Brexit another Jewish dialectic?

By Jude Duffy
June 25, 2016, Anno Domini

Brexit champion Boris Johnson, the self-proclaimed ‘passionate Zionist’, with the elders of Zion.

There is great rejoicing in much of the so called alternative media over the “Brexit” result in yesterday’s British referendum on membership of the European Union. If more proof were needed that the alternative media is often misinformed and credulous, this is it.

Alternative types, from David Duke to David Icke, have of course been insisting for months that the Brexit movement represents a mighty blow against Zio-globalism. There may be some excuse for Duke to believe this guff: he is, after all, an American and presumably relies on British “white nationalists” for information about such matters. There is little or no excuse for British white nationalists themselves, or for British critics of Zionism like Icke, to be so deceived.

Unless they have been paying very scant attention indeed, they should have noticed that the Brexit movement is overwhelmingly dominated not just by common or garden Zionists, but by hard-core Zionist ultras of a particularly toxic variety. For example, Boris Johnson, the part-Jewish de facto frontman for Brexit, describes himself as “a passionate Zionist” and supports with an equal passion both the corrupt City of London and mass migration to Europe.

But compared to Michael Gove, the other leading Tory Brexit spokesman and senior British cabinet member, Boris is a veritable peacenik. Gove has long been the type of Zionist shill about whom it is fair to say he never saw a Zio-war he didn’t like. A former journalist with the Zionist London Times newspaper, he once penned the following excruciating line about war criminal Blair: “I can’t help myself! I love Tony!”.

It’s worth pointing out, by the way, that Johnson, and more especially Gove, are close personal friends of British Prime Minister David Cameron, which makes it, therefore, more than plausible to suggest that their dispute over Brexit is pure political theatre for the gullible masses and nothing more.

Chris Grayling, another senior Tory Brexiter, is a member of British Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM), a Zionist lobby group. When he was secretary of state for Justice and Lord Chancellor, Grayling declared war on “extremists”, the working definition of which, he made clear, amounted to anyone who criticised Israel or the War on Terror.

Theresa Villiers, the British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and Brexiter, is an “officer” of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and ardent Zionist.

Iain Duncan Smith, a long standing supporter of Brexit, who resigned recently form his senior ministry in the Cameron government, also belongs to the CFI, as indeed do nearly all the leading Tory Brexiters.

Then there’s Liam Fox, another Neocon ultra, who was forced to resign from his job as Secretary of State for Defence, after it was revealed that billionaire Israeli arms dealer, Poju Zabludowicz, was funding his jet setting playboy lifestyle, and that of his erstwhile “adviser” Adam Werrity.

It isn’t just on the Tory side where Brexit goes with passionate Zionism. One of the small handful of Labour Party Brexit supporters was Gisela Stuart, a German born Zionist, and a member of the Neocon “Henry Jackson Society”. Stuart received lavish media coverage throughout the campaign – courtesy of her Zionist friends at the BBC. Other Labour Brexit supporters like Kate Hoey and Frank Field, also strongly support Israel.

Then there’s the media: Murdoch’s soft-porn rags have fervently advocated for Brexit since well before the vote was called. Ditto the soft porn Daily Mail, and the Daily Express, owned by Zionist hard-porn baron, Richard Desmond. The Telegraph is if anything even more Neocon than the Murdoch press, and likewise took a strong pro-Brexit stance. Even those media one might normally expect to be pro-EU adopted a distinctly ambivalent approach to the issue.

For example, the Guardian and the Independent published many articles in support of leaving the EU in the run up to voting day. By the same token, in one of the key televised debates on the Brexit issue, the BBC slanted the panel three to two in favour of Brexit. One of the two “spokespersons” they invited to appear that night to argue in favour of staying in the EU was Eddie Izzard, a buffoonish and widely despised transvestite “comedian” who appeared on the panel with bright red lip stick, mascara, nail varnish and clad in a woman’s jacket and blouse, and a pink beret. Not exactly an advocate designed to appeal to the undecided voters of  middle England – or middle anywhere else – one would have thought.

When it comes to individual journalists, the roll call of pro-Brexiters in general corresponded to the leading names in “Zio-presstitution”: Julie Burchill, Douglas Murray, Charles Moore, Julia Hartley Brewer, Matthew Parris, Toby Young, Janet Daley, and even Peter Hitchens – who in spite of his stated reservations about western invasions around the world, can always be relied upon to stoutly defend the Israeli state. Throughout the campaign, Brexiters lamented how the establishment was ranged against them, but in truth the reverse was the reality. Indeed ironically enough the corporate media eagerly spun the Leave campaign meme of the referendum as a David and Goliath contest between the plucky Brexit underdog and the nasty pro-EU ruling elite. Moreover, unlike the case of the Scottish independence referendum two years ago, there were very few corporate celebs rushing to support the pro-EU side.

In the Scottish referendum, almost anyone who was anyone in showbiz – Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Kate Moss, et al – put their name to a letter calling on Scotland to stay in the United Kingdom. No such closing of celeb ranks took place against Brexit – which in itself goes a long way to refuting the notion that Brexit was an anti-establishment cause.

So if the Zio-globalists favoured Brexit what was their game? Not for the first time, the Russians seemed to have got closer to the reality than many of the western alternative media did.

Last week Putin suggested that Cameron had called the referendum in order to “blackmail” the rest of Europe. The evidence for this theory is compelling. It should be remembered that for all their self-serving chauvinistic rhetoric, the British Neocons don’t dislike the EU on account of its control by corrupt transnationals and even more corrupt bankers: au contraire they want it to be even MORE controlled by these forces than it already is. The referendum was clearly a move to force the EU to undertake “root and branch reform”, i.e., to surrender completely to Anglo-American Zionist warmongers and corporate privateers. In all the phoney euphoria over the Brexit result it’s easily forgotten that in so far as there has been opposition to Zionist war-mongering, surveillance and privatisation within the EU, it has certainly not come from Britain.

Furthermore the desire of British Neocons to force the EU’s hand is not really a secret: in the very early days of the referendum campaign, Boris Johnson and another leading Brexiter, former Tory leader, Michael Howard, both stated that a Brexit vote was a way of forcing Europe to make better terms with Britain.

