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Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad – Part VI

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Prince Andrew, and Jeffrey Epstein captured in this photo at Trump’s Florida club Mar-a-Lago. Not seen in this photo but also present was Ghislaine Maxwell.

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By Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 27, 2020 Anno Domini

The evolution of the Epstein scandal now appears to reveal a very clear message to those who can see: the decades-long Soviet strategy of discrediting (and destroying) the West, via its leaders—through a Satanic, meticulously planned crescendo that could occur this fall during the U.S. presidential election and Brexit-no-deal.

Three of the biggest faces in the West—Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and Boris Johnson—all seem to be fulfilling an age-old plan to bring down the West on behalf of the Jewish neo-Soviet power bloc due their own moral weakness and selfish ambition, which seems to have been exploited by the illuminist Russian federation and its satellites, especially Israel.

With the late Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged child procurer Ghislaine Maxwell now in FBI custody, it seems the Soviet KGB/Mossad active measure of Operation Epstein soon may be drawing to a close with only one final act remaining.

The British Monarchy, regardless of how corrupt and complicit it has become in the world anti-Christ communist conspiracy, must be destroyed before world communism can be installed. Enter Prince Andrew, Duke of York, as the catalyst for dividing the Royal family and making this communist goal possible (think Megxit). While the media may trivialize and downplay the significance of the disunity of the Royal Family, much of which is due to the revelations of Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement in the Epstein KGB/Mossad blackmail ring, the breakup is part of the plan to usher in the new world socialist order—as is the break with the West’s Catholic past (toppling of statues, changing of city names, etc.).

“(Viktor) Suvorov (Soviet defector) claimed that ‘grey terror’ would have a psychological warfare component. The Russian special services, he wrote, would launch a scandal parade. Dirt would be invented, created or dug up on America’s leaders, on America’s defense establishment and on America’s friends abroad. According to Suvorov, various nations would begin to distrust their leaders.”[1]

Prince Andrew and Goga.

Whether or not it was Ghislaine Maxwell who set up Prince Andrew for kompromat (Soviet compromise, i.e. sexually), the Prince had other possible honeytrappers around him, with more direct ties to Russia (U.K. president Boris Johnson has plenty of his own ties to the Soviets). Take Jewish Kazakh socialite Goga Ashkenazi, alleged to be best friends with Prince Andrew[2] (and Nat Rothschild), the daughter of Soviet communist parents, carries a page from a 1,200-year-old Torah in her purse, and whose lover once included the son-in-law of Soviet satellite Khazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev, an open Eurasian Unionist (code for neo-Soviet Union). Goga’s elite-connected father Erkin Zeinullayevich Berkaliev enriched his family by becoming the first appointed head of the Economics and Trade Department of the regional committee of the Communist Party Soviet Union. He was then recruited to Moscow’s Central Committee, under no other than Mikhail Gorbachev himself. Goga was educated in a Soviet school “hothoused in English”[3], which seems to suggest she was also a member of the Soviet communist youth (KOMSOMOL).

“‘The main question torturing every Kazakh girl is: how did this ordinary and not so pretty mamba [peasant girl] manage to get to the top of British society?ʼ”[4]

According to journalist Joshua Philipp, the Soviets used (and probably still use) the KOMSOMOL to recruit children for child-sex-trafficking rings used to entrap/blackmail Western VIPs.[5]

“… ‘Andropov is building networks for child trafficking and pedophilia, and this is a project the KGB has begun internationally, around the world,’ claims researcher J.R. Nyquist. “The purpose of the program was to seduce politicians and business leaders, then control them as agents through blackmail.”[6]

As sick as this is, it’s the height of illuminism—something Adam Weishaupt could only have dreamed of. It’s possible that Goga was groomed for this or perhaps as a conduit for other blackmail operators in London and around the world. I would venture to say that many of Epstein’s girls were extracted from the Soviet KOMSOMOL system. Israel itself is a pipeline for Slavic sex slaves, so the Soviet-Israel sex link is a natural fit for Soviet blackmail purposes. Epstein victim Virigina Guiffre (formerly Roberts) claims in court documents released earlier this year that Epstein fueled his poolside kompromat orgies by regularly flying in girls and women between the ages of 15-21 who sounded Russian or Czech. Epstein “forced underage girls to have sex with Prince Andrew to blackmail him,” Roberts says.[7]

“Girls as young as 14 were available for sex on the same terms. Many American men went there for just that reason. One American businessman of Russian descent told me, ‘Prostitution is legal here, and the age of consent is 16. If a policeman catches you with a 14-year-old, all you have to say is that she looked 16.’”[8]

Former Russian model Svetlana Pozhidaeva, the daughter of a Lieutenant Colonel in the Red Army and who herself attended a Moscow university thought to be an “incubator” for the KGB denies being at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion at the same time as Prince Andrew in 2010; however, she does admit to a long association with Epstein.[9]

Trump sits and watches young models, including Samantha Cohen, daughter of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, at a fashion show.

