Dugin’s Zionist friend Eskin admits Moscow invented Palestinian people narrative

Russian Eurasianist Aleksandr Dugin and Russian Zionist Avigdor Eskin.

By Avigdor Eskin 
(translated from Russian)
April 19, 2018 Anno Domini

“Such a conflict situation may arise between our forces and the Russian forces, which will turn to military operations. We need to think seriously about how to avoid a clash with the power that has fortified itself on our northern border. But if it comes to this, then it should be crowned with our victory,” the former head of the Mossad, Ephraim Halevi, said in an interview with Channel Ten on Israeli television the other day.

His voice was not the only one on the issue of Russian-Israeli relations these days. The former ambassador to Russia, who until then headed the Nativ immigration service, Zvi Magen, reassured everyone these days that Russia is not in any way seeking a conflict with Israel and that it will fulfill the agreements that allowed our Air Force to freely deliver pinpoint strikes against Iranian forces and “Hezbollah” in Syria, especially in cases of the transfer of weapons of the latter for use against Israel from the territory of Lebanon. This is in return for Israel’s commitment not to act destabilizing the Assad regime.

However, the tone in Moscow and Jerusalem has changed for the worse over the past week, following an Israeli air strike on Iranian military positions at an air force base, known as T-4, near Homs, where Syrian and Russian troops are also stationed.

The largest Israeli expert on the work of the world’s intelligence services, Yossi Melman, wrote about this in his article in Maariva that the Russian discontent was due to the fact that Israel did not warn its colleagues in Moscow about its plans to attack the T-4 airbase. In this context, the suspicion arose in Russia that this time Israel was acting directly in Washington’s interests, rather than defending its own national needs.

Most of all, Moscow was enraged that Israel once again demonstrated the low quality of the Russian missile defense system. If the strike was delivered without warning, it means that the Russian military on the T-4 base could not guess who exactly was bombing the air base and could not know about the good intentions of the attackers towards them. This means that the Russian defense system is ineffective. Such information for the USA is worth its weight in gold. It is one thing to report intelligence about the low quality of Russian weapons, and another is a clear manifestation of its weakness.

Dugin with Rav Mordechai Shriki (Director of the Rakhmal Institute (Israel), philosopher, traditionalist, publicist, author of books on the history of religions, interpretation of the Torah and Kabbalah, topical issues of Israeli society and world Jewry), Avigdor Eskin, and Pavel Zarifullin (head of the Administration of the International “Eurasian Movement”).

From this point of view, it does not matter whether Israel acted at the request of its overseas partner, or whether this shaming of the Russian military machine was an unplanned consequence of Israeli actions. Let us emphasize again: when the Russian air defense system was not activated against the Israeli raids, about which Jerusalem had notified Moscow in advance, the Russian inaction was explained by agreements with Israel. However, Russia’s failure to respond to a blow that no one had warned about, and even at the base where the Russian military was at the time of the attack, is a blow to Russia’s prestige, casting doubt on its real capabilities in the military-technical sphere.

Moscow has not yet forgotten how, during the war in Lebanon in 1982, Israel completely “neutralized” the Russian air defense system in Syria, thus teaching the most important lesson for the United States and NATO. It was an even more painful failure than the then demonstration of the superiority of the Merkava tank over Soviet tanks.

In this context, Moscow’s current anger should be understood. It can be assumed that they would not have reacted so painfully there, even if Israel had unintentionally hurt the Russian military. As we remember, the Russian side did not react in any way to the destruction by the Americans of a couple of dozen contractors from the Wagner PMC. But the illustrative Israeli raid, which demonstrated the inadequacy of the air defense system, is irreparable strategic damage and the threat of disruption of contracts for the sale of the S-300 and S-400 systems.

What do we think to ourselves there? Over the past years, Israel has behaved extremely patiently and kindly towards Moscow. We saw this just now, when Israel not only did not join the organized expulsion of Russian diplomats, but refused to condemn Russia in the case of poisoning. And this is despite clear and direct British pressure. Israeli neutrality in Crimea is also more than neutrality. Especially in light of the close collaboration with the Trump administration. Among the “rotators” of Russia in Washington, there are the most important strategic allies of Israel, but on the issue of Russia, Netanyahu openly declared and declares his disagreement with them.
Nevertheless, Moscow should pay attention not only to its understandable dissatisfaction with the latest actions of Israel, but also to the dissatisfaction boiling over in Israel with its actions and rhetoric. The harsh tone of the former head of Mossad, Ephraim Halevi, is not so much his personal predisposition to pessimism towards Russia, but is the direct result of recent Russian rhetoric.

