Roger Stone concocted Pizzagate for Trump?

By Timothy Fizpatrick
December 31, 2016 Anno Domini
It appears that Donald Trump political operative Roger Stone made up the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory in order to aid the defeat of Hillary Clinton and distract from Trump’s election promises reversal and Zionist manoeuvrings.

Roger Stone and Donald Trump and their early days of organized crime and debauchery.

Hillary Clinton opponents, alt right pundits, conspiracy theorists, and members of the “truther” community alike are all still chasing the apparent Stone-rigged dangling carrot in the form of an elaborate, provocative, and seductive conspiracy theory alleging that members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president are operating an underground child-trafficking ring from a set of Clinton-connected ma-and-pa businesses in Washington D.C., namely from the non-existent basement of a pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong.

The Pizzagate dirty trick—which alleges that Clinton campaigners John and Tony Podesta are the masterminds of the ring, extending to Europe—is based on a conveniently anonymous March 2016 hack of the John Podesta’s emails published on Wikileaks, a suspected CIA/Mossad front. Also convenient was the timing of the publishing of the emails by Wikileaks, on October 7, 2016, just in time for the election. The Pizzagate theory “broke” at the end of October.

Days later, on Oct. 11, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told reporters that GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone may have had advanced knowledge of the breach and the subsequent publishing of the emails on Wikileaks.[i]

“I think it is a reasonable assumption—or at least a reasonable conclusion—that Mr. Stone had advance warning and the Trump campaign had advance warning about what [Wikileaks founder Julian] Assange was going to do,” Podesta said. “I think there is a reasonable belief that Mr. Assange may have passed this information on to Mr. Stone.”

Podesta referred to an August 21, 2016 tweet by Stone in which he cryptically warned, “Trust me, it will soon” be “Podesta’s time in the barrel.”[ii]

“Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon also pointed to a interview Stone did in August with Alex Jones’ InfoWars, when he said he had been in touch with Assange through ‘mutual friends.’ In late September and early October, Stone repeatedly touted that Assange would soon release more information on Clinton, both on his Twitter and in another interview with Jones.”[iii]

Stone has denied the suggestion by Podesta; however, Podesta’s claim that Wikileaks timed the release of his emails to cover up the leak of the embarrassing Billy Bush-Trump interview is plausible. Furthermore, it may have been timed to overshadow Trump’s then-pending rape allegation by Katie Johnson[iv], which was tied to convicted child prostitute pimp Jeffrey Epstein, and to distract from Trump’s about face following his election victory, in which he began to refill the swamp with his Goldman Sachs cronies and other villains and shill for the Likud-controlled state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the international Jewish organized crime syndicate.[v]

The claim that the Podesta emails were hacked by Russia is likely a distraction from the real hackers, who are probably operatives in the CIA, NSA, and Mossad—Wikileaks itself likely being a creation of the CIA and Israeli intelligence. Also, we don’t know that the emails published are legitimate. With Trump and Stone’s deep-state ties, it’s not implausible that Stone could have been given warning about the planned hack of Clinton campaigners or the plan create a scandal involving the Clintons (not that there aren’t legitimate ones). But did Stone himself develop the Pizzagate theory based on his knowledge of the Podesta email contents or was he fed it by the hackers? Going buy Stone’s past political trickery, perhaps a little bit of both. What is clear, though, is that Stone had the motive, skills, and time to orchestrate a dirty trick like Pizzagate.

Stone the dirty trickster and agent provocateur

Swingers Stone and Cohn.

If Roger Stone were indeed the author or co-author of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, it wouldn’t be the first time the middle-aged swinger has pulled dirty tricks for the Likud-controlled U.S. Republican Party. He has operated for both George H.W. and George W. Bush, Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump (business and politics), and other prominent people. A lot of his skills were learned from his mentor, Roy Cohn, a Jewish pederast and sexual blackmail operator working in the U.S. government. Cohn was also the mentor of Donald Trump. Retired New York Police Department detective James Rothstein claims that Stone was part of Cohn’s pedophile entrapment ring.

According to Stone critic Mark Ames, the three major points of the Trump-Stone association rests on:

  1. Roger Stone’s dirty tricks specialty is manipulating voter fractures, and weaponizing anti-establishment politics to serve the electoral needs of mainstream Republican candidates;
  2. Roger Stone and Donald Trump have been working together since the mid-1980s, mostly on sleazy campaigns to help Trump’s casino business, but also in politics;
  3. Roger Stone and Donald Trump worked together in at least two major “black bag” operations manipulating anti-establishment politics to help the mainstream Republican presidential candidate.[vi]

Aside from Pizzagate, most recently, Stone implicated Trump’s internal GOP opponent Ted Cruz with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It’s no coincidence that Stone’s longtime associates are, themselves, connected to the organized crime syndicate that orchestrated the murder of the Kennedys.[vii] Like Pizzagate, Stone attempts to use photographic evidence to prove his smear of Cruz.[viii] Perhaps Stone even came up with the “Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks” meme (also based on supposed photographic evidence), in an attempt to discredit Alex Jones’ critics and advance Likud’s false opponents in the alternative media.[ix] As with many of Stone’s dirty tricks, Trump publicly echoed the Cruz-JFK theory during his campaign run.

In 1972, when Stone was barely out of his teenage years, the ambitious Republican trickster went to work by entrapping Richard Nixon’s opponent for the Republican nomination Paul McCloskey. Stone had been working for Nixon’s re-election committee, CREEP, appropriately nicknamed by Nixon’s opponents. Using the fake name “Jason Rainier”, Stone donated funds to McCloskey under the pretext that it was on behalf of the Young Socialist Alliance. Stone then told the press that the would-be GOP nominee had accepted the funds, implying that McCloskey was an undercover socialist. The trick must have worked, as Nixon was eventually won the nominee.[x]

After aiding in the successful presidential campaigns of celebrity president Ronald Regan in the 1980s, Stone’s career of trickery encountered a bit of a setback and he was forced to resign from Bob Dole’s 1996 campaign. Ironically, the National Enquirer, a publication Stone has used to aid in his political black operating, exposed Stone’s sexual libertinism—namely that he was a bisexual swinger.[xi] Whether or not Stone was involved in Lew Rosenstiel and Roy Cohn’s boy-loving sex ring at Trump’s former Plaza Hotel suite 233[xii] is unknown.

Cover of tabloid Star from 1996 showing the blacked-out face of Roger Stone in its article on his swingers ad.
Enquirer article in Swinger Stone. Click to enlarge.

Stone would eventually make his way back into black operating for the Likudniks during the Bush II era. He helped out George W. Bush in his 2000 campaign while under threat from the Reform Party and its candidate Pat Buchanan.

Stone got Trump to join the Reform party and then leave it, under the guise of disillusionment, in an attempt to derail the Reform party’s growing popularity and split votes.
Stone was also behind the alleged Buchanan baby scandal in a further attempt to divide and weaken Bush’s opponent, securing Bush’s victory for the Zionist cryptocracy.[xiii]

“The Stone-inspired Reform infighting served multiple Bush interests: It killed any possibility of a third Perot run, blocked the candidacy of former Connecticut governor Lowell Weicker, and forced out the party’s only elected official, Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. Buchanan’s vanishing act—after Stone cajoled him to run Reform—left nearly a dozen party leaders contacted by the Voice convinced that he and Stone were conscious agents of doom.”[xiv]

Stone would pull off one more significant act of deception for the Likudniks running the Bush II campaign: obstructing justice in the Bush election theft.

