The Left’s fake anti-Russia narrative explained

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan. 12, 2019 Anno Domini

The Jewish money power has set up the Western Left to oppose only a caricature of Putinist Russia, as part of a false dichotomy ruse to confuse and demoralize the public.

This caricature has been carefully crafted as some far-right, “xenophobic”, fascist regime that is allying itself with other similar regimes in Europe, including in Hungary, Poland, and France. And more disturbingly, the media, both in the West and in Russia, is portraying Orthodox Christianity as a driving force behind this supposed fascist bloc.

To the Left, this is just further confirmation Christianity and conservatism are authoritarian and generally bad for societal progress. To the equally misinformed Right, Putinist Russia is a champion of authentic conservatism, anti-globalism, and of Christianity. Therefore, Western conservatives ought to support Putinist Russia over even its own Western leaders, who are nothing but corrupt and immoral.

But what is really happening is that the money power is leading both sides to a predetermined outcome, with neither the Left legitimately opposing nor the Right cognizantly supporting the true Russia.

Russia is not fascist. It is the same Russia as that established by Vladimir Lenin at the time of the October Revolution, only this time, it’s wearing a new mask. As part of its global conquest, it is only using conservatism to bait Westerners into supporting the final collapse of the Western system, which is clearly on its last legs. This collapse has been carefully engineered for decades by the crypto-Soviet’s long-range strategists. Meanwhile, the Left is playing the all-too-willing opponent, going along with the whole charade. To make it all the more convincing, the money power is allowing the Left to expose, to a certain degree, Russia’s ongoing KGB active measures, the biggest of which being the Soviet placement of Donald Chump in the White House (Obama, too, was KGB installed). However, this revelation of Russia’s active measures is not being portrayed as part of Russia’s true communist/collectivist agenda but, instead, as a fascist, therefore Christian, plot. See the twist? How clever.
Communism commits the crime but its enemy takes the fall for this crime.

This is where we are at today. The more the Left opposes the fascist caricaturized Russia, the further the Right feels confirmed in supporting Russia. The result is a further polarization of the two Western sides, further division, and further vulnerability to external forces. Russia and its Sino-Semitic alliance is the sole beneficiary in this divide-and-conquer game.

If the Left were legitimately opposed to Russia, they would identify and reveal the Soviet long-range game going on. They would ally themselves with the Right in the face of external threat. If the Right knew the real Russia, it wouldn’t be supporting its own demise but, instead, it would work to reform its corrupt and immoral leadership in the West. That is the only defense against the Soviet threat. But neither side is doing what they should. This is proof that they are both being led to a predetermined outcome—by the Jewish money power. The goals of the crypto-Soviet Union is the same as that of World Jewry—global collectivism, with Christianity, nationalism, tradition, and conservatism snuffed out forever.


  1. So you believe that Russia put Trump in office? How did they do this? Mueller needs to know. Thank you for rapid response to question. Jeff

    1. The character that Trump became was created, bankrolled, and owned by Jewish power ffs. The claim that that they ‘couldn’t find’ the evidence is absolutely ridiculous, and an insult to average intelligence at this point.

      All that is needed is an internet connection, time, effort, an 80+ IQ, and a desire to find the truth. Many of us found masses of evidence on our own, despite having families and full-time jobs etc.

      Maybe if you had a desire to find the truth, rather than an entitled need for others to serve up and spoon feed you the truth, you wouldn’t be asking silly questions.

  2. Your continued use of the terms “Soviet” and “KGB” are problematic, to say the least. Why aren’t you talking about the two factions of Jews (and Jewish money powers) that are at odds with one another? One is nationalist (fascist) and the other is internationalist (communist). This is the real issue, and it’s also the real issue the media will never discuss. The Jews win either way, and the goy are duped as always.

  3. When ‘Communism was defeated’ in the 1990s that was when Big Jew in the Apex of the Revolution (inaugurated 1789 in France) pulled the switcheroo. From the time Wilson covertly sent in the Marines to defeat the White Army in the Bolshevik Revolution 1917 – 1990, the USA Inc was the crypto Communist power pushing Zionism. This is a ruse of war. Now Russia is the crypto Communist power. But the US is supposed to think they are the nationalists advocating for nationalism in a ‘multi-polar world.’ The Valdai Conference is dedicated almost exclusively to this crapola. The terms of the dialectic: democracy/dictatorship, fascism/multiculturalism , progressive – anti corruption / status quo – pro corruption, right/left, conservative/liberal haven’t changed. None of these terms cover the cause of the nation (ethne) and its state, the right of the Christian civilisation and its nation states (baptised populations), national heritage and culture, tradition and family – now gender , as we experience more Communisation in the West. In his dairy of the Rhodesian Bush War, the American John Alan Coey writes quite a deal about the US as the crypto Communist power which was clearly revealed to his mind in the stance of the US Dept of State took on Rhodesia’s fight against Communist aggression in Africa. This work deserves to be better known and appreciated.