For all its bellyaching, the British Zio-masonic state already gets much better terms from the EU than most European nations – not surprising since the EU is not, as British chauvinists of Hitchens’ type ludicrously claim, a German imperialist project, but rather a vehicle for Anglo-American Zionist dominion. For instance Angela Merkel agreed to take in a million refugees to Germany, while Britain has agreed to take in a paltry 20,000 over five years.
By the same token the French are compelled by their Anglo-masters to oversee huge refugee camps on their northern coast – in order to prevent migrants making it to Britain.

None of the above is to in any way argue that opposition to the EU is misguided, but simply to illustrate that in this particular referendum there were no good guys. A triumph against globalism Brexit most certainly was not.


  1. I like your hypothesis. Fine article. Thank you. and several other “alternative” sites are really going on about this Brexit matter. As I understand it, it was just an “advisory vote”, a suggestion to leave the EU. Big deal.
    We are drowning in fake fights, political theater. Been a long time since I have see a real fight but guess since they are all one one side, I really should not hold my breath.

    1. Dachsielady: You’re spot on – the Neocon Brexiters are already saying they don’t want to rush into leaving the EU. Hence you have the bizarre spectacle of EU leaders telling Britain to leave as soon as possible, while the supposedly rabidly anti-EU Brexit British Neocons – Gove, Fox, Douglas Carswell (another Neocon shill), et al – are saying: “No please, give us another few months before we make a final decision.” You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

    2. Well stated Einheriar. First Light forum author sees Brexit as a triumph for white society. People are being confounded again and it is not good for any of us as usual…

    1. For me, as a non-American, the jury’s out on Trump. At best, from my uninformed outsider perspective, he’s a lesser evil. One of my questions would be, if he were such a threat to the Zio-establishment, would he even had made it though the primaries? They seem to be seriously piling in on him now that he’s up against Shillary, but during the primaries much of the media criticism of him actually redounded in his favour.

    2. Duke made a video expressly stating that he does not endorse Trump but that one should vote for him as a strategic vote. I agree with Duke on this. I don’t believe Duke is a shill. I don’t agree with his Protestant lean, but I like him overall. His views are very well rounded.

  2. This is stupid, David Duke a zionist shill? What kind of morons are you? Brexit was a big blow to Judaic world government plans. So called antisemites, like myself, (no it is not racism, because Jews are not a race, Judaism is just a criminal religion:,5081,5140#msg-514
    We belive that Trumps Israel talk and moslem bashing is just a trick, after election we belive that he will disclose that 911 was an inside job perpetrated by the Neocons and the Mossad.

    1. I never said Duke was a shill – I don’t believe he is – I said I thought he was misinformed about Brexit. If Brexit is, as you say, such a blow against Jewish World government how come so many ultra-Zionists supported it? They weren’t just a token presence, as you might expect – full spectrum dominance and all of that – they dominated the movement completely. And as I said, they weren’t just common or garden Zionists – they were the very most militant wing of the movement. It’s only been three days since the result was announced and already the Brexiters (apart from Nigel Farage – who’s been isolated and vilified by the mainstream Brexit camp) have backtracked on their pledges about migration. In fact some of them – Daniel Hannon for example – are now saying that migration will actually increase in the coming years. If I had believed that the Brexiters actually really meant what they said about leaving the EU I’d have been all for it – though I’d still have reservations about the jingoistic Protestant Anglo-supremacism of many of those supporting this stance. But they’ve already backtracked on leaving – you now have the bizarre situation where the Eurocrats are telling them to hurry up and go, and the Brexiters are saying “No No, let’s not rush into anything.” They won’t even make a decision to trigger the process – even though even after it is triggered they still have two years before they have to go. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Putin called this exactly right – it’s not about leaving the EU at all – it’s about putting a gun to the rest of Europe’s head. And I’m sorry but the white nats and anti-Zionists who bought into this are going to look like useful idiots before very long.

  3. Reply to Northsider re. Trump.
    I do not see how someone can operate in New York City, have four legal bankruptcies and come out with a net worth of about 10 billion dollars without very much being part of the Zionist money manipulators of that city.
    That said, I was open to the idea of him being the lesser of two evils but when I saw that he immediately accepted the official story of the Orlando / Pulse false event, he became a lot less lesser to me.
    By the way, the Orlando / Pulse event has split the alternative media in two. David Duke,, Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Killary Clinton and several other entities are immediately accepting the “Islamic terrorists did it” theme and the gun control scheme. I heard Paul Joseph Watson on AJ’s show a few days ago going on about Omar Mateen, whom we no absolutely nothing about or even if he was a real person. All these alternative media people have sold out the truth for capitalizing and using false events to push their pet issues. (I am not saying that the Islamic religion does not have a history of violence, terror and bloody war and Islamic individuals are certainly capable of terroist acts, but for heavens sake, the plotters and perpetrators of the Pulse event are of the Rothschild Zionist variety, not the Islamists. People of the USA and Israel have the same history of bloody violence and terrorism but are just more stealth about it.) I really have lost respect for these alternative media people have sold out the truth and are using this Orlando / Pulse false event to push their pet issues.
    MemoryHoleBlog is doing a better job that most sites on focusing on and allowing open discussion of this Orlando event. To me, the first few sentences of the breaking news article about the event from USAToday told me clearly that this was a false event. We have zero proof of any properly identified individuals and the official story is loaded with medical impossibilities.
    “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”
    Romans 12:2.
    Pray without ceasing
    1 Thessalonians 5:17
    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love, and of sobriety.
    (sobriety is also translated as a sound mind, temperance and discipline)
    1 Thessalonians 5:1
    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

  4. Dachsielady: Very good points. The shilldom of Watson and Jones is beyond debate in my view. In fact Watson’s ardent support for Brexit is in itself enough to prove the whole thing was a psy-op. As for Trump, the hope many of us had was not so much that he would win the presidency and start a counter-revolution, but that his apparently volatile temperament might prompt him to blurt out some truths about things like 9/11 – in spite of himself, as it were. During the primaries he did very strongly hint that Israel was behind Isis, but it was a one off, and quickly got buried.

