Modern Jewish ‘anti-Communism’

By Elizabeth Dilling
Fourth Edition 1983 Anno Domini
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
Excerpt: pages 151-153

Today, protective propaganda fills the press, aimed to make it appear that Communism and Jewry are enemies. Careful reading of the Jewish and Communist press reveals that the collective farms, even the whole Soviet system, is threatened with collapse from within for lack of wheat (now being supplied by the U.S.A.) and lack of other necessities.
Racketeers who have been profiteering and lining their pockets with millions grabbed from the collectives are being tried and executed. Most of them happen to be Jews.
Quelling and stopping swindling of Jews is represented as causeless “anti-Semitism” and the U.N. and U.S.A. are being called upon to stop this “cruel” treatment.

Meanwhile, Jewish control of Soviet Russia continues. Lazar Kaganovich, former all- powerful head of all Soviet industry, a Jew whose family intermarried with Stalin’s, is no longer in power. But, his place, as an all-powerful dictator of Soviet industry, has been taken by another Jew, Dymshits.

Careful reading of the press as to “anti-Semitism” alleged to exist in Soviet Russia reveals it to be either directed at “Zionist” Jews who favor a world power structure dominated from Israel, or concerning minor matters such as availability of “Matsos” on Jewish Holidays, and similar trivialities. However, the basic domination of the Communist world by Jews, in force since Jacob Schiff, Max Warburg, Trotsky (Bronstein), Litvinov (Finkelstein), Lenin (Ulyanov), and others orchestrated the communizing of Christian Russia continues.

One of the perpetual difficulties of the Jewish Talmudists is putting Communism into power and then concealing the Talmudic origin and direction of it. That “Jewish look” arouses what is foolishly called “anti-Semitism” on the part of the collectivized populations suffering under their control.

In the l950s, the American press was seething with the cases of Red Spies, atomic and otherwise, who had long been operating to sell out American secrets to the Soviets. The Rosenbergs, Harry Gold, and others, were convicted. Code messages carried to and from Jacob Epstein, a Communist agent in Mexico City, by a U.S.A. Communist agent, were exposed. Abraham Brothman and Miriam Moskowitz were convicted as spies.

“FBI hands tied after agents trap Red Spies,” headed a February 18, 1950 Chicago Tribune report of Willard Edwards concerning Nathan G. Silvermaster, Russian born Jew, J. Peters, alias Isador Boorstein, and others. One thing in common was that the spies who were being exposed as Communist agents were Jewish.

The American Jewish Committee, whose emphasis is on their “global responsibility” to Jewry, was not idle. In their American Jewish year Book, Vol. 54, (1952), was this:

‘The widely publicized recent indictments and trials for espionage, the evidence brought forth at investigative hearings gave rise early last Summer to a concern lest there result an increasing association of Jews with Communism in the minds of the general American public.”

By order of the Executive Committee, we are told, “An intensive educational program addressed to Jews and non-Jews alike with respect to Communism” was adopted.

“During 1950 … we stressed the role of the Jew in the fight against Communism. We have employed the mass media to feature the activities of Jewish individuals who vigorously oppose Communist totalitarianism … we have enlisted the active participation throughout our chapters of Jewish groups in such enterprises as the Crusade for Freedom … We have also exerted our influence to disassociate Jews themselves from the activities of Communists and fellow-travelers …” (page 55).

Then is mentioned the Jewish People’s Fraternal Order, a Jewish section of the Communist Party’s International Worker’s Order, and its recent disaffiliation “from Jewish communities in various parts of the country.” One must ask how or why a large Communist Jewish organization became an integral part of Jewish communities in the first place!

Control of various American Legion activities, the use of periodicals reaching millions of people with propaganda articles written by the American Jewish Committee, plus Committee writing of Faith and Freedom readers for Catholic Schools, material for the National Council of Churches, the Methodist Church, propaganda work on the Genocide Convention (which aims to punish anyone who causes a group such as Jews “mental harm”) is also detailed, and is all so factual, so fantastic in scope as to defy description. These wide-ranging activities must be studied to be believed.

Foreign Changes

With Communism triumphant over much of Europe, the blatant “Jewish look” had also to be changed concerning Communist governments abroad so as to mask these governments as being native ones, instead of the Jewish authored and run vehicles which they are, and have been.

