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The self-destruction of Brendon O’Connell

‘Honorary Muslim’ Brendon O’Connell before he turned on Iran.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
November 14, 2020 Anno Domini

Lurking beneath the friendly, jocular face of Australian anti-Zionist Brendon O’Connell is a deeply disturbed and unhinged soul.

Is it jealousy to say so, as is often the cry of those in positions of influence in the alternative media being squeezed to account for their words? Is it the accusation of an FBI operative, Zionist deep stater? No, but that’s what he would have his groupies believe, as the narcissistic, manipulative, sociopathic, self-appointed cult leader that he seems to be.

I’ve been meaning to write this critique of O’Connell, whom I have known since the mid 2000s, for many years but have held back because I thought maybe he could get over himself long enough to get some hard-hitting truth out to the masses. After all, I argued to myself, he does have a good analytical mind at times, and he has enough charisma to effectively influence an audience.

I was wrong. It’s turned out that he has done nothing but divide and disturb the dissident movement against the New Socialist World Order for the past 16 years. Instead of offering truth with no strings attached, he has used his sometimes-good analyses simply to build an audience for the mere glorification of his own ego—and to fill his wallet (O’Connell admits in this clip, “I am just here for the money now.”). Sure, he may be an actual counter-intelligence operative/asset of some kind (as some suggest), but his personality seems to show that he is too unhinged and unstable to carry out any kind of meaningful, organized, or prolonged operation beyond self-aggrandizement. If he is an operative, his operators must have long since abandoned him as too unreliable for effective use. O’Connell is directing his own operation from the small world of his own making.

Screenshot of the now defunct

I first encountered O’Connell at, which was one of the best free speech forums at the time (I can’t think of one that has rivaled it since). Although its mission was libertarian oriented, it drew a steady stable of smart and well-read conspiracists, nationalists, and traditional Christians. O’Connell was every much a pot stirrer back then as he was when he got himself indicted after the Friends of Palestine rally (2008/09) in Australia, which made him somewhat famous in the dissident movement. He was a constant pest, agitator, and divide-and-conqueror of those with whom he came in contact online and in real life. He also relentlessly stalked and doxxed people with whom he became fixated, much like he has continued to present time; for example, with researcher Joseph Davis, who was doing some great work up until O’Connell doxxed him into silence (I guess O’Connell couldn’t allow an honest researcher to upstage him. See one of Davis’ well-researched articles here.). He was the same way on the conspiracy forums. He had to be the center of attention or else he went on the attack. When Libertyforum was shuttered, O’Connell took his gong show over to other forums, like ArgueWithEveryone, where he carried out the same agitprop. As I conversed with him more and more, his wild stories of being hacked and harassed by the feds began to dominate our conversations (never did he provide any solid evidence of this, much like he fails to do today). Little did I know at the time that he was setting his hooks in to establish his cult following. It worked on me for a while, although I only supported him from a distance. Fortunately, I didn’t get too close to him, as others have and got burned for doing so.

Because he harassed and physically assaulted Stanley Keyser apparently unprovoked and with no relevance to his anti-Zionist activism, he was eventually handed a racial vilification charge by a Perth court looking to make an example of the perceived Jew hater. Although O’Connell was wrong for harassing and assaulting (slap or punch) Keyser, it certainly didn’t warrant a jail sentence, let alone three years. But you can’t publicly defy the Synagogue of Satan and get away with it. Because of this very public defiance, Brendon garnered more support and a myth grew around him as being some kind of freedom fighter. Even today, it seems that many people don’t realize how petty his “exploits” at the Friends of Palestine rally were—or his taking credit for exposing Operation Talpiot, which was first exposed by Jason Gewirtz in his 2016 book, “Israel’s Edge: The Story of IDF’s Most Elite Unit – Talpiot”. They portray him as a hero, and O’Connell himself repeatedly claims that his trial brought out “the Israeli state” against him. Naturally for O’Connell, he has used this fake heroism as a bludgeon in order to get “donations” to his various crypto- and actual currency accounts.He often brings up his alleged broken arm in jail to gain sympathy and credibility from his groupies. His broken arm could easily have been a result of O’Connell lipping someone off, which we know he is prone to doing. Prison is a dangerous place. You don’t have to be a whistleblower in order to be assaulted in there.