  5. Ya probably right…I’m with icke..have been for 25+ years..although he may well be controlled opposition..lately I’ve been interested in the Kalergi plan..anyway..interesting article…all the best

  6. How can you write an article on Brexit about the Zionist involvement with no mention Of Margaret (Openheimer)Hodge ,one of the leading Zionists in British politics?

  7. Makow published my above article which was nice of him. He also published a reply by Kevin Boyle, a British anti-Zionist of Irish extraction. Like not a few ethnic Irish in England, Boyle, is a rabid English nationalist, and like many such folk he’s quite credulous towards the Anglo-Zio media when it suits his prejudice. For instance he swallows the Zio-media line about the historically oppressive Irish Catholic Church whole. Anyway Makow published my own reply to Boyle – which again I appreciated. However he also published a snide and gutless insinuation by a character called Tony B – who called me “interestingly anonymous”. I replied asking if he would care to tweet the stuff he says in his comments to Makow, if he lived in, say, London, and faced the prospect of ending up in a police cell as a result. And unlike him, I signed off using my real full name. So far, for whatever reason, that reply has not appeared on Makow’s site. Sorry for bothering your site with this Tim, but I just wanted to put it on the record that I replied to Tony B – who, judging by the character of his many comments on Makow, seems suspiciously like a shill to me.

    1. It was good of Makow to publish your article at his site.
      I have a feeling this will lead to many more visits to Fitzinfo.
      Your article was a refreshing and important dose of the truth.

    2. It’s no bother at all, Northsider. People have a tendency to oversimplify things. For example, E.U. = bad, independence = good. This argument may have held before the European Union came into existence initially, but it couldn’t possibly be that simple now. One dialectic leads to another, which leads to yet another, and even beyond that. Rarely does the establishment set up only two dialectics, at least today. It’s a major flaw among conspiracists, which is exactly why a controlled-opposition agent like Alex Jones is the king of conspiracy.
      How many people saw the truth behind Papa Joe Kennedy’s meme of “Kikes for Kennedy, Nazis for Nixon” in the push to get JFK elected? Nobody realized that this was a clever ploy to win the Jewish vote all the while secretly despising world Jewry. But people just want to take everything at face value.
      People see photos of Putin with rabbis or Netanyahu and believe this to be proof that Putin is in the Jews’ back pocket. They believe this without considering the likely possibility that Putin is feigning loyalty whilst actually despising them and plotting their downfall. As our Lord told us, judge them by their fruits. People can’t seem to tell the difference between fruits and face value.

  8. I think you are right. I knew something was fishy. Always be suspicious of power.
    By the way, Boris looks like such a buffoon. “Boris” is even a buffoonish sounding name. He looks like a dumb lackey to evil masters.

    1. His real name is Alexander apparently – I’d guess calling himself “Boris” is intended to add to the vaudeville persona – along with the dyed mop of blond hair.

  9. Dachsielady: Thanks for your kind words. By the way my reply to Tony B has since appeared, albeit in truncated form, and without my real name. I signed off on it under my real name, because I didn’t want this “B” character to be able to say I was afraid to do so. As I explained to Henry M, I don’t like using my real name, as I work in the Irish Civil Service, and my name is fairly unusual even in Ireland, so I don’t have the anonymity of sharing a name with many others – as most people, almost by definition, do. Also I don’t think Americans realise how much free speech they have, compared to most Europeans.

  10. The opposer’s of BREXIT all wanted to hand their destiny and their offspring’s destiny and wellbeing over to a bunch of unelected idiocrats in Brussels. The problem was, that Brussels didn’t keep to their own rules. Merkel bypassed the Treaty of Dublin, therefore bypassing Juncker in Brussels and Strasbourg. Merkel somehow was not admonished by the unelected Brussels bureaucrats. Instead the same Brussels EU elites bypassed their unelected powers and overruled the rest of the EU member states and demanded refugee reparations without reservations. This all of course with the aiding and abetting of the Zog media and Press. This is what wrong with the EU. And now alternative media opinion moguls like `Fitzpatrick Informer, “Exposing the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy”, want to pin BREXIT as a hardcore Zionist agenda ? Give me a break!

    1. Rmstock: All this stuff about unelected bureaucrats (or “idiocrats”) misses the point in my view. You’ve just said yourself that Merkel and the rest bypassed the EU and its rules completely, when it came to “refugees”. So therefore it follows that in this case anyway the source of the problem is not the EU as such – but the governments of the EU. If Britain or any other country made a firm binding decision to completely leave the EU, and become a sovereign state, I’d fully support it as I believe in the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, i.e. government at the smallest level that is feasible, and the EU runs counter to that – and is deeply corrupt into the bargain. But that’s clearly not what the Neocon Brexiters are about. 90 per cent plus of the leaders of the movement are self-described passionate Zionists, Neoconservative warmongers, surveillance freaks, and neoliberal Ttip-ers. None of this is open to dispute,.The only thing that is open to argument in my article is my stated belief that Putin was correct to imply that Brexit was an attempt by British Neocons to blackmail the rest of Europe. But in my view the ignominious post referendum antics of the Brexit leadership is making even that “theory” more or less self-evident.

  11. Tim, your point about over-simplification gets to the heart of it. There’s no point in being utopian about politics – “making the best the enemy of the good”. For example, doubtless the msm vastly exaggerated the flaws of Saddam and Ghaddafi, but they definitely had some. Yet if you were to support the western ousters of these leaders simply on the basis that they had both done dubious things (i.e. Ghaddafi’s cooperation with western Zio-regimes’ extraordinary rendition program) you’d simply have been cutting off your nose to spite your face – in a spectacular manner. Look what’s resulted form Ghaddafi’s departure – carnage, anarchy, and mass migration to the West. In the end you always have to ask the crucial ‘Cui bono?’ question. I blame Trads for not taking this balanced approach to the scandals. Sure, they should condemn the corruption of the Vatican II Church, but making common cause with the Zio-media when it relentlessly attacks the Church is something else entirely. When such media are laying into the Church we can bet they’re not doing so because they think such attacks will clean the whole post Vatican II mess up and lead to a Traditional Catholic restoration. In fairness, Duke, a non Catholic, sees this issue much more clearly than most Trads do.
    By the way, in future when I send articles to you (as opposed to comments like this) I’ll send them under my own name. I’m sick of guys like Hoffman, and that clown “Tony B”, using the question of anonymity as an ad hominem way of avoiding debating the real issues. I may have to be a bit more circumspect in the language I use on such occasions, but that’s the world we live in.

