Zionism is a Kremlin decoy

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
July 12, 2019 Anno Domini

Jewish political power seems to be concentrated in the still-present, yet deceptively modified, Soviet collectivist system and not in the state of Israel, as most believe.

Israel is merely a branch of this Soviet system, albeit, an important one, and largely serves as a decoy to hide the Soviet origin of crimes against humanity.

The Russia Federation today is following the same Soviet pattern in using Israel as a fall guy for its crimes as it has done with China for decades; thereby, throwing analysts off the trail to Moscow and securing the unfettered advancement of Soviet plans.

With the staged theatrics of the Sino-Soviet split from 1956-1966, as part of the scissors strategy (the fake falling out between the two red powers), the Soviets effectively used China to cover up their leading role in crimes like its global narcotics offensive against the West. Even today, China is all too willing to not only portray itself as openly communist, but take the blame for any perceived subversion of the West, when, in fact, subversive directives appear to be coming from Moscow, whose regime hides under the thin mask of democracy. Notice how Western Right-wing media today obsesses on China but demonizes and denigrates anyone who criticizes Moscow? This is exactly the desired outcome of Soviet planning.

“These propaganda instructions were extended in 1964 in a letter signed by Leonid Brezhnev which was discussed at a meeting of the Czechoslovak Defence Council. The letter directed that data on the Chinese drug and narcotics trafficking operation should be made public, to advertise China’s role as the source of illicit trafficking and thus to draw attention away from the Soviet operation. (One of the first articles written for this purpose appeared in Pravda on September 13,1964. It was written by V. Ovchinnikov and was entitled ‘The Drug Dealers’: see also page 146, and Note 43, page 152).” (1)

So, then, why wouldn’t Russia do something similar with the state of Israel (or other groups, for that matter)? Israel is a nation founded by Bolshevik Jews and currently run by Bolshevik Jews, exemplified in the Soviet-derived Likud party headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Every Prime Minister of Israel to present time has had Soviet roots, the intelligence services of both Israel and Russia seem to be working side by side, and both powers are co-operating in building the biggest economic alliance the world has ever seen (one belt, one road initiative)—to name just a few of the many similarities between the two powers.

It seems that Russia’s primary uses for Israel are to: 

  1. Turn the world against the West (via indignation over Western support of Israel to the detriment of the Arab world) 
  2. Divide Westerners (anti-Zionist Leftists vs. pro-Zionist right wingers) 
  3. Displace Islamic world populations in order to facilitate the Soviet Kalergi Plan (via wars for Israel),
  4. Subvert Western political institutions (under the guise of Israel as a Western ally, i.e., Kim Philby, Jonathan Pollard). 
  5. Shepherd resulting Islamic anti-Zionism, anti-Americanism into terrorist cells against Weststern targets (actual and/or false flags)

Secondarily, the Bolsheviks may be using Israel to affirm masonic and Talmudic prophecy, centring around the City of Jerusalem. Unfortunately, well-meaning anti-Zionists get caught up in this secondary use, which forces their incorrect conclusions of the bigger picture. Also, whether intentional or not, Soviet Bolsheviks have utilized the existence of the state of Israel to demonize opponents of Jewish power as “Nazis” and/or “anti-Semites”.

Carefully, Russia has used Israel to turn the Middle East and Africa against Israel and, more importantly, the West while Russia waits in the wings to accept the seemingly helpless Arabs and Africans into its open arms, as explained by Jack Bernstein in the New York-Moscow-Tel Aviv triangle.

“From the terms of this pact, you can see it was, and still is, the aim of the Soviet Union and Zionist/Marxist Israel to prevent peace between the Arab countries and Israel until all the Arab countries are forced to adopt socialism under Soviet leadership.” (2)

Worst yet, Western conservatives have now also embraced Russia and the “former” Soviet bloc—naively believing that the crypto-Reds will save the world from the supposed Western-led New World Order. In other words, the Soviets have succeeded in turning both Lefitsts and right-wingers against their own government (a long-range Leninist goal), yet neither side can see this in its proper context (see: The Left’s fake anti-Russia narrative explained).

