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Israel’s survival dependent on Eurasian ideocracy with ‘authentic Jewish filling’: Eskin

Avigdor Eskin

By Avigdor Eskin
From Breakthrough into Eurasianism
November 13, 2020 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian


The conditions for Israel’s survival are the replacement of the liberal diktat with a Eurasian ideocracy with an authentic Jewish filling.

The departure from the political scene of liberal democracy following fascism and communism for many now seems inevitable. Even the renowned ideologue of Americanism, Samuel Huntington, expects substantial resistance to American hegemony. I believe that the mission to be the vanguard of such resistance rests with Israel and Russia.

It is difficult to imagine a more important and noble task in our day. Let’s take Solzhenitsyn’s “Letter to the Leaders” and rewrite it by analyzing the collapse of liberal democracy, not liberalism that has already vanished. You will see how powerful such a Eurasian manifesto will be. It should be put on the table for the rulers of Russia and Israel at the same time.

The messianic passionarity emanating from Zion should capture the majority of Russian Jews and “shake” the liberal foundations of Jewish life in the United States. At the same time, the factor of culturally isolated Jewish traditionalists living in America will inevitably affect. These people will turn to Israel in a moment of trial, even at the cost of a conflict with their country of residence. The continental imperial orientation of Russia, instead of assimilation, will offer Russian Jews an orientation toward Israel.

The ideology of Eurasianism will allow representatives of all traditions to assert themselves without humiliating compromises, inviting them to realize themselves within the territories historically occupied by them.

This concept fully integrates the messianism of the Zionist movement as an antipode to the assimilation of the “great confusion” (“Erev Rav”). The authentic Jewish idea of ​​”light to the nations” is not in wandering for the sake of gaining influence in a foreign land, but in connection with the piece of the continent, given by the Creator—the Land of Israel. It is reflected in the words of the Jewish prophets, in the laws of the Talmud and in the writings of the saints of Israel of all times. Moving around the planet according to the Atlanticist model is a punishment, but not an ideal. Since the era of exile has ended, there is no more room for even a discussion on this issue.

Zionocentrism automatically solves all the painful problems of the Russian-Jewish symbiosis. For constructive interaction, it is also necessary to develop a new joint geopolitical strategy based on soil tendencies among both peoples.

This is a hitherto unknown innovation. It would not have come true today if it were not for the ground under the feet of each of the sides. There is also a common Wahhabis of the same type in Chechnya and Hamas in the Middle East. And most importantly, the “new world order” destroying any originality ….

The will of the Israelis in the elections is a challenge for Putin’s Russia not to miss the chance to knock Israel out of the chains of the liberal-democratic international. If the Kremlin intends to become an international player again, then it has been given a chance not to lag behind Washington, enforcing a “peace process”, but guided by its own interests, relying on the forces of resistance to mondialism in Israel. And we should start with an active dialogue with a million Russian-speaking Israelis, most of whom, in accordance with existing legislation, are citizens of Russia.

The new wave from Israel will immediately have an impact on the Jews in Russia. After Gusinsky leaves, there will be no more active and influential opponents of the new strategy. In turn, the Bush administration’s dislike of Israel can play a positive role here.

All facts and undercurrents lead us to the idea of ​​the inevitability of the proposed turn. We are hindered only by numbness – a consequence of cowardice – the habit of “going with the flow” and being burdened with a feeling of hopelessness in the face of the etheric giant. Time to show will and become the creator of history, and not its passive subject.

Time is working against us as long as we are in hesitation and indecision. But now we have a great task ahead of us. And who knows – perhaps for the sake of this great hour the Creator of the universe brought Russians and Jews together from the beginning of the century, so that together we would write a new page in the history of the victory of the human race over the serpent pursuing it? ..

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