    1. Totally agree about David Duke. Without a doubt, he is genuine and sees the bigger picture better than most, especially, as you point out, trad Catholics. I think he is undervalued in out community. Pray about revealing your identity, brother. You don’t want to jeopardize your source of income one bit. Never mind Hoffman and people like Tony B. But it’s your call. Do what you feel compelled to do. I think your posts and articles have enough substance to negate any necessity of source identity. There is also the possibility of adopting a pseudonym.

    2. Tim, thanks so much for that. I’ll certainly pray on the question of anonymity as you suggest. I don’t want to make too big a deal out of it. I just think that sometimes people can use the issue as a substitute for argument.
      On another point: I see (as reported by Newsweek) that the British Government announced yesterday that Oliver Letwin, Jewish Zionist, and former senior Rothschild personage, has been appointed the chief of the UK’s team to manage the Brexit process…

  12. Here is an insightful interview on Paul Craig Roberts on the Brexit vote before the June 23 actual vote.
    He did say that the U.S. will never allow the exit but that a vote to exit could have some positive effects from the broader perspective and would work against nuclear war. England is very different from other EU members because it still has the pound.
    British interviewer of PCR about Brexit before for the June 23 vote
    BREXIT, EU, CIA, WASHINGTON Dr Paul Craig Roberts
    Economic News

    1. A good interview. PCR is always worth listening to. Interestingly Gilad Atzmon and others have said the EU would likely become less servile to Zio-interests if the Brits left. This is one of many reasons I think they won’t leave, and why the British Neocons will use the threat of Brexit to force even more Zio-centric policies on the EU.
      I do have a quibble with PCR in that I think his obsessive anti-Americanism leads him down some blind alleys. For instance recently he wrote that events in Brazil had vindicated the terrorism of Lenin’s Bolsheviks and the French Revolutionaries; his argument being that if revolutionaries didn’t wipe out the ruling class, it would return and destroy the revolution. If he knew the real history of the Russian Revolution he’d know that it was financed and instigated by the same Tribal revolutionaries that are behind modern Neo-conservatism – which is really just a Bolshevik fifth column in the Conservative movement. Yet PCR rails against Neocons, while tacitly endorsing Soviet communism – not logical.

      1. I too have some reservations of some of the things PCR says. He wrote a whole book about Neocons but I have not read it. There was a recent interview of him and it is on YouTube where he gives a pretty good description of how neocons came on the scene. The interviewer was a male with a British accent who was very intelligent and asked some good questions. I know the interview was very recent but had trouble relocting the link because PCR has done over a hundred interviews that are on YouTube for 2016 alone.
        His info about the real financial and economic wars going on behind the scenes is very good and lately he seems to be saying St. Putin and Russia are all good. Says we are in very dangerous time and that the nuclear war is really the threat.

  13. When I watched the official Brexit documentary, I struck by the fact that Zionist Jews were all over it: Nigel Lawson, Melanie Phillips, Janet Daley, to name but three.
    There is currently an online ‘petition’ (started by whom? The MSM doesn’t tell us) calling for another referendum on the EU. This petition, so we are told, has 3 million signatures, though 83,000 of them had to be removed as they were ‘discovered’ to be fraudulent.
    The whole business has been nothing but window dressing. There’s no way the Elites are going to allow us to leave the EU, they have too much invested in that hellish organisation. I recall, during the original referendum, how they lied to the public in order to achieve the desired result.

    1. As I posted on an msm blog just now, there’s a lot of grumbling from Brexiters about the Remain side not respecting their wishes, but they should probably be more worried about the Brexit leadership not doing so. Johnson, Gove, Carswell and Hannan are rowing back from just about all their commitments at an incredible rate of knots. Since the result was announced I haven’t heard one of them – not even Farage (by far the best of them) – say categorically that the UK must now set the process in motion for complete departure from the EU ASAP. This is all the more remarkable given all the talk there is in the media of second referendums and parliament over-ruling the leave vote and so on. You’d think the Brexit leaders would be keen to nip all this in the bud – but not a bit of it. It seems the main concern now is to use the result to oust Jeremy Corbyn – an objective of the Zios since last Summer.

    2. Mary Louise: Who’s Tony B?
      Ironically enough, given that he objected to my article being anonymous, I’m not sure who he is, as his full name doesn’t appear on the many comments he posts on Makow’s site. Apart from objecting to my anonymity, he said he didn’t see any sign of support for Brexit on the many msm sites he visits. He can’t have been looking very hard – the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, Standpoint, the Spectator, the Daily Express, have all supported Brexit from the get go.
      By the way many alternative media types have been saying the Jo Cox “event” was a false flag designed to get a Remain win. My guess is that it was a false flag designed to get exactly the type of result which was achieved – a Brexit victory big enough to use to advance the British Neocon agenda in Europe, but not so big it can’t be plausibly overturned or disregarded in a few months. I wouldn’t rule out the vote having been rigged in order to make the Leave majority smaller. But the truth, in my view, is that if they’d really wanted a Remain victory they would have been able to engineer it – particularly as they’d had plenty of advance warning of which way the wind was blowing. Plus, the line about the establishment being in a panic over the prospect of a Brexit, victory was constantly trotted out by media which are themselves establishment mouthpieces. It wasn’t like the time Jean Marie Le Pen looked like he might win the French Presidency and the whole global Zio-establishment threatened France with doom if it didn’t prevent this from happening. In fact, it wasn’t even like the panic over the election of Jeremy Corbyn last year, or the huge hate campaign directed at Ken Livingstone a few months ago. You can always tell when the media have their orders to hunt in packs to kill something or someone and the Brexit referendum definitely wasn’t one of those cases. .