We looked at the root of the Russian grievances, not with the aim of finding the culprits, but in the hope of improving interaction with Israel. We will now cite Israeli reproachful promises not for a cocky dispute, but in the hope of absolute hearing of those officials in Moscow who sincerely want constructive relations with Israel.
To begin with, the argument used in the Russian “TV talk” that Russia is present in Syria at the invitation of Assad, and therefore legitimate, does not sound convincing to the Israelis. Syria is at war de jure with Israel. Therefore, sending troops there to support our enemy looks worse than the arrival of thousands of Israeli soldiers to Ukraine at the invitation of Poroshenko. And this kind of support for the Poroshenko regime would hardly be regarded by Moscow as a legitimate military presence “by invitation.” And what is this “we were invited” argument? You never know who will invite someone to help during the civil war?! In addition, sometimes the Israelis feel that Moscow forgets about the distance from it to Syria and that Israel directly borders on this country. In such a situation, it would be natural to expect Moscow to reckon with Jerusalem, as Israel should do in the event of possible military co-operation with Ukraine or Georgia, for example. As you know, Israel still counts.

So what do we see on the northern border of Israel? The Russian army arrived there to destroy the sworn enemy of Russia and Israel – IS (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) and other demoniac Islamists. It does this in alliance with Assad, which is at war de jure with Israel, with Iran declaring the destruction of Israel as its credo and with Hezbollah (a terrorist organization permitted in the Russian Federation).

Eskin on Kremlin-run Russia Today media outlet.

That is why the agreements between our countries worked so flawlessly. Despite the de jure war status, Assad is today an invaluable gift for Israel. However, since there were many unrestrained feelings in the Russian reaction to the latest Israeli strike, the Israelis’ right to living feelings should also be recognized.

Jerusalem did not understand the harshness of the Russian reaction to the transfer of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to our capital. Nor do we understand Russia’s uninterrupted anti-Israeli vote at the U.N. This undermines trust and questions good intentions.

What did the Israelis feel when, in response to the Americans’ decision to move to our capital, all the Russian state television channels went on a rampage? And this was done not only by Artyom Sheinin, the honored “Mr. Vononos” of the First Channel. The Red Banner Choir, in a single key, without dissident dissonances. Or Russia’s vote in support of UNESCO’s resolutions that the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are the original Muslim and Palestinian shrines and only belong to them. Despite the fact that in Moscow they know best of all, that until the early sixties no one had heard of the existence of a separate “Palestinian” people. As you know, this successful venture was born in Moscow.

We started by saying that Israel must reckon with Russian interests in Syria. Not “just by the will of the invited” Assad, but for reasons of importance for Russia of presence there, based on its strategic objectives and needs. This understanding requires a benevolent attitude and favourable disposition towards the country of Pushkin, Berdyaev, and Rachmaninov.

However, Israel’s defense needs are even sharper and clearer there, because we directly border on Syria. We know that the Russian president is well aware of the importance of the strategic balance discussed here. However, at times it seems that the more frequent sessions of anti-Israeli television broadcasts also capture parts of the consciousness of significant figures in Russian politics.

The good news is that the Israeli-Russian experience of co-operation turned out to be useful to both sides in practice.
It is worth ventilating our common space and clearing it of the stench of ill-wishers and “nobles” of all sorts for the sake of continuing mutually beneficial interaction.


  1. Avigdor Eskin: Essay – ‘Breakthrough into Eurasianism.’

    “This concept (Eurasianism) fully integrates the messianism of the Zionist movement as the antipode of assimilation of the “great confusion” (“Erev Rav – the great mix of goyim). The authentic Jewish idea of ​​“light to the nations” is not in wandering for the sake of gaining influence in a foreign land, but in conjunction with the piece of the continent bestowed by the Creator – the Land of Israel. It is reflected in the words of the Jewish prophets, in the laws of the Talmud and in the writings of the saints of Israel of all times. Moving around the planet according to the Atlanticist model is a punishment, but not an ideal. Since the era of exile has ended, there is no more room even for discussion on this issue.

    Zionocentrism automatically solves all the painful problems of the Russian-Jewish symbiosis. For constructive interaction, the development of a new joint geopolitical strategy is also necessary, which is based on soil trends among both peoples.”


    Essay – ‘Russian-Jewish symbiosis of our days.’

    “Russian-Jewish symbiosis permeates the entire history of the Zionist movement & the State of Israel.


