chinese drug and narcotics trafficking operation should be made public, to advertise China’s role as the source of illicit trafficking and thus to draw attention away from the Soviet operation. (One of the first articles written for this purpose appeared in Pravda on September 13,1964. It was written by V. Ovchinnikov and was entitled ‘The Drug Dealers’: see also page 146, and Note 43, page 152).[1]

After the successful completion of this phase of their agenda, China and Russia, through their saboteurs within the U.S. State Department, eventually redrew the Golden Triangle to exclude China from world narcotics maps, thereby eliminating the world’s perception of China as a leading opium producer.

“In 1970, the CIA map of the Golden Triangle was passed to the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, a forerunner of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Months later, a new version of the map emerged from the White House. The tip of the triangle had been moved from 25 degrees north latitude in China down to 20 degrees north latitude, in Laos. The new designation is shown by the dashed-line triangle in Figure 2. With a few strokes of a pen, Communist China had been effectively excluded from the Golden Triangle.”[2]

The next part of their phase would be to saturate the media and popular culture with the idea that the CIA is responsible for narcotics trafficking. While the CIA has likely been involved in drug trafficking, it seems it has been the Soviets directing global narcotics.

In the 1980s, the Soviets began spreading propaganda that the United States and the CIA created the so-called AIDS virus as a biological weapon—part of the Soviet active measure campaign “Operation INFEKTION”. Firstly, let the reader understand that the “science” behind the official narrative of AIDS is no better than that of Covid.

“AIDS is not a specific disease at all. It simply means a collapse of the cell-mediated immune system, known, even in the 1970s, to have many diverse causes. With the collapse of the immune system, you see conditions like frequent infections, TB, mononucleosis, peripheral neuropathy, and Guillain-Barré syndrome—all of which often come under the rubric of AIDS. The new part of the disease, Kaposi’s sarcoma, has been definitively linked to the use of “poppers” (alkyl nitrite drugs), which are immune-suppressive. This drug was used to relax the anal sphincter and facilitate anal intercourse. The vast majority of people who got Kaposi’s sarcoma were gay men who used poppers (never people who “acquired the virus” from any other source). Once the use of poppers stopped in the gay community, so did Kaposi’s sarcoma. In spite of forty years of research, no one has isolated an HIV virus from any bodily fluid of a person suffering from AIDS. Not once.”[3]

It may well be that AIDS is another contagion hoax; regardless, it is being used to discredit Western institutions, like the Covid clot shot campaign today. As well, propaganda in the East actually claims that the U.S. created Covid as a biological weapon (many Western conservatives and conspiracists believe this lie, as well as the lie that the U.S. invented AIDS). Ultimately, though, it seems that both “AIDS” and “Covid” were designed expressly for political uses.

“We are currently resolving the task of bringing the [active] measures down to a more practical level, and in particular, to attain specific political results by exploiting the “laboratory version” for AM [active measures] on other issues. So, efforts are being made to intensify anti-base sentiments in countries where American forces are deployed by using slogans suggesting that U.S. soldiers are the most dangerous carriers of the virus. By demonstrating the defeat of the “African version” [of AIDS’ origins], we can whip up anti-American sentiments throughout the states of the continent.”[4]

Western analysts claim that Operation Infektion was largely unsuccessful. However, although it might have been somewhat unsuccessful as an isolated operation, strategically, it subconsciously implanted the idea that the West was capable of creating bioweapons and using them indiscriminately—something Eastern propagandists and their fellow Western dupes claim is happening now. In effect, it served as a primer, it would seem.

To summarize, we have the East using fake viruses to discredit the West (thereby affirming and legitimizing it’s own communist rule) domestically and abroad running cover for other players in the communist conspiracy by distracting Westerners with germ theory- and bio weapons-based tales. Little has changed in Soviet strategy. Covid-19 seems to be the continuation of the Soviets’ Operation INFEKTION active measure, only more convincing and with the entire world’s support.

The evidence continues to mount that so-called alternative conservative media like The Epoch Times are not on our side as they pretend to be but are, instead, controlled by our would-be captors. It’s important that we identify and neutralize these sinister forces attempting to mislead the conservative world.

