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Talmudic biological class warfare against all nations

By Louis Marschalko
1958 Anno Domini

Excerpt from The World Conquerors—The Real War Criminals, pgs 186-193

La Rebelion de las Masas in 1929, and it can be regarded as a basic work relating to the nature and problem of the masses of human society. But the importance of the masses was recognised long before the great Spanish sociologist wrote his work. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion mention as early as 1897 that they had “replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government”, i.e. “by a President, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, our slaves”.

“Our puppet creatures, our slaves!” This definition has a decisive importance in assessing the problem of the Jewish world conquest.

No doubt capitalism, with its higher standard of living, improved social conditions, prolonged expectation of life, reduction of death rate, etc., has greatly increased the numbers of the masses. Hegel, Malthus, and Marx all noticed this increase of the masses and the menace of over-population, which by itself is nothing but a simple biological and statistical fact. Neither Jewry nor Bolshevism has anything to do with this biological phenomenon, which can be regarded as an example of the natural fecundity of life. Then, first Marx, and later the Protocols,  recognised the sinister possibility of “melting down” large crowds of people so as to form a characterless mass. To make a herd-like crowd out of the people is the surest way not only towards achieving Jewish world power but towards achieving power for any minority group.

“Without an absolute despotism, there can be no existence for civilisation,” state the Protocols, for: “What we have got to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police, and soldiers.”

“The division of society into masses and elite,” writes Ortega y Gasset, “is not so much a social differentiation as a classification of people into categories which do not necessarily coincide with the ranks of the higher and lower social classes. Strictly speaking, each social class has its masses and its elite.”

It is not difficult to recognise that ceaseless striving towards increasing the masses at the expense of the elite, which has been in progress throughout the century. To this result, no doubt, certain biological and hereditary factors contributed. These are dealt with by the American professor Lothropp Stoddard in his book Rebellion Against Civilisation. He ascribes the present crisis of humanity to the biological degeneration of the various races and to the disproportionate increase of world population—especially of the lowest and most worthless specimens. But world Jewry did its utmost to speed up this process during the century that has elapsed since the Marxist manifesto. Proletarians such as those composing the assault troops of Bela Kun or Sidney Hillman, who never bothered to consider what were the real aspirations of their leaders, became natural storm-troops of the masses. The theory of the class struggle, a typically destructive Jewish invention, tends in itself to increase the number of the mob. It levels downward and lops off heads above the average. The Press, and later, both radio and television, reinforced by the Jewish mentality of the Hollywood film industry, also contributed to the production of men with robot-like minds. Moreover, the mercenary spirit will neither educate the masses nor raise their intellectual status. On the contrary, by descending to the low intellectual standard of the average person, it will improve conditions for traders. In countries already conquered by Bolshevism, the breeding of colourless, leaderless masses, under the sole control of the “chosen”, is proceeding according to carefully worked-out plans. The Russian aristocracy, the middle classes, the intellectual elite, the landed peasantry, and those workers who could be regarded as the elite of the working class, were all executed. The independent landed peasantry were robbed of their lands and deported to Siberia. Individual and independent smallholdings were replaced by the kolkhoz system, and the “liberated” proletarians were enlisted in the works’ divisions of the factories, where they had no leaders any longer but lords and masters only.

The Jews sitting in Stalin’s brains trust were always aware that the “ruthless despotism” of the Protocols can only be exercised over herd-like masses. The greatest menace of Bolshevism is its creation of a herd-like mentality in the people, which thinks in terms of the lowest intellectual levels, which destroys all initiative in the individual and kills all differentiation of taste and personality. There are no Russian people left but Russian masses only, and in thirty years’ time, the same statement will apply to all the other enslaved States behind the Iron Curtain. There will be just masses all the way from Vladivostok to Stettin. The colour of their skin may be usually white, sometimes yellow, but their distinguishing characteristic will be the negative ones of the belonging to the masses. This will be a mass-produced, homogeneous and characterless human pulp that has been churned out on the assembly lines of the camps and in the retorts of Communist education propaganda. This is the youth produced by Communism and trained to have no individual thoughts or ideas of their own. They have ready-made slogans only, coined by propaganda. This is a herd of anthropomorphous beings, shepherded by Jewish commissars armed with tommy-guns. One sees no longer the glittering billions of single water-drops but only muddy and turbid flood waters.

So-called civilised man of the Western world is still unaware of the meaning and importance of these anthropomorphous masses, which have lost all knowledge of the outside world, of the beauties of life and of the value of personality. The Iron Curtain hermetically sealed them off from living thoughts and ideals. They possess less knowledge of the outside world than had the people of the Middle Ages. They know nothing about history, culture, or present-day life in the West. They live in a distorted dream-world produced and projected for them by Ilia Ehrenburg and David Zaszlavszky.

Moedlareuth, village along the former borders, control tower.

