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Music industry Kabbalah cult – Part II

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By Timothy Fitzpatrick
July 28, 2020 Anno Domini

In this installment, we start off with the HBO-produced, two-part Leaving Neverland documentary, which shows in explicit detail the alleged black-on-white child sexual predation of late “king of pop” Michael Jackson involving Wade Robson (alleged to have been abused between only seven years old and 14) and James Safechuck (alleged to have been abused starting at around 10 years of age). The documentary explains how the kabbalah-bracelet-wearing Whacko Jacko meticulously and systmetically groomed the young boys and their parents by baiting them through his star appeal. The next phase of the grooming involved alienating the children from their parents while beginning to rape the boys.

Video: Leaving Neverland Part 1 | Part 2 

Jackson eats candy in court while facing child sexual abuse allegations. While Jackson takes a bit of candy, his Kabbalah red bracelet is revealed.

Interestingly, much of the alternative media, thanks to a massive disinformation infusion by a heavily funded Team Jackson PR machine, has been portraying Whacko Jacko as an innocent anti-illuminatus—not unlike Team Trump and Team Putin have been doing with their stooges. Much of the rhetoric goes that Jackson is being extorted by the now-adult males for money—all fostered by the establishment because he was apparently against the illuminati, although Jackson shills never explain how Jackson was supposedly against his occult controllers, like Tommy Mottola, whom Jackson once accused of being the devil. How someone can oppose Kabbalist/masonic Hollywood whilst engaging in Kabbalah shows the double mindedess of the adherents of this pro-Jackson conspiracy theory.

Team Jackson and their online troll army (they have even trolled me on Twitter when I posted anything negative about Jackson) have launched a vicious smear campaign against Robson, Safechuck, and the Leaving Neverland documentary. But after watching it, I think it becomes clear what really went on at Neverland Ranch and beyond. The documentary speaks for itself.

It’s a Rave New World

The next video, Rave New World, is a 30-minute tour depicting the ever popular electronic music scene as a modern manifestation of shamanism, tribalism, and occult ritual interspersed with interesting footage of Satanism vs. Christianity and revolutionary/rebellious thought, like that of Marxist Russell Brand calling for revolution, and the associations between Islamic ritual dance and the occult.

The Sold their Souls for Rock ‘n Roll

The first part of this Music Industry Kabbalah Cult series dealt with Satanic modern music, as thoroughly documented by video producer Eric Holmberg. This next one is similar. It’s called They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll, by evangelical Christian Joseph Shimmel of Good Fight Ministries. Shimmel has created a video library breaking down the documentary’s content by musician, which you can find here. The original series is ten-hours long, although it can be difficult to find all the parts.

The devil is in the music, not the lyrics

So called Illuminati defector John Tod, made some interesting allegations in the 1970-80s that the Satanism in modern music isn’t so much in the lyrics but that it’s in the music, it’s tone or melody. He also made the provocative, yet plausible, claim that when music records were produced by the big labels, the master copy was placed on an alter in a dark room where demons were summoned in order to influence the music and those who would consume it.

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