Soviet system a copy of the Jewish Kahal

By Itsvan Bakony
Excerpt from What is Judaism (1969)
Pages 24-27

In every capital of a province, or in its most important urban center, a Great Kahal or Supreme Council of the Federation of local Kahals of that province is established. This co-ordinates the activities of the local Kahals.

The words Kahal, Kehilla and Great Kahal, are classic, dating from the times of the Crusades, to refer to a Jewish organization or municipal or provincial government, but in different countries Jews have given different names to these organizations. In France, for example, they call them Consistories, and in other places they simply call them municipal or regional councils, a very proper denomination, because the internal organization of Judaism has for several centuries been structured on the basis of Councils of different hierarchy.

The Soviet organization is nothing but a copy, although of inferior quality, of the organization which Jews have used for many centuries. It is also necessary to remember that the word “Soviet” means, exactly, “Council”.

The Great Provincial· Kahals are confederated in a Secret National Council called with different names in different countries. In some places it is called the Central Israelite Committee; in others, the Jewish Congress of such and such country, as in the United States, where it is called “American Jewish Committee”.

A look at athe Iraq Jewish community in Los Angeles, who trace their roots back to ancient Babylon and longels surviving Jewish comunity in the world. The L.A. Iraqi Jewish community congregates at Kahal Joseph temple in Los Angeles. March 30, 2004. (Photo by Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

This highest Council coordinates the activities of the Great Regional Kahals, but respects their autonomy within their own territories, where each is responsible for the efforts to conquer the nation in whose territory it operates.

The Jewish organizations established within a gentile nation and coordinated by a Central Committee are together called a Councilor National Congress. Sometimes, it is also called the Jewish Community of France, the Jewish Community of Argentina or the Chinese Jewish Community, according to the case. All these organizations operate in a secret way unknown for all profanes in all countries that proscribed Judaism in sometime and forbade its functioning. And the communities of clandestine Jews still operate throughout the world in a highly secret manner, pretending to practice the religion of the country in which they live.

The great Kahals or Regional Council and National Supreme Councils, in addition to having under their reosponsibility the government of the Jewish organizations of a province or region of the entire country, also have the duty of conquering the country in which territory they operate, controlling their political parties, their press, their banks, their unions of trade, industrialists and professionals, their universities, their religious organizations and their churches through the fifth column, but most of all they have the obligation of conquer the government, including the executive, legislative and judicial powers.

To accomplish the conquest of the people that naively and generously gave them shelter, each Jew works tirelessly for the development of the plans of conquest which range from infiltration and various maneuvers to monopolize the leading positions to the revolutions and coup d’etats when such are necessary. They also use masonic and communist organizations, political parties, labor unions and other associations which they secretly control.

The most serious aspect of all this is that Hebrews believe they are sincerely fulfilling God’s commands to his chosen people, and also fulfilling the more sacred prin- ciples of the Talmud, which they believe is the interpreta- tion of God’s will: “Wherever Hebrews settle, it is neces- sary they must become the masters; and as long as they do not have absolute domain, they should consider them- selves as exiled and prisoners. Although ,they may dominate many nations, until they do not dominate all of them, they should not cease to proclaim: What a torment!, What an indignityl”.


  1. From the book ‘The Hidden Empire’ 1938.

    How the synagogue secretly govern the world through the Kahal, dividing the world into East and West Hemispheres.

    “The Kahal officials divide the world into the two hemispheres; the Eastern and the Western. At the head of the hemisphere is placed the Sponsor. Sponsors, for both hemispheres, are reputed to be accountable only to Aka’dham, the Unknown and Uncrowned Prince of Jewry throughout the earth, whose identity is kept a guarded secret.”

    Pgs 36-39

    A Jew Exposes The Jewish World Conspiracy, by Henry H. Klein, 1946.

    “The Protocols are the plan by which a handful of Jews who
    compose the Sanhedrin, aim to rule the world by first destroying Christian civilization.

    The Sanhedrin operates through. the Kehillah. The Kehillah is the controlling Jewish organization in each community
    where Jews live. Most Jewish organizations are represented in the Kehillah. It is the local Jewish governing body. All representation in it is by delegates apportioned according to the membership of the constituent bodies. Each Jewish organization, whether a lodge, fraternal order, synagogue or otherwise, is entitled to representation. This unity is in accordance with the advice of the late Louis D. Brandeis who urged Jews to “unite, unite, unite.” The Kehillah in New York City is run by an executive committee over which there is an advisory body. This executive committee is elected from year to year or continued in office. It is responsible for the operation of the Kehillah which is an old Jewish institution going back before the time of Jesus, who was the Kehillah’s target in His day.”

    “What has the Kehillah done to me? It sent word to all Jewish organizations that I am an outcast Jew; that I am a
    renegade Jew; that I am. against Jews; that I betrayed Jewish secrets which I did not know existed; that I should be shunned by all Jews and by Christians who serve Jews. Attempts were made to knock me off by violence and poison.”

    “The Sanhedrin now rules the United States, Great Britain and Russia. The Money Gang and the Sanhedrin work together.
    The Money Gang wants to keep its excessive wealth and its power and the Sanhedrin wants to rule. The United Nations Organization (UNO) is the result. The United States of America is now the United States of the U.N.O.”

