Sheen sex scandal ensnares Alex Jones

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
November 28, 2015 Anno Domini

Close friends Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones.

An alleged nurse who appeared on the Dr. Oz television show this week and revealed that she was hooked up with disgraced Hollywoodite Charlie Sheen through Alex Jones is yet more evidence that the COINTELPRO agent is under libido dominandi.

Amanda Bruce appeared on Dr. Oz[I] as one of Sheen’s ex-girlfriends to comment on the fallout from Sheen’s admission on television that he is HIV-positive.

“Charlie and I met through a mutual friend, Alex Jones,” Bruce told Oz.

Bruce claims she is a registered nurse. While this may be true, it appears she has a questionable past—a past that corroborates Sheen’s fixation for hookers and porn stars. The world’s largest gossip site The Dirty suggests that Bruce is or was an L.A. escort in kahoots with Freddy Figueroa, aka Freddy Figs. What? Alex Jones, hookers, Sheen, cocaine?


Sheen, who revealed his HIV-positive status Nov. 17[II], has headlined the news lately as fallout ensues over the countless potential victims with whom he slept that may have had no idea as to his infection. Sheen claims he was diagnosed with the infection roughly four years ago, although skeptics conjecture perhaps much longer than that, and Sheen says all his past sexual partners were informed of his infection.

Jones’ friendship with Sheen is well known and admitted by Jones. Jones has misappropriated airtime on his pseudo conspiracy show to allow Sheen to vent his personal beefs with Hollywood[III]—something which resulted in CBS cancelling Sheen’s hit Two and a Half Men TV show. Jones providing this crackhead with a voice on his show, whether talking about Hollywood, clouded and confusing rants about 9/11 truth, or vaccinations eventually garnered the attention of the Zionist-controlled mainstream media. Jones received much publicity from the media, even appearing on shows like The View[IV] to defend Sheen while he faced pressure for his substance abuse.

The recent revelation, which includes an alleged gay sex video involving Sheen, is all the more interesting considering the bizarre details revealed in his divorce settlement with his ex-wife Kelly (Violet) Rebecca Nichols[V].
Additionally, rumours have swirled for years about Jones’ sexuality, especially considering his various associations with homosexuals [VI], and don’t forget how close Jones is with gay, Jewish, neocon Matt Drudge[VII]. These gay associations contradict Jones’ on-air anti-gay stance. How or why Jones hooked up the nurse with Sheen is unclear, as is whether Jones has been hooked up himself. But using Jones’ oft repeated claim that “like attracts like,” what else are we to deduce other than that Jones engages in debauchery, likely with Sheen in the picture, so to speak?

Divorcee Alex Jones with Lee Ann McAdoo at an Infowars Halloween party. Jones was more than happy to post this night-of-evil, smutty photo to his Twitter page.

Jones’ divorce settlement involved number of sex addiction counselors
I am no legal expert, but there seems to be an unusually high number of counsellors that were slated to take depositions in the divorce proceedings between Jones and Nichols, upwards of 30—some from Texas, others from Arizona. Several of them specialize in sex addictions and/or sex offender treatment. But just because a marriage counselor specializes in sex addictions does not mean that this was the reason for counselling Jones and Nichols. Marriage counsellors treat couples for a wide range of problems. But in light of the supposed allegations of former Infowars employees of adultery[VIII], rumours of gay goings on, Jones’ circle of degenerate Hollywood friends, and Jones’ frequent on-air boastings of his sexual prowess (which he chalks up to the herbal supplements he sells, no doubt), perhaps there is something to this. As for the alleged adultery with a female Infowars employee, perhaps federal whistleblower Stew Webb was only partially correct. Perhaps the affair occurred between Jones and a man.[IX] Whatever the case, it was devastating enough to provoke a divorce, which appears to have been initiated by Nichols.

Does Jones ride the casting couch?


How did Alex Jones get to be featured in two Hollywood movies? More importantly, why would he, someone supposedly opposed to the establishment, agree to it?  And how did Jones get to the point where he became close friends with people in Hollywood? Hollywood is a crucial component of the New World Order conspiracy, yet Jones apparently has no issues being involved in it. Director/screenwriter Richard Linklater, a Texas-based film writer known for movies such as Dazed and Confused, chose Jones for his 2006 animated science fiction thriller A Scanner Darkly, featuring Keanu Reeves (the movie, like many in Hollywood, displays Illuminati symbolism). This wasn’t the first time the pair had worked together. In 2001, Linklater featured Jones in his Ethan Hawke movie Waking Life.[X] Linklater may be Jewish. His mother’s maiden name is Krieger. If true, this would add to the overwhelming list of Jewish friends and associates in Jones’ circle.[XI] Sheen himself is Jewish.

Rogan and LaVey.

