New York—Moscow—Tel Aviv Triangle

By Jack Bernstein
The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (1984 Anno Domini)
Pages 21-25

At this point, you may be confused, Israel and the Soviets are ideological allies – both follow the ideas of Karl Marx, so both are communist/socialist. Yet, the Soviets supplied military equipment to the Arabs—Israel’s enemies; and at the same time, the Soviet Union’s enemy, the United States, was arming Israel.

To understand the treachery which Zionist/ Bolshevik Jews are capable and to understand the treachery which took place before and during the 1973 War, I must explain the New York/ Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle. To do so, it is necessary to go back a few years in history.

A heavy migration of Jews from Russia to America started in 1831. Most of these were communist Jews. So many of these communist/Bolshevik Jews settled in New York City that New York has been referred to as ‘Moscow on the Hudson.’

It has been pointed out, and with good reason, that decisions regarding communist policies come not from Moscow, but from New York City. Whether this is a fact or not is immaterial. What is important is the fact that there is a close tie between the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in New York City and the Zionist/ Bolshevik Jews in Moscow, and extending to include the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews who dominate Israel’s government.

The Zionist power over the U.S. Government in Washington, D.C. stems from the Zionist/ Bolsheviks centered in New York City. It is from New York that orders go out to the vast Zionist network all over the U.S. – a network that influences the economic and political affairs of not only our federal government, but nearly all, if not all,state governments, and to a great extent the governments of the larger and even medium sized cities. This power of the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews over the U.S. makes the New York leg of the New York/Moscow/ Tel Aviv Triangle a tremendous influence over communist policies.

In viewing the 1973 War, most people—and it seems most Arabs—are of the impression that since Soviet Russia sold equipment to Egypt and other Arab countries, the Soviets were in support of the Arabs in the 1973 War. This is a false impression. To understand that this is the result of more deceit on the part of Israel and the Soviet Union, you must be aware of the Golda Meir – Stalin/Kaganovich Pact.

Golda Meir the Day She Resigned (Photo by © David Rubinger/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Golda Meir had been born in Russia, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in 1921 migrated to Israel. In 1949, Golda Meir became Israel’s first ambassador to the Soviet Union.

Representing Israel, Ambassador Golda Meir, a Bolshevik Jewess, met with two representatives of the Soviet Union: Kaganovich, a Bolshevik Jew, and Stalin, who had married a Bolshevik Jewess. They made a secret agreement—a pact.

Israel’s part of the pact was:

1. Israel would not allow any Western country, especially the U.S., to build military bases on Israeli territory.
2. Israel would allow an official communist party to function freely in Israel.
3. Israel would not make any agreement to solve the Palestinian problem.
4. Israel would influence world Jewry, especially in the U.S. to have Western powers adopt a policy of favoring Israel over the Arabs.

5. Israel was to continue its Marxist economic policies and prevent any free-enterprise tendencies.

Soviet Union’s part of the pact was:

1. The Soviets would institute a pro-Arab policy solely as a camouflage for its true intentions, which was to furnish aid to the Arabs, but never enough to enable the Arabs to destroy Israel.
2. The Soviets would open the gates of Soviet satellite countries to Jewish immigration to Israel. Should this be insufficient, Soviet Russia then would open its own gates to emigration.
3. The Soviets would absolutely guarantee the security of Israel.
** Both the Soviet Union and Israel would exchange intelligence reports.

From the terms of this pact, you can see it was, and still is, the aim of the Soviet Union and Zionist/Marxist Israel to prevent peace between the Arab countries and Israel until all the Arab countries are forced to adopt socialism under Soviet leadership.

In the conduct of the 1973 War, you can see part of this deceitful agreement being utilized, in particular, the part about the Soviet Union helping the Arabs – but not helping enough to defeat Israel.

In planning the 1967 War, Israel was aware that the Arab countries bordering Israel were buying equipment from the Soviets, an Israeli ally. But, because of the Golda Meir – Stalin/Kaganovlch Pact, Israeli leaders knew the Soviets would not help the Arabs enough to defeat Israel—that the aid the Soviets were giving the Arabs was only ‘bait’ to draw the Arab countries into the Soviet trap. Also, Israeli leaders knew that their American Zionist brethren were making sure the U.S. government was supplying enough arms to stop the Arabs; and would send more equipment, even troops if necessary.

Moscow. General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev meets President of Egypt Anvar al-Sadat in the airport. Photo TASS / Valentin Mastyukov; Alexei Stuzhin (Photo by TASS via Getty Images)

When the 1973 War started, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq surprised Israel with their improved fighting capability.