O’Connell soon switched his operation from the forums onto videos and became extremely dramatic in the time leading up to his trial and eventual incarceration. He was belligerent with authorities while recording them on camera and seemed to accuse all people of all things. He seemed to backstab even those who supported him throughout his self-inflicted ordeal. He stated provocative things in his videos, like when he called for rounding up Jews into camps in Australia (I have a recording of this video). What kind of an imbecile says something like that, even if one really thinks it? He used his trial to advance his anti-Zionist, pro-Palestine cause, even shouting to the court after his sentencing something to the effect that his imprisonment would be a cakewalk compared to what Gazans go through.

Screenshot of O’Connell’s court transcript that was posted and then soon removed, apparently by O’Connell himself.

Gaza brings me to my next point. O’Connell has a strange habit of taking down his own videos, be it on Youtubeor Bitchute. Sometimes he claims they are censored; other times it seems he self-censors. At first, it used to confuse me why he did this, but I began to believe that he did this to keep people from seeing patterns in his behaviour and rhetoric and, therefore, learning what kind of man O’Connell really is. At least once he deleted his entire channel, preceded by a video where he repeatedly insulted his audience and said he was finished trying to wake everyone up. Well, I happened to snag a few of those self-censored videos over time, and in one of them, he reads from his own trial transcript where he tells the court that he is a “multiculturalist” (evidently to show that he isn’t racially prejudiced against Jews). His opposition to the Synagogue of Satan seems to be directed at their “racism” and little else. These are all signs that O’Connell, a self-admitted “Jungian” is actually a bit of Leftist, possibly a Marxist. He stated in a 2018 video with all seriousness, “I love the U.N. I think it’s a great idea.” He has also professed support of communism on at least one occasion (in one of his deleted videos, he advised his followers to stop focusing on cultural Marxism and instead focus on his monopolized narrative of Operation Talpiot. Here is one video he forgot to take down where he says he doesn’t want to hear people complaining about Leftists, commies, and culture war. He says we should only focus on “the bankers”). Ultimately, all that he seems to be is an anti-racist egoist (his ego is so big, he once claimed that the NSA named malware after him). This is further corroborated by his fixation with the “white nationalist” movement, who seem to be at the receiving end of his vitriol at least once in every Youtube video he publishes. Nationalist researcher Brandon Martinez did a good podcast a while back calling O’Connell an honorary Muslim. This might not be far from the truth. I remember in one video O’Connell talking about “My Lebs”, referring to an apparent gang of Lebanese inmates whom O’Connell befriended while incarcerated.  Of course, it doesn’t help Brendon’s credibility when he flees to Iran and bunks with a homosexual (in typical O’Connell fashion, when things didn’t work out in Iran, for whatever reason, O’Connell turned on Iran, like he does with people. O’Connell was pro-Iranian, as per the Duginist script, but then turned on them, likely out of self interest, not in the interest of truth).

Former O’Connell associate and apparent controlled opposition operative Adam Green seems to use similar pro-Palestine, anti-Zionism rhetoric, possibly as part of the KGB’s Operation SIG (see my dossier on Green here). Incidentally, O’Connell and Adam Green parted ways not long after a meltdown Brendon had during a “Talpiot Talk” live stream. Although O’Connell went on to accurately predict Adam “Flakey” Green’s rise in the dissident movement, it seems he turned on Green due to his own ego being threatened and not because he was genuinely suspicious of Green’s motives. O’Connell’s behaviour with Green and the Talpiot Talk crew, once again, shows that his motives are not sincere but are self-serving.

Brendon O’Connell is a dangerous character not because of the information he provides, which can be found from various other sources (half the time O’Connell is promoting controlled opposition operatives like Steve Pieczienik and Steve Bannon), but because he betrays everyone who crosses his path. He should be avoided for this reason and because he seems to only cause infighting and suspicion in the dissident movement. He’s essentially an energy vampire, siphoning off otherwise useful dissident energy and wasting it away for his own self-aggrandizement. O’Connell seems to expect to be rewarded with a living because he slapped a Jew instead of pulling up his britches and getting himself a real job. His constant sob stories promoted in his videos as he moves from location to location is just another hallmark of a disturbed, sociopathic personality, whose worst enemy is not the Jews or the big banks but himself. He remains today alienated from everyone, even those who would help and support him, due to his self-destruction.

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