Another big rig in Ireland

By Jude Duffy
May 30, 2018 Anno Domini

Last week’s Irish abortion referendum was rigged.

The official result was—get this—a preposterous 22 points—yes 22 points!—out of step with one of the final opinion polls of the campaign.[1] And that was no rogue poll—other surveys put the anti-abortion side even higher.

Canvassers in towns and villages across Ireland reported huge support for the pro-life cause on doorsteps—sometimes at rates of 100 per cent[2]; yet the official result recorded a majority for the abortion cause in almost every constituency, and the pro-aborts won the national vote by two to one.

Pro-life rallies in the run up to the referendum numbered over 100,000; whereas, their pro-abortion counterparts mustered derisory turnouts of two or three thousand hardcore lefties and embittered cat ladies.

There was no organised opposition to the 2015 Irish SSM (same-sex marriage) vote, and none of the major pro-life groups got involved in opposing it on the ground—unlike the abortion referendum. Yet bizarrely, the pro-abortion cause easily out-performed the vote for gay ‘marriage’ in last week’s referendum.

In keeping with the Big Rig strategy—a subspecies of the Big Lie—the Deep State rigged the abortion vote referendum on a massive scale; the theory being that, as with the Big Lie, the bigger the rig, the more it stupefies the target into dazed submission—Shock and Awe administered in the psycho-political realm.

Bear in mind that the Irish vote had implications not just for Ireland but also for Northern Ireland, the United States, Poland, Spain, Hungary, and other countries where abortion is still a burning issue. So, for both domestic and international reasons, the Deep State needed the defeat to be huge and psychologically crushing. Is anyone naive enough to believe they wouldn’t rig it under such exigent conditions? Seriously?

In Ireland, remember, there are no alternative media, and almost no independent journalists of any kind. No one here is watching the Rothschild crooks of the government and the Alinskyite far Left, so they can get away with just about anything.

Crucially, Ireland also has proportionally one of the largest and most powerful Masonic networks in the world—networks that almost no one—not even the strongest Catholics—seem to be aware of. Indeed, the silence in Ireland surrounding Freemasonry is a not so paradoxical a testament to its huge power and success. A secret society that is talked about is, after all, by definition, not so secret.

In 2008, the then Prime Minister of Ireland, Brian Cowen, called the current Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar (an openly homosexual Neocon), and his party colleagues ‘Freemason F***ers”. Within a few months, Cowen and his government were hit by a huge bankster-induced financial crisis that brought the country to its knees, and destroyed Cowen’s political career. The “Freemason F***ers” have held the tiller on behalf of Rothschild globalism ever since.

As for Ireland’s pro-abortion Left, it is dominated by criminals and terrorists. The Workers Party, a criminal terrorist, Stalinist gang with strong links to British intelligence, took a leading part in the campaign, as did Ireland’s mainstream left-wing party, Labour—itself dominated by ex-Workers Party stalwarts.

Pro-abortion Sinn Fein is another criminal enterprise controlled by British intelligence—as are the thuggish Trotskyist parties, such as Solidarity (aka the Militant Tendency). Who in their right mind would expect any of these guys to play by the rules of democracy?

In any other country on planet earth, a gaping chasm of 22 per cent between opinion polls and official results would be laughed off the stage. Even the UN would express extreme scepticism. However, so punch drunk have Irish Catholics become over several generations, they long ago stopped noticing what stares them in the face.

Organised opposition to Rothschild globalism in Ireland does not exist—only a single issue anti-abortion movement, which cringes, Stockholm-syndrome style, in the face of its Zio-leftist persecutors, does.

Thus, true to form, the pro-life leadership are ignoring the irrefutable evidence of huge fraud in the referendum, opting instead for their usual weedy, fatalistic response to pre-ordained “defeats”—their self-absorbed reasoning being that it’s better to be rigged into oblivion than to be seen as a bad loser—or worse still, a “conspiracy theorist”.Some of the Irish pro-life leaders are genuine, if tragically lacking in hardnosed street smarts. But some are Neocon gatekeepers, whose real job is to make sure no effective opposition to occult cultural Marxism emerges in Ireland. No one should be surprised, therefore, that these shills acquiesce in fake referendum “results”; the real mystery is why genuine pro-lifers play along.

They must know in their hearts—from their own experience canvassing—that the results are a sham, but they remain silent. Why?

To call modern Ireland a banana republic is a gross insult—to banana republics. The electoral system is rife with liberal (in both senses of the term) fraud. A University of Cork study found that 600,000 extra voting cards had been issued in the 2007 Irish general election, 488,000 in the 2016 election[3]. On a good day, that’s enough fake votes to swing the presidential election in America, never mind referendums in a small country like Ireland.