Although high-ranking Soviet defector Ion Mihai Pacepa doesn’t seem to understand Israel’s true role in the Soviet offensive, he does correctly identify Moscow’s leading role in Middle East turmoil and its intended negative effects on the West.

“’By 1972, Andropov’s disinformation machinery was working around the clock to persuade the Islamic world that Israel and the United States intended to transform the rest of the world into a Zionist fiefdom,” Pacepa writes of the Soviet’s Operation SIG. (3) “According to Andropov, the Islamic world was a waiting petri dish in which we could nurture a virulent strain of America-hatred, grown from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist thought. Islamic anti-Semitism ran deep. The Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Their illiterate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch.” (4)

Pacepa goes on to reveal that the Soviets went as far as seeding Arabic-translated copies of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in the Arab world even though, previously, it was Soviet policy to imprison or execute those caught with this banned material. At home, it seems, the Soviets want to keep a lid on the Protocols but see its uses for consumption abroad. (For more on this aspect of Soviet Israel, please see my article The Kremlin directs the anti-Zionist movement on behalf of Israel.)

Most people cannot understand this clever strategy. They might say, “why would Bolsheviks throw Bolsheviks under the bus?” If Israel weren’t thrown into the mix, the strategy would be too obvious. Imagine that Russia turned the Middle East against only the West but not Israel. You don’t think Western analysts would figure out that it were a Soviet measure? This is one of the reasons that Israel was created—to disguise the Soviet offensive against the West and the plan for world communism. It’s no coincidence that Israel and the West almost always gets fingered for all world events by both the Left and the Right: Israel/CIA killed JFK, not Russia; Israel/CIA did 9/11, not Russia; Israel/CIA is oppressing the Palestinians, not Russia; Israel/CIA conducts false-flag terrorism, not Russia; Israel/CIA manufactures and distributes narcotics, not Russia; Israel/CIA runs sexual blackmail operations, not Russia…. Hopefully you get the point. But just about everything Israel is accused of, there is evidence that the Soviet system is responsible.

What if Russia, like it has done with China, deliberately made public information implicating Israel in Kremlin crimes, like 9/11, for example? Isn’t it just a little suspicious that the Israel-friendly right-wing mainstream media reported Israelis dancing on a roof top as the World Trade Centre collapsed, Israeli spying in America just prior to 9/11 (Carl Cameron of Fox News), and suspicious Israelis arrested on 9/11? I’m not suggesting that Israelis weren’t involved but that their role may deliberately have been exaggerated so as to eliminate any possible trail back to Moscow. Or take JFK conspiracy theories. Most of them centre around blaming either the CIA (which fits the anti-Western Soviet narrative) or, in the alt right, Israel. Talk of Soviet orchestration is nearly completely absent from the debate.
As it stands today, analyzing the Soviet threat outside of the narrative of China and North Korea is off limits. While the fake collapse of communism provides the primary protection for Soviet Russia’s continued advancedment of world communism, Soviet Israel provides the added layer.


  1. Douglass, Jospeh D., Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West,1999, pg. 41
  2. Bernstein, Jack, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, 1984, The Noontide Press, California, pg. 23
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  1. Dear Tim, I personally understand your article and it’s explanations , but I think you should detail it more Lucifer is a snake the head needs to be exposed Rothschild and his minions that set this Israel decoy up , one more point that should be mentioned who set up the UN I read years ago it’s Russia infiltrated with many agents which in today’s times has to be overwhelming along with Russia’s allies China, I think the enemy has done a excellent job of disorientation of are minds plus there are Webb sites feeding the false info as you mentioned , one last note did not most of the people come from Russia to Israel first ,I close on this one I’m sitting back waiting for the fire works to begin which will soon millions of sins cannot keep going up to heaven thrown in Gods face and not expect sooner or later his chastisements to come upon us ,good topic Fitz even if many cannot get there gray cells going it is a heavy topic, God Bless keep them rolling RL
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    1. @ Ronald Lech
      I’m sitting back waiting for the fire works to begin which will soon millions of sins cannot keep going up to heaven thrown in Gods face and not expect sooner or later his chastisements to come upon us
      If you want to learn what those fireworks are might I suggest the book Climate Change the Work of God by Gerry Fox. You will have all you need to understand that climate change is not the work of fossil fuels but the pollution of sin. I highly recommend.

