Putin’s prophet Dugin in 1997: unleash “Afro-American racists” on white America

Dugin under his Kabbalist chaos sigil.

By Brandon Martinez
June 27, 2018 Anno Domini
Martinez Perspective

In Dugin’s 1997 book “Foundations of Geopolitics,” a maniacal screed advocating Russian world domination, the occultist openly calls for unleashing black racists against White America as a subversion strategy.

“Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism,” wrote Dugin. Provoking “Afro-American racists” was key to the strategy, Dugin opined, as that would serve to “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity.” He further encouraged “all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.”

In this light, the insurgent radical left sweeping America, with Black Lives Matter at the fore, fits neatly within Dugin’s plan to rile up the blacks against White America. Russia has openly been supporting US-based secessionists, as well as separatists in Europe. Leaders of Texan and Californian secession have direct links to Russia. The American libertarian movement, who function as extreme isolationists opposed to any US involvement abroad, are regular pundits on Russia Today and have strong Kremlin ties. They serve Dugin’s plan to isolate America from world affairs, giving Russia a free hand to act and carve out its Eurasian Empire. Crucially, Dugin stresses the need for Russia to align itself with parts of the Muslim world, especially Shiite Iran, and to wield them as an anti-American bulwark of suicidal religious radicals. Stoking up anti-American and anti-Western sentiment across the Middle East and Asia, to isolate the West from these resource rich areas, was key to Dugin’s master plan. He also called for the complete annexation of Ukraine, writing:

Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning, no particular cultural import or universal significance, no geographic uniqueness, no ethnic exclusiveness, its certain territorial ambitions represents an enormous danger for all of Eurasia and, without resolving the Ukrainian problem, it is in general senseless to speak about continental politics. Ukraine should not be allowed to remain independent, unless it is cordon sanitaire, which would be inadmissible.

Those sentiments were echoed by none other than Richard Spencer, who is married to a Russian follower of Dugin.

Dugin’s book reads like a Russian Protocols of Zion, outlining sinister schemes to isolate, undermine and destabilize the US, UK and Europe, strategies which Russia has clearly activated today, thus anointing Russia as the “Third Rome” global superpower. Dugin wrote a more recent paper reiterating some of his 1997 ideas, titled “Principles and Strategy of Coming War,” which outlines Dugin’s strategies for his “spiritual war” against the US and Europe. Notably, influencing and mobilizing dissident elements in America is key to Dugin’s updated strategy. His numerous appearances on the Alex Jones show and his general outreach to Americans during the 2016 election show that he is not simply writing insane texts as intellectual masturbation – he’s actively pursuing these strategies in the public realm.

All of these dirty tactics that Dugin advocates were previously employed by the Russian Communist Party in their war against Western civilization. The communists themselves advocated mobilizing radicalized American blacks against White America, for destabilization purposes. Dugin is simply revamping old communist subversion tactics to infiltrate, divide and conquer the enemies of Bolshevik Russia.

Dugin advances an essentially occultic agenda of chaos magic to instigate the end of the world. A profile on Dugin noted that he,

believes that it is the ultimate theological destiny of Russia to lead modern day Hyperborean societies — including not only Russia, but all of Eurasia, from Korea to India to Portugal — away from a corrupt earthly existence and back to the pure, divine spiritual knowledge of the original Hyperboreans, resulting in the end of our world and the transformation of humanity to a divine existence. (Yes, you read that right — he wants Russia to bring about the end of the world, in pursuit of the spiritual transformation of all of society).

In his research of Russian occultism, journalist Marc Bennetts stumbled on Dugin’s occultist obsession with the apocalypse, writing:

Nevertheless, it appears Dugin’s occult studies continue to have an influence on his apocalyptic thinking: just two years ago, this hardline Russian nationalist thinker lectured in Moscow on the necessity of curtailing the “illusion” that is the planet Earth by bringing about the “end of the world”.

Yet, shockingly, so many lemmings in the alt-right follow and genuflect to this death-worshipping satanist.


  1. Putin promotes US communist revolution

    “Back in the 1930s, Communist International leaders wrote that both black and white workers had a common enemy – imperialism and capitalism. They also wrote that these people could become the most effective group in the future revolutionary battle. So, this is something that can be seen, to a degree, as common values, if not a unifying agent for us. I am not afraid to say so. This is true.”


    1. I recall when Pres. Putin said what was quoted in the article you cite, however he is referring to liberalism not imperialism nor capitalism. Putin consistently stated that despite that no nation today exercises pure capitalism that capitalism is the basis of the Russian economy.

      1. LogansRun – The statement of Putin in on the Russian government website, 7th October 2020:

        7 & 6th paragraphs from end


        “It is a fact that African Americans constitute a stable electorate, one of the electorates of the Democratic Party. It is a well-known fact, and there is nothing new about this. The Soviet Union also supported the African Americans’ movement for their legitimate rights. Back in the 1930s, Communist International leaders wrote that both black and white workers had a common enemy – imperialism and capitalism. They also wrote that these people could become the most effective group in the future revolutionary battle. So, this is something that can be seen, to a degree, as common values, if not a unifying agent for us. I am not afraid to say so. This is true.”

        You are likely confusing it, with this from 2019:

        Putin: “Liberalism is obsolete and conflicts with the interests of the majority of the population.”


        To understand the ruse of the Soviet conflict with ‘liberalism’, see section 7 ‘Ideological enemy of Western liberalism’.


  2. Alternative source of Holodomorinfo Videos:

    Far-right protesters in Ukraine demand Israel apologize for communism
    The far-right activists called on Israel and the Jews to assume responsibility specifically for Holodomor, a famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s.


  3. While USA consumes itself in intra-racial, intra-gender, intra-party, intra-class disputes, riots and soon wars (unfortunately), China, Russia and BRICS (MULTIPLAR power centers) grow more and more powerful, with USA’s isolation growing. EU, a bolshevik-masonic-whore of bablyon-talmudic creation will be destroyed with migrations and internal civil war or/and Russian-Euroasian invasion.

  4. A MUST READ! – ‘Know Your Enemy’ by Major Robert Williams, 1950.

    “How very well organized & financed groups of Jewish supremacists use the banking industry & immigration policy, as primary weapons in their war to subjugate and ultimately destroy White nations.

    Never in Russian history did the gentiles, the Christians, win a battle against Jewish-organized subversion EXCEPT BY FIRST IDENTIFYING THE SUBVERSION AS OF JEWISH ORIGIN AND OBJECTIVES. In shutting our eyes to the Jewish management of subversive forces inside our borders, we virtually assure the ultimate triumph of a secret-police dictatorship. Communists realize this and their most concentrated effort is to defame opponents as ‘anti-Semitic’.

    Communism’s role is to destroy the Christian order and the white race. After that is accomplished (by violence and by inducing inter-breeding with easily managed colored races) there will remain no organized resistance to the invisible power.”

    text pgs 10 & 11


    (Jew) Dugin 1995: “What comes to the myth of ‘the solidarity of the white race’, it is a complete utopia that leads to the Holocaust of the Jews.”


    Dugin 2002.

    “I am for black people. White civilization – the lying, inhuman model of the world built by it – has not justified itself. Everything is heading towards white pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia is saved only because we are not pure white.”


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