  14. Reply to Northsider…
    “Since the result was announced I haven’t heard one of them – not even Farage (by far the best of them) – say categorically that the UK must now set the process in motion for complete departure from the EU ASAP. This is all the more remarkable given all the talk there is in the media of second referendums and parliament over-ruling the leave vote and so on. You’d think the Brexit leaders would be keen to nip all this in the bud – but not a bit of it.”
    Good point. I have to wonder why the so-called strong leaders of the exit movement are now blatantly choosing to fumble the ball. They ought to be capitalizing upon their momentum and pushing toward what I thought was their honest and true real goal. When something right off the bat does not make a bit of sense, I know the truth is not as we are told.
    P.S. Off topic completely but here is the latest interview of E. Michael Jones by Timothy Kelly done just a day or so ago.

    “This may be the worst period Greenspan and his Rockefeller, Bush sponsors can recall but the Rothschilds are saying they made $2.5 trillion in one day on Friday by shorting all the stock markets and going long gold. This is their biggest bonanza since their insider trading on Waterloo. As the Rothschilds say, “the best time to make money is when blood is running on the streets.”

    1. And Soros is reported to have made a huge killing on Brexit as well. I don’t want to sound like a wiseacre but I saw the Brexit victory coming from miles away, so I could have made a few Euros out of it myself if I was the type who gambled on such things. To be honest I don’t think it took a genius to work it out..Apart from anything else Murdoch never backs losing causes – never ever – so the Sun’s support for Leave was a clear signal the Boris/Gove faction had been pencilled in to win.

      1. The financial killings made by the oligarchs are on the backs of we little people. They are driving all of us into slavery.
        I think we all should pray hard right now for God to deal with the Luciferian cabal that is about to destroy us all.

  16. Northsider – well done, you are spot on and have definitely got to the heart of the matter. Why such a long list of some of the Jewiest Jews were behind Brexit had been very troubling and hard to reconcile – although clearly if they want a Brexit, it can’t be for the reasons we do, neither is it likely to be good for us, but I think I know exactly what it’s about, I’d just forgotten because the issue seems to have gone quiet lately … although it was all over the press in 2012 and 2014.
    The allowance of a referendum vote, and its result, which as you say, is EXACTLY the result “they” wanted, has nothing to do with migration, or UKIP pressure, or political expediency or indeed any of the issues brought up in the recent campaign, rather for “them” it is about only one thing – to use as a powerful bargaining chip against the introduction of the much heralded (and popular) “Robin Hood” type Financial Transaction Tax (FTT or Tobin Tax), which would cost them billions, even as it’s been watered down. Nothing else will change after Brexit. Nothing.
    For the last few years until recently when it seems to have gone quiet as a covered issue in the Press, the “City” (aka Jewish HQ) and their political puppets (virtually everybody, on all sides, in parliament) have been railing against it as a proposal disastrous for “City interests” and its place as the world’s financial centre. Polling suggests it’s actually a very popular tax throughout the EU – taking from the financiers and giving to assorted poorer recipients. It’s introduction has been delayed several times, from 2014, to January 2016, to September 2016 and now once again to 2017 as final details of its scope (who levies it, the exact amount and the incidence, which transactions it covers) in the EU get hammered out. It’s already been watered down many times as the Jews and their goy lackeys – George Osborne, Boris Johnson (ok, I know he’s not a goy, he’s more one of them) and Nigel Farage to name but three, have fought and lobbied against its implementation, and some countries who were going to be in it are no longer – but still, unless amended further (which WILL now happen), will cost the “City interests” billions – a massive transfer of wealth from Jewish pockets to goy pockets (even if those goys are likely to be white, as fighting “climate change” is one of the uses to which the money will be put) – clearly a situation “they” are not prepared to tolerate. After watering down, the proposed percentage take is very low, but once established, will be very tempting for politicians to increase in future, which they realise, potentially raising tens or hundreds of billions with no opposition from “ordinary voters”.
    On Brexit day, Farage, a former merchant banker and son of a stockbroker stated this: The Brexit win was a “victory for ordinary, decent people, a victory against the big merchant banks.”
    So we all know he’s a former merchant banker but we’d hoped he’d seen how they operate and “seen the light”. Sadly, this comment now proves the guy is a lying shill as thoughout his political life he has defended those vested city interests against the interests of “ordinary, decent people” he pretends to support.
    Farage described the proposed FTT as “an attack on the City of London … If I did not now better I would think there was a plot afoot here… to stop the Anglo-Saxons getting on with their business… If we continue down this route, Britain will lose its biggest industry. The time has come for the City of London and the financial markets to rise up against membership of this European Union.” Nigel Farage speaking in 2011 when proposals were in early stages – he’s continued this line ever since. (
    “it is a deliberate assault on the City of London which will be squeezed in a disproportionate manner compared to other countries. The City is a global financial capital after all”. (
    See also: or just look up “EU Financial Transaction Tax.”
    They’ve just hitched onto our (nationalist) backs to get more bargaining power in watering down or eliminating this Financial Transaction Tax in EU negotiations. When talks are concluded, there’ll be another referendum, all the press will be as one, they’ll all be in favour of whatever they propose, headlines will be “tough negotations are giving British voters the deal they need on migration” (which will be an absolute lie), no mention will be made of the Financial Transaction Tax and with the backing of the sheeple, we’ll either be back in the EU fully, or out in name only, but in for everything that matters to them (including continuance of mass migration aka racial replacement of our people).
    We’ve been had, with a double whammy – they are in the process of using OUR (nationalist) motivation, OUR issues to get their way, then they’ll **** on us having taken us for complete fools. And they will be right. How they must be laughing at us. We think we’ve had a major victory – on the contrary, we have just helped THEM to another one that they couldn’t have achieved without us.

