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Makow anti-Catholic hit piece the last straw

NEW YORK, NY—Henry Makow, the inventor of the game Scruples, is photographed June 18, 1985 in New York City. (Photo by Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images)

By Paul Dang
October 14, 2021 Anno Domini

I, like many others, relied on Henry Makow’s website for getting a dose of reality, instead of the mainstream news. But there were already warning signs tht made me uncomfortable. For example, he still insisted on being Jewish. And his digs at Christianity, that I wrote off as him being just a bit off. But as the years went on, there were more and more red lights, like praising Putin, then calling him out, then praising again. Ultimately, I found him to be more a gatekeeper than a honest exposer of the powers that control this world. His promotion of Jones, Br. Nathaniel, and other false opposition is one of the main reasons I don?t trust him anyone. Another is his keeping to Judaism (especially on Jesus being a “good man” but not God! I can do without that kind of wishy-washy nonsense and promotion of re-incarnation. I still do check him, but now much more wary of the half-truths and lies. For the newbie on seeking out truth from lies, they would do well to steer clear from him.

In the latest article on Catholicism featured on his website, the author seemingly affirms to be traditional Catholic, but then he mentions truths without context or showing the other good side. Basically it was a one-sided article, mentioning the links with the banking Rothschilds while at the same time ignoring the very real threat still posed by a vibrant Catholic Church to their plans for a Satanic world order with Jews at the helm, back in the 1800s, especially with the Jesuits at La Civilta Catholica, Msgr. Dillon, and other former Jews turned devout Catholics.

Two other comments by different people top it off. The first comment wasn’t too bad, but the second, as expected, was made by a former Catholic. He basically showed ignorance of Catholic history and doctrine and the Bible from his remarks on what King John, brother of Richard the Lion-Hearted, did in the Middle Ages, and the Council of Trent. Using the Bible to twist it is a common tactic for Protestants, and it was on full display here by Al Thompson, when he called oath-taking a sin that should be eliminated.

I used to have the most respect for Henry Makow, even making some comments on some of the articles, but for a long time, now, no more. With all the articles attacking the Church and its saints as crypto-Jews and certain books of the Bible as really Jewish plans (Revelation and Esther), and insisting the Holocaust truly happened, despite the contrary evidence, he is not to be endorsed as reliable. All of us truth-seekrs can make errors, but only those more experienced in perusing the vast seas of the Internet can safely navigate through his website, exposing his more egregious errors; the rest should avoid him like the plague.

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