  2. Nope…only because this mankind enslaving breed came from Khazaria, doesn’t mean there are strings to 9/11 or Kennedy murders to the cremlin…
    Don’t buy it…nice try- but fail

  3. Brilliant work Fitz it’s so frustrating that other researchers and alternative voices aren’t seeing this, it’s almost like the ultimate black pill that many simply cannot swallow. How much time do you reckon before things really kick off? Do you think the current Epstein investigation will be capitalized by the Soviets to further demoralise the West? Keep up the great output.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Soulog.
      My initial impression of the latest Epstein stuff is that it is a ploy to keep Netanyahu and Likud in power in Israel. As you may know, scandal-ridden Bibi is facing being deposed by an Epstein-connected candidate—one Ehud Barak. But, yes, the Soviets could definitely use this to demoralize more U.S. figures—thus aiding the “West is completely depraved” narrative. The Weinstein case not only discredited Hollywood but also greatly discredited Western males in general (spawned the MeToo movement, which is completely Marxist in nature).
      Labor and Meretz officials say Barak’s ties to Epstein hurt chances of merger
      Soviet Likud doing everything it can to stay in power.
      I may do a piece on this.
      I notice that a lot of alt media sites are now saying what I said years ago about Epstein and Mossad. Why now?

  4. My analysis is somewhat different. The Corporation of the City of London (chartered 1694) and its Crown (the Crown of the Judaic Supremacy) owns all nations: some through the Apex of the Communist Party (which it owns), some through its reserve central bank of credit issue. This is the Empire of The City. All national populations and their apparatus of state have seized through the Revolution (which they own) – the Revolution they inaugurated France 1789. They seized England, Scotland and Ireland in the Parliamentarian Civil Wars which the Elders (who became ‘The Crown’) bankrolled in the 17th century when they were the Nasi of the Great Synagogue of Mulheim am der Ruhr. Cromwell put the allodial title of all estates up as collateral on those loans. The Nasi settled the debt of the Parliamentarians in the War of the Succession 1688. They chartered the Bank of England 169? to monetize the debt to a UK of bonded entities. The US was bricked into this cartel in 1913, Russia was seized in 1917. All of Europe fell to the Revolution in its republican phase in the 18th century and had a central bank thrown down on top.
    The Crown of the Judaic Supremacy has divided their assets between state monopoly socialism (USSR, China etc) where The Party (which is them) owns the nation with its central bank as part of the apparatus of state. The other model they have imposed is corporate monopoly capitalism where they own the bank that owns the nation / government as its asset. Israel is an extension of The Crown and leverages the Revolutionary dialectic between these two models for the consolidation of all wealth and the communisation of all nations. It wants a buffer of its co-ethnics, namely Turkic peoples of Wahabist Islam to form a Caliphate crescent around the world capital of their ruling Kaganate. Moscow and D.C are just Sarkel and Itl. Criminalisation of the social order is the chaos element they implement on the bonded entities. In the Great American novel, the Godfather, Puzo mentions the five families all had banks set up just for the vice rackets they controlled – these banks were called ‘policy banks’ – these criminal syndicates which interlock to the cartel issue their own credit and they launder the money through the legitimate businesses they buy into and subvert. Golitsyn goes right into the ‘active measure’ of criminalisation.