  17. Einheriar: Very interesting points. I have no doubt that the City of London gave its imprimatur to the Brexit movement – there’s no way the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Telegraph, or Gove would have dared support it otherwise. Significantly today a leaked e-mail emerged of Gove’s wife, the Daily Mail hackette, Sarah Vine, insisting that Boris J will have to meet rigorous conditions if he is to get Gove’s support in a leadership contest. So Gove and the Neocon ultras clearly see themselves as kingmakers once again. And we can guess who’ll be giving them their orders.
    Re Farage I take a marginally more charitable view of him than you do – although I completely see your point about his championing of the banksters. I think it’s one of those cases where our host’s insights about the developing nature of the dialectic apply. Farage was the only candidate to stand against ultra-Zionist parliamentary speaker John Bercow in the 2010 British General Election and almost lost his life in a small plane crash on the day of the election! The evidence that this was an assassination attempt is pretty overwhelming in my view. Then last Autumn the wheels were loosened on his car on a French motorway. The French cops told him someone had tried to kill him. These assassination attempts suggest he isn’t popular with the PTB to put it mildly. There’s also very strong evidence that the election in his constituency was rigged to prevent him getting elected, thus very conveniently making Neocon Tory mole Douglas Carswell the only UKIP MP. Farage has also been endlessly pilloried by all sections of the media, from the Daily Mail to the Guardian and the BBC. Personally I think it’s not so much his anti-EU stance that makes him a target of Zio-ire as his failure to row in with the Rusky bashing of the political consensus, and his failure to unequivocally support things like SSM. I still disagree with many of his views – for instance why does he oppose EU immigration (rightly in my view) but not immigration from the Commonwealth, which I would argue is even more damaging to national cohesion in Britain?
    By the way, as you say, the more you learn about Brexit the more you find Zio-fingerprints all over it. For example on David Icke’s site today there’s a passionate pro-brexit piece from a site called “Commentator” saying the Remain side are full of hatred and bile. This is certainly true and should be said, but then when you look at the author of the article you find it’s written by a young guy called Jeremy Havardi, who’s just written a book “refuting critics of Israel”, and that on his site, right beside his pro-Brexit article there’s another one extolling the wisdom of choosing Liam Fox as the next Tory leader!

    1. Boris Johnson said today he won’t stand for the Tory leadership, and Michael Gove has said he will. Could Boris have been paid a little visit and warned of the personal consequences of not clearing a path for the much more bellicose Zionists like Gove and Liam Fox?

  18. “Could Boris have been paid a little visit and warned of the personal consequences of not clearing a path for the much more bellicose Zionists like Gove and Liam Fox?”
    Is the Pope Catholic ?
    Never mind.

  19. “Unlike the case of the Scottish independence referendum two years ago, there were very few corporate celebs rushing to support the pro-EU side. In the Scottish referendum, almost anyone who was anyone in showbiz – Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Kate Moss, et al – put their name to a letter calling on Scotland to stay in the United Kingdom. No such closing of celeb ranks took place against Brexit – which in itself goes a long way to refuting the notion that Brexit was an anti-establishment cause.”
    How did you miss this May story, which I reported on my website? Hundreds of creative industry professionals signed an open letter supporting Remain – Helena Bonham Carter, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Arnold, etc. The list was very impressive. Some Narnia cast members supported Remain on social media too. I run an unofficial fan site for British actors Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley. Skandar is currently a parliamentary adviser to MP and Brexit supporter Crispin Blunt. What do you know about him?

    1. I don’t think the celebs you mention are in the same league as Jagger, McCartney & co. I’ve never even heard of David Arnold (though admittedly that may say more about me than about his fame or lack of it). In a funny kind of way the support of what are known disparagingly in Britain as “luvvies” (ie. theatrical and arty types) on the pro-Remain side played into the Neocon media “dialectical” narrative of Brexit as a contest between the common people on one side and out of touch metropolitans on the other. Most of the Neocon media, (the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Sun, etc.,) denounced the “luvvies” for supporting Remain, whereas Jagger and McCartney got showered with praise for opposing Scottish independence in 2014 (and the tennis player Andy Murray got hammered for supporting it). Also, some quite prominent figures in showbiz and media supported Brexit: Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey (and relative of the royals), Elizabeth Hurley, Ian Botham and so on. The point here is not that the establishment were all on the Brexit side, but rather that, as Tim’s very apposite headline indicated, the whole thing was one of those phony dialectics – like the climate change “debate” or the Islamophobia “debate” – where both sides are reciting pre-written scripts, and the outcome is a pre-ordained “synthesis”.
      All I know about Crispin Blunt MP is stuff you probably know already – that he left his wife and family a few years ago, and declared himself a homosexual, and a few months ago spoke out in the British House of Commons against banning the “gay drug” amyl nitrate (aka “poppers”) on the grounds that such a ban would negatively impinge on his own sex life. The “mother of parliaments” indeed. Not that the Irish Dail (parliament) is any better – worse if anything.

      1. Thank you for the response. I didn’t know where Fellowes and Hurley stood. Most YOUNG actors and composers are Remain. And most of them live in London (Ben Barnes, etc). David Arnold is a film composer. He’s got oodles of credits on IMDb. Crispin Blunt chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee. He’s one of the media’s go-to politicians re: Brexit. Just google him!

    2. 220lily: I did as you suggested and looked a bit into Crispin Blunt’s background. He was a long time special adviser to former senior Tory minister and Scottish Jewish Zionist, Malcolm Rifkind. Rifkind was a prominent cheerleader for the western ouster of Ghaddafi and also played a leading role in drumming up anti-Russian hysteria in the wake of the western sponsored coup in Ukraine a few years ago. He didn’t support Brexit, but like many of the Tory Brexiteers he’s a keen champion of the Commonwealth – a Zio-masonic institution if ever there was one. Around the time of the conclusion of the Northern Irish peace process (the late 1990s) I heard him say on BBC radio that Ireland should rejoin the Commonwealth. This is the position of most of the anti-Catholic Masonic establishment in the Republic of Ireland, including the Trilateralist lesbian anti-Catholic bigot Mary Robinson – Ireland’s answer to Shillary. As I say, many leading Brexiteers are Commonwealth groupies – which to me is a bit like resigning from the Bilderbergers in order to concentrate more on one’s membership of the Skull and Bones.
      Blunt supported Rifkind’s bid for the Tory leadership in 2001. He’s also the uncle of the actress Emily Blunt. Speaking of which, there were plenty of other showbiz figures who supported Brexit – John Cleese, Michael Caine, and Joan Collins among them. In general I’d say more celebs supported Remain than supported Brexit, but it was nowhere near as clear cut as in the case of the Scottish referendum.