When queried about this huge scandal at the heart of the democratic system, an Irish government spokesman bleated that one in four voters were asked for ID at voting centres.[4]

Codswallop, of course—I know of no one who was ever asked for ID when going to vote—but even if it were true, what about the other 75 per cent who don’t get asked?

Needless to say, the media have consistently ignored the issue of hundreds of thousands of voting cards that belong to no one alive, and that can, therefore, be used by anyone.

Tellingly, after the official outcome of the referendum was announced, it was left to two American ex-pats to state the glaringly obvious: Patrick Lauser and his brother Josiah, who both live in Cork, said plainly that the referendum was rigged and cited as proof the fact that pro-lifers were blatantly and arbitrarily removed from the voting register, while foreigners with no right to vote were given voting cards “out of the blue”—something the brothers themselves witnessed.[5] Many others witnessed similar shenanigans.

Alone among modern nations, Ireland consistently refuses to count votes until the day after voting has ended.
Given the neurotic fixation the Irish state class has with presenting a modern high tech image to the world, this is a dead giveaway that Irish voting is systemically rigged. On the only occasions when the eyes of the world are on Ireland, its ostensible rulers choose to portray their nation as a tribe of lazy slobs, too soft and shiftless to work through one night of the year counting votes.

Of course, the real reason for this apparent malingering is that, during the hours between voting and official “counting”, the cabalist creatures of the night come out to play at the count centres. A video from the Irish Lisbon EU Treaty referendum of 2009 shows a guy casually LEAVING—not entering—a vote centre in Cork, with a ballot box under his arm.[6] No police, security or supervision of any kind, is visible in the large municipal hall. Anyone could, and probably did, have done anything they liked with ballot boxes that night.

Not that one could rely on the Irish police, even if they were on the scene. In blatant contravention of the Irish constitution, which—as in most modern states—stipulates that the police must stay out of politics, the representative association for senior Irish police officers publicly declared its support for the Irish gay marriage referendum proposal in 2015.

Given this embrace of the most radical elements of the cultural Marxist agenda on the part of the notoriously corrupt Irish cops, how can anyone seriously expect them to uphold the law against vote fraud? The phrase “putting foxes in charge of the henhouse” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Because of the culpable naivety and intellectual sloth of most Irish Catholics and social conservatives, the cabalists and their leftist and Neocon catspaws reckon they can get away with fraud on a blatant scale that would get them chased out of town with pitchforks anywhere else.

Who’s to say they’re wrong? In 2O11, pro-abortion radical leftist Michael D. Higgins “won” a landslide in the Irish presidential election, even though he had trailed by a whopping 19 points in opinion polls carried out one day before voting. What’s more, the now defunct teletext service of the Irish state broadcaster, RTE, mysteriously announced this astonishing result while voting was still going on.

To the best of my knowledge, no one questioned this obviously fake election—an “event” that even Nicolae Ceausescu would have blushed to stage.

None of the above is to suggest, by the way, that opinion polls themselves are above suspicion, but two things are for certain: if polls in Ireland or any other Western nation are rigged, they will be rigged in favour of the abortion cause, not against it. Moreover, in a country like Ireland, where the media, the political class, and the trash celeb culture all fanatically promote the abortion cause, the number of anti-abortion voters is bound to be radically understated—not exaggerated—in polls. It’s a sad but undeniable fact that many will feel shame about publicly expressing anti-abortion views—especially to strangers.

In order to make the huge referendum wins of the cabalists in Ireland appear plausible, the Irish and global media made great play of the supposed huge waves of young Irish emigrants that allegedly came home to vote in both the gay marriage and abortion referendums. More fake news.

Close relatives and friends of mine work in Dublin airport, and they assured me that there was no spike whatsoever in inward traffic during the period of either referendum. I, myself, visited Dublin airport on the Sunday after the Friday abortion vote and saw almost no 20-30 something Irish people in the departures area at all—which there certainly would have been if huge numbers had come home to vote two days previously. If anything, the airport was unusually quiet for a Sunday, especially considering the holiday season had already begun in earnest.

Moreover, as my sister—who works in the airport—observed, 3,000 rugby fans travelling to England for a match practically brings the place to a standstill, so imagine the impact the alleged 100,000 “yes voting emigrants ” would have had.

You’d notice them, that’s for sure; yet my sister and her colleagues noticed nothing.

Unless many of these pro-abortion zealots swam home to Ireland from Australia and America in order to vote, the whole thing seems a bit of a puzzle.

