Russia Insider is a honeypot

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Dec. 12, 2018 Anno Domini

Russia Insider is the rebirth of Russian-Jewish oligarch Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Both strategically use anti-Jewish narratives in order to honeypot gullible people, at which point the sticky-lipped dupes are either rounded up and imprisoned or simply indoctrinated.

It is the latter in the case of Russia Insider, which is a go-to source for many Westerner alternative media junkies and Russia supporters.

Started in 2014 with the help the Kremlin and its oligarchic mafia (like Duginist Konstantin Malofeev), at the time when the neo-Bolshevik Putin regime was amping up its aggression against Ukraine, Russia Insider is the perfect Soviet double agent within the Western nationalist movement (not the first time the nationalist movement was infiltrated by the Soviets). They say all the right things at the right time, but when push comes to shove, they play the Judas Goat and mislead their audience into a Soviet Trust land of hypernormalized confusion and disinformation. One of Russia Insider’s creators, John Helmer, is alleged to have been recruited by the KGB. Russia Insider editor Charles Bausman has been featured on Kremlin-state media.

Looking at the lead article today at Russia Insider: “CHUTZPAH: CIA/Mossad Instigate Chemical Attack in Syria, Accuse Syria of Doing It”, the Soviet active measure of demoralizing the West is furthered. Instead of being told the truth, that Israel and Russia are the main players destroying Syria with largely Russian-groomed Chechen Jihadists, the clever crypto-Soviets spin it to being the fault of the “evil West”…then throw Israel in the mix as the gambit (notice it puts the CIA first, before Mossad). Peruse the rest of the site and all you will find are “articles” that can’t say enough great things about Putin and the Kremlin.

Russia Insider editor Charles Bausman featured on Kremlin-controlled state media multiple times.

Of course, this is all OK with Israel, because Israel is simply helping big brother Russia execute its long-range goal of demoralizing and destabilizing the West. Israel doesn’t mind being thrown under the bus, so long as it serves the overall goal of destroying the West and bringing it within the grip of its Judeo global governance scheme, with Israel, Russia, and China leading the world into the “Olam ha ba”. And what better cover than for Russia Insider to pretend to be opposed to globalism, a case of the fox guarding the chicken coup.

Almost all of the Western alternative media serves very much the same purpose: blame everything on the West (resulting in divide-and-conquer polarization), vindicate Russia and Arab Soviet satellites (Iran, Syria, etc.). This game is so obvious. Putin is not mystical or that unpredictable. His hypernormalization strategy is now out in the open. He is simply a more sophisticated Soviet leader pursuing the usual active measures against the West, but this time, he has a lot more Western leaders compromised than his predecessors had—take for example Angela Merkel in Soviet satellite Germany. Putin’s Red predecessors only really had Eastern Germany to puppeteer. Now the Kremlin has all of it and its largest economy in the European Union.


  1. I am sure ‘anti-semitism’ is just as illegal in Putin’s Russia as it was under Stalin and Lenin. The idea that anti Jewish narratives are allowed in the Western ZOGs to set up the controlled opposition is a good one and probably the best take-away in an essay filled with noteworthy take-aways.
    In this terrible movie, the W ZOGs have been assigned the ‘bad guy’ script. Putin’s Russia is a nation state that has been allowed both heritage and national identity in a ‘multi-polar’ world. All of this has the kosher seal of approval. The Eye of Sauron is totally wink-wink on this one. They are the perfect foil to the ZOGs with the ‘good guy’ script.
    The subversion that has been wrought on the Western ZOGs over the years by the Communist phase of the Revolution is now large and in charge. Outright Satanism is now imposed across every institution of social influence. The goal here is demoralisation of all Western nations before the Apex of the Revolution stages WWIII – out of which comes the NWO proper, the Global Zionist state.
    Only the return to the fullness Christian faith as it was once expressed in the national heritages of the oecumene can save the West. Not a return to Western values, not awareness of the Eternal Jude, not judeoxtianity, not liberalism, not conservatism – only the Christian faith of the oecumene.

  2. Nevertheless “Democracy” worshiped by the west, as the name itself sounds, off a crazy demon with Communism is but “Democracy Veiled” two sides of the same coin, just as is Protestantism (in Christian names serving Zionism), but “Gnosticism in the Abstract” as is Paganism & Atheism two sides of the same coin, all of the same spirit, the spirit of the Anti-Christ.
    Communist engineered in Russia leading to the massacre of the Christian Czar & his Family & the many, Plotted/Conspired in New York(sin city) – one of the three parts that Babylon is spiritually divided, through ‘Freemasonry mingled in Theosophy”– the wickedness established in Shinar (Zechariah 5) incidentally the Two Lamb like horns of the second Beast of revelations.
    Helena Blavatsk’s(despised by her own mother) Ukraine, did play a crucial role in Hitler’s failed invasion of Russia except, as fringe benefit today left holding the seat of Fascism, even America as a whole left holding Sodom the curse, even Glorifying it but to see its President waving (or forced to), “The banned Babylonian Garment of Jericho “, prophetic to the fall of the walls of America just as fell the walls of Jericho.
    Motto: It does not pay to did the Princes then.

    1. Anthony Sutton wrote that the Romanov Czar and his family were smuggled out, not ‘massacred’. Seems that even those who believe they’re in the know can still be fooled into disseminating Bolshevik propoganda. Given that Sutton had high-level contacts in western intelligence services, and access to top level intelligence, it may help you to read his work

  3. I just called Charles Bausman a jew and his rag Russia Insider a ruse. Sure I felt bad that they booted me off their “Disqus” platform. I was having such fun with insults that burned like the truth in an acid bath. The truth is 20 molar and containing it is like trying to harness the power of the sun in a bottle. Jews are dark enough to try. How about you?

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