But unfortunately, the proud citizens of the West are little better off in this respect. Their knowledge, general outlook, and political ideas are similarly mass produced, controlled and directed by their Jewish entertainment monopolies. The personality of Western man has atrophied and his national heroes have been forgotten. Their place was taken by the most ridiculous figure of Western democracy, the “man in the street:, i.e., by the average half-educated, ignorant human being who is unable to think for himself. Today, this person states his opinion in the press, answers the questions of the Gallup poll, and represents public opinion and “world conscience”, in the name of which the scandal of Nuremberg was staged and the massacre of Katyn was hushed up. What does this “sharp-witted” individual, this constant reader of picture-comics and detective stories, known about the “Elder Statesmen” performing behind the screen of the political parties, about the plans of the “initiates”, about decisions of the lodges, and about the lies of the press? He simply reiterates everything hammered into his head by journalists and newspaper kings of Galician Jewish origin. And the columnists of democratic and republican organs alike will, of course, only spread such “opinions” as favour the world conquerors.

Thus, we can readily understand how it is that the so-called statesmen who appear to rule the world are, on the one hand, puppets of powers behind the scenes, and on the other, slaves of the mob. Politicians do not act any more according to the rules of common sense but are obliged to rely on the taste and mood of the masses. They think in terms of the masses and they allow themselves to be carried away by the masses. The statesman of the past, after working out a clever programme, submitted it to the electors, hoping to convince them to do the right thing, i.e., to adopt his proposals. The present-day politician first tries to find out the general trend of pubic opinion and then adjusts his own views to this. But when Jewry, disposing of all the modern media of propaganda, made the masses its sounding-board, statesmen dependent on the masses fell a ready victim to the will of Jewry.

The most successful politician in these days of “peace” is he who can drive the largest crowds to the polling booths, to prop up by votes the policy he has broadcast previously through radio and television.

Even war itself no longer serves as a last resort in the pursuit of higher ideals; it has one purpose only, which is the extermination of large masses of people. The A-bombs, H-bombs, and carpet-bombs are no longer weapons of war between nations, but between masses. A lurid murder, or social scandal connected with a film star, makes headlines nowadays, but 300,000 dead in Dresden or 70,000 in Hiroshima can be ignored or perhaps dealt with in a small news item of five lines.

We have already mentioned that world Jewry, in order to increase the number of destitute masses, utilises mankind’s natural urge for revenge. After the last war, many people thought that the increase in the number of destitute masses was the work of Bolshevism, and thus Yalta and Potsdam were debited to Stalin’s account. However, after a certain time, it transpired that during the Potsdam conference, held under triumvirate of Stalin, Truman, and Attlee, world Jewry in the form of the Morgenthau Plan and the Gomberg Plan, stood by all the time in either democratic or Bolshevik guise. The purpose of both was the extermination of the elite and the reduction of the people to destitute, herd-like, characterless masses.

Secret police chief Lavrenti Beria, a Jew originally from Georgia, succeeded Nikolai Yezhov. He was renowned for his sadistic enjoyment of torture

The Potsdam Agreement made twelve to sixteen million people Stateless. The Eastern European independent landed peasantry, and the skilled craftsmen and artisans of the Sudetenland were reduced to a destitute proletarian mass thrown across the frontiers with a hundred pounds weight of luggage per head. The nazi professors were forced to do the job of street sweepers and the nazi street sweepers were thrown out of their jobs. The Transylvanian Saxons were carried off to Siberia, while the highly cultivated German settlers of Southern Hungary and Northern Yugoslavia were sent to Tito’s extermination camps, where glass powder was mixed into their food. Sixteen million people were torn from their country and made into a rootless, Stateless, destitute, hungry mob. They were driven like cattle towards Western Germany in the name of humanity.

Previously, Beria had liquidated the Polish intellectuals and national leaders in the Katyn Woods. Eleven thousand officers, mostly doctors, professors, and artists, were called up from their civilian professions, were exterminated, and more than a million Poles were carried off to Siberia. Who were responsible for this? According to the official records of the U.S. Congress Investigating Commission, Father Braun reported concerning his Russian adventures (Reports of Investigations, page 197) that he had seen the secret police at work between 1936 and 1937, during the days of comrades Jeshov, Jagoda and, more lately, Beria (all three of them Jews—AUTHOR). They were successive chiefs of the secret police. He had also seen the Russians (Jews) murdering their own countrymen in cold blood. In view of the fact that internees were murdered by the thousand in the concentration camps of the Soviet Union, and that these atrocities were regarded as merely routine work not worthy of mention, it can be understood that the extermination of influential Poles such as doctors, writers, professors, and civil servants, etc., was similarly regarded. The report adds that this was just a part of their general plan, which was the systematic extermination of racial and national groups.

Are Jeshov, Jagoda-Herschel, and Beria the only culprits haunting the common graves of the victims of the Katyn Woods? Goriczki, a Polish witness who escaped from the mass-executions, told the American Committee investigating into the slaughter of Polish prisoners at Katyn: “…when the groups were ready to march, two officers of the political police, Colonel Urbanovitz and a Muscovite Jew, Commissar Sirotky, were standing near me. I overheard Sirotky remarking to Urbanovitz: ‘Yes, they are happy and laughing now, bu tif they knew what is coming to them…!’” (Reports of Investigations, page 176.)