Why is this important? It proves the media were psychologically prepping the public in Ireland and elsewhere for a huge yes vote, and blatantly lying in the process. It proves, in short, that the referendum was not a referendum at all but a giant staged event, like the “trial” of Slobodan Milosevic or the “search” for Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

Yet, some wiseacres who can make you shudder and sweat with tales of the evil power of “the cryptocracy”, and their dastardly machinations, swallow the election/referendum Kool Aid every time.

The “cryptocrats” promote abortion, chopping off kids’ genitals, and genocidal wars, but according to some of their critics, they draw the line at rigging elections and referendums. Either that or they’re not capable of pulling off such rigging. Or both.

So, in this view of things, “the cryptocrats” aren’t really that evil or that powerful after all—just a little bit evil and a little bit powerful.

And if you believe that, I’ve got some holiday villas in sleepy, tranquil Yemen I’m looking to offload.

In truth, rigged elections and referendums are akin to a form of cabalistic black magic targeted directly at the masses. No other event can change the collective psyche of a nation so profoundly and so rapidly; not royal weddings, not coronations, not rock concerts, not blockbuster movies, not even false flag terror attacks. As long as almost everyone believes the result of the Irish referendum, it alters not just the political reality of Ireland but the psychic reality, too: how the Irish view themselves, and how other nations view them. In short, it becomes a self-fulfilling crime of mass psychological deception.Are we really dumb enough to believe that any deep state conspirators worth their salt would leave a psycho-cultural weapon of such magnitude in the hands of ordinary voters?

[1] No Clear Winner In Final Referendum Debate, The Independent, May 23, 2018
[2] Declan Ganley interviewed on ‘The World Over’, EWTN, May 3, 2018
[3] Bloated Voter Register Raises The Risk Of Electoral Fraud, Irish Independent, January 15, 2016
[4] ibid
[5] Brothers who moved to Ireland to live in a country without abortion, claim referendum was rigged, Irish Independent, May 26, 2018
[6] Irish referendum count at Cork City Hall.

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  1. The above says
    “Some of the Irish pro-life leaders are genuine, if tragically lacking in hardnosed street smarts. But some are Neocon gatekeepers, whose real job is to make sure no effective opposition to occult cultural Marxism emerges in Ireland.”
    I don’t know about you but I would like to know the source behind that statement.

    1. If you’re looking for sources, I’d cite Joe McCarroll, a veteran “pro-lifer”, writing an article in the Neocon pseudo-Catholic publication, the Brandsma Review, in 2006 calling for the West to bomb Iran. I’d cite the same author penning a column in the now defunct publication “The Irish Family” urging pro-lifers not to use Catholic or even Chrstian arguments against abortiion, on the grounds that Irish culture was now being “enriched” by many non-Christian immigrants. I’d cite the Brandsma Review’s support for mass immigration, and its fulsome support for the Iraq War and the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. I could go on and on…

  2. Can anyone challenge the government on the rigging of the elections? What about people power to say enough is enough!
    Have we not got some goog legal eagles to take this on? Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

    1. Mairead: According to 5 June, 2018: “Three separate applications initiiated to challenge results of abortion referendum.”

  3. Another incisive and illuminating article from Jude Duffy. I’ve seen many comparisons between Ireland and Quebec this week, both being once proud Catholic strongholds and both were ground through the gears of Anglo-Masonic “quiet revolutions”.

    1. Thanks Jean: An interesting comparison you make between Ireland and Quebec. I’ve seen similar comparisons made between Ireland and Belgium, and even Ireland and the Netherlands – which once had a large and vibrant Catholic community.

  4. I was enjoying reading & supporting your article until you turned your attention on our much admired & trusted police force. You have now lost our support.

  5. “The official result was—get this—a preposterous 22 points—yes 22 points!—out of step with the final opinion poll of the campaign.”
    Bit confuned about this. The source says;
    >[1] No Clear Winner In Final Referendum Debate, The Independent, May 23, 2018
    That’s a debate not a poll. I couldn’t find this article online, so I looked up the ‘final opinon poll’ and found this;
    It says that the opinon polls put the ‘yes’ side of the referendum in the lead at 56%.
    The final result was 66% to 34%. Is this evidence of rigging?
    How is this “a preposterous 22 points”. Are these precentage points?
    From a ‘No’ voter, interested in outing corruption.

