‘Russia will get its share in the new global collection of land…as it happened in the era of the Third Rome’: Putin’s Jewish strategist

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin confers with his Jewish-Chehen deputy Vladislav Surkov during a meeting on the modernization of the secondary education in the Urals city of Kurgan, on February 13, 2012. After serving two consecutive presidential terms between 2000 and 2008 and a term as prime minister, Putin is seeking a third term in the March 4 presidential election.—ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/AFP via Getty Images

By Lenta.ru
Nov. 20, 2021 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

In the future, Russia is expected to expand and share in the “new world gathering of lands.” Former aide to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov wrote about this in the column for “Topical Comments”.

According to Surkov, now the world is enjoying its multipolarity, a parade of post-Soviet nationalisms and sovereignties, but later globalization and internationalization will return and “cover this twilight multipolarity.”

“And Russia will get its share in the new global collection of lands (or rather, spaces), confirming its status as one of the few globalizers, as it happened in the era of the Third Rome or the Third International,” the former presidential aide said.

Surkov also explained that Russia will develop not because it is good or bad, but “because it is physics.”

Earlier, Surkov compared President Vladimir Putin to the Emperor Octavian, because, in his opinion, just like the founder of the Roman Empire, he combined democracy with a monarchical archetype. He noted that the Russian leader has created a “new type of state.”

More on Surkov from Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalization documentary:


  1. The Plandemic Wasn’t Damaging Enough, The NWO Needs World War 3 To Finish Their Destruction .

    All wars since 1900 have been totally fakes. This will prove unsettling to many veterans, who were crippled or killed in these fake wars. I served throughout World War II in the United States Army Air Corps, which was the first to use weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations, a fact which our opponent Saddam Hussein has strangely neglected to mention, probably because Saddam Hussein is a “replacement” not the opponent which we wanted at all, but a last-minute choice because no more suitable replacement was available. He has no illusions about his desirability, and no doubt accepts his billing without resentment, relieved that he had made the cast after all. The first question asked of anyone in the world of the theater is, “Are you working?” which remains the principal goal of the profession. Everything is a charade, which may or may not be entertaining. In fact, for me the sole entertainment has been in the research. It is amazing how often the same characters have been trotted forth to go through the same clichés, “the war to end war” and “the war to save democracy,” ad inifitum. In fact, most of these clichés sprang from the less than agile mind of Woodrow Wilson during the First World War. However else you might choose to characterize Woodrow Wilson, you must admit that he never failed to bore.
    The World Order Eustace Mullins

    When you buy your ticket you pay both the good guys and the bad guys. The success of the presentation depends on the ability of the theatrical company to get the audience wrapped up in the plot. The greater the audience participation the greater the success. Real success is achieved when the audience becomes so emotionally involved in the plot that they begin to think it’s the real thing. The profits from these theatrical extravaganzas go to those who put up the ‘seed’ money and stage the shows. Don’t misunderstand! The Americans, Canadians, English, Germans, Russians, Japanese and other nationalities who fought and died in the various theaters of war’ during this century weren’t play-acting. They were deadly serious about what they were doing. To them war was a life and death struggle. What few of them realized was that everything was carefully programmed to a carefully prepared script.p54

  2. More European Far Right Conferences in Russia. Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 11 Issue: 155

    “The next such conference, the “2014 Identitarian Congress” will occur on October 3–4, in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The congress will feature speakers such as the Russian Eurasianist thinker Aleksandr Dugin and Gabor Vona from Hungary’s Jobbik party (a political movement that is often seen as the Kremlin’s Trojan horse in Europe, as both share the goal of undermining the European Union) (Identitarian Congress, accessed August 11). Dugin has considerable influence in Russian politics, heading the Eurasian Youth Movement and the Eurasian Party, appears frequently on Russian television, and is said to influence Kremlin ideologue VLADISLAV SURKOV as well as a number of the siloviki (security services personnel). Other speakers at the Congress will include thinkers from the European “New Right”: the Croat Tomislav Sunic, Hungarian Martyon Gyongyosi and Philippe Vardon, a close associate of French far right leader Marine Le Pen. The association of a figure as influential as Dugin with the most prominent thinkers of Europe’s extreme right is yet another indication of an alliance between extremist parties throughout the EU and the highest levels of Russian politics.”

    Paragraph 2 https://jamestown.org/program/more-european-far-right-conferences-in-russia/

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