Country by country, the action taken to change the face of Communist governments of the “Jewish look” is taken up in detail in the American Jewish Year Books. The false propaganda given the general public is that Communists are “anti-Jewish.”

In Hungary, native hatred of Jewish rule has inspired many Hungarian Jews to emigrate to ‘Israel.’ In Hungary, to quote the American Jewish Year Book, Vol. 54, page 296:

“A considerable number of persons of Jewish descent held … positions in government service, including that of the political police. Hence many anti-Communists blamed the Jews for their sufferings under the Communist dictatorship … The Jews were hated by the regime as traders, as Zionists and as ‘cosmopolites’ … From the outset, the anti-Jewish campaign was carried on with special zeal by Communist leaders of Jewish descent, such as ex-Premier Mathias Rakosi and the ministers Enroe Geroe and Joszef Revai.”I mBu

In Communist Rumania, Jewess Ana Pauker had become Premier, together with a large number of other Jewish officials. Some of them were taken from office, according to the American Jewish Year Books Vols. 54 and 55.

In Communist Czechoslovakia, according to American Jewish Year Books, there were high Jewish officials in the office of the Premier, and in the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, and Information, and Secretary General Rudolph Slansky was also Jewish. Others included Vitezslav Fuchs, Party Secretary in Ostrava; Hanus Lomsky (Lieben), son of a rabbi and Party Secretary in Pizen; Ruzena Dubova, a Party Secretary in Brno; Gen. Bedtich Rejcin, head of Army Intelligence; and Ervin Polak, Deputy Minister of the Interior, Bedrich Geminder, former representative of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in the Cominform; Gustave Bares (Breitenfeld), Deputy Secretary General and Chief of Party Propaganda; Koloman Mosko (Moskowitz), one of the four chief Party secretaries in Slovakia; Ludvik Frejka (Freund), one of the authors of the Czechoslovak Five-Year Plan; Josef Goldman, Deputy Chief of the Planning Office, Rudolph Margolius, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade; and others.

Many of these Jewish officials left office or went to less prominent positions.

However, one asks why so many Communist Jews ever came to power in these countries, unless part of a Jewish controlled world movement.


  1. Fr Fahey

    “As the West became increasingly aware Communism was a Jewish power movement related to Zionism, the Kremlin would have to appear to persecute Jews.”

    Louis Marschalko 1958

    “It is also worth noting that according to the report in Aufbau in 1951, Lazar Kaganovich was still controlling this new strategic Soviet power centre. He was elected into the Soviet Politburo by the Tashkent district of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is also certain, according to Aufbau, that these high Jewish officials, leaders ofthe Soviet’s political, economic and cultural life, were sent to these regions with a definite mission.

    A gigantic ring of key positions has been erected behind the second and third Iron Curtains, which governs the entire Soviet Union. On this is based the whole future of the Soviet system. And yet by the detention, trial and acquittal of a few Jewish doctors it could conveniently be advertised to the outside world that “we are ‘anti-Semites’…” or “anti-Zionists”. Although Lazar Kaganovich was removed from the visible post he previously held in European Russia where he was well known, he was nevertheless neither hanged nor (259) imprisoned. The political observer of today might rightly wonder what Kaganovich was doing in the new power centre of the Soviet, where the hydrogen bomb, the intercontinental ballistic missiles and the sputniks of the Soviet are being produced.

    In 1956, a delegation of the French Socialist Party, led by its secretary-general, Pierre Comin, visited the Soviet Union. Upon his return home, Pierre Lochak, the Russian-French interpreter, published the shorthand account of the whole material of the conversations, which took place during this visit between Khrushchev and Kaganovich on one side and the French delegation on the other side. During the course of these rather frank exchanges, Lazar Kaganovich replied to French remarks about Western humanitarianism: “There is no place left for humanitarianism until we have secured the final victory of the Soviet Revolution. The sole duty of the proletarian dictatorship is to secure and complete the total victory of the Revolution.

    According to Kaganovich, the victory of the Revolution cannot be anything else but absolute world domination. And Khrushchev, also, promptly added that the Soviet Government is based today on Jewish leadership and that it was due to certain considerations only that Jewry was masked by a Gentile front.