Later that year, Stone, who calls himself “the GOP hitman,” spearheaded the Brooks Brothers riot that thwarted Florida’s ballot recount. By his account, Stone managed to rally right-wing protesters to assemble outside a voting center in Miami-Dade—a diverse county sympathetic to Gore. “The idea we were putting out there was that this was a left-wing power grab by Gore, the same way Fidel Castro did it in Cuba. We were very explicitly drawing that analogy,” Stone recalled. “The idea was to shut it down, stop the recount here in Miami.”[xv]

False-flagging, agent provocateuring, and causing infighting—these are the rotten fruits of Roger Stone.
In 2004, during the Bush. Jr. re-election campaign, Stone reportedly used FBI informant-black activist Al Sharpton to steal the nomination from Democrat Al Gore in order for Sharpton to become a strawman opponent to Bush.

“As it turns out, Al Sharpton entered the 2004 Democratic primaries on the payroll and orders of Roger Stone, who directed Sharpton’s attacks from the race politics-left against Howard Dean. And as the New York Times revealed that year, it was Donald Trump who took credit for introducing Al Sharpton—a one-time FBI informant—to his old friend and lobbyist, GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone,” writes Ames.[xvi]

One wonders from where Stone was getting the money to pay for stunts like this. Was it coming from Tel Aviv or through one of Israel’s CIA conduits?

“After neutralizing the Reform Party and blocking the Florida recount with his hired “Brooks Brothers mob” Roger Stone was rewarded by President Bush by being put in charge of the Bush-Cheney 2000 transition team’s Indian Bureau Affairs appointments. Even in this, Trump did a solid for Stone, signing his name on a fake letter written by Stone in order to sink the nomination of the “wrong” Indian tribal leader who wasn’t Stone’s man. The fake Trump letter ensured that Stone’s man, Neal McCaleb, was given the job as head of Bush’s Indian Affairs Bureau instead.”

These are just some of the Stone-Trump dirty tricks politics. I am sure we will learn some more as the Trump administration devolves into an even greater Likud front and the opposition grows more tired of the lies and treachery.

Zionist David Seaman, the Pizzagate fall guy?
Either David Seaman is the real author or co-author of Pizzagate or he is the front should Stone’s potential role behind it be revealed to the public. Either way, Seaman is as suspicious as Stone. The former mainstream media journalist’s surname is ironic considering the content of the Pizzagate conspiracy claims. His role in the Trump campaign earlier this fall seems to have been to promote the theory that Hillary Clinton was on the verge of dying.
And he had help from almost all in the alternative media in spreading this distraction, which turned out to be false.

Clinton is alive and well, it seems. For what purpose this little tale served is for speculation. With so many damning revelations about Trump and his character during the presidential race, it could have served to distract from dozens of things. Overall, it was a suspicious diversion coming from a mainstream media “reporter”, who ended up allegedly being fired as a result of fixating on this one topic. Following this firing, he apparently moved on to Pizzagate. Seaman is Jewish and also Zionist.[xvii] With this, his role in the Likud-controlled GOP and its propagation of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory makes more sense.

The Pizzagate evidence
The initial Pizzagate evidence was the supposed pedophile code John Podesta used in his emails. It was based on a “pizza-related map” on a handkerchief, which could have been nothing more than a logo-clad napkin with a map to a pizzeria. Secondary evidence, most of which has been debunked, included a series of perverted photos, some of which involved Kim Noble’s Satanic ritual abuse art and had nothing to do with anyone involved in Pizzagate. Like Stone’s other dubious photographic evidence, Pizzagate theorists used a batch of photos supposedly obtained from Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis’ social media accounts to advance their theories. It’s pointless to comment on the supposed photos until it can be proven that they are authentic. The same goes for the Podesta emails. But what we can comment on is the photoshopping of the fictitious pedophile code used to scandalize Podesta. Also, Stone’s apparent history of forging documents lends credibility to the thesis of this article. The photoshopper (Stone or Seaman?) added a “white” category to the homosexual underground handkerchief code (did Stone select this handkerchief code based on his own knowledge of this code, himself being involved in the homosexual underworld?). The photoshopped graphic describes the category as “pedo/virgin”. A simple online search of a more exhaustive homosexual handkerchief[xviii] code does indeed reveal a white category; however, it does not mean pedo or virgin. Furthermore, the code is not necessarily universally adopted by all homosexuals, or other sexual deviants.

Evidence suggests that some perverts use localized codes, ones that they develop specifically for their group, like in the case of 4chan, which does seem to use “cheese pizza” as sort of adaptive acronym for “child porn”.

Ironically, 4chan, a known pedophile hangout, was instrumental in spreading the Pizzagate theory. Regardless, there is nothing to substantiate the alleged code used in the Podesta emails. It’s all wild speculation and reaching.

Another photographic piece of “evidence” used by the theorists is a police sketching of the supposed Madeline McCann kidnapper. Even though the police sketching is two different renderings of one man, the Pizzagaters use it to prop up their theory that it’s two renderings of two men—whom they claim is John and Tony Podesta. From there, there is virtually nowhere the Pizzagate theorists won’t go. They try to to tie Pizzagate to every child-sex scandal in history and then accuse skeptics of being pedophiles and child rapist sympathizers for not automatically accepting their cockamamie theories.

Some Pizzagaters will admit to the flimsiness of the core evidence but will ask “what about all the other stuff?”.

Using a basic chain of logic, the other stuff is all meaningless until the primary evidence can be proven.

Wikileaks the Zionist psyop


It’s debated whether Wikileaks has “leaked” anything from its archive of hacks that has had any significance in world affairs and politics.
It’s also debated as to the legitimacy of its hacked content, which has been gathering for ten years now. But what is known is that Wikileaks has rarely, if ever, leaked anything of significance as it pertains to Zionism and the state of Israel. Out of all the scandals and corruption in the world, Wikileaks has never managed to implicate the world’s biggest conspirator in any significant wrongdoing. This wouldn’t be a coincidence had Wikileaks been a Mossad/CIA-controlled psyop. In fact, Wikileaks has not only omitted and covered up Israeli/Zionist crimes, it has worked to promote its propaganda, like the Likud lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.[xix] Furthermore, it appears that Wikileaks may be the direct creation of none other than the Rothschild dynasty. It goes without saying that the Rothschild agenda is the same as that of Likud and their lackeys in the American GOP. From wherever Wikileaks supposedly obtained the Podesta emails, it was with the blessing of the Zionist establishment.

Perhaps the biggest red flag to the legitimacy of Wikileaks is the miraculous elusiveness and survival of its founder Julian Assange, who has managed to dodge the greatest, most ubiquitous surveillance state in world history. Assange makes it all too easy to dismiss him as a Zionist-Rothschild COINTELPRO operative when he makes comments like the following:

“I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”[xx]

As we can see, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, David Seaman, and Wikileaks all have one thing in common: Israel.
Pizzagate can only be a clever Likud distraction to coverup the crimes and corruption of Trump and his loyalty to Israel and the money power.

Stone claims he has been in touch with Assange through “mutual friends”.[xxi] If true, it can only be intelligence friends, likely in the CIA/Mossad.