    1. Apologies for delay in replying – I’ve been a bit busy over last few days. I couldn’t find the article from the that I cited, but I took a note of it on the Wedneday night before the Friday referendum and it said the most recent poll indicated the Yes side ahead by 44 per cent to 32 per cent. That chimes with an Irish Tmes poll from the 17 May (see article in, from that date (May 17, 2018) ‘Repeal side leads with a week to go but it is losing ground.’ And as I say other polls around the same time made the gap between the sides even narrower.
      However, point taken, I’ll ask Tim to slightly amend the article to say ‘one of the final polls’ rather than “the final poll’.
      Also, why the huge swing back to the Yes side right at the end, when the word on the street – and everywhere else – was that the No side were the ones gaining rapid momentum and popular support? The pro-aborts KNOW none of this is remotely plausible -which is why they have tried to explain away the huge gap by saying there were many “secret yes voters”.
      This is Alice in Wonderland stuff. In a country where the media, the political class, the NGOs, the trashy celeb circus, and the rest, all rabidly promote abortions, it’s safe to say the number of “secret Yes Voters” was, at a very generous estimate, precisely zero.
      By contrast- such is the PC culture of fear in modern Ireland, that secret No voters likely numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and probably effected a huge swing to No in the actual vote. When you then factor in the golden rule of polling – which is that pollsters will always vastly understate support for conservate or Christian causes, and vastly overstate support for liberal and cultural Marxist causes – it’s clearly a huge rig.
      Incidentally the fact that the UK Independent article with the poll numbers I cited has apparently disappeared from the internet, is in itself highly suspicious. The only thing I could find relating to the referendum on that date (23rd May, 2018) from the British Independent, was an article stating that a Yes result was “by no means certain”. Yet, quite amazingly – given the artcle’s title and subject, it makes no reference (as far as I can see – I skimmed it twice before writing this reply) to opinion polls at all.
      It reminds me of the time I first came across the many corporate media reports on the net stating that our former Taoiseach (Irish word for Prime Minister) Brian Cowen had called the current Taoiseach Varadkar and his party colleagues “Freemason fuckers” ( please excuse the vulgar language – I’n quoting verbatim). When I saw it I said, Wow! how very interesting! – I must quote that in some pieces I intend writing in the future.
      However, when a few short weeks later, I went to look on the net for the many corporate media reports of the episode I had seen, they had all completely disappeared. In fact the only reference I could find at all to Cowen’s outburst – was in a very obscure local paper, from – of all places – New Zealand, and that didn’t mention the F word at all – the “Freemason word” that is. The powers that be went to the trouble of scrubbing every single reference to Cowen’s outburst about Freemasons in top level Irish politics from the net. That tells you how obsessively determined they are to keep the lid on any discussion of Masonic power in Ireland.

      1. OMG! you are blaming the FREEMASONS for this??????
        Positively rolling on the floor wetting myself with laughter! Right, now I can breath again, I would like to point out to you that Ireland is a CATHOLIC country. Catholics are expressly forbidden from joining the Freemasons.
        Sorry, having another fit of the giggles now.
        The Freemasons, who pledge in their initiation ceremony to uphold the laws of any state they happen to reside in.
        Oh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

      2. And tell me Jude, What BENEFIT would the mostly male Freemasons get from voting in favour of abortions. Pehaps the only Masons who voted were the female ones. They do exist you know!

    2. Anonymous: the polll I cited was published on May 17, and another story I saw on May 23rd in the UK Independent cited the same figures. These figures had nothing to do with the TV debate; that was the main body of the story, but as might be expected, the story also cited the latest opinion poll info on the actual referendum itself. I believe the poll you allude to comes from three days later on May 20. The latter poll puts the Yeses ahead by 56% to 27%(May 20), whereas the one three days earlier puts them ahead by only 44% to 32% (see Journal, ie May 17. ‘Repeal side leads with a week to go, but it is losing ground.’) . So within three days Yes leapt from a 12 point lead into an astonishing 29 point lead – a sudden and inexplicable 17 point surge. That is utterly crazy.
      It gets even more laughable: the final chasm between the May 17 poll and the official result a week later was 22.4 per cent – 44 per cent for the Yeses in the May 17 poll as against 66.4 per cent for the Yeses in the official result. These are Disneyworld gaps in polling figures – and as I say, would be laughed off the stage anywhere else in the world..
      Also, I repeat, the poll I saw cited in the UK Independent on 23rd of May still put the Nos behind by only 12 points. It looks to me like some folk have been busy at work removing incriminatiing poling data from the internet, and perhaps retroactively messing with the figures they are publishing as well.
      However I will ask Tim to amend my statement about “the final poll diverged from the official result by 22 points…” to “ONE of the final polls diverged by 22 points”.

    3. Anonymous, there is some dodgy maths in my first reply to you – re poll numbers – I was on my way out to work when I wrote that reply – so ignore the figures I cited in that reply – the true position re the polls and the final result is set in my second reply to you. Apologies for the confusion.