Between 2013 and 2018, Epstein gave “suspicious” payments to alleged co-conspirators and to Russian models and females from Eastern Europe—seemingly as hush money and/or settlements, an investigation of Deutsche Bank has revealed.[10] The bank, which allowed Epstein to have accounts until 2018, was also fined as a result of its dealings with FBME Bank and Danske Estoina, which was involved with money laundering for Russian oligarchs, to the tune of €200 billion. President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen (Jewish), who admits that Trump colluded with the Kremlin to secure presidential victory and describes his former client as a liar, cheat, and fraud, also admits that he helped Trump deal with the females with whom he had affairs. “I stiffed contractors on his behalf, ripped off his business partners, lied to his wife Melania to hide his sexual infidelities, and bullied and screamed at anyone who threatened Trump’s path to power… From [a depraved act] in a sex club in Vegas, to tax fraud, to deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, to catch and kill conspiracies to silence Trump’s clandestine lovers, I wasn’t just a witness to the President’s rise – I was an active and eager participant.”[11]

The disdain these Soviet-Jewish criminals have for the Royal Family can be seen in Ghislaine Maxwell, whom Epstein victim Maria Farmer called the “most dangerous asset for Israel” and said was abusive towards Princess Diana.[12] Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre alleges that Epstein ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew then, when she was 17 years old, on three occasions. The Prince denies these allegations.

With the level of Soviet active measures going on in the United Kingdom, it’s not difficult to fathom the Royal Family being ensnared by Russia’s kompromat, especially with the family’s moral vulnerabilities. What makes this scenario more possible is something which I suggested  in Part 5 of this series (written two years ago), that Soviet-Jewish British media mogul and Mossad-KGB superspy Robert Maxwell (late father of Ghislaine Maxwell) was pulling Epstein’s strings. Well, an alleged insider seems to suggest this very thing. According to the anonymous insider who spoke with The Sun, accused child sexual predator Jean-Luc Brunel (now a fugitive), a famed modelling scout and longtime acquaintance of Epstein, revealed Robert Maxwell’s ties to Epstein in a conversation some 20 years ago.

“Jean-Luc was telling them how Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was one of the reasons why Jeffrey Epstein had money,” the source said.[13]

“He said Maxwell had been one of Epstein’s early investment clients. I assumed that Maxwell had invested in Epstein, who then used that money to make his own.”

Unsealed court documents revealed that Brunel once flew three 12-year-old girls from France as a birthday present for Epstein.[14]

Farmer claims that Epstein was of low intelligence; therefore, is the narrative that Epstein was a self-made Wall Street billionaire plausible or was he bankrolled by Maxwell and/or others? Why, then, would Maxwell invest in Epstein if not for something clandestine? Farmer corroborates my theory from Part 5 and the testimony of the alleged anonymous insider. After Robert Maxwell’s death, Farmer says “Epstein was assigned to take care of her (Ghislaine).”[15]

Trump-Epstein whistleblower Maria Farmer with paintings of other abuse victims.

Farmer dropped several bombshells in her two interviews with apparent Marxist gatekeeper Whitney Webb. She said she remembers Ghislaine Maxwell telling her “that the Rothshilds were the greatest protectors of her family” and that Epstein had an Israeli passport. Maxwell’s finances are still a mystery, but we do know that the Jewish banking house JP Morgan managed at least $10 million of Ghislaine’s money. “All the people they raped were never Jewish” farmer added, suggesting that Epstein and Maxwell both strongly identified as Jewish.[16] At the very least, Ghislaine, Epstein, Petrina Khashoggi, and Lady Forester de Rothschild were members of private social network club A Small World.