Pizzagate also serves to discredit the “truther” movement, aid Internet censorship agenda
While many in the truth community spend countless hours chasing the breadcrumbs likely left by Stone, and Assange, and coming up with yet more theories surrounding Pizzagate, the mainstream media and the conspirators poke fun at the truth movement and discredit it as a progenitor of fake news and lies. The mass hysteria resulting from this possible Roger Stone dirty trick has even eventuated in a recent false-flag attack, where an alleged gunman, provoked by a sense of Pizzagate justice, entered Comet Ping Pong for revenge.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened. But in the near future, a more serious false-flag attack could occur at one of the alleged Pizzagate-associated businesses in Washington, DC, resulting in more serious demonization of the alternative media and truthers alike and likely new, sweeping Internet censorship legislation.

Pizzagate, like the Jade Helm, flat Earth, and Jesuit conspiracy theories, could be part of a Cass Sunstein-like attempt to discredit legitimate conspiracies by flooding the truth movement with plausible yet ultimately false and fake conspiracy theories. Of course, an operation like this would also have to be carried out by the intelligence community and its hatchet men like Roger Stone.

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  1. Pizzagate happened organically the moment everyone saw the pizza code and Alefantis’ Instagram. The whole thing went down in a conversation involving many people where it was suggested they were eating people.
    Later, people were able verify through social media accounts, public records and the leaks that Alefantis and Podesta are both smaller pieces of a very large money laundering operation that seemingly involves hiding income from a variety of crimes.
    Whatever you think ‘shipping pizza interntaionally’ is code for is up for debate. Kimdotcom says weapons, some say sex with kids. The fact is that they are laundering money selling crappie satanic art at record prices and using a web of shell companies to break down large transactions into smaller sums.
    See Transformer, Titan Transport, J&T Packing, Troika Dialog, etc.

    1. What do you mean by “happened”? Just because enemy-propaganda media reports something doesn’t mean that it’s true. Sure there’s plenty of pedos in the elite ranks but the entire Pizza-Gate thing was a PsyOp, to be exposed as fake and ridiculous by the fully-&-100%-co-opted mass-media itself that brought it into the mass-public consciousness in the first place, in order to use as a battering ram against the huge amounts of Media-Fakery exposures that have avalanched since Sandy Hoax. However, because of previous gatekeeping by the likes of Alex Jones, Loose Change and Christopher Bollyn (a few people setting up controlled-opposition is all they really need) 80% of the troof movement is still stuck in the pre-PsyOp, “false-flag” understanding of enemy-occupied-government operations,
      Whether through direct agency or useful idiocy (the result being the same: disinfo), Alex Jones, Mikey “man-boobs” Rivero, Loose Shekels, Jeff Rense, David Icke, Chistopher Bollyn, Daryl Bradford Smith, Mark Glenn, Alan Sabrosky and a whole host of others, did such a good job of bamboozling millions that there were “planes” (albeit “remote controlled,” lol) and “3000 victims” on 9/11 and only the “whodunnit” was lied about, that de-conditioning from that vast area of mind-set back to the correct one of 100%-pre-manufactured PsyOps where all or the vast majority of the victims are faked (through no pangs of conscious or morality but simply through pragmatism and utilitarian ease of who to blame and who to victimize) becomes a monumental task.
      Yes, Zach Hubbard was right about what “Pizzagate” was all about and all of you guys, every last one who jumped the shark, were wrong. Question is this: do you have the humility to admit it?
      “The technique of infamy is to invent two lies and to get people arguing heatedly about which one of them is true.” ~ Ezra Pound

  2. Good article, but I think you’re missing a deep connection to Steve Pieczenik. He recently posted this retweet in support of Pizzagate:
    And was active in arguing that the Clintons were engaged in Coup De’Tat during the election. He’s former Deputy Secretary of State under Bush I, former CIA, is a psychiatrist, and has a specialty in military PsyOps. So, like Stone, he’s in the Bush camp. And though the Clintons and Bush’s have a friendly collegiality among them, there’s no doubt the Bushes were instrumental in the smear campaign against Bill Clinton during the 1990s. Just as they and their cohorts did Willie Horton during 1988 and the primary smear against John McCain in South Carolina in 2000. One begins to realize these aren’t just campaign doctors at work here. This goes straight to CIA and military intelligence. Which shouldn’t be surprising given H.W. Bush’s prior directorship at CIA.
    So what are they after? Well, there’s one a intercene warfare aspect similar to Roman Great House wars in antiquity. But I think there must also be a pragmatic purpose as well. And when one considers Trump’s promise to ‘drill drill drill’, it becomes clear the Bush camp stands to gain from a Trump presidency. Furthermore, his promise to continue middle eastern wars in support of Saudi interests also aligns with Bush interests. And therefore, all claims that Bush openly opposed Trump would appear to be diversion as part of a long game. It was bluff at the grand poker table.
    I’m no fan of the Clintons or their ‘third way’ triangulation strategy. This outcome – and the total decimation of the Democratic Party just as Republicans appeared to face total demographic defeat – shows the Clinton’s bankrupt ideology that infected the DNC left the party open to attack by the very oligarchic groups they’d courted. It was a stab in the back by oil and financial interests and all those money patrons the CIA and its ilk exist to protect.
    We are literally left with a one party state in the United States. The Democratic Party is dead. And there is no political organization left to represent popular interests. Opening that power vacuum for the right. Just as all over Europe and the rest of the developed liberal democracies. And I think this was arranged.

    1. It’s not surprising that Pieczenik is promoting the Pizzagate theory. He is associated with Alex Jones and the pseudo alternative media. I’ve never trusted him, even during the odd time when he was critical of Israel.

    2. Alex Jones has told a few people (one of them being Joel Skousen) that he is aware that Pieczenik is a fraud but continues to have him on because he “gets good ratings.” If he’s aware that someone as (relatively) subtle as Pieczenik is a fraud, he must know that the vast majority of his other guests are full of it as well.

  3. This is an interesting theory. Another angle I have been looking into is the fact that a similar story was published about Chuck E. Cheese earlier in 2016 by an open fake news site, now8news.

    1. Wow, you weren’t kidding. Thanks for the tip.
      Police Find Satanic Ritual Dungeon In Chicago Chuck E. Cheese Basement
      Child Molester Sitting In Claw Machine Hoping To “Get Picked By Child Who’ll Love Him”
      It follows a similar narrative to the current one. Perhaps this was a test for the eventual Pizzagate fake news we are dealing with now.

  4. Do you follow Jim Stone, the U.S. intelligence expatriate in Mexico allegedly “hiding out” after an abortive conversion to Judaism? He was pushing these stories big but also the meme about Assange having been assassinated for revealing the Podesta E-mails.
    As for “bullhorn” Jones being Bill Hicks–gotta say his look and style of delivery is eerily similar. How do Jones’ (former) in-laws, the Bronfmans, fit in with the Likudnik (Adelson) win on Nov. 8th?
    For the Zionists, Hillary was the perfect choice to run against Likud-Republican Trump–her record as Secretary of State and ruthless behavior was a turn-off to may voters, regardless of the truth of the Comet allegations. Further, whites are overwhelmingly the victims of crime and violent attacks by blacks, yet she and Obama chose to alienate white blue-collar voters by portraying the situation in reverse. (The criminal justice system favors blacks in most categories, except for traffic-related crimes and another category, rather than the converse–and whites know this despite the media harangue.) Her flip-flop sexual politics did not go over well either (deep in their inner recesses many whites understand promoting gayness will further exacerbate the collapse of the white demographic!) nor did white voters favor Hillary’ rabid pro-immigrant stance at a time when tens of millions of whites are unemployed or underemployed. Ditto for her faux disavowal of Goldman, the TTIP and the disastrous “gold standard” NAFTA (her co-president Bill told us “NAFTA we hafta” after all.)
    People on the Beltway may not understand this but, to poor working whites, paying a $2000 tax penalty or $5000+/yr. for heath insurance with a $5000+ deductible is a great hardship. Hillary certainly didn’t understand this–another reason for her loss besides Comet.

