Poland’s fake nationalist president quotes Talmud to fight Covid-19

By Michal Federowicz
May 12, 2020 Anno Domini

Andrzej Duda, connecting to the action #Hot16Challenge2, published a rap song of his authorship on the internet. Internet users’ attention was drawn to the words repeated in it, like a mantra, “they don’t ask you for your name, they fight with a sharp shadow of fog”. What are they about? Where did the President of Poland get his inspiration?

On Wednesday, May 10, President Andrzej Duda decided to respond to the challenge of rapper Zeus, who in his response to #Hot16Challenge2 nominated Jotesta, Inespe (from RHX Squad) to present his rap skills, Sanah, writer Katarzyna Bonda , creator of video games Hideo Kojima , pigeons from the balcony of his neighbor and the President of the Republic of Poland.

Andrzej Duda, to the surprise of almost all of Poland, picked up the thrown glove and presented on YouTube a rap song to encourage hospitals and paramedics to fight the coronavirus pandemic. This manifests itself most clearly at its end, when the president, reading the text from the tablet, raps:

strong hands of rescuers
all together: glory to them!
all together: glory to them!
strong hands of rescuers
all together: glory to them!

The rest of the song, however, is not completely understood not only by the supporters of Andrzej Duda , who is seeking re-election , but actually by the vast majority of Internet users.

They don’t ask you for your name, they fight a sharp shadow of fog – what’s up?

And by far the biggest consternation is caused by the chorus, in which the phrase “they don’t ask you for your name, they fight the sharp shadow of fog” is repeated many times. In total, it appears 13 times in the whole song, in slightly modified versions, where the word “fight” is replaced by the word “fighting”.

Internet users rushed to search for the meaning of the words used by the head of state, but Jan Hartman quickly helped them , who explained via Twitter:

The question “why Andrzej Duda decided to excerpt from the Talmud” remains unanswered for now. We are waiting for the comment of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

Source: gwiazd.wp.pl


  1. In Central Europe where the population is ethnically homogenous and the Church is strong, the Long March of subversion through the institutions of the nation to establish Deep State Fifth columns is not needed. Subversion certainly worked the treat in the post Christian West because the liberal, democratic state has no rival foundation of social order. And this subversion is now taking the form of satanization before sovietization.

    The Soviet Union collapsed in name only, therefore, the soviet and its Judaic supremacy is still intact in these former Warsaw Pact nations. This is the Deep State. I agree that what we are seeing is an intact soviet Deep State attempting to corral and subvert the intense nationalism, patriotism of these ethnic Europeans who remain strong in Christian faith. A covert soviet Deep State is guaranteeing Potempkin Village nationalist politicians and governments under the Perestroika Deception.

    As populations, these people are not going to be ‘multi-polar’ and ‘multi-lateral , intergovernmental stakeholders’ with the EUSSR and UN. They will have to be conned by fake nationalist politicians making many ‘populist’ concessions.

    The CoVid Coup in March 2020 has been the regime changer in every UN member nation. The Lockstep has revealed the UN to be what it was Chartered to be : the Praesidium of the Fourth Comintern. The UN Secretary General has affirmed in 2018 and 2019 the UN commitment to ‘multi-polar world of integrated multi-lateral stakeholders’ ( read sovietization).

    During the 23rd International Economic Forum, St. Petersburg June , 2019, Putin affirmed that “We continue to believe that the UN is the only universal international platform with unique rights based on the UN Charter.” [which incorporates every plank of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto]. Clearly Guterres looks to Russia to lead the way in integrating the world pyramid and the sovietization of all the member nations captured for the central banking cartel by the Communist Revolution or entirely subverted/corrupted through the Long March so that world order sovietization will appear to be the only answer.

    And. Right on cue, when WHO declared the pandemic, Guterres was on message and on point with the major sustainable development goal (SDG) of UN Agenda 21-30 : “the pandemic must be used to de-industrialize the West.’

    And Gorbachev replied from the Praesidio :

    Credit to Andy Sloan for posting the important key to knowledge:
    Russia : Guterres says Russia is ‘indispensible element of new multipolar world’
    June 21, 2018

  2. Well done with Milošević and Putin blood brothers:
    Milošević – Rockefeller agent, Wall Street bankster, chetnik, talmudist, satanist, wanted to exterminate Croats of both catholic and muslim faith.
    Putin – same like Milošević, but on far larger scale (replace Rockefeller with Rotschild, wall street bankerster with oligarch, putin a chetnik overlord, as well as khagan of new khazarian khaganate).
    Peace be with you.

  3. Chetnik and mercenary paramilitary troops under Milošević were crucial in 3-month siege of and subsequent genocide in Vukovar, where greatly outnumbered, outgunned and outequipped Croatian defenders managed to inflict extreme losses to chetnik-bolshevik-Yugoslav-serbian hordes of evil and prevent the fall of Croatia, despite the treason of Tuđman, Šušak and other partisan-UDBA (Yugoslav variant of KGB, ruling Croatia today far firmer than in Yugoslavia) khazar-jewish-talmudic monsters. Chetnik commited various other as well as genocide in Ovčara, Škabrnja, Srebernica and numerous other places, while at the same time attacking Croatia with holohoax and non-existent jasenovac and stara gradiška victims. Even communist general Jefto Šašić admitted that in Croatia from 1941 – 1945 in work camp Jasenovac DIED (not killed) 262 people, and in Stara Gradiška 141 people, most of whom were partisan butchers already.

    Peace be with you.

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