  4. Very interesting analysis that makes sense. But I don’t know if I’d read into it that deeply. IMO the Democrats are simply using Trump’s obvious Russian connections as a political football to throw at him and impeach him. It’s the same way they’ve used his infidelities (affair with professional slut Stormy Daniels) as ammunition to attack his character. They are simply using real things to attack and discredit him, but that doesn’t mean those associations aren’t legit. Not everything Trump says is true and not everything his opponents say is false, that should be a given. Trump does the same thing in throwing the Russia card back at Clinton for her dealings with the Kremlin under Obama, the whole Russian reset and Uranium One scandals. You’re right, this left-wing obsession with Trump/Russia is fuelling right-wing nationalist delusions that Putin is “our guy”.
    Would love to get you on my podcast to discuss this very issue.

  5. I agree with your analysis Tim, subject to my usual objection to the terms “Soviet”, “Kremlin” etc., but it is rather incomplete.
    Why would they want to polarize the world and create the fake East vs West conflict? It is the old Hegelian dialectic, where they first create the problem and then offer the solution. The goal is the NWO. How do they get people to embrace it? By portraying the West as evil and decadent, and the East as good and traditionalist. In this way, after the collapse of the “corrupt” Western unipolar world order, which the Jews will engineer sooner or later, people will be glad to embrace new multipolar world order that will be very much BRICs dominated. See more on this at I think the author of that blog makes a lot of sense.

  6. Well analyzed article in exposing that Russia is still communist however I will correct you that Vladimir Lenin was not even Russian, he was a German Jew named Hiam Goldmann who had taken Russian citizenship through his adoptive parents, communism is equivalent to Zionism.
    I don’t believe in this false western-eastern conflict and neither that the right and the left are enemies, it’s all about NWO and Jewish noahdite laws, that’s why they want to reduce the population with conflicts and diseases.

  7. Some socially conservative right-wingers (US conservatives and Putin government), are at odds with socially liberal right wingers (US and EU pro-war/imperialism liberals).

    The problem is the USA barely has any real left anymore. They purged the country of anything left of fascist as best the could under McCarthyism, and now RussiaGate. Neither major party has a leftwing bone in its bone. Cornel West is genuine left, and will try to run with the US greens, however the US system is rigged so the oligarchs always win. He knows this, but it’s also a platform from which he can radicalise Americans away from economic liberalism and hopefully help build the revolution.

    The supposed “left” Americans talk about non-stop are actually liberals; pro-capitalist, pro-oligarchy, pro-US/Western imperialism, pro-censorship of public interest publishing, pro war, all for profit… Do those things sound like traditional left-wing politics, left-wing aims? No they aren’t. What I think of as the actual left aren’t zombies. They have well thought out and debated theories going back over a century, such as those of the Marxist tradition, and they don’t gel well with liberals, mostly because of liberalism’s base hostility to anything that would make capitalism obsolete and threaten the oligarchs’ gravy trains, such as communism.

    Liberals are capitalists before anything else; right-wing before anything else.

    Being left-wing, Marxists do not support oligarchy or to maintain capitalism or capitalist imperialism, like liberals do, and yet they were the backbone of the left around the world in the earlier part of the 20th century. Throughout the developing world where various Marxist revolutionary struggles arose in the face of corruption and exploitation, leading to eg Cuban and Venezuelan socialism (these struggles continue to this day).

    Marxists where the backbone of the labour movements of the West, before the capitalist backed liberals and Neo-liberals took over, sold out and saw the movement crushed by capital via their bribed and dependent politicians. Reduced to Yellow Unions working for bosses. To Workers’ Aristocracy. Capitalists, right-wingers, feared Marxists, left-wingers, so much they waged anticommunist crusades resulting in the needless persecution and murder of millions around the world. The conflict between Russia and the USA is between socially liberal rightwing imperialists, modern crusaders, and socially conservative rightwing Russians, eg Putin, the USA wants see dis-empowered, or even murdered, ostensibly to liberalise Russian society, but ACTUALLY to liberalise Russian economy and help Western oligarchs liberate Russia of it’s national and public wealth.

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