  5. You are a very talented writer and you are doing wonderful work detailing how deep and how vast the Soviet tentacle run in the world and what the objective is. I wasn’t clear on what the truth was about Venezuela because I read an article a few months ago, linked from one of my trusted pages no doubt, that claimed a photograph in the NYT illustrating a smallish crowd for Maduro was manipulated and that the real turnout in favour of him was many orders greater. It went on to say that the Venezuelans are happy, well-fed and fighting the CIA beast. This aligned with my wishes that one country, somewhere was fighting the system and had made an independent play for resources. My assumption was that no country turns into a headline grabbing Venezuela with all the trauma and drama unless there is real resistance somewhere. Also, I have a personal interest into harnessing the mob to take over resources. But now, after receiving TWO personal accounts of the situation in Venezuela, and with no personal info to go on, I am forced to acknowledge that it is indeed a hell hole, although some its leaders, at some point in their youth, might have entertained honest ambitions to take true power on behalf of the people. Presumably these people long since washed their hands of the CC and made the common error of erasing JC in the process (a common fallacy sadly, all over the world you have avoided so far), they were probably misguided in their efforts from the outset and were, hence, easily co-opted and corrupted by communist forces.) Now your assumption above is based on the fact that your attention is focused on uncovering the depth and breadth of Jewish Communist machinations and designs. You are pulling together information and putting pieces to together that are quite staggering, and bring new perspectives to events on all continents. This is heady stuff, and you are absolutely right that communism is the hellish effect planned for humanity. however, ultimately the perspective must be centred on Christ and the plan for Jerusalem. Obviously they have that waxed at the moment (or appear to). But not really. Even if the whole world is chained but 144 000 are sealed (it’s dusted) and the channel of light of God between Sirius and our sun held in place (it can’t not be…) then all is well. That is the situation and as a Christian you know the importance of Israel, despite the heady effects of your interesting research and the fact that the events you explain are at centre stage for the powers that be now. As I said elsewhere, the situation is Kabbalistic, something you yourself have identified elsewhere without, apparently, understanding what it means. Kabbalah describes the dual nature of mind/universe, so it means to focus on ANY one thing is a fallacy, since the world can only be whole in balance. Communism can be defined as a system that causes a series of falls through the dialectic by means of emotional intensity projected outwards, ie. we want this for the community and nation. The communist marches in this sense, have always been “female”, people are prepared to sacrifice themselves for this goal. Their emotions are thus manipulated and they’re herded into the gulag. “Zionism”, with its weird connotations no one quite understands anymore but which struck such a cord with brave dissenters 100 years ago, is nothing more than Jewish nationalism. It’s creepy only because it’s understood that Jewish nationalism has something to do with taking down Christ, but the means are same in all distorted nationalism, and this is what the right can’t see because its just as emotionally driven. Trumpers are a better example to witness the effects of “Zionism” and it goes: we have to fight to protect ME, ultimately. MY country, MY family, MY freedom. In truth, the Kabbalah of God is the opposite. The male active pillar/pole of Joachim is called Mercy and it is said that God always “errs” toward mercy. The male polarity is charaterised by looking ever outwards, and the feminine towards receiving. Although being Kabbalah the whole thing is multi-demensional, holographic and humanity as a whole is polarised to the negative, feminine base of the cross since we are the creation, dust, nothing, receiving everything from God at the top of the cross. As men, if you don’t understand this, you make the mistake of thinking you’re God and becoming “Zionists”, albeit in your own country. Therefore, it is unremarkable that you cannot see or know yourself. The true polarity of Boaz is … being force that attracts the light from Joachim, bestowed in mercy, the opposite of marching around. Israel as a country is nothing but an intense little microcosm of the “west”, full of warring nationalists and communists, hating Christ, but at the same time not understanding why they hate him. The opposite of the dialetic is sacrifice in Christ and we don’t like it so we take whatever pharma, drugs and booze dished out to avoid it. Anyway, geopolitically I like to look at things as starting in Jerusalem (we can leave Egypt out of it) and moving in a circle, to the captivity by people in Iran (Purim), who went north (they have Astana to show for it), using Russia as their base to move west, employing Jewish nationalism to undertake the crucial task of securing the Holy Land, the ancestral land of the REAL Tribe of Judah, where Jesus promised that the Christ would appear again, and from whence a decoy war “against” Iran (“Home of Aryan” LIE name change in the 1930s from Persia). And so it’s little surprise communism and Russia are what they are. Trouble is we can’t see the right model of the WEST anymore because democracy is a scam and we can only function correctly under the One King, One Priest. People love to say that women have lost the pattern, but in a man’s world, it’s men who have lost the pattern. Nationalism / zionism is a distortion you can’t see because you are in it. Sadly, the alt-right is “Zionist”, even if they profess to decry Jewish nationalism in the Holy Land, they are using the same techniques. There is naught to be done about this currently, which is why Jesus recommended that we be quiet and keep to our own ways until the end. I love the Age of Revelation, I am highly Mercurial and a former journalist, but I recognise it’s something to dip into and take breaks from or you lose perspective. True understanding (Binah) is the Face of Sorrow. We are nothing but Ourobori, the oldest symbol of them all and mercifully crowned by the cross.

