Dirty secrets of the Jewish Kabbalah

Secrets of the Kabbalah Revealed (Documentary):
Part I | Part II

Above are links to a video of probably the most revealing and rare exposés of the demonic Jewish Kabbalah, which constitutes the core of the New World Order conspiracy—the conspiracy against Christ and His Church. This is an in-depth four-hour series. I have not seen it anywhere else on the web. If you like the above graphic, please share it through social media, email, or other. Please also share the documentary linked below.


  1. Jews picked up the Satanic art in Egypt and Babylon during their captivity . Torah had forbidden them to practice Kabalistic Satanism ,but Satanic allure was too much for them. Kabbala is the backbone of freemasonry, and pervades the modern world

  2. I can’t believe you seriously believe this about the Holy Tree of Life. The evil ones INVERT the Holy Tree, there’s a word for where they work, in the shells. If you want to understand the significance of the Shin in black magick, first you need to understand the Holy Letter Shin as she stands before God as part of the sacred Aleph-Bet (corrupted and used vulgarly in common usage as well as …) She forms part of God’s name ElShaddai but also in forgery. She can be stolen by the Kuf and the Resh … and she is. There’s lots of info from lots of sources. Just like, for example, the Jewish Encyclopedia for example gives great info and it’s the same with Kabbalah. It doesn’t mean you run off and join up with these groups. And there’s also the Western tradition and Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight’s books are good primers. The people I know study the UNIVERSAL Kabbalah … there you learn about the supernal light and the Path of the Flaming Arrow and of course that the serpent bruises it’s head on Binah, so that’s something haha. Also, once you understand some Kabbalah symbolism, then a lot of the things you study make sense. Also, it’s really neat to understand the Four Worlds, which are like dimensions and correspond to brain waves in Beta, A, D and theta. So you understand how the light flows through the Sephira but how you receive it as you are in different states. This is all Solomonic so I can’t understand why everyone is so freaked out by it? I just don’t. Similar with Darwin. I have no problem with understanding natural selection and clearly the sons of Adam mated with the daughters of Eve … Darwin observed the natural world and wrote about it and clearly the world is VERY OLD so how (someone…) turned it all into a religious football I don’t know but I’m sure the poor man deserves some peace.
    Anyway … I think it’s interesting you have shifted your understanding to a focus on Russia. I shifted my understanding to realising that there was a double thing going on when the Persian king first helped the Jews. Douglas Reed tells the story, but what he doesn’t say is that obviously it was the first corrupted kingdom and I think that’s where they’ve been HQed ever since. It’s down there by those rivers and of course in line with the Russian corruption you detail. I also figured this out by noticing corruption in the OT that is just obvious to me. For example, the christophany where Melchezidek appears to Abram struck me as a scam for some reason. Then I thought about it and … I believe I’ve gained some insight into the Talmudic mind since I follow the blogosphere. I know how much they love little tricks. So you see, God did create in Ur but a long long LONG time ago. Christ has been on the planet for 6000 years, so it’s just a little trick playing with the timeline. 6000 years ago Ur and anyone who came out of Ur was fallen. Similar with the Moses bulrushes story. We know it’s an older Sumerian story and it tells of how Ur (and later Egypt) was corrupted: Through the feminine emotions of the princess. Ho hum. I’m with the Rabbis that Isaiah was written by at least two but probably 4 different writers. Any child can recognise the original holy parts that bring peace to the soul and the other nasty parts that just freak a person out. In the nice bits, he says EGYPT is my legacy. We come from Egypt. In esoteric circles there’s still argument about whether Moses (an incarnation of our Logos) was Atenkhamen and he was. This is a big BIG secret for them to protect because taking over Eygpt where the Light after the flood (Atlantis) was practising and thriving is a big BIG deal to them. How come I’m the only one who can see this. Egyptian magick is very powerful and they even found that cup of JC in Alexandria … and even today there’s Jewish peeps I’ve discovered taking over ancient Sufi llineages that hold secrets of Elohim and IsisRAel. Unreal. They never stop! At the same time, the lies fall like lightening (a grounding in Girard is always helpful … it’s like Buddhism applied to the bible haha, and no enlightenment is not the same thing as salvation. That’s another thing. Christians thinking for 2000 years that only THEY are saved is JUDAIC!!!! Can we say, Our God is not A Petty God. No, because it’s all to do with the forces in your HEART and we are all of the House of Elohim. Certainly in flesh haha and almost all of us spiritually. So. It’s another Judiac spell in the bible. John 14 “believeth” I know is translated variously as hope, faith and grace in other places. Truly a man needs to be in Aziluth (delta) to understand this properly. The mind doesn’t give good insight otherwise. Just like a basic meditation practice combines with some kung fu and chi gung confirms experientially and directly the existence of the chakras in the body. Madness out there in the Christian world but at least you have Him. Otherwise, the Jewish Board of Deputies (SA) has been in touch with me and say they need to send me “a very important letter” hahahahha. I don’t know what it’s about yet. Either my friend’s Jewish husband reported me for speaking frankly about her decision to send her kids to the Herzlia pre-primary. Or my posts on boards like this one have drawn unwelcome attention. Be what may!

