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Stalin Jewish? Grave of Stalin’s mother adorned with Jewish kiddush cup and shroud

This is the standard mark for a buried Jew. See graves from a purely Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn – “Only for jews”. The gravesite of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s mother in Tbilisi, Pantheon, Georgia.

By Zet09
July 7, 2012 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Due to the extreme importance of the fact found by Holmes in Georgia; namely, the irrefutable proof that Stalin’s mother was Jewish, and therefore Stalin himself was a Jew, Holmes gives this proof. This is a photo of Stalin’s mother’s grave in the Tbilisi Pantheon. On Wiki, there will be no photo of Stalin’s mother’s grave, don’t count: This is a tombstone – the Jewish Shabbat Cup KIDDUSH wiki / Kiddush_cup covered with a shroud – on the grave of Stalin’s mother!

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