  5. Yeah the whole story is utterly incredulous and doesn’t even begin to fit the pattern of previous more established and well-documented high-level pedophile rings such as the DC Callboy ring, Franklin scandal, Dutroux affair, etc. Real pedophile/child trafficking rings operate at a level of sophistication far, far beyond anything alleged in pizzagate. And any perpetrators most definitely wouldn’t be communicating anything about the ring through established email clients, and certainly not through ones known to be theirs (Even otherwise ordinary people involved in this kind of stuff typically use already existing anonymized networks or boutique communications links with servers that don’t respond when queried by non-authorized servers, not standard email accounts.) And a pizza restaurant (or really any consumer-facing commercial location) is perhaps one of the worst places anyone could imagine establishing a trafficking storehouse or location where child abuse occurs.
    The whole story just doesn’t ring true to begin with, not to mention all the suspicious connections documented in the article.

    1. I agree with your point in general, but the Dutroux affair I wouldn’t exactly call certain parts of it sophisticated, that guy was a moron who did everything possible to get caught, he was just protected by certain powers that be who I can only assume had some relationship with him. Marc was far more blatantly obvious with his evils than pizzagate by far. Like even the guys own mother said he was keeping young girls captive at his parole…and they still let him out.

  6. I read the first and last few paragraphs of this article. I think I understand what the theory is. I just personally cannot stand to focus on filth entities. .
    I got the distinct impression that because Pizzagate is a 100 percent PsyOp, the whole entirety of the very real history throughout human life on earth of human sacrifice, satanic ritual abuse and murder, canabalism, pedophilia and every other form of satanic evil also does not exist and is to be discounted just as Pizzagate is to be discounted as a PsyOp.
    The way of Christ is to expose evil deeds of darkness and not even give the vague impression that the evil is not real and present.
    Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.
    Ephesians 5: 11-12
    (Thanks to Negentropic for refreshingly truthful comments about 9-11. )

    1. Dachsielady, are you saying that because this article discounts Pizzagate that it discounts altogether the existence of things like human sacrifice, SRA, murder, cannibalism, pedophilia, etc.?

      1. “are you saying that because this article discounts Pizzagate that it discounts altogether the existence of things like human sacrifice, SRA, murder, cannibalism, pedophilia, etc.?”
        I said that I did not read the entire article and I said that I was expressing the strong impression that I received from reading what little I did of the article.
        The kinds of evils alluded to in the Pizzagate Wikileaks Podesta emails are very real among the top echelons of world and U S government.
        I have often stated that all seems to operate within a “bribery, extortion, blackmail grid.”
        I hold to that same opinion now.
        I believe there are strong reasons warranting a much deeper investigation of John Podesta and his brother. However, we are in the last days and I see no one, except for a few Internet websites and video channels, who can honestly do such an investigation that would culminate in justice under the rule of law from the murderers and harming of the innocents. In other words, I consider it perfectly Sunsteinian to have some point to Pizzagate as “a one hundred percent PsyOp” when the reality is that it is only to some percentage, not 100, a PsyOp. The controllers love to package something up as a whole and then have the whole completely discredited and “exposed” as a PsyOp.
        Wikileaks has been releasing LEAKED, not hacked, emails and documents for over ten years. Not one person disputes the accuracy of the emails and documents.
        Yes, Wikileaks is to an extent larger than we can know a controlled entity,, and I notice Assange disses the truth of 9-11 and Wikileaks has curiously never released anything that refers to 9-11. Too curious for me. So the overall end game of Wikileaks is probably right in line with Satan’s goal, that is, a one world death and slavery system for all and the capture and destruction of every human soul.
        Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
        John 7:24

        1. I see the same fallacious arguments popping up among the Pizzagate cult. They claim that because child-sex rings and satanic ritual abuse exist, Pizzagate must be real. This is not a valid argument let alone proof of Pizzagate. Many of them simply parrot the mindless GOP-created term “Pizzagate is real”. I have had to moderate one of these very comments today.
          They also use argumentum ad ignorantiam, demanding that Pizzagate be accepted as truth until it is proven false. Again, this invalid. Also, there is confirmation bias all over Pizzagate theory.
          I am not accusing you, Dachieslady, of using said fallacies, but just pointing out that conspiracists of this kind have these tendencies. Frankly, though, I don’t think a lot of the Pizzagate people are even truthers. Most of them seem to be Republican/Trump shills. We know that Roger Stone likely couldn’t care less about the abuse of kids, so why is he advancing the theory? It’s quite convenient that his political opponents are at the receiving end of it.
          Because we all know that sex abuse goes on in government and high places does not validate Pizzagate. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that we should treat the Pizzagate theory with less scrutiny simply because we are sympathetic to the view it supports. If it’s a red herring or limited hangout, then the architects of it are counting on us not scrutinizing it and just accepting it at face value, which puts us at their mercy. Everything should be scrutinized equally. Think about all the other conspiracy hoaxes we’ve had to deal with this year. The truther moving keeps making the same mistakes, falling for any- and everything.
          As for your comment that Wikileaks is releasing “leaked” content, that’s just a claim. It doesn’t mean it’s actually true. And history has shown that the CIA deliberately leaks false information as part of limited hangout operations. It’s also not true that Wikileaks has such an impeccable track record. Check out some of the sources I cited.

          1. I do not any of the false reasons you cite. You did not address the one reason of mine I did cite. The only logical fallacy I am observing is that of the straw man. I can see that you are sold on the idea that Pizzagate is totally created PsyOp. That is your choice. I have a long list of logical reasons to suggest that there is basis in reality for Pizzagate to be real. In fact, I find it almost incredible that so many cannot see through this operation of the CIA and the FBI and other traitor failed U S government entities.
            “As for your comment that Wikileaks is releasing “leaked” content, that’s just a claim. It doesn’t mean it’s actually true. And history has shown that the CIA deliberately leaks false information as part of limited hangout operations. It’s also not true that Wikileaks has such an impeccable track record. Check out some of the sources I cited. ”
            There has been absolutely nothing to suggest that Wikileaks is leaking hacked content. Yes, the CIA deliberately leaks information of the limited hangout type which means they leak some true information, not leak “false information.” What makes it false is that it is just enough truth to make the larger false narrative accepted. I did not say Wikileaks has an “impeccable track record.” (Another straw man argument.) I specifically stated some major omissions regarding 9-11 that I find very suspicious that indicate the entity is controlled to some degree. They can be controlled and still have a record that what they do release are real emails and real documents. That is what I am saying and what concerns me is that you know that is what I am saying.
            Leaks can come from several sources and insiders at the DNC for example can be a source. There have been at least two such insiders, one killed and one missing, who many have leaked the damaging emails.
            It is very peculiar that over many months Podesta and top level insiders of the Dem Party (this time its the Dems but the Repubs are deep into this evil too) show emails absolutely loaded with terminology regarding Pizzas, little boys, and “cheese”, little girls, to name just one bit of the terminology. We find some top level Dem people quite preoccupied and excited about hot dogs and pizza and Obama spending $65,000 in our money on a lavish private hot dog and pizza party at the White House. Not one White House server or food/kitchen food staff person comes forward and describes what they observed of that party. To me they ought to give up their jobs to tell this serious national security truth, but I guess they know this organized pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse and murder are subjects that could get them murdered if they take a stand. There are thousands of former government employees who are keeping silent for life.
            Then Saul, who was also called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked straight at Elymas and said, “You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! You are full of all kinds of deceit and trickery. Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord?”
            Acts 13:9-10