    “If Jews today occupied everywhere the first positions in our Republic,” said Stalin’s successor, “they would most probably not be very popular with the native Russian population. If, for instance, we appointed a Jew to a high administrative position in the Ukraine and he then proceeded to surround himself with Jewish personnel, this would certainly arouse the jealousy and animosity of the local population towards the Jews. But we are not ‘anti-Semites’. If you look at Mr. Kaganovich you can see he is a Jew. And Mr. Mitinhere is also a Jew. And dear Lydia Faktor, our interpreter, is Jewish as well. I, myself, have a half-Jewish grandchild. We all fight against ‘anti-Semitism’.” (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, July 5th, 1957.)

    It is a corollary of the Soviet system that in order to mislead the Western world, and especially the anti-Israel Arab nations, it needs to create occasionally a false appearance of “anti-Semitism”. But the real power of the Soviet Union ~ the heavy industry and war production based on Jewish leadership still exists today behind the second and third Iron Curtains.”

    Dugin 2001.

    “Israel must remember how much Russian culture gave to the first Zionists and repatriates. Russians should remember how seriously the Jews of our country and the whole world helped the USSR in the 20th century to support Soviet geopolitics, to supply us with the secret of thermonuclear technologies.”

    Louis Marschalko.

    “In the issue of the New York Herald Tribune of December 22nd, 1938, appeared a letter from Mrs. Sarah Finkelstein protesting against an earlier article, in which it was alleged that out of the 400,000 Jews of Chicago very few became members of the Communist Party. Sarah Finkelstein says in her letter that she had lived in Chicago for thirteen years and thus knew by experience that 98% of the 400,000 Jews of Chicago were all convinced Communists.”

    From the book ‘The Hidden Empire’ 1938.

    How the synagogue secretly govern the world through the Kahal, dividing the world into East and West Hemispheres.

    Text Pgs 36-39

    This Kahal also mentioned in the Protocols of Zion 17;

    COLD WAR A FRAUD.- Louis Marschalko.

    “It would fill a volume to attempt to describe in detail the fatal role played by the head of the Rockefeller banking house in the Bolshevisation of the world while under the influence of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., who financed the Bolshevik Revolution and the atomic bomb. In the Wall Street Journal of May 13th, 1948, Ray Cromley, an American journalist, confirmed that not only at Yalta but well before that conference, a secret agreement had been concluded between Nelson A. Rockefeller on the one hand and Andrei Gromyko, the Jewish representative of the Kremlin, on the other, to divide the globe into two hemispheres. The demarcation line bisecting the globe runs by the Eastern frontiers of Finland, and continuing along the shores of Sweden, cuts through divided Germany to run along the Eastern frontiers of Austria, from where it follows the Northern limits of Turkey and ends at the Persian Gulf. This secret agreement between the Eastern and Western conspirators took into consideration the fact that the rich oilfields of Saudi Arabia must remain under the control of the Rockefellers and of the Jewish oil magnates behind them. Another alarming part of this exposure is the statement, duly supported by evidence, that the oil delivered by the Saudi Arabian plants of Rockefeller and of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. for the Communist war machine, made it possible for the Korean Reds to carry out their attack on South Korea.”

    and Daryl Bradford Smith with Russian national Iskander Hashim

    25m 56s – 32m 42s

  2. Mr. Fitzpatrick, what do you think of Christopher Joe Bjerknes?
    Peace be with you.

  3. Mr. Timothy, you have a great insight in these things, but one thing that really concerns is that you are protective of vatican. Almost every comment that I write against vatican is deleted, despite vatican being one of 3 city states ruling the world (other two washington dc and city of london), as well as plenty evidence christiantiy being founded and run as judaised paganism by talmudic pharisees, with multiple bible scholars rejecting its historic value as pure myth. Why isn’t vatican speaking what you are speaking against communists and talmudists at the very least, given financial resourcees, media exposure and political influence they have, instead, they are in cahoots with one another. Either you are a convinced catholic who cannot see the truth due to catholic idolatry or you are a jesuit agent, because it is astounding to me how can someon showcase so much knowledge about one very significant part of conspiracy, and yet totally reject the other as bogus, at least research and see if I am lying, why are there so many poor, and vatican is preaching poverty, yet it is filled with gold and precious stones, why is vatican keeping all valuable works of arts, but also spritiual books for themselves instead of sharing the knowledge with the world, and why are eu and nato working for interests not only of talmudists, but of vatican also and in majority, too.