I’ll just say a little bit about Whitney Webb, the self-described anti-globalist investigative journalist who seems to have risen to conspiracy fame suddenly and inorganically. It seems that she has taken on the Epstein story to control it on behalf of her apparent neo-Soviet handlers from down in Soviet-satellite South America, where she supposedly resides. She took on the story not long after I had completed Part 5 and apparently “expanded” on my investigative work. She is tied to Irano-Soviet outlets like Islamic-run Mint Press News, which I have written about. Webb puts an anti-Western, neo-Marxist spin on her writing and is featured on such sites as the pro-Kremlin Katehon, which also publishes the writings of alleged Epstein co-conspirator Alan M. Dershowitz, with whom Guiffre says she was forced to have sex while under age. Why would Webb, supposedly an exposer of Epstein, be featured alongside Epstein-tied Dershowitz and pro-Kremlin, Duginist shills? I can only think the answer is that she is a gatekeeper working on behalf of team kompromat. Dershowitz (Jewish) once wrote a column titled “Statutory rape in an outdated concept” and argued for the lowering of the age of consent to 15. (See my article on Dershowitz and controlled opposition Jewish shill Mike Cernovich).

Perhaps the biggest revelation Farmer made in her interviews with Webb was that Donald Trump was a co-conspirator of Epstein’s, to the point that Trump’s Czech-born ex-wife Ivana even assisted.

“Donald Trump’s ex-wife was always in the car (with Ghislaine Maxwell),” Farmer said of Maxwell’s procurement of high school girls in the Florida area and elsewhere. This fits the hypothesis I have been pushing since Part 1 of this series and now it has eyewitness testimony to back it up. Unfortunately, the mass media is not reporting on this game-changing story. The Left-wing media that supposedly hates Trump won’t touch this, let alone much of Trump’s numerous other ties to Epstein and the Maxwells. This shows that the media is actually gatekeeping for Trump, only revealing kosher-approved narratives against or for him.

Trump, with Eric, Ivanka, and Epstein at the Harley Davidson Cafe opening in Manhattan in 1993.

It’s quite disturbing to imagine Ivana helping Ghislaine procure girls for Epstein and Trump while little Ivanka, then only 10 or 11 years old, is out and about with dad and Epstein, like the time at the Harley Davdison Cafe opening in in Manhattan in 1993 . Ivana apparently had no problem letting her own daughter be in the presence of not only Donald but, worse, the child-trafficking Epstein. Is this completely irresponsible parenting or is there something more to it? Could Ivanka, as I speculated in Part 1, somehow have been involved in sexual abuse at a young age? Perhaps she was participating in the procurement when she was older, even as an adult. She had immediate access to the prettiest females in the world while working in the modelling business herself when she was a teenager. It’s hard to believe that Trump and Epstein (and Ivana?) would not have exploited this opportunity.

Ivana’s Czech father was a “confidant” of Soviet Czech intelligence (Státní bezpečnost or StB). This fact came out in a 2016 article detailing the communist Czechs’ surveillance of Trump and his then wife Ivana.[17] The article went on to say that a spy revealed in 1977 that Trump’s businesses in the Soviet satellite were “absolutely safe” because they received commissions from the state. Trump’s apparent free pass in Czechoslovakia aligns with the notion that he has a free pass in Russia, too.

“In 1988, a further informant working under the cover name “Milos” reported that Trump was being put under considerable pressure to run for the U.S. presidency. The Czech authorities should be made aware, he said, that Ivana was under pressure herself to not put a step wrong during visits to Czechoslovakia, or else she risked putting her husbandʼs potential candidacy in jeopardy.

“‘Any false step of hers will have incalculable consequences for the position of her husband who intends to run for president in 1996,’ Milos wrote. He added that Trump was convinced he could win the presidency.[18]

On one of Trump’s trips to the Soviet Union, upon return, he published an anti-NATO advertisement in a major newspaper.

“A note by an StB spy named ‘Al Jarda’ of 10 October 1989 details a visit made to Trump by a delegation from a communist agricultural production cooperative from Slusovice, the village where Ivana Trumpʼs father lived.”

We can see here that Trump was groomed into his current position, not something he strove for as the all-American, self-made billionaire we have all been led to believe. It seems that the apparent kompromat on Trump was attained long ago, decades before he would get to fulfill his role as a Soviet stooge. Trump may have been given directives to bid for President after a 1988 trip to Moscow.

“Trump took an all-expenses-paid jaunt to the Soviet Union in July to discuss building the Russians some luxury hotels. The Soviets ‘treated me beautifully,’ he told reporters. ‘The government would like me to build a major hotel in Moscow in quality and in style like Trump Tower’—the garish structure which Trump built on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

“Shortly after Trump’s return to the United States, Mike Dunbar, a well known Republican Party organizer in New Hampshire unveiled plans to enter Trump in the 1988 New Hampshire Republican primary.”[19]

We can also see why Ivana, who apparently grew up in a communist village, withdrew her initial claim that Trump raped her, as it might have been devastating to his candidacy for U.S. president. Evidently, she was following the orders of her Soviet handlers.