            1. absolutely loaded with terminology regarding Pizzas, little boys, and “cheese”, little girls

              This is unverified. And if not, why did the Pizzagate movement fudge the Handkerchief code (to include non-existent “white” pedo/virgin category)? Why did they, for example, attribute Kim Noble’s SRA artwork to James Alefantis? There is no connection whatsoever between Noble’s artwork and Alefantis, yet Pizzagate propaganda is littered with her art. Why did they claim that the kids in Alefantis’ Instragram photos were the abused kids when most of them were of one girl, Caris James, Alefantis’ own God daughter?
              I am not merely being skeptical for skeptic’s sake. The evidence for Pizzagate is extremely flimsy, at best.
              Regarding Wikileaks, calling it “leaked” vs. “hacked” is irrelevant. What matters is what information is coming out from Wikileaks and the effect it has. As my article states, Julian Assange seems to have a miraculous ability to avoid capture, as do his web servers. Ask yourself how you first learned of Wikileaks and Assange. The answer is from the mainstream media. The MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

  7. Stone, another closeted repelican bay lover. Read The Franklin Scandal, where {Poppy} Bush was having underage “Call Boys” into the White House for sleepovers and payed them with CC, They have receipts. Like underage sex is a Dem thing….really? Really Mr Hastert?? REALLY?

  8. Great website! I agree with 90% of what you’ve written. Especially wikileaks being a mossad front.
    But you can hardly assert that the Hillary is sick story was fashioned from whole cloth. She was caught on film having a seizure. She collapsed at the 9/11 memorial function. She spent most of the campaign at home resting- and the MSM did its best to cover it all up.
    And the Pizzagate shooter- very suspicious. He claimed to be “investigating”, but his enquiry consisted of shooting up a floor tile at Comet and giving himself up. Very helpful to the media’s criticism of “fake news” websites.
    Also Pizzagate hasn’t helped Stone’s buddy Alex Jones, who is smart enough to know the MSM is ready to pounce if he says ANYTHING about Comet, Podesta, Alefantis, etc.
    Whatever is going on here is very deep, dark and complex. Perhaps Pizzagate is a “honeypot” as Jones claims. Perhaps it is a limited hangout, designed to stitch up just the Democrats.

    1. You are referring to this debunked photo.

      First of all, the pederast term for a young boy is “chicken hawk”, not chicken lover.
      Second of all, and most importantly, the small child in this photo is a girl, Caris James, James Alefantis’ goddaughter. So, even if you stretched chickenlover to mean chickenhawk in this particular case, it wouldn’t work, because the man is not holding a boy but a girl. Furthermore, if you check out the Twitter hashtag #ChickenLovers, it is almost exlusively about food, which is completely harmonious with Comet Ping Pong and it being a pizzeria.
      Another ridiculous stretch the Pizzagate movement made was trying to claim that the necklace the man is wearing as a “sex bracelet”. Another embarrassing accusation seeing that a necklace and a bracelet are two completely different things. But above all, the only way this photo can possibly look sinister in context of the #chickenlovers hashtag is if it were a boy. So, there is no point in even talking about the other stuff.
      See what happens when one doesn’t investigate things without confirmation bias? Reckless sleuthing.

  9. I didn’t even have that pic in mind when I posted the video. This is re: Alefantis’s ties to the pedo that just got out of prison.

    1. Ties to which pedo? Can you even name the person you are accusing of being a pedo? Regardless, this is not proof that he is running a sex-ring from his non-existent basement at Comet Ping Pong.

      1. James admitted in an interview he has a basement. Are you even looking at the links I am posting? The one I left about the Pajama factory I state the guy (IMO) is doing good research and has 9 videos up so far. The one I left re: JA’s pedo connection SHOWS his ties to him. I’m far from being an investigative reporter but I am looking at all sides of this to get to the bottom of this. Looking at every angle including the ones like yours that say this is a psyop. I’m not willing to dismiss any of this yet.

        1. The Inquisitr quote allegedly of Alefantis does indeed state that they store tomatoes in a basement but not which basement. It could be another location. The property listings for Comet say it has two stories. A basement is not considered a “story” as far as I know. If Comet does have any kind of a basement, it’s an above-ground one, which might be what Alefantis is referring to…if that quote of his is even real. If it’s above ground, then so much for the “underground” sex-ring claims. You guys are grasping at straws here.
          Here is the photo being passed off as Comet Ping Pong’s basement. Notice the door to the outside with daylight shining in. Clearly, this is not underground.

          It’s also not sinister for Alefantis to “slip up” and call the first story of his building a basement in one interview and then say that they didn’t have a basement in another interview. Technically, it’s not a basement, but for the ease of the interview, he could have just called it a basement because it is beneath the restaurant floor. Of course, people who are out on a witchhunt will not allow for any inconsistency, not matter how innocent it may be. Those comedians that went to Comet Ping Pong pretending to be investigators proved that this “basement” is above ground from the back of Comet Ping Pong. The ground inclines toward the front, which puts the restaurant level at street level. Nothing sinister here.
          By the way, that fake investigation carried out by those young comedians—Pod Awful TV—shows how willing Pizzagaters are to believe in anything, as they made up, on the fly, evidence of “hatches” to the alleged underground tunnels.
          Bottom line, nobody has produced any evidence that there is an underground basement let alone tunnels connecting businesses on the street of Comet Ping Pong.

    1. I suspect you feel burned by my comment on your last article, though you shouldn’t. I enjoy your blog and think you’re very perceptive. More perceptive than me, apparently, because I think the writer on SemiticControversies makes some good points about Pizzagate. I’m not trying to bait you. Are there any points that writer makes that you think are valid? –Daniel Matthews

  10. It’s all fixed. Gone fishing. “No new taxes.” Don’t steal, the government hates competition. I voted against islamic migration into the US. It’s fully out of control in europe. Those rich people can keep all the power they want, as long as they do not touch my liberty.

    1. If you had bothered reading my article, you would have discovered that this DC Pizzagate blog seems to be the one that fabricated the Handkerchief code with the non-existent white (pedo virgin) category. It has all kinds of misleading pictures and statements. My article focuses on the main points, which is the alleged Podesta code. That’s the most important part. Without it, the theory crumbles.
      I find it strange that you can’t read this one article that challenges the official narrative, yet you can spend hours and hours poring over all the imaginations of Internet crackpots and CIA disinfo and their Pizzagate nonsense which they ridiculously connect to just about everything imaginable. These shills have resorted to going back into history, no matter how far back, and calling every and any instance of suspected and confirmed child sex scandals as being part of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. Where are your heads? Give it a shake and come back to reality. The Jimmy Saville scandal has now been dubbed part of “Pizzagate” even though it had nothing to do with pizza are supposed pedophile codes using food key words. This is bordering on mental illness, if not full fledged hysteria.