  6. In note to LINDE regarding the global synagogue power structure, some excerpts from Louis Marschalko’s excellent book ‘The World Conquerors’;
    Disraeli, in 1844, in his book Coningsby, frankly states that:
    ‘The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who arc not behind the scenes.’
    In the Wiener Freie Presse on Decemher 24th, 1921 the Jew Walter Rathenau wrote precisely the same thing when he said:
    ‘Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage.’
    The functions of the Cahilla (Kahal) are well known in New York, because the Jews often give Cahilla parties. Very interesting exposures about all this are contained in the book, The Hidden Empire (1946) in which, on page 35, we find:
    ‘The Jews of the world divide the earth into two hemispheres, the Eastern and the Western. The Cabal is understood to be constructed in the Symbol of Seven. The sponsors for both hemispheres are alleged to be accountable only to AKA DHAM the Unknown and Uncrowned King of Jewry throughout the Earth whose identity is kept guarded secret.’
    It is undisputable, therefore, that some kind of central Jewish organisation or government existed all the time which methodically carried out the world-programme of the Elders of Zion. But whether such a government existed or not, the fact must be emphasised that the programme itself was accomplished and this in itself presents sufficient proof of its organisation. The fact must be stressed that world Jewry has already completed the second stage planned by the Elders of Zion and everything is fully prepared to complete the rest soon, and thus to reach the third and final stage.’
    Chapter 3 – https://jamiefreeman.news/educate-yourself/cn/worldconquerorchapter3.html
    See pages 36-39 ‘ of the book ‘The Hidden Empire’ for detailed information on the formation of the power structure (chapter – ‘The Powerful Kahal’);
    Specifically regarding the Soviet system, Mr Marschalko states;
    ‘Today Jewish world power is based on the system of a Gentile front. This is a kind of mimicry. ‘Secrecy is the character of our power.’ If a map of Jewish world power could be drawn up it would actually represent a pattern of the key positions held. We might add that this map can never be perfect and it is very incomplete even today. It would show those key positions so far occupied by Jewry, or a small fraction of them, from which it dictates world policy to the Gentile front.
    It is also worth noting that according to the report in Aufbau in 1951, Lazar Kaganovich was still controlling this new strategic Soviet power centre. He was elected into the Soviet Politburo by the Tashkent district of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is also certain, according to Aufbau, that these high Jewish officials, leaders of the Soviet’s political, economic and cultural life, were sent to these regions with a definite mission.
    A gigantic ring of key positions has been erected behind the second and third Iron Curtains, which governs the entire Soviet Union. On this is based the whole future of the Soviet system.’
    And for us, a call to action!
    ‘If its power is not soon eradicated, and if it continues to enjoy political, economic and intellectual monopolies, then in one or two decades the totalitarian world terror will come, bringing the destruction of human freedom, together with that of the free spirit of mankind and of all human ideals, including the concept of one’s own native land and of national pride. There will remain in the end, on one side, the helot-masses amounting to four billion enslaved people without national, racial or religious ties, and on the other, fifteen million chosen people who fulfilled the prophecy in Torah and became indeed the masters of all nations.’
    Indeed, we approach the final confrontation – the synagogue/freemasonic nexus MUST be removed from power and control by a collaboration of mankind, if we are to liberate our nations, which are de facto under control of an occupying power.
    As Mr Marschalko wrote;
    ‘But actual world power is now in the hands of the world conquerors and it is only a question of time until Eastern and Western Jews shake hands openly across the enslaved nations and barbarised masses. Oh, Europe, heart-land of civilisation, do you not yet understand? Can you not perceive where Jewish national unity coupled with your own internal conflicts lead? Can you not see the abyss towards which you are being driven by forces imbued with the cruelty and purposefulness of a supranational people. Alas ! There are so few who see it even now.’
    It is us or them!