So it appears that not only did the Jews organise and carry out the Katyn Wood mass-murders, but that though Robert Kempner, the American public prosecutor at Nuremberg, they tried to conceal the truth from the world.

Thus, in a few days or perhaps in a few hours, they exterminated the elite of the Polish nation and with it, most of the intellectual class.

The colourful, free Hungarian elite, so individual in outlook, was similarly annihilated in 1945 with the help of the People’s Tribunal Act, when the list of “war criminals” was handed over to the Americans.

And so, biological class warfare, based on Talmudic commandments, progresses relentlessly. The Marxist theory has now reached a higher rung on the ladder. For the physical extermination of the Christian elite, there are Soviet prisons as well as the gold-diggers’ camps in the Arctic Circle where, according to recently returned prisoners of war, five million people are forced to slave. World Jewry, whose total strength is about 15 million, is clearly aware that it can become the sole ruling class of all nations, once it succeeds in exterminating those social layers whose calling, on account of their intellectual faculties and integrity of character, is to be the leaders of their respective nations. With this end in view, the ignorant masses, “pink” intellectuals and other bribable characters are invited to serve the ends of the world conquerors to the extent of betraying their own race and nation. The conditions prevalent behind the Iron Curtain show more clearly than anything else that the fifteen million Jews could soon become a supranational middle class, ruling over entire nations and whole continents. A ruling class no longer needs to do any inferior or subordinate work. Their next generation can safely occupy the leading positions in all states. They wish, no doubt, to repeat the feat accomplished in Soviet Russia, where Jewry moved up from the bottom to the top of the social ladder. 

And to attain this aspiration, it is quite enough to carry out the Talmudic commandment:

“Kill the best of the Goyim!”

Gunnar D. Kumlien has written a very interesting article about biological class warfare in the Rheinischer Merkur of October 4th, 1957. This paper is closely connected with Chancellor Adenauer. In this article, he records a conversation he had in Moscow recently with a Russian intellectual just released from one of the Siberian slave-labour camps. He could only speak in the greatest secrecy with this intimidated, scared man, because it was the forty years of the Bolshevik “revolution” they were discussing.

“That section of society which retained an ideological independence,” said the Russian, “does not count any longer today. Its strength twenty years ago was as high as about twenty per cent of the population. It was still ten per cent about ten years ago. Supposing it was to have been reduced one per cent per annum, you can imagine how much is left of it.”

A Swedish journalist who reported recently on living standards in the Soviet Union gave a shocking picture of proletarian masses crowded in slums. The party keeps them in such poverty and in such low living conditions that the whole of their life consists of a ceaseless fight to keep themselves alive, and thus they have no time left to deal with political problems or to have any thoughts of their own at all.

Should the biological class struggle to be applied to the spiritual leaders of Jewry, the Jews would call it “anti-Semitism” at once. Yet the cold-blooded, systematic slaughter of the elite of the Russian people and of the nations behind the Iron Curtain is not anti-Russian, anti-Hungarian, or anti-Chinese! Nevertheless, the consequences of this biological class struggle would remain permanent features even after the downfall of Bolshevism.

For the systematic extermination of the elite entails a good many alarming consequences. Due to the fact that the most cultured individuals, the most capable workers, the most intelligence farmers, and the most skilled tradesmen and artisans were destroyed in the countries behind the Iron Curtain, the quality of production in all trades has sunk accordingly. There is no taste or “finish” applied to the various good manufactured. Ornamental skill has become a luxury; chair legs will not be planed or given a smooth surface, and the most common consumer goods are no longer available. The “new intellectuals”, mass produced through “potted” courses, are nothing else but the slaves of the masses and are thus unable to direct trade, finance, or agriculture. The level of the sciences is reduced to the minimum; the doctor becomes a mere quack, and the ordinary scientist has little more knowledge than a foreman. On the soil of the Ukraine, the most fertile land on Earth, the yield of wheat is lower now than ever before (eight cwt. per acre); the world famous vineyards of Tokaj are in ruins and the plants dried up, the standard of the fruit-growing has regressed 100 years. The wheat fields of the Banat (in Southern Hungary and Northern Yugoslavia) where, due to the industry and skill of the German settlers, finest agriculture on earth flourished, are overgrown today by weeds, and the houses of the Sudetenland are in ruins. The population lives and starves in misery. The shapeless felt boots and the standard quilted and padded jackets are the only articles of clothing available to the enslaved masses. Whoever can look ahead can but visualise an appalling future: civilisation buried under the quicksands of the desert or overgrown by the jungle. Owing to the extermination of the elite, this menace hangs of the civilisation of all Christian nations as well as over the culture of all races.

The great martyred Hungarian patriot, Laszlo Endre, prophesied from his prison: “Proletarianised Europe will face them [the Jews] with such debased and brutalised instincts that the most savage means, necessary to suppress the most savage revolt of slaves, will have to be used to keep the people in bondage.”

There will be no more revolutions or wars of independence, but slave risings only. What a future!

At this juncture, somebody may point out that when this stage has been reached, then in all probability, the world conquerors’ power and privileges will also come to an end. Perhaps they will! But the world conquerors do not like to look into the future. They sit in the seats of the mighty.

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