  11. Excellent work here. And Roger Stone needs to be exposed again and again and again until enough people understand how much trouble he has caused. Expose people like him who are direct agents of divide and conquer for the elite.

  12. While I agree there is no “proof” of any of pizzagate story, there is enough circumstantial evidence for a reasonable person to be suspicious of pedophile or at least under-aged sexual activity of some sort. Furthermore, what you are doing is selectively identifying aspects of the case that were clearly not researched properly, planted by people with a motive to discredit it, or put out by people looking to gain followers, in order to discredit the entire story and all the evidence. I’m calling BS. You are not addressing the circumstantial evidence that has been verified or not debunked While people that believe in pizzagate certainly should not be claiming “guilty” based on circumstantial evidence, the detractors also don’t get to assume that all the rest of the evidence it is wrong, edited, being misunderstood, or part of some disinformation plot unless they can prove that. Both sides have to play by the same rules. By those rules, there is a lot of garbage out there, but there is also enough reasonable circumstantial evidence to warrant a closer look. That is balance.

  13. I’ve been calling this the “Roy Cohn coup”…
    …Also I may have detected Roger Stone’s involvement in originating the “pizza” lingo which indeed is probably spurious… …having originated with a Jared Wyand tweet (account now deleted) coming less than an hour after the WikiLeaks Podesta emails release it hashtagged on Nov. 3. 4chan and reddit threads were contemporaneously also making the connection.
    Seems the pizza-pedo connection began with this Nov. 2 4chan thread: but the code …and the CP code is discussed in the Nov. 3 thread as already having been in use at 4chan: …though not as it had been developed in the Jared Wyland tweet. Did Stone or some other operative suggest the false code as a diversionary tactic? (in as much as Republicans could be implicated as well). It’s a question.
    Also, I suspect that the intermediary between Stone and Assange could be WBAI’s Randy Credico…

    1. Only info I have is that the story smells like BS. Nick Spero called this out a little while ago, speculating that Stone’s lesions were a result of Stone being infected with HIV—a plausible theory considering Stone is a bisexual swinger and self-proclaimed “libertine”. Stone is the kind of guy that would lie all the way to the grave. He would also shill all the way to the grave.

      1. Stone did say that he was in his Florida home, in Dec, to work overtime to write a book about Trump, which he did finish. So there wouldn’t be time if he was sick in the hospital.

  14. Either the author and most of the commenters here are professional shills for the khazarian vatican cabal, or you’re so ignorant it is truly amazing.
    This whole premise is just stupid. Go research.
    “Alex Jones has told a few people (one of them being Joel Skousen) that he is aware that Pieczenik is a fraud”. Yeah so you say….but stupid comments like this are obviously done by again someone so stupid its bizarre or they’re a shill and member.
    What a joke this wordpress site looks like so far.

    1. LOL! Tell me, what exactly is a “khazarian vatican cabal”?
      Seeing as most of the world’s Jews are not Khazars and the Vatican is next to powerless in terms of world influence, your vague expression seems highly unlikely. If this blog is such a joke, why did you post three ad hominem attacks, one of which I let slide?

    2. I haven’t conducted a ton of extensive research into Likud specifically but from what I’ve gathered Israel is more or less a vassal of US Anglo-Jewish interests. All the most powerful Jews in key positions in industry, NGOs, finance, law, government etc. as far as I can tell are in the US and UK, primarily in New York, London and Washington, not Israel. Remember Netanyahu was brought up and made in the United States – he is an Ivy Leaguer, MIT and Boston Consulting Group alumni (very much an insider company), then George Schultz and George HW Bush set him up for success in Israel by having him speak at international anti-terrorism conferences in the late 70s and 80s.
      I think it’s more a matter of there being a seamless relationship between the right-wing US national security apparatus and Israel’s right-wing. Whether the relationship is unilateral, bilateral I haven’t seen enough evidence to argue either way.

  15. I don’t think the legitimacy of pizzagate is 100 percent false, BUT I did notice how it was astroturfed by Trump shills and the limited hangout “alt-right” folks. My Question is: Why is it so hard to believe that and insider like Roger Stone would know about the oppositions pedophile shenanigans and decide to release the information to help Trump? This could be legitimate, I mean, the upper echelons of the US gov, especially in DC are all pedophiles so I don’t know why you refuse to believe that Roger Stone just happened to leak Podesta’s dirty laundy conveniently before the election. Podesta’s own brothers connection to Hastert was pretty damning too. They even joked about him fleeing to some island in Japan

    1. What if Roger Stone himself is a pedophile? His mentor and possible lover Roy Cohn was a pederast. Cohn was also Trump’s friend, lawyer, and mentor. What’s certain is that Roger Stone is a self-described “libertine”, a bisexual, and a swinger. Would it be a stretch for him to also be a pederast, especially given his elite access?

  16. Timothy Fitzpatrick, have you looked into at least two of Trump’s backers who are Melvin Floyd Sembler former ambassador under George H. W. Bush to Australia and Nauru and Sheldon Adelson who owns Casinos in Macau and Nevada and wants to build one in Florida, well about Melvin Sembler who is confirmed to be a Jew, he has a checkered past, he founded Straight Inc a rehab which was exposed big time for child abuse, forced abuse, coercion, false imprisonment and etc. When they were forced to shut down in 1993 they changed their name to Drug Free America Foundation which is literally still Straight Inc, about Melvin Sembler, he was never prosecuted for allowing child abuse, suicides and etc that happened at Straight Inc. Straight Inc was also endorsed by Nancy Reagan as well. About Sheldon Adelson another backer of Donald Trump, his wife Miriam Anderson runs a Rehab in Nevada. It would not be surprising if Melvin Sembler and Sheldon Adelson are also connected to Roger Stone as well as both Melvin Sembler and Sheldon Adelson was around when Roy Cohn was around as well.
    Links on abuse that happened at Straight Inc: (Includes survivors stories) (Includes documented abuse and suicides at Straight Inc)