  20. The thing about all these scripted dialectical role players is that they change sides, are handed a new script and take up a new position when the wind changes.
    I think Orwell wrote about this in 1984. It is whoever the neocons say are the enemies du jour.
    I never could understand why people listen to or care about what vacuous things luvvies have to say about anything.

  21. “I never could understand why people listen to or care about what vacuous things luvvies have to say about anything”.
    I think it’s a vicious cycle – the pop music and trashy movies make the masses vacuous – and this in turn makes them more eager to turn the folk who churn out this trash into faux prophets of our time. Springsteen to me is classic example. Loads of forty and fifty-something lefties think the guy is the embodiment of working class integrity, when in reality he’s never had a proper job in his life, is a billionaire, engages in the pastimes of the self-designated New England “elites”, and spouts whatever cultural Marxist garbage Soros & co demand of him. Does anyone really think he’d still be celebrated if he said, “actually you know what, the nuns in my school were very nice – and I really don’t think it’s a good idea for guys in dresses to be allowed use women’s toilets and changing rooms”? Some chance. He mightn’t even still be alive. Look at Prince, John Lennon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, even Elvis – all of whom, for all their faults (and I’m not a fan of any of them), left the reservation in one way or another, and ended up paying with their lives.

  22. This article makes some excellent points. Don’t get me wrong – I tramped the streets for hours distributing Leave leaflets and was happy with the Leave result. Whats needed now though is a dose of realism and to start making Leave or Remain voters aware of who really pulls the strings. One point the article missed when describing the pro-Leave publicity from main stream sources – remember the Independence Day June 23 film posters on the sides of buses for 2 weeks prior to the vote? Coincidence? I doubt it. There are some positives from this result. It feels more acceptable to discuss issues like immigration. People usually don’t make huge leaps when moving towards new positions. I moved from Truther to EU sceptic, to UKIP supporter, to white nationalist. Each stepping stone gives you a chance to get your balance before making the next step.

    1. Paddy – that’s a very good point about the Independence Day posters “coincidence”. As you’re doubtless aware Boris Johnson at the very end of the final BBC televised debate on Brexit declared “Let’s make June 23rd our Independence Day!”. The audience responded with a truly thunderous standing ovation – and many saw it as the defining moment of the campaign. The fact that the referendum was timed to coincide with the European soccer championships, when English nationalism is usually at fever pitch, surely wasn’t happenstance either. Another thing I neglected to mention was the avid support for Brexit that came from the Paisleyite and ultra-Zionist Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland.
      I think you may be right that good may come from what has transpired. In a way it already ha: for a start Michael Gove, the king of British Neocon shills has had his reputation seriously battered in the last couple of weeks.

  23. It’s just been reported on the BBC that the new (as of today) British Prime Minister, hardline Zionist (and Anglican vicar’s daughter) Theresa May, dined with the British Chief Rabbi last night. Another Zio-ultra, the militant lesbian Angela Eagle, is challenging Jeremy Corbyn (something of a bete noir of British Jewish extremists, because of his opposition to Zio-wars ) for the leadership of the opposition Labour Party. Both May’s elevation (without a ballot of Tory Party members) and Eagle’s challenge to Corbyn, flow directly from the Brexit shenanigans, and give the lie to the notion, propounded by some in the alternative media, that Brexit has shaken the globalist establishment to its foundations.

  24. Catherine Austin Fitts comments a bit about the game with Brexit and the Commonwealth at about 29.00 on this interesting interview. She does show how the Brexit game piece is very connected to other major world issues.
    This subject is way over my head but I do fault CAF for not touching on Northsider’s hypothesis. She won’t have a bit of it.

    1. Dachsielady An interesting video as usual. I sort of half agree with what that lady says. Webster Tarpley said something similar about the real rationale behind Brexit being Britain’s growing relationship with the Chinese commies. Tarpley is a dubious character in my opinion, but there’s no question that the British Masonic elite have been cosying up to China for several years now.
      When you look at the spate of false flags in France in recent years, the Anglo-Zionist sponsored invasion of Germany by migrants, the coordinated attacks on the German car industry, the all out attack on the “PIGS” (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain – an acronym that originated in the City of London) not to mention the trafficking to Ireland of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of migrants from the UK, it’s clear that the Zio-Masonic PTB in Britain have been intent on shredding the fabric of Europe for some time.
      Where I take issue with Fitts is the ludicrous implication that Britain is somehow morally appalled at the corruption of the modern US. That is a joke. The corruption of the City of London makes Wall Street look like a kindergarten picnic.
      Likewise blackmail, character assassination, entrapment, bribery, and the murder of inconvenient politicians and other public figures, are even more ubiquitous in the UK than in the USA. And whenever I see someone say on alternative sites that Operation Gladio was the first false flag terror in the West I groan. The British were using Protestant terror gangs and moles in the Irish republican movement to cause carnage long before the Red Brigades had even been heard of.

      1. First, before I forget, just want to compliment Northsider on his fine insights and admirable writing skills. Wish I could write like that.
        Tarpley has sort of faded off the scene in the USA “truth movement.” I wrote him a note when he said some really ugly things about my state – Texas. He sent me an email but somehow when I was opening it I accidentally erased it before I could read it. I always tried to pay attention to him I guess because he is a Catholic. I know that his wife works for some Jewish concern and probably his own income endeavors are dependent upon never saying anything about the J issue. Alex Jones used to have him on fairly frequently and, even though he is a liberal, he can be counted on to never broach the J issue on the air.
        I really see things at come kind of breaking point right now in terms of every aspect of our existence.
        I have for years described the U.S. government as a “bribery, extortion, blackmail grid.”
        Everybody is holding something over everybody else’s head and the grid stays functioning via those three tools. I learn now that England and Ireland are under the same kind of corruption.
        I remember many years ago thinking how Thou Shalt Not Lie (bear false witness) commandment is so basic to life. If everyone is lying to each other, nothing works. That is our situation now. The Father of Lies has taken over and the corruption is so pervasive and almost omnipotent that we just have to each pray and go into survival mode as best we can.
        God bless us each and every one in the Name of the One Who is Truth.