    WW2 Soviet ambassador to UK, Ivan Maisky wrote how Moscow, championed the creation of Israel.


  2. Great article and comment. I would also like to add that main transhumanist-posthumanis-nephilim-talmudist-kabbalah nwo center is not in USA, Great Britain or EU (but hey are all completely in it), but in Russia and its Euroasian-USSR-Neo Mongolic-Khazarian Empire, as well as Israel (new Khazaria) and Arab countries acting as good goyim slaves.

  3. Great information about PLO leader and Chausecu coming on the funeral of communist monster and mass murderer of Croats josip broz tito (real name Yoshua Ambroz Meyer).

    However, once again, who decorated tito for destruction of Croatian Spring of 1971 when Croats were mass-arrested and imprisoned, as well as brutally murdered by UDBA (Yugoslav version of KGB; still running Croatia in firmer grip then ever in forms of HDZ, SDP, MOST; Domovinski Pokret, Možemo, Živi Zid, even HSP as well as all other parties, as well as with collaboration of freemasonic and satanic Kaptol)?

    Look at the shocking link (on serbian, actually Croatian):

    https://www.tacno.net/novosti/papa-titu-vas-posjet-nas-pocascuje/ (on english it says: pope to tito: your visit honors us)

  4. I just want to say something about protenstantism. Protenstantism is so antinomian and so corrupted with talmudistic-kabbalistic-frankist-sabbathean-zoharian-maimonedian-satanic doctrines that even muhammedism is far closer to catholic-orthodox than it. Here is my reasoning for it:
    1. Both orthodox and catholic and muhammedism preaches work based salvationism, but protenstanism preaches faith-based salvationism, in other words you can do what you want, that is the whole law, first published by pharisee kabbalah wizards, and then popularised by crowley
    2. both muhammedism, orthodox and catholics have respect for Yeshuwa (real name in hebrew, jesus is name invented by british king freemason king james), protestants however hold paul on the piadestal as their greatest champion.
    3. original movement reject teachings of saul of tarsus as satanic, kabbalistic, gnostic and utterly corruped and instead relied on teaching of James of Righteous. Muhammedism even today rejects paul’s doctrines as utterly satanic, while protestants defend their teachings exactly with pauline doctrines.
    4. Heretic Marcion and founder of marcionites rejected all other teachings except paul’s and called him the only true apostle.
    5. Clementine Homilies and Clementine Recognitions, which are works attributed to pope clement (but I think they were written by other Clement) portray a fierce battle between Simon bar Jonas and Simon Magus, who is actually poorely vield paul in disgues.
    6. paul in his writings dispenses kabbalistic and mithraistic teachings, admits to lying, being a pharisee, hypocrite and well as lacking any repentenance for murder of the original movement.
    7. christianity, muhammedism, new age and all these religions stem from bablyonian occultism, closely linked with bablyonian talmudi etc (vatis canis means mage dog, and paul just upgraded that wicked place with his own doctines and buildings, muhammedism created by vatican and talmudists, bible glorifies the chosenites, first example of bolshevism is found in Tanakh by Joseph etc).

    In the end, we must admitt that talmuism was spiritually the most powerful parasite: it fed on strength of others, founded his own servants to do his will, infiltrated, mind-controlled and possessed everyone and conquered entire world under its molochian feet. End is getting closer, and if the book Caesar’s Messiah: Roman Conspiracy to invent jesus is correct, then this world will soon turn into ETERNAL zionist-christian talmudist GMO nightmare, soon all to be transfered into one luciferian hive-mind.

    It is not dark as it looks however: it is even and far darker.

    Peace be with you.

  5. Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People


    In 1977 interview by Zuhair Mohsen, then the leader of one wing of the PLO, saidopenly ‘Palestinians not a People’.


    According to Mohsen there is in fact no separate Palestinian people. “Between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese there are no differences. We are part of one people, the Arab nation. Look: I have family members with Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, and Syrian citizenship. We are one people. Only for political reasons we carefully stress our Palestinian identity. Namely, it is of national important for the [struggle of the] Arabs against Zionism to foster the existence of the Palestinians. Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity is there only for tactical reasons. The foundation of a Palestinian state is a new means for continuing the struggle against Israel and for Arab unity.”
    Mohsen’s logic is actually very simple: “Because Golda Meir states that there is no [such thing as a] Palestinian people, I say that there is a Palestinian people, distinct from Jordan.”


    KGB invented the so-called “Palestinian People”.

    PHOTO: Third from the left: Mikhail Pacepa in meetings with Arabs of the area.


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