    “The Sanhedrin is backed by the power of great wealth in all countries. The plan is to enslave the people, bankrupt all nations & put a descendant of King David on the throne of the world. Then they will have complete rule of the world. When this is done, the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’ otherwise known as the Sanhedrin, will be in complete rulership of the world.”

    Pgs 14, 15, 17, 24

  2. My observations about jews are that they allow themselves to be led and ruled by the central money powers, the globalist jews, those on the Rothschild councils of interlocking business interests, who are the same “leaders” as had existed under the old Kahal structures in 14th and 15th Century Poland and elsewhere. Jewry has always had the central power over the jew kehillahs, exercised primarily through the Rabbi’s and the Freemasonic structure leaders. It is the scribes of those who write the falsified parts of the so-called “jewish histories” and who determine how and in which directions the main mass of the historically communal jews are to be led. Those variable “historical connections” are, and have been, adjusted as it’s determined to be expedient for the needs, desires and goals of the international bankers.

    For now and today, those goals are the centralization of all world power to be responsive to the globalists. Identified more simply as, “factual” Communism. To achieve this world “revolution” the white jews are being exhorted to give up their own “white privilege”, and to turn against the individualistic White people and structures who had once been much accepting of them as being closely on par with them as a common civilized people [in a much uncivilized world], in support of the coloreds, who are now being “recognized” as having all along been the “real jews”. Supposedly, they are all to live together in a race-mixed Nirvana – once that centralization is achieved.
    Rabbid jews exhorting and shaming white jews to give up their “White Privilege” below:

    “Jews and White Privilege”

    “Another way of classifying and understanding race, older than Linneaus and Blumenthal’s work, is to assess racial purity by blood. This has appeared in the United States, of course, as the “one drop rule.” The first blood-purity law emerged in Toledo in 1449. Leading up to, and after, the expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain in 1492, racialization focused on religion more than on geography. These early blood-purity laws (liempieza de sangre) looked at whether, and how far back, a person had a relative who was Jewish, a Converso (Jewish convert to Christianity), Muslim or a Morisco (Muslim convert to Christianity). The more recent a relative was in any of these categories, the less pure one’s blood was deemed to be. This upheld white Christians as the ideal, and only, citizens. Linneaus and Blumenbach, who were Christians in Western Europe, similarly functioned in worlds that held that white Christians were the ideal (only) citizens.

    These views were imported into the Americas through the varied colonial projects of Western Europe. The founders of the United States used those ideologies as frameworks to support the attempted genocide of Native American people and the enslavement of African people. The superiority of Christianity and the inferiority of Jews, Muslims and other non-Christians was certainly a key tenet of the founding of this country, but ideals about religious freedom gave European Jews space to settle in the Americas alongside other white European settlers. They were able to do this because they were eligible as white citizens.

    Though rarely discussed in our communities today, early Jewish settlers in the colonies participated in the slave trade. While Jews did not make up a significant part of the population, it is important to note that Jews had a role in the slave trade throughout the Americas. Jewish landowners profited, as did their non-Jewish land-holding neighbors, off of the slave trade and the labor of slaves, both in the North and the South. When we are talking about Jews, race and white privilege, we often focus on white Jews “becoming white” in the 20th century….”
    “Being White is Not the Jewish Norm: How the Mishnah Can Help Us Deconstruct a White-normative Approach to Judaism”

    “While white Jews might take for granted that ancient Jews looked like them, the evidence is otherwise.
    Even if antisemitism in the United States is as violent as probably never before, white Jews do benefit from white privilege. Nevertheless, learning about our ancestors’ self-identification as Jews of color might help to challenge the widespread assumption among American Jews that being white is the Jewish norm. Since Jewish congregations in the United States are dominated by white Jews, white Jews have often trouble with perceiving Jews of Color as if they were genuine part of the community. Even if white Jews acknowledge that some Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews are people of color, that does not change the widespread attitude that whiteness is the Jewish norm…. But Jews of Color are no strangers, they are no visitors. White Jews do not own Judaism.”

  3. Israel acts on behalf of Jewry’s banking interests, as does the B’nai Brith, both of which guide and influence the ADL and Freemasons, and most certainly the jew populations inside all the various countries of the world in which jews reside.

    “Jewish Teacher Claims Jewish Schools Indoctrinate Jews To Be More Loyal To Israel Than America”

    “I’ve heard teachers or administrators say at assemblies things like “you don’t belong in America,” “Israel is your country” and “the IDF are your soldiers.” When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the United States Congress in opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, against the wishes of President Obama, the high school where I was working cancelled classes to watch “our Prime Minister.” That’s a real quote.

    In the six schools at which I have taught, HaTikvah was sung more often than the Pledge of Allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner. Israeli national holidays are taught with a reverence or solemnity that outstrips what is accorded to religious or American ones. Veteran’s Day was never discussed, but Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, had special projects and assemblies. Many of these schools receive grants from the Avi Chai Foundation, which requires recipients to declare that they “seek to instill in our students an attachment to the State of Israel and its people.”

  4. Great article, I agree completely. Politburo, Central Committee, regional, city and village committee’s structure is designed based on Sanhedrin, with General Secretary essentialy being the Nasi, the chief of the Sanhedrin/Politburo

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