  3. I do think the Church Fathers were well meaning when they scared people off the sacred arts. But that was a long time ago and many many many humans successfully work with Kabbalah these days because we are ready. Paul was the Kabbalist, obviously, and he’d say so too. We’re quite far down the line and I imagine in addition to his kindness to us, stating there’s more we could not bear, he’d say well now we can and we are. I can see him somewhere wishing people could think for themselves at this point. Heavens, he’d say, it’s been 2000 years, your mind is the diamond of the universe, bestowed at great great cost. Use it! There are 144 000 angles on the Tree of Life geometrically in the spheres. The Christ sits in Tiphareth. In the Western tradition that is represented by the spider. So that’s why the Bilderburger logo is what it is. Anyway, it appears you’ve dug yourself into a hole by recognising the truth about the power base in Russia. And you can’t pretend 90% of modern jewry isn’t Khazhak/Slav because it is. It doesn’t mean the important Sephardic lineages aren’t still around in a biblical sense … just like the other tribes are also still around. Just not in Russia. In fact, something like 630 Bishops from the original Eastern Church boycotted Nicene, if I’m not mistaken, something like 70 percent who attended weren’t even there. Paul’s people. Christos Sophia. Coincidentally I see some of this comes up in the interview with Mr Green I’m listening to. Strange synergies. You said aboat!

  4. And lastly, Zionism and communism are the two pillars of their inverted tree. They function together, zionism being the distortion of Joachim, the male pillar of Mercy, and Boaz being the distortion of the feminine pillar, Boaz. They cannot function apart. Also, I think you have a bit of distortion about South Africa. The whites you talk about HATE blacks irrationally. They pray in their churches for God to deliver them from Blacks. A bit sad really, but then apartheid was born in the same crucible as Marx’s manifesto and Hitler’s, quite literally crafted in Germany in 1826 … so they’re the product of almost a century of distorted nationalism they struggle to understand. And Mandela was an unwitting stooge of course. Crazy damaged society but it will all work out in the end. Black cultures of course do animal sacrifice tradtionally and “ancestor worship” so that’s really the real “problem with Africa”, but overall EGO, the shadow of mind, is weaker here so it’s generally much less evil, if not less violent. Most urban SA blacks are beautiful Christians and the gospel speaks loudly in their hearts. The violence I believe it has to do with the desire principle. This country is crazy materialistic with German sedans everywhere and flash-bling OTT. Surpassed Brazil as the most unequal society in the world a while back.The violent ones want the shoes and the cars advertised all over the place and splashed in the media and driving around to gated homes, it’s grotesque but hey you don’t judge God’s world. It’s what they’ve been promised and they can’t have and like children, they just take what they want. I mean the 2% that are thieves. However, there’s no gangs in black Africa. That kind of evil doesn’t exist. Younger liberal whites are struggling against the same cultural marxism as in the rest of the west, but at least they don’t hate blacks and think blacks aren’t human and that they’re the chosen people. They’re evolving and they’re creative and there’s great young energy. It’s very diverse with Indians and all sorts and only the media lines it up as black vs white. I don’t judge the Afrikaners either. Trouble is that half the Dutch immigrants were cryptojews in the first place and nobody recognises this and alot of them don’t really know right from wrong in terms of business. Also, you’re misguided about Islam. If not that they only recognise Jesus as a prophet, but perhaps that’s only to draw a line under what Jesus said himself about not being fit to tie the shoe laces of the one to come and also, what did he say, you are my brothers and you will do greater than me. In fact, expect for fanatics, Islam honours Jesus and Mary and await the Coming of Christ and they hold to a moral code and love God so what more do you want? There’s no need to bash them or convert them, just like you don’t bash Christians believing strange things. If anything, the distortion is on the feminine side in Islam, counterbalancing the distortion caused by looking the divinity of Jesus in the eye on the male side in Christendom. They honoured the feminine so deeply it became the opposite … Take care then informer. Such an unfortunate nondeplume but let’s wait and see what the Board of Deputies has to say.

  5. Hi Fitz good to see you back up on your own site, I was a follower of your last one some really great stuff. I’d like to request more articles about the so called Jesuit conspiracy because this seems to be the most used bogeyman by cryptos and their dupes such as iru landucci(flat earth yt guy along with apostate catholic jeranism) and others. Most are not aware that Avro Manhattan, Malachi Martin and others were just cryptos or freemasons etc I’m aware that the modern jesuits are a menace and were banned by past Popes but I’ve also read some really great work by SJ’s such as Coleridges book from the 1800’s on the latter days which is really relevant today and I think Loyola and his exercises are good. The Jesuits have obviously failed in their main goal which was fighting protestant schismatics and now it seems that goal is to merge the catholic and protestant churches slowly, an example would be the new order mass is very bible campy and emo, not dignified, pandering to the simple, another would be how even name changes like instead of Apocalypse it’s Revelations in RCIA and other so called Catholic Lit. Faith hope and LOVE is the new translation, excluding CHARITY which is more dignified and less emo etc.
    -But getting back to it, for some the Jesuits are the inventors of all evil things and deeds, the menace behind everything rather than the pharisees. This is used to de-catholicize the world and thus judaise it or push occult based doctrines like the kabbalah and it’s offshoots tarot, kundalini, steinerism, etc

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