Does the KGB have pederasty kompromat on their own boss Putin?

putin children pedophilia

January 29, 2015 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Consideration of the court case on the murder of the FSB agent of Russia Alexander Litvinenko, who fled to Great Britain, which is now underway in London, brought an unexpected sensation.

According to the British lawyer Robert Tham, who was working on the investigation, whose testimony was heard in the Royal Court of London on January 27, shortly before his death from polonium poisoning in a local hospital, Litvinenko directly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of pedophilia, as well as directly ordering his murder. British newspaper The Mirror, reports Censor.NET with reference to .

The British journalists themselves call the confessions of Robert Tam ” shocking accusations .” According to the lawyer, before his death, Alexander Litvinenko told him that in July 2006 he published an article on one of the Chechen websites , where a fugitive FSB agent accused Putin not only of corruption, but also of pedophilia. This is what, according to the late defector, became a “serious irritant” for the Kremlin. According to Litvinenko, he “had no doubt that it was Putin who ordered his assassination.” These words were recorded in the interrogation protocol, drawn up directly at the Royal Hospital in London.

putin children pedophilia

Alexander Litvinenko before his death in a London hospital. © Photo The Mirror

In turn, the court considering the case decided to find out in more detail how the actions of the former Russian spy could have resulted in his death. For this purpose, a special official request was drawn up, and the judges intend to return to the consideration of this fact later.

Recall that Alexander Litvinenko died in November 2006 after taking part in a tea party with two Russians, one of whom was a former FSB officer, at the Grosvenor Square hotel in London. As the examination later found out, radioactive polonium-210 was added to the tea of ​​the deceased.

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The suicide testimony of the late Alexander Litvinenko is unlikely to surprise Russians, already accustomed to the more than strange behavior of their president. Many people remember the case when, right on Red Square in Moscow, Vladimir Putin, despite dozens of television cameras, kissed the 6-year-old boy Nikita on the stomach. Suspiciously affectionate relationships with other people’s children, and exclusively male, arise in the Russian president almost everywhere he is: an acquaintance and lustful smiles are necessarily followed by hugs, and often kisses.

© Video – Ivan Rode

putin children pedophilia

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MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin hugs a boy as he meets Shaolin Monks in the Kremlin as part of the ‘Year of China in Russia’ in Moscow, 27 March 2007. China and Russia signed four billion dollars’ worth of new trade deals in metals, mining and oil on Tuesday at the culmination of a Moscow visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao, a Russian official said. (MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/AFP via Getty Images)

putin children pedophilia

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putin children pedophilia

putin children pedophilia

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putin children pedophilia

KIEV, UKRAINE: Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma (R) and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin talk with Andrey Sinko, a schoolboy from Kiev during their meeting in Kiev, 27 October 2004. Vladimir Putin is on a three-days official visit to Ukraine. (ALEXEY PANOV/AFP via Getty Images)

At the same time, the eyes and expression on Vladimir Putin’s face looked more than strange when looking at the boys. Even some Russian psychiatrists paid attention to this. In addition, it has recently become known that Vladimir Putin has divorced his lawful wife, Lyudmila. It is not excluded, they believe in London, that the reason for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko was the danger of disclosing information not only and not so much about corruption in the circle of the Russian president.

Litvinenko’s article accusing Putin of pedophilia:

putin children pedophilia


  1. I disagree with claims that our political elite are blackmailed over sexual perversion. Some of them flaunt sexual interest in children that are less than ten years old. For example Salon published an article promoting the idea that pedophilia, in the literal sense of sexual fixation by adults on prepubescent children (as opposed to the colloquial sense of any adult sexual attraction towards or sexual act against any minor) was harmless, by a man that claimed to be a pedophile named Nickerson. Even if Nickerson was lying in claiming to be a pedophile, Salon publishing the article is creating an atmosphere of normalizing it, which is incompatible with using it for blackmail purpose.

    Although some of the elite promote raising the legal age for sex, for example feminists, they only do that for the purpose of having fraudulent teacher student sex court cases , where the defendant gets to give society a voyeuristic window into his sexual acts against the minor student and everyone involved is closely related, in other words, when the defendant is a member of the elite, he is rewarded, not genuinely punished, and the real purpose is to disrupt society. The only people actually punished for violating the age of sexual consent laws pushed by the elite are commoners, when Jews are punished they will seldom be the most elite ones. As a general rule, sexual blackmail would not work on the elite, given this circumstance.

    1. You haven’t demonstrated that sexual blackmail doesn’t work on elites. Clearly it does. The so called normalization of pedophilia has less to do with achieving legislation and more to do with demoralizing society, I would say. It can wreak just as much havoc on society illegalized, it seems. Until pedophilia is actually legalized (which I doubt it ever will be, although perhaps under antiChrist), the elite will continue to use it to blackmail powerful people and to demoralize the commoners.

      Once the Left had legislated gay marriages in most places, notice that they quickly shifted over to the LGBT agenda. They had to keep the demoralization campaign going. Legalizing gay marriage sort of demystified the lure the gay agenda might have had on some people. Gay marriage was probably more alluring as an illegal proposition, I would say.

  2. 24 April 2013 6 years after Litvinenko accused Putin of being a pedosexual & was taken out by 2 of Putin’s agents who put polonium in his teapot in a London hotel Vlad P. accuses the Netherlands of having a political organisation run by pedophiles :0.42 ” I can’t imagine a judge in Moscow would allow an organisation promoting pedophilia… / in many areas of Russia people would rise up & fight it …

    15 July 2022 Newsweek / John Sweeney “Putin is seriously ill & looks like a hamster….”He is not a well man. And that raises a question. Would Vladimir Putin, knowing that he has not long to live, kill us all?”

    ( In Putin’s political entourage recently there was serious talk about nuking Rotterdam the biggest harbour of Europe / cutting of the oil transport….)

  3. Vlad P. is a mad mossad marmot / a 33 degree freemasonry ferret / coolheaded & warmhearted Russians should take him out of rotatiion

  4. March 2022 Vladimir Putin is a Pedophile and Pederast (27/03/2022)

    with the full translation of Litvinenko’s Article on the Chechen website ( the Rotterdam central library from where I am online now does not allow this vid – not deleted by youtube – to be seen. Are they scared this city will be bombed again like in May 1940 at the start of WW III

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