  25. Dachsielady: Thanks for your very kind words. Believe me you provide some very powerful insights here. I’ve learned an awful lot from your posts and videos here.
    Speaking of which, I never knew Tarpley was a Catholic. In fact I did wonder lately if he was Jewish – as you say he has a very marked disinclination to mention the Tribe in his discourse. He’s very anti-Trump, but it’s his reasons for this stance that I find wrong-headed – i.e. according to him Trump’s anti-immigrant policy will lead to illegal migrants getting dragged out of bed in the middle of the night to be deported, which (A) probably would never happen, and (B) even if it did, would it be such a bad thing if it deterred others from breaking the law to reach the US?
    You’re so right about the primacy of Thou Shalt Not Lie. I thought of this when reading about the latest “event” in Nice. Others may disagree, but for me Nice shows how cavalier the directors of Jihadist Theatre Productions have become – they’re not so much lying to people as getting people to lie to themselves. If you tell the public that a white truck ran into nearly 200 pedestrians, killing 84 of them, and dragging many of them along the road for hundreds of yards, and then present the said truck with not a speck of blood on it – it’s clear your real aim is not to skilfully gull the masses – but to get them to actively consent to their own gulling. I know I’m not saying anything original here – Makow has written about this process, as has Hoffman – but it explains so much – the prefiguring of these “events” in Hollywood and pop culture -, the wilful sloppiness of the “productions”, the ludicrous “coincidences” (passports found in the rubble etc). And so many ostensible enemies of the “New World Order”, from Catholic Trads to white nats to Protestant fundamentalists, are colluding in this ultimate Big Lie.

    1. Duke’s site seems to be down tonight – which may be a sign he has the Tribe badly rattled. I wonder too if the fact that RNC passed off largely without incident is down to his decision to stand for Senate. Soros & co might have feared a backlash in Louisiana if their hired agent provs went too far in Cleveland – especially after the BLM orchestrated “events” of recent weeks. I have loads of reservations about Duke, but he seems to know how to rattle their cage more than just about anyone.

  26. You seem to understand well the machinations of the politicos and the Tribe. I had to read your posting a few times to grasp its meaning. It does sound plausible.
    Duke is up to some tricks for sure and I too have some reservations about him. I understand he lives in either Switzerland or maybe Sweden most of the time so it amazes me he can run for Louisiana senator.
    My browser keeps crashing about every two minutes and I have three malware protection programs.
    I think the Tribe has tight control of all the web. I notice Google is giving very poor search results lately and that is part of their program.
    The games of the controllers are so serpentine that I don’t know for sure how to interpret websites being under apparent “attack.” WorldNetDaily seemed to block access to a recent video of Hillary that purports to show her having some kind of seizure. I would have liked to see that.
    All the sites I visit seem to point to imminent economic collapse of EU and USA.
    Batten down the hatches matey. There’s a blow comin’.

    1. Dachsielady: Duke often suggests on his radio show that Zionists are responsible for his site going down, so it seems a bit of a coincidence that it should disappear shortly after he announces his candidacy – and in the middle of the DNC.
      I’ve noticed the same thing you have the re bad search results on google as well. As for Bing, forget it. Also, vids going against the official narrative about Islamic terror (for example) take ages to locate these days, and often seem to have a suspiciously low number of hits. When I go back to one of these vids a few hours later they still have the same identical number, even though at least one extra person (i.e. me) has watched it.
      Another thing I’ve noticed on corporate crass media comment forums is that moderators (or someone else?) often subtly change what you write, e.g. leaving out or putting in erroneous commas, full stops etc, and sometimes even replacing words. Needless to say, I make loads of punctuation errors off my own bat, but this is something different – as in when you double check something before posting it and it still gets published with loads of content changed. So I think you’re spot on: the Tribe is increasingly exerting control over the web in way that wasn’t happening even five years ago.

  27. In response to Northsider.
    Here is a classic example of Google’s shenanigans. It would be funny if it were not so evil.
    I will just copy and paste a Word file I saved of a comment I made on another site.
    I posted as DachsieLady regarding Google Translate
    1. DachsieLady says:
    December 17, 2015 at 5:26 am
    A while back I read this article…
    “The Jewish Takeover of Canada: The Case of Arthur Topham
    Lasha Darkmoon October 4, 2014 Articles
    Has Canada been taken over by Jews? It would seem so, if the relentless persecution of Canadian patriot and freedom fighter Arthur Topham is anything to go on.”
    The article also contained this Latin phrase…
    “Needless to say, Stimson has himself been dismissed as an anti-Semite for saying this. De Judaiis nil nisi bonum.”
    I went to Google Translate – what an absolute joke to look up that Latin phrase De Judaiis nil nisi bonum
    and would you believe Google Translate gave the following as the translation? “The foretold nothing but good”.
    I know I am just a nobody and no linquistic scholar, but I can see the word Jew – Judais and am pretty sure the phase’s correct translation is
    “Of the Jew nothing but good.”
    This shows how twisted and dishonest and unscholarly Google Translate is to learn about Arthur Topham case.
    The article contained the term “Jew”. “

  28. In response to Northsider.
    I just submitted a more lengthy reply but it went into moderation by WordPress. One can only surmise the various computer code in WordPress program but I guess the reason for not immediate posting is that it contained the J word. (I doubt it was Mr. Fitzpatrick who put it in moderation.)

    1. Dachsielady: I’ve heard it said that if you’re feeling down, and need a good laugh you could do worse than spend an hour on Google Translate, but as you say the corruption of this outfit is too serious to be funny. I would argue that Canada’s malaise (and that of Australia and New Zealand) bear out my view that the Commonwealth is anything but an antidote to the endemic corruption in Europe. I’ve never been to Australia myself, but I’ve heard from people who’ve lived there that Freemasonry is a highly visible presence in that country (and these would be ordinary Joes and Josephines who would not be in any way conspiracy minded or know or care much about Masonry). I’m guessing the same is true of Canada and NZ.
      By the way Dr Duke has confirmed on his radio show that his site was indeed the victim of a massive cyber-attack.

  29. Hi, Tim, I tried to e-mail you a couple of times recently at the address above – not sure if you received them.

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