The Egyptian Army faced what would seem an impossible task in its attempt to penetrate Israeli territory.

First, there was the water barrier, the Suez Canal, to cross. Then, they would face a high wall of sand and fine dust which was erected by Israel. Behind that wall was a third barrier—a line of Israeli fortifications. These fortifications were stronger than the Maginot Line erected by France before World War II to stop any German invasion of France.

Yet, by ingenuity, the Egyptian Army crossed the Suez Canal, went over the sand and dust barrier and broke through the heavy fortifications in a matter of a few hours. Israel was in trouble; the Arabs were winning the war.

But, as pre-planned – If necessary, the U.S. airlifted huge amounts of military equipment and supplies to Israel and, as I mentioned before, the U.S. Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C. and U.S. troops stationed in Germany were placed on alert and would have been sent to help the Israeli forces if it became necessary to help Israel win the war. Fortunately for America, American troops weren’t needed to help Israel survive. The additional arms were enough. However, the Arab forces were strong enough to stop Israel from taking over more Arab land. In fact, Egypt was able to take back part of the Sinai.

Egypt’s president Sadat realized that the Soviets had no intention of helping the Arabs win the war; that the Soviets in selling them some equipment were only trying to trap Egypt in the Soviet net. So, Sadat kicked Soviet military advisors and civilian technicians out of Egypt.


  1. Mrs Bella Dodd – former member of the CPUSA who converted to Catholicism;
    “Bella Dodd was circumspect about the people behind the Communist Party. Once, she was told to phone two multi-millionaires who lived in the Waldorf Towers if she lost contact with Moscow. Elsewhere, she refers to “a secret well-organized world power.” She is obviously afraid to be candid. She suspects that one CPUSA leader’s “suicide” was, in fact, murder.
    But she does drop a possible clue. She says that each of the nine floors of the party-owned headquarters at 35 E. 12th St. was devoted to CPUSA business. The Sixth Floor held “the publication offices of the Yiddish newspaper, the Freiheit, and the “Jewish Commission.”

  2. Great article i understand with out any problem my mind is open , but the sheeple well it’s a tragedy many do not care about there souls or God , brain washed daily with first sports and false news reports about really nothing , it’s really come to that sad Statement expressed years ago evil has become good, good has become evil, Lucifer the prince of this world is having a field day gathering up souls he’s catching overwhelmingly so many in his nets , as the sermon by St Leonard of Port Maurice said ( The fewness that are saved ) fits right into this world today , remember this sheeple all these sins going to heaven daily must be paid for millions daily , keep writing there are a Few who read listen and care yes the Few , God Bless a old time pole
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  3. In testimony of Jewish control of both the USA and Russia, Russian National Iskander Hashim attested to synagogue conspiracy researcher Daryl Bradford Smith, that ‘Putin’s rabbi ‘Berel Lazar (who he says was introduced to Putin by the KGB) was also heavily supporting George Bush Junior who is a Sabbatean Jew;
    29:34-30:47 (a little blip in the audio at 29:56).
    Also more revelation that Putin is Jewish and and also Dmitri Medvedev and their Christianity is fake 10:47-13:45;
    Testimony that Bush Jr is a Sabbatean Jew (and Ari Fleischer a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi);
    23:52- 26:11
    Also, Putin’s Rabbi Berel Lazar was in trouble with US police for child pornography and paedophilia before he moved to Russia 40.05-41.05
    The whole East v West theme is completely contrived and an instrument of the synagogue, to create WW3 which the West has been set up to lose. After the war, Russia (together with China) will impose its now hidden communism (Perestroika Deception) on the entire world.

  4. I haven’t read it all but it seems like it fulfill pro islamic propaganda and hide his atheistic semi-liberal pint of viewe. Khazarian theory also ins’t so much big and important like it’s written and thi strange split between different ethnies in judaism isn’t factual in judaism itself but is related only in zionism which, after,integrate all this types.
    Another thing: Len Martin was the creator or he existed really? Because the assassination story would be like a stategical esaltation of this view in the rigth and left wing.

  5. Revelations: Babylon (B L N) is divided into 3 parts : Bombay(part of Greater Gujarat wherein was the kingdom of Krisna( **Avatar) that went under the sea), London, New York – Spiritual, Political & Commercial Babylon
    **$$$** : The many alters figured in the Zionist freemasonic supreme court(in the absence of the temple) to the Avatar ( For said Jesus : I come in my Father’s name & you receive me not, but if one should come in his own name, him you will receive) Lo EGYPT- holy cow, even the strong Delusion from God ’cause they have not the Love of the Truth in them —.

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