  17. I don’t think it’s fair to accuse everyone promoting Pizzagate of being CIA/Mossad unless there is hard factual evidence to back up this – and in all cases. Surely to do so to indulge in the same behaviour you’re accusing Pizzagate CT supporters of engaging in – jumping to conclusions based on what you’d like to believe?
    Alex Jones and Infowars have devoted very little coverage to Pizzagate, and have actually been attacked for their near silence – so much so that Jones made a video defending his decision not to cover the story.
    On the other hand the Daily Stormer ran with Pizzagate, and I believe there is strong evidence that Anglin is either a shill or else a complete psycho. For instance he never ever misses a chance to pour scorn on the idea of chemtrails, the danger of fluoride in the water, and even false flag terror – deriding those who promote such stuff as “insane”. He likewise exults in the fact that Alex Jones no longer talks about “conspiracy madness” and is now little different in essentials from the more right-wing Fox presenters. In fact recently he proposed that Jones would make a great replacement for Megan Kelly on Fox.
    However some of those “alternative” sites seeking to debunk Pizzagate (not this one I should hasten to add) are also deeply dodgy – to put it mildly.For instance I first came across Aanrifan via links on the David Icke site a few years ago, but I quickly stopped visiting it due to its extremely disturbing habit of accompanying its articles with photos of naked chilodren. What their motive in doing this was or is I have no firm idea, but it cannot have been wholesome, that’s for sure. It also promoted anti-Catholic Zio-leftist conspiracy theories about the CIA being controlled by Catholics, evil Catholic anti-communists, blah blah blah.
    For me the evidence of the Ping Pong pictures is still compelling. Just because Trump has an extremely dodgy background doesn’t mean the Clintonists aren’t dodgy as well. In fact untill recently the Clintons and Trump moved in exactlly the same social and cultural circles, so seeking to absolve the Clintons at the expense of Trump makes no logical sense in the bigger picture. They stand or fall together. Also, anyone who knows anything about the LGBTQ movement (which the Democrats have been umbilically linked to for at least a decade) knows that it tacitly and not so tacitly promotes paedophilia. That doesn’t prove the specifics of Pizzagate are all necessarily true, but surely it does mean that such folk are not deserving of Christians coming to their defence. Let them fight their own battles would be my take; let’s face it they’ve more than enough supporters in the Zio-media to help them out, and they’re more than happy to character assassinate Catholics and anti-Zionists, and opponents of their vile agenda, all the time.
    Also, if Pizzagate really is a psy-op, the only plausible motive can be to erect a straw man conspiracy theory with a view to using its public debunking as a pretext for outlawing “fake news” – which in turn would mean the Clinton/Obama/Schumer cabal are themselves in on the psyop.

  18. By the way, when I mentioned the “compelling” Ping Pong photo evidence, I was not referring to the “necklace” picture above, but to far more weird pictures of children that Alefantis is said to have posted on his social media accounts. If anyone presents compelling evidence that these pictures are faked, I will take that on board. So far, to the best of my knowledge, no one has. In fact I don’t think even Alefantis himself has denied they are his photos. .

  19. You don’t think it’s strange that Assange is missing and hasn’t been seen since his internet got cut? If he’s shilling for the CIA wouldn’t they want to keep him on? You can question the validity of the pics prom Alefantis’ social media as well as Stone but you cannot discredit the well known pedo symbols that were on his pizzashop logo and then removed! Plus the pedo promoting bands that played there plus the fact the Alefantis, a pizzashop owner, is one of the top 50 most powerful people in D.C. according to GQ.
    I’m NO Trump fan and I’ve been railing against the Zionist camp for years but Pizzagate is real and all roads of organized pedophilia leads to the Vatican.
    I looked through your blog for stuff on Snowden (SnowThem) but couldn’t find anything. I found this post from a supposed Wikileaks insider. I believe Wikileaks was great but is now run by the CIA to catch and deal with whistleblowers.

    1. Let’s start with the assertion that the Comet Ping Pong paddles depicted in the menu are “pedo”.

      Using that logic, so are the following.

      As you can see, using a quick search, crossed ping-pong paddles are very common in logos. In fact, it’s the same with any sport really, i.e. crossed hockey sticks, crossed lacrosse sticks, etc.
      As for the heart with in heart, again, it’s a common logo, even found in big brands.
      Good Humor Ice Cream

      Quicksilver’s female brand “Roxy Girl”

      The Besta Pizza logo controversy

      The triangle within triangle is also common. Secondly, how do we know that Besta Pizza and its owners designed the logo? It’s more likely that the graphic design was contracted out to a third party. When the “Pizzagate scandal” broke and Besta Pizza changed the triagle within triangle logo, they could have just been like, “Oh yeah, we better change that, it does look pedo.” There is nothing definitively sinister about any of the logos of the businesses involved in Pizzagate. People are reading into it what they are being led to read into it. Regardless, the logos are part of the secondary “evidence” used to prove a “Pizzagate conspiracy”. There is still the major problem of proving the supposed code in the Podesta emails.
      As for the performing bands at Comet Ping Pong, the venue is an adult club at night. Like all liberals, edgy sexual innuendo is normal and trendy among liberal culture. There is really nothing out of the ordinary in that respect. We are dealing with democrats here, remember. If this were a bunch of Republicans, it would look a lot more suspicious.
      As for Assange, there is absolutely no doubt that he is a double agent. They are all a bunch of gatekeepers. Every single one of them in the alt right, alt media. Assange has pulled this disappearing act before. Nothing new here.

  20. If it’s fair to surmise that Stone is probably a paedophile because he’s bisexual, it’s more than fair to surmise the same about Alefantis & co. “Edgy sexual innuendo” is normal among liberals precisely because they seek to make depravity “trendy” among the general population. You yourself have written several very informative and well-researched articles on this process of mainstreaming filth and degeneracy.The fact that liberal art depicts sexual derpravity no more means liberals don’t engage in such depravity than the fact that Hollywood glorifies gangsterism means the Hollywood elite aren’t gangsters.
    Some Zionists wanted Trump elected, no argument there – Gingrich, Giuliani, Conrad Black, David Horowitz et al. But leaving Trump aside, the real issue is why would Mossad or the CIA seek to smear the Clintons to the point where their names and those of their cohorts would be mud forever? It doesn’t stack up. The Clintons aren’t just common or garden Zionists – which let’s face it is the case with almost all western pols – they’re super-Zionists. The first thing Bill did as President did was to bomb Iraq – something he continued to do relentlessly throughout his presidency. He also enforced genocidal sanctions on the country. He himself said he was the most Zionist president since Truman. Robert Fisk disagreed – saying he was more Zionist even than Truman. Then there was former Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, Gaza, and their crucial support for the Iraq and Afghan wars.
    One can’t even make a case based on the Republican v Democrat rivalry – which is mostly phoney anyway The Neocon stalwarts like Irving Kristol, John McCain and Lindsay Graham are quite pally with the Clintons, and by their own admission the Bushes and the Clintons are the best of friends.
    So in my opinion, one thing is for sure: if the motive of Pizzagate was to destroy the Clintons’ reputation, then this alleged psyop certainly didn’t come from Mossad, the CIA or British intelligence (by the way the Clintons also acted as facilitators for the British Masonic state during the Irish peace process – a process which led to a massive and ongoing invasion of the Republic of Ireland by migrants from all over the globe – via the shredding of crucial articles of the Irish constitution).
    One last point: the Ziomedia completely ignored the crucial revelations contained in Wikileaks, relating to the Saudis etc. so in a sense whether or not Assange is a shill is something of a red herring. Regardless of his motives he didn’t succeed in seriously damaging the Clintons’ reputation because the media didn’t let him.