Interestingly, Ivana, who was a model herself, spoke Czech with her children, which we have to assume included Ivanka. We have seen several photos of Ivanka with several of Trump’s Russian-Jewish oligarch cohorts and others. Perhaps her role in this sordid affair is larger than it seems.

Trump, Paris Hilton, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Speaking of Trump and teen models, Cohen tells a story in his book Disloyal: A Memoir about Trump whistling at his daughter Samantha, then 15, while she played tennis. “What a piece of ass. I would love some of that,” Trump is alleged to have remarked. “After Cohen told Trump that she was his daughter, he allegedly replied ‘when did she get so hot?’, and then beckoned her over to come and kiss him on the cheek.”[20] In Part 1 of this series I talked about Trump having eyes for then 12-year-old Paris Hilton. Christopher Mason, a former friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, claimed the alleged child procurer wanted to recruit Hilton for Epstein.[21] All three, Hilton, Trump, and Maxwell, are seen in a photograph together allegedly at a fashion show in New York in 2000. It’s unclear how old Hilton was when Maxwell is said to have wanted to recruit her, but Trump has admitted to first seeing Hilton when she was 12, at which age he thought she was “hot”. By the way, many of the photographs of Trump with Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew that have been released on wires such as Getty Images were taken by Davidoff Studios, a Russian-based photography company. Might the studio be a KGB asset using the cover of photo journalism? How many more compromising photos might it have?

Hilton with Mossad asset, Trump friend, and probably one of the biggest Iran-contra players, the late Adnan Khashoggi.

Another suspected Mossad-KGB kompromat recruit, possibly via Epstein, is Monica Lewinsky, the famed Whitehouse intern who brought down Bill Clinton (according to an account in the book A Covenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton is accused of having an affair with Ghislaine Maxwell). Lewinsky is of Soviet-Jewish extraction (surprise, surprise). Russian Jew Kirill Gilyarov seems to suspect that Lewinsky may have been a Chabad Lubavitch asset. “It’s curious that M. Lewinsky’s cousin, Mikhail, is a native of the USSR, now living in Belarus, near Vitebsk, an area of traditional Chabad influence.” In Part 1, briefly I talked about Ghislaine Maxwell attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Chabad (see Part 4), it seems, is a KGB-Mossad channel for intelligence and organized crime. It’s primary financier is Trump associate Lev Leviev, a Soviet Jew. Leviev provided jewellery to Trump’s ex-wife Ivana at her wedding to Rossano Rubicondi.

What else is curious is that Trump visited Israel in 1989 (perhaps in 1981 as well) when Yitzhak Shamir was Prime Minister.[22] Shamir (see Part 5) happened to be a crony of Chabad supporter Robert Maxwell’s. To return the favour, it seems, Putin’s rabbi Berel Lazar, of Chabad persuasion, visited Trump Tower in 2016, the year alleged to have been when much of the Trump-Russia collusion activity took place. Putin’s not the only one with his own rabbi. Trump’s late father Fred is known to have called Beach Haven rabbi Israel Wagner “my rabbi”.[23] Wagner happens to be of Soviet-Jewish extraction (see Part 4 for more on the Trumps’ ties to Chabad and Jewry). Another former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak (discussed in Part 5 as associated with Epstein), was Epstein’s business partner until as late as 2015, only a year before the U.S. election. The former PM was even photographed at Epstein’s New York estate and, according to neighbours, regularly crashed at Epstein’s Upper East side apartment.[24] Former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky claims to have witnessed wild orgies going on at Mossad headquarters. Was Barak a participant in Epstein’s child-sex orgies?

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, or a look alike, at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York apartment, where several young women were seen leaving.

With the Trump’s decades-long loyalty to world Jewry, it’s difficult to imagine that the Trumps are not Jewish (Trump-Jewish connections discussed at length in Part 4). As time goes on, we learn more and more about the Trumps. Was Freddy Trump’s love for Chabad in New York merely opportunistic or was it kinship? According to a recent New York Times article, “When he (Fred junior) enrolled at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the boy with blond hair who had attended an Episcopalian boys’ preparatory school on Long Island joined a Jewish fraternity… ‘It may have been Freddy’s first attempt to make his own statement to his father,’ said his best friend at Lehigh, Bruce Turry, who, like several other former fraternity brothers, remembered Freddy claiming that his father, the son of German immigrants, was Jewish.” If the Trump’s are not ethnic Jews, one thing for sure is that they are obedient Noahides in the dark spirit of the Talmud. Donald and his family certainly have an affinity for the Kabbalah and there is a high probability that he is a freemason.


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