    1. Mate, I’ve warned you about posting anti-Catholic (and anti-Paul) rhetoric. Just because the Vatican, and the Jesuits, have been hijacked, doesn’t diminish the truth of the Church as the Israel of God.

  4. Yes, you have absolutely warned me about anti-catholic rethoric in words, anti-pauline rhetoric you haven’t warned me in words (except now), but in the other hand you did warn be by deleting anti-pauline teachings. However, his teachings are, in my opinion, completely talmudistic and chameleonic, and in my opinion, vatican and christianity was from the start a talmudic-romanic concept. Even you comment about church being israel of god is pauline teaching, who is a pharisee, talmudist and kabbalist, so that is auto-goal promoting one semitic religion against another, you end up in the same. I have also read the articles that blacks are true Israelites and Ebionite-Essene teachings being the true Torah, with Torah which we have today is filled with animal sacrifice, meat consumption, slavery, woman degrading, polygamy (but not polyandry, monogamy instituted by romans to serve as population control, I was completely pro-monogamy until I realised that that is the death of any race that embraces it, downgrading the population growth, instead it should be pro-polygamy and pro-poliandry but in controlled conditions,why are all sexual deviances promoted, but when it comes to polygamy and poliandry it suddely is a forbidden theme), as well as bible being written under romano-talmudist control, while the true teachings are hidden in vatican vaults, even concepts of ressurection and eternal torment are blasphemic and bablyonian (ressurection – bablyonian doctrine) and eternal torment being not only doctrine of impotence, but also of sadism, original teachings were teachings of reincarnation and that everyone wiill be saved in the end, because the highest being cannot eternally punish someone for flaws in their lifetime which is extremely limited.

    Peace be with you.

    1. Mate, that is only your opinion, and a pretty false one, despite all your efforts to present your evidence as final! I hear that all the time about Paul vs Christ and it’s a typical false narrative.

  5. Pol Pot and the Khymer Rouge.

    The SFIO had, prior to training Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, backed the Jew financed Bolshevik Revolution; and the evil communist outfit was led by the Jew Leon Blum, France’s Prime Minister in the 1930s and 40s. Pol Pot’s horrific three-and-a-half year reign of terror in Cambodia was a notable prototype of the three-and-a-half year, end-time reign of terror that’ll be headed up by the Jews’ last leading Grail king in Europe, referred to in the Bible as a red (i.e., commie) political beast who goes into battle “with a great sword” (i.e., tremendous military clout) and according to the authority, seat, and power of Jews’ kabbalistic g_d, the great red dragon Satan (Rev. 6.4; 13.1-10).

    Ho had met with Big Jewry’s commie puppets Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong in Moscow after the Soviet Union had recognized his government in Vietnam. Together they agreed that China should be responsible for backing the Viet Minh, and in doing so China promised to train around 70,000 of the locals to escalate the fight against the French Union, which was the entity that succeeded the old French colonialism.
    Never forget that communist movements in all countries go back to Jew scheming and funding in the first instance; and that the Jew communists in France backing the Khumer Rouge masterminded “the killing fields” in the first instance, and counted the holocaust of Gentile Asian communism a great triumph for the international Jewry in general.

    “Newspapers and television stations were shut down, radios and bicycles confiscated, and mail and telephone usage curtailed. Money was forbidden. All businesses were shuttered, religion banned, education halted, health care eliminated, and parental authority revoked. Thus Cambodia was sealed off from the outside world.”

    Throughout Cambodia, deadly purges were conducted to eliminate remnants of the “old society” – the educated, the wealthy, Buddhist monks, police, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and former government officials. Ex-soldiers were killed along with their wives and children. Anyone suspected of disloyalty to Pol Pot, including eventually many Khmer Rouge leaders, was shot or bludgeoned with an ax. “What is rotten must be removed,” a Khmer Rouge slogan proclaimed.

    In the villages, unsupervised gatherings of more than two persons were forbidden. Young people were taken from their parents and placed in communals. They were later married in collective ceremonies involving hundreds of often-unwilling couples.

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