  7. There is only one solution to the Russia/Israel problem. It is the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the pope in union with the Catholic bishops of the world. Until this happens, things will only get worse.

  8. All interpretations of the world situations we try figure out, is because the PTB has allowed us to think it.

  9. Of course you are spot on! The real (now-deceased) Putin’s ex wife participated in an interview where she stated that the real Putin (her ex husband) was a cruel man but was exterminated by (she didn’t give names) because he wanted Russia to remain independent of the Globalist system like the U.S. WAS and, because “they” could not control Putin, she said they killed the real Putin and replaced him with a body double. His replacement does exactly what he is told, to be sure, as it is clearly evident. But the Bible also exposes the world’s woes as coming out of that region of Magog as well. The former Soviet Union, China and their allies are all players, including the “Turks” and some African nations.

    1. @wideawakejake
      I’m afraid the gog and magog show from Ezekiel 38 and 39 has got nothing whatsoever to do with either Germany or Russia. It doesn’t even have anything to do with Israel either. It is all lies and total and complete nonsense which must be and is in the process of being totally and completely debunked by those of us in the know and proven as a fact, verifiable fact, Just go and read the only book ever written on the subject by a Gerry Fox entitled Lis, all Lies. Further to this if one wants the truth about climate change I highly recommend his other book Climate Change the Work of God. Believe me if you want the truth you will find it there. He even correctly interprets the Book of Revelation. amazing material truly inspiring read them all.

      1. “He even correctly interprets the Book of Revelation”. That is some claim. And to assert this means someone else must have correctly interpreted it before. Which then doesn’t make it a very special nor unique achievement. This interpretation must then have been validated by God in order to authenticate your assertion that it’s “correct”. Either that or it’s a case of cognitively-biased, wishful thinking on your part; and you’re subjectively accepting what tickles your itchy ears.

  10. Glad you mentioned this Jake. Whether it is the past or the future, the Bible is always right. The land of Magog was the land of the Urutu and ancient Khazaria (an Urgaritic people). The giants that ruled it were addressed as demon princes in the Bible. Today, the Khazarian Kaganate rules the Empire of the City of London and parades their demon effifies through The City every year.

      1. Mr. Fitzpatrick, I was trying to find some direct quotes for Assad Sr. as KGB, but the best I could find on short notice was his time spent in the Soviet Union and other circumstantial evidence (Ba’ath + Communism). Is there information available that points at his guilt directly (books, articles, eyewitness, and so on)?

  11. Affirmation that Palestinian/Iranian leaders are Russian assets/ RT admits that Mahmoud Abbas and Ali Khamenei are graduates of Russian Patrice Lumumba University.
    As Russian national Iskander states in his interview with Daryl Bradford Smith, there is a contradiction with Putin persecuting muslims in Russia and that it is difficult to build a mosque, but easy to build a synagogue, yet Putin is in alliance with leaders of muslim nations;
    The answer?
    “The Russia Today presenter mentions with much pride- see below 1:41min – two current heads of state as former graduates of the (Patrice Lumumba) university, Mahmoud Abbas and Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader.”

  12. That is certain, however these so called muhamedinian truthers, imagining themselves to be Alah’s (actually Loki’s = Christians in Germany wrote about Allah being god of deception perfectly fits with pagan-germanic Loki, which is biblical equaivalent of Satan) kamikaze’s, warriors, soldiers etc think that Iran is the true opposition to Jewish World Order, nothing could be further from the truth.

    As for Jewish Temple sacrifies, Jewish Temple is combination of butchery and barbecue, horrible place of death, filled with flies, blood, fat and disease to the jewish god, who, according to Rosenthal own words, is actually Satan. We must actually wonder who is the true god that Moses encountered on Sinai who demanded blood and fat sacrifices.

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