  6. Excellent article. There was complete strangers running the voting station in my locality. For years this was done by two local trusted citizens. Everyone I spoke to was voting no. It was rigged and people need to wake up to the globalist agenda fast.

    1. Thanks Alan – couldn’t agree more – what you cite is exactly my experience. I’ve been in contact with one anonmymous pro-life leader who firmly believes the referendum was rigged on a massive scale.

    1. The King’s New Clothes. If you’ve wet yourself – you really should change those new clothes – you don’t want them to start smelling. As i noted in my piece, proportionally Ireland has one of the highest rates of Freemasons in the world; indeed even non-proportionally it has a much higher rate than many much larger nations – both Protestant and Catholic. Most of the major banks and much of the media and academia in Ireland has, since nominal indpedence, been dominated by Protestant Freemasons. And one of the clauses in the Government of Ireland Act that granted nominal independence was that no new law enacted by the new state, could change the status of the Freemasons. That tells you who was in control then – and now.
      As for your ridiculous rhetorical question about male Freemasons not “benefitting” from abortion: I was under the impression that the Bolsheviks who legalised abortion in the Soviet Union were almost exclusively male. Abortion is not a about “benefits” for women – or men – it’s about revolt against God.

      1. How many Freemasons are there in Ireland and how does their member to general population ratio stack up against other countries?
        Also, how can people who expressly MUST believe in God and make their promises to be good citizens on a Bible be revolting against God?

    2. The King’s New Clothes: According to an Irish Examiner Article (‘Masonic Mystery’; October 2013, 2012) there are 22,000 Masons in the Republic of Ireland. That’s massively out of proportion with figures from most other countries.
      And that huge disparity is not a new phenomenon. A London Times article from 1929 stated that Ireland had almost equal the number of Freemasons in absolute numbers as the much more populous nation of France had (my source for that statistic is Fr. Edward Cahill’s 1930 book ‘Freemasonry And The Anti-Catholic Movement’ page 26) – and ten times the numbers proportionally (ibid.) When you consider that France has had for centuries sizeable and powerful Protesant and Jewish minorities, these figures are even more startling.
      Also consider how Freemasonic power in France has always been a subject of discussion and speculation in that country – whereas in Ireland there has been a huge wall of silence around “the Craft” since the foundation of the state – never more so than today.
      Not so much “If you want to learn who rules over you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticise, and more a case of “If you want to learn who rules over you, find out who you’re not even allowed to mention – as former Taoiseach Brian Cowen quickly discovered to his cost.

    3. Hmm,it smells Hasbara everything from, your distraction and deflection…You must know that the Freemasons or whatever the Zionists can do for to corrupt the soft minds,whether a Catholic ,a Muslim or even a Jew.
      The proof that all the known main stream media and the social media networks are controlled by the Zionists, is that now they are banning and censoring people from the alternative,independent media,telling the truth with facts,any people with a tangible influence.David Icke banned from Facebook now,go figure why(just to name one of my favorite.Thanks God I never signed up into Facebook nor Twitter, and I’ll never do it. From the few accounts that i have like Youtube or Yahoo, I’m restricted and under censorship.Wherever I go to post, my comments hold pending for hours and then disappear.
      So you call it freedom of speech from those who have the right to write any Bull Shit and forcing it to us to swallow it without backfiring.All we need to do is to comply and kind like sheep going to pasture .Otherwise we should be going to the slaughter house or if we are lucky,we’re going to be fleeced.

  7. People did not vote in favour of abortion, they voted in favour of freedom of choice and less dictatorship by the Catholic Church, according to my son-in-law and daughter in Dublin, who work for an NGO helping society.

    1. I hope your daughter and her hubby didn’t work for one of the NGOs that gave out voting cards to immigrants and other foreigners who had no right to vote in the referendum – which even the media admit was the case. A French Erasmus student complained that he received a voting card in the post – even though he had neither the right nor the wish to vote in the referendum. This happened on a massive scale. As I noted in my article, hundreds of thousands of extra voting cards circulate at Irish elections and referendums.
      Not that you necessarily need a voting card to vote anyway. Theoretically you can simply turn up at the voting centre and say you’re Joe Bloggs, and if his name is on the voting register you can vote. Admittedly – assuming that the officials at your voting centre are honest and competent (two very big ifs) – if you turn up without a voting card, your chances of being asked to produce some form of ID are much greater than if you turn up with one. Those with voting cards are almost never asked for ID – so regardless of how they acquired their card, they usually get to vote. And if they acquire 100 voting cards, they get to vote 100 times – if they want to. Do the maths.

    2. No wonder why George Soros loves to help and back the NGO’s financially all over the world.

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