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  1. I don’t think that bio-weapons exist. They have never been used to any success. The anthrax letter terror scare, which is perhaps the only time a bio weapon has ever been seen, only killed 5 people out of the 19 that in infected. And those people all received mega doses of “weapons grade” anthrax. I don’t think human beings have the capability to create a bio-weapon, it’s all hype. Think about it creating a bio weapon would mean people can design a “better” organism than God. A bio weapon not only has to be able to kill a person, but survive and flourish in the wild, essentially be the superior organism to its wild variety. People have been breeding plants and animals for millennia, yet I don’t know any domesticated species which can put compete it’s wild counterpart.

    1. Funny the epoch times isn’t the only one blocking comments, so is Citizens Free Press!
      Anyway, interesting article on Infektion. I can assure you they are propagandists whose sole purpose is the spread of disinformation regarding contracting the virus, the nature of viruses and using the 1918 viral card that even the devil Fauci has declared it biological sometime in 2008. These are the new agers who use alt right media to spread their lies and concoct all kinds of disinformation to force the US in an all out war with China.
      Dr. Strecker, in the memorandum named after him, exposes the creation of HIV , dispels the Gallo Montaigner and Fauci hoax on its origins and transmissibility. The HIV was no more contagious than the swine flu and the avian flu.
      Deep stater Wallace even does a 60 minutes expose on the Swine Flu hoax that had paralyzed a poor woman with Guillane-Barre syndrome. Virus do nothing to you, it’s when you let them inoculate you is when they get ya!
      Funny, they had this citizens open thread. The minute some lady posted on 9-11, I immediately sent a recommendation to read Michael Collins Piper works on that and even referred to this link:

      Suddenly my post vanished…suddenly, I may add!

    2. Ryan wrote “I don’t think that bio-weapons exist. They have never been used to any success.” Ken Alibek defected to the USA in 1992. He claims that the Soviets used biowarfare against German troops – specifically tularemia – during World War 2. I think this is credible as he was first deputy director of Biopreparat the Soviet government organisation dedicated to biowarfare and he had access to the Stalin era archives and documentation.

  2. China are only bit part players in the overall deception. The Covid narrative exists for one reason only…. To get mRNA gene altering vaccines into the bodies of as many men women and children on this Earth as possible. This is about what it has always been about since the beginning….. DECEPTION. The same deception that clouds the pages of this publication with mistruths, half truths down right lies. There is a much more important and greater battle going on here and it is for the soul of humanity. The vast vast majority don’t know where they are, or who they are, because they are ruled by Luciferians and everything you think you know about our history and who the good guys are, is very wrong. The simplest thing to do is….do NOT take the injections into your body. The rest will be taken care of, and when it happens there will be no escape for the Lucerferians or their leader.

      1. It is my opinion that the covid 19 narrative is designed to set up China and its obvious operatives for a culling and then to flip the narrative to escalate ww3. The amount of deception is intense and very satanic in origin. The evil rulers of this pandemic hope to escape/hide out during the war. They will then regroup after a sizable portion of humanity is wiped off the face of the earth. Of course this won’t be how it ends but I hope you are beginning to see the depth of deception!

    1. “the soul of humanity”???
      You lost me at that point.
      What EXACTLY is that and where did you get the idea that it exists.
      I would really like to know.
      Not trolling you.

  3. Timothy,
    As always your writing is excellent.
    You have a real gift.

    But the one flaw in this article is your assumption about COVID deaths as reported is true.
    There are 2 sets of figures.
    I do not know that anyone can prove either set as accurate.
    This is one of your key assumptions.
    But what if it is false?
    Then your whole thesis falls apart.

    We need to learn to discern.
    In this world of deceit we must learn not to overstate our thesis and we must be careful to find clever ways to verify our “facts” since they may not be facts at all.

    Just sayin.
    But you are an excellent writer and I enjoy your works.

      1. Even if you threw out the mountains of evidence against the contagion hypothesis of Covid-19, the logistics don’t make sense. Covid-19 would be a bioweapon that only kills off upwards of two percent, at best, of those it infects? Why would China go to all that trouble to kill off fewer than two per cent?

        Two percent was derived from some math.

          1. I understand.
            In a world of psyops it is difficult to write a story using facts when only propaganda is available.
            Good writing, though.
            Where did you learn to turn a phrase?
            You have a nice style and good rhythm.
            I know talent when I read it.
            Each piece must take you several hours.
            You could be writing propaganda for world class spy agencies.
            But here you are in a dark unknown corner of the internet.
            This is like being in Frank Zappa’s band.
            Good stuff but largely unappreciated.
            I hear the Republicans are hiring. LOL

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