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Russia fails to buy off and silence clot shot whistleblower

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Sept. 29, 2021 Anno Domini

A British funeral director who claims he was offered money from Russia to silence his COVID-19 jab whistleblowing says he’s glad he refused and is not afraid.

“Very soon, I’m going to get a knock on the door and I’m going to disappear, I can tell you, or I’ll die from sudden heart failure or I’ll be a COVID death, and then who else is going to speak out?” says 53-year-old John O’Looney in an Ickonic interview that originally aired July 16.

“I’m telling you the truth, and I’m not afraid to die, and if I die based on that truth, so be it. Come and get me. You know where I am. I can’t run and hide, can I? I’m 53, we’ve all got smart phones, they’ve got 5G everywhere—there’s nowhere to run. Come and punish me for telling the truth. This has been my story. Why doesn’t anyone want to come speak to me? Why are they offering me large sums of money not to talk?”

O’Looney, an undertaker in Milton Keynes, England, claims state-run Russia Today (formerly “Soviet Russia Today”) offered him £85,000 to sanitize and own the rights to his perspective as a funeral director of what he sees as a deadly fallout from the mass COVID-19 injection campaign in Great Britain and around the world.

“The email asked me for my story,” said O’Looney about Moscow’s request via Russia Today USA. “It suggested that everyone I’d spoken to was deliberately anti-vax and they would like an impartial story, and it would pay for my exclusive story and it would pay me £85,000 upon my first interview and me signing a contract that their lawyers would draw up. But the conditions were that I could never speak to anyone else again.”

While a lot of people might have jumped at the offer, O’Looney thought about it and declined.

“I chewed that over the weekend, not because I wanted the money—I didn’t want the money—but because I wanted to respond and I wanted to respond in a correct way to save us all, to help save us all, and I kind of said to them, I’m happy to give my story… I’m not going to sign an exclusive, because I can tell you now, there’s no network anywhere across the world where their leaders are promoting these poisons that will air my story, so my story will go into a bottom drawer and then I’m tied to exclusivity. So, basically the offer of 85,000 was made to me to shut up.”

Many conservatives have been touting Russian president Vladimir as some kind of hero against “the globalists” and their clot shot mandate for announcing that Russia will not make the vaccine mandatory in Russia, but Russia has executed the same vaccine-laden COVID-19 campaign based on Louis Pasteur’s dubious germ theory as in every other nation and with similar fatal effects. And some places in Russia do require the clot shot passport. Russia also has similar mask mandates, restrictions, and lockdowns as most other Western nations. Today, Putin advised Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to get Russia’s COVID-19 jab Sputnik. Incidentally, the Soviets developed mRNA technology almost four decades ago.

O’Looney has stated in interviews this year that he sees fraud going on in the way so called Covid-19 deaths are being tabulated (the funeral home business slowed right down in 2020, contradicting media reports of increased overall deaths); the systematic liquidation of the elderly in care homes resulting from often unnecessary use of drugs like Midazolam (passed off as COVID deaths); and the overall depopulation of the masses using poison under the guise of immunization (vaccines), with the spike in deaths by 250% when COVID vaccinations began as evidence.

“These jabs are damaging and killing people,” he says.

With the ever-changing COVID narrative—thanks in large to a pro-vaccine and government-compliant media, O’Looney says young children are the next target of this vaccine depopulation campaign endgame.

“I see two things happening: one is going to be the deaths of a lot of children and the maiming of a lot of children, and parents will be told that that’s a new strain of COVID…I don’t doubt that they’ll probably use crisis actors…and parade those on TV under the guise of they being bereaved parents…children will die the same way adults are dying—in large numbers….”

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