    1. Hi Northsider. Stone may be a paedophile, I can’t say for sure. However, that wasn’t the point of this article. It was to show that if anyone in the GOP community could have pulled off a Pizzagate psyop, it was Stone. He is the experienced go-to dirty political trickster. His sexual compromise just adds to his usefulness in trickerstering and in politics in general. You are pointing out the degeneracy of some of the art used in the Pizzagate controversy. First of all, some of the art supposedly involved is not involved, like the Kim Noble art, for example. Other art is loosely connected (it’s art found on the social media accounts of people indirectly connected to Alefantis and others). Of course it’s depraved, I never doubted that. The point is that the art doesn’t prove anything, even when stacked up with all the other “evidence”. As I said, it’s not even primary evidence. This isn’t a case of a Christian defending liberal depravity. This is a case of sticking as closely as possible to the truth. And so far, truth is not on the side of the Pizzagate conspiracy theorists.
      I am disappointed that you still view Trump as somewhat of an outsider who is not absolutely compromised by the Zionist Likud coalition and its allies in the American CIA. You seem to be putting too much faith in taking cues from the media (their reaction to Trump). As I argued before, the media is not as monolithic as you make it out to be. Beside that, the facts speak for themselves. Trump’s connections and past are impossible to ignore and outweigh anything the media might be telling us.
      You must realize that Roger Stone is a master at harnessing anti-establishment sentiment. His paedophile mentor Roy Cohn was a master at it, too, even being a member of the perceived anti-establishment John Birch Society, which is nothing more than a Jewish-controlled gatekeeping organization. It’s a coincidence that Trump used this very anti-establishment tactic to win over voters? It’s a coincidence that Trump’s aims at monetary reform will actually globalize the United States rather than nationalize them? Is it a coincidence that the Jewish-controlled media that attacked Trump for so long, effectually giving him more publicity than Hillary got, is helping him perpetuate the idea that he is a protectionist, when he really isn’t? Is it a coincidence that Pizzagate “broke” during the immediate runup to the election? There seems to be little organic about any of it.
      I don’t know that there was a clear motive to orchestrate Pizzagate other than to just muddy the waters. And that it did. What do you think the motive is for spreading obvious conspiracy hoaxes like flat Earth, Jade Helm, and 9/11 space beams? Apparently the same thing as Pizzagate. While they may not have any direct, clear purpose, they serve a bigger purpose in combination with others. They all misdirect. We learned all about misdirection with Alex Jones over the last 20 years. We all should no better than to fall for things like this Pizzagate or 9/11 space beams.
      Do you think the Clinton’s are damaged? Is anyone even talking about them anymore? Trump certainly isn’t. And forget about Hillary going to prison. Trump has abandoned that promise.
      The media helps Assange and Wikileaks to a certain point. They, too, in combination are not monolithic. While Assange may be part of one CIA black op, reporting to a specific division head,the media is part of another. They are not expected to be 100 per cent harmonius; however, they bring the ultimate goals to realization, which is what matters.
      Using your line of thinking, we could argue that Alex Jones is legitimate, simply because the media delivers shallow, mild attacks on him. But of course, we know he is a fraud.
      I think you’re main problem with this subject (Trump, Pizzagate) is that you oversimplify the enemy and how it operates.
      On a lighter note, send me the full version of the story you had published on Makow’s site. Been looking forward to reading/publishing it.

  21. Fitzpatrick, what do you think about the argument that Trump is a lesser of two evils? From a Catholic standpoint it became apparent before Trump became president that he would nominate an anti-abortion judge to the Supreme Court. Many voted for him for that reason, not because they thought he was an authentic Christian. One way of looking at Trump is that he is using Christians. Another way of looking at him is that Christians are using him. The question is related to your anti-Trump articles, in that I’m wondering if you consider it legitimate for a Catholic to have voted for him, regardless of his pedigree.

    1. That’s a tough one, j56. I might have abstained from voting or voted for a third party candidate. I tend to think there will be loopholes to Trump’s anti-abortion stance. I can’t see the globalists allowing it. They go to all the trouble spraying chemtrails and vaccinating us. Deopopulation is high on their agenda.
      Despite the public perception, we have not seen the last of Planned Parenthood. And remember that abortion is still legal under Trump.

  22. Timothy, is there any chance that Melvin Sembler who is a financier of the Republican Party and is backed Trump could be connected to Mossad along with his mate Sheldon Adelson?

    1. Timothy, this might be of interest to you, some info on Melvin Sembler and his rehab, the further you research Melvin Sembler, it is highly probable that you might come to the conclusion that the rehab industry is mostly Jewish run:
      Confirmation that Melvin Sembler did indeed back Trump:

  23. Fitzpatrick does it again, GREAT ARTICLE Bro…
    Note: Some proof reading still needed, I encountered a few extra words and I think 1 or two mispellings…
    Great stuff man!

  24. @Timothy is it possible that pizza gate is a distraction so people do not find out that the democrat and republican parties are involved in the child trafficking rings?

  25. there is a link without doubt. Stone has a back-door to Assange as well. As a Partner in Manafort, Black and Stone he funneled info to Trump’s campaign via Manafort, and He’s using Pizzagate to cover the Jeffrey Epstein rape case as well as alleged video from Turkey via indicted informant and Bayrock partner Tevfik Arif. Just after cutting the ribbon on twin Trump Hotels, the Presidential Yacht was torched.

  26. Timothy, not sure if this surprises you, i have seen some information on the internet that the GOP is also connected to the Troubled Teen Industry/Rehab Industry which has been exposed for child abuse and child trafficking and involvement with pedophile rings also, a straight inc survivor has confirmed that Melvin Sembler who started Straight Inc in the 1970s in Florida is also a pedophile and allowed wholesale abuse at Straight Inc which resulted in suicides as well

  27. A recent Stone misdirection was when he brought up the USS Liberty incident around the time of its anniversary this year (2017) and blamed it on LBJ. Not that LBJ wasn’t just as evil, but he made it out like LBJ forced them to do it and they were just grudgingly obliging.

  28. You wonder why Assanges leaks do not contain anything about Israel? This is because government personnel think it is career suicide to write anything negative against Israel.
    Here is what Assange himself has said about Israel
    Could you please write an essay about the criminality of Judaism. Please look at my links
    -It is forbidden to save the Non-Jew from death if the Jew can get away with it,5081,5140#msg-514*/,5081,5140#msg-514
    ” If you intended to save the patient’s life so as to facilitate
    good relations between Jews and non-Jews,
    your actions were permissible. But if,
    to the contrary, you intended to save the patient out
    of universal morality, then you were in fact guilty of
    violating the Sabbath,”
    -No consensus regarding stealing from Non-Jews. Pages 112&118
    Page 124 in the pdf scan
    -Murdering of Non-Jews is not considered murder and cannot be punished in a talmudic court
    Next to last section:
    -Human sacrifice of am-ha-aretz (jew who does not respect the Torah)is allowed
    See Pesachim59B
    Professor Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University
    -Non-Jews are animals in human shape

  29. Great stuff, thanks! I noticed you threw flat earth in there as a psy-op and am curious if you’ve spent much time looking into it. I made the same assumption and then did a little research thinking I’d easily debunk it but found their arguments and evidence much more compelling than I would have ever imagined. While I would not call myself a flat earther, I’ve grown very skeptical of the spinning globe Earth and various space agencies. If you’re educated on the topic and still believe it to be a psy-op, do you think all of the evidence of NASA shenanigans has been leaked intentionally i.e. bubbles in space, harnesses, scuba divers, flimsy space doors on the ISS flapping in the “wind” etc… There’s also the innumerable videos of people filming objects in the distance that, according to spherical geometry, should be totally occulted by Earth’s curvature?

    1. Yes, I have looked into it. It’s preposterous. While researchers get bogged down in the details of this theory, the psyop’s overall objective is achieved. Distraction and time diversion.

  30. I agree with your premise but would encourage you to investigate or expose real pedantry which is a massive global problem.

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