It’s no secret that many actors only get to appear in films depending on their willingness to perform sexual favours and/or engage in sexual and satanic rituals. Does Jones fall into this category? Kinky, degenerate Jones pal Charlie Sheen most certainly does. Perhaps Sheen is in the mess he is in because of selling his soul to ride the couch. He may even be an MKUltra monarch slave who may have serviced the many Hollywood pederasts actor Corey Feldman claims swarm the industry and its child actors. And Jones is a close friend of this guy? Jones often brags on air about having many Hollywood friends, producers included. Although he often lies and exaggerates, there is probably much truth to this. He has featured several Hollywoodites on his show and claims many in Hollywood listen to Infowars regularly. His other close friend, another degenerate, Joe Rogan, also rolls in Hollywood circles. He also rolls around in homoerotic Brazilian Ju-Jitsu rings. Rogan currently works on a couple of TV series, MeatEater and Silicon Valley. He is an outspoken occultist and appeared in the series NewsRadio (1995-1999). In one episode, he posed as a freemason. He has received some criticism over the years by truthers for posing in a photograph wearing a Satanic T-shirt while standing next to Satanist Stanton LaVey, grandson of Jewish Satanist and founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey.

Cocaine: Hollywood’s choice drug


Charlie Sheen’s substance abuse is admitted[XII], but what about Alex Jones? Is TV show host Montel Williams correct that Jones is a cocaine-addicted con artist who radicalizes people to commit terrorist acts?[XIII] And if Jones has a drug addiction, what are the chances that he might also have a sex addiction, like his close friend Sheen? If Jones is rolling in Hollywood, and we know one of his objectives as a counter-intelligence operative is to radicalize unstable elements of his audience, why not? I don’t see any reason why Williams would make up such an allegation.
I also don’t see Jones trying to sue him for defamation. If true, cocaine has certainly given Jones the confidence and aggression he may lack otherwise. He has an overwhelming personality on air, maniacal really. Perhaps a cocaine or other drug addiction contributed to his divorce.

Libido Dominandi: control through sex

E. Michael Jones

Controlling people through sex and blackmail is key to the success of the New World Order conspiracy. It has proven to be the most effective means of control, as sex is one of the strongest desires in human beings and is easily exploited.
Sex is a powerful force that can be transmuted for good, exemplified by abstinent, pious Christians, or for bad, as exemplified by former U.S. president Bill Clinton or in 2002 when Israel attempted to distract and control Palestinian civilians by taking over their TV stations and broadcasting pornography on every channel all day and all night.[XIV] This system of control, which cultural critic E. Michael Jones calls libido dominandi[XV], could very well be at work in Alex Jones. His handlers, whether they be the Israelis, the CIA, FBI, or a combination of all three could be directing Jones by the lusts of his heart…also by his wallet.
It has been perfected in Hollywood. Almost every actor is compromised from the beginning so that they step out of line with Hollywood’s Judeo-Masonic agenda. And if someone does manage to step out of line, the hammer is laid down in the form of scandals, theft (loaded bank accounts mysteriously disappear), or assassinations at the hands of Hollywood’s starwhacker hitmen. If true, however, Jones’ case of libido dominandi does not absolve him of guilt, especially as it pertains to his role as a public liar, misdirector, radicalizer, and agent of the New World Order conspiracy. He is accountable for his decisions and all the words he puts out into the public sphere. He has yet to publicly admit that he is divorced. This would be the appropriate course of action for Jones, as he makes money from his image as a family man and patriot. He also claims to be a Christian, so confession and repentance would also be in order. After he has done all that, he might also admit that he has lied and conned many people, sent people to jail and death (via radicalization), stole large sums of money from his naïve audience to pay for his private affairs (money bombs ), and confess to being a counter-intelligence operative working against the best interests of the average person, especially Americans.

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  1. Great article Fitzpatrick Thank you. You are a real light in this world. I want you to know that you keep the little America in the know.

  2. Years ago when I first became aware of AJ I used to hear a lot of anti-Zionist alternative media types accuse him of being a Zio-shill, on the grounds that he never implicated Israel. I thought they had a point, but I also thought that maybe they were demanding too much – and that his silence on the Zionist/Judaic question might be motivated by fear of being labelled anti-Semitic or fear of alienating fair-minded people of Jewish stock. The thing was, in those days his site delivered plenty of valuable information, even if Israel and the tribal supremacists got a free pass. However, these days what can one say about them? If anything they’re now actually worse disinfo merchants than Fox and the rest of the corporate crass presstitutes. PJ Watson, in particular doesn’t even try to be subtle in his divide and conquer Islam bashing drivel. Apparently he posted something on social media the other day listing all the terrorism “committed by Muslims”. The list included 9/11, 7/7, Boston and all the rest of the modern false flags! I’m only surprised he didn’t put the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and the bombing of the King David hotel on the list.

  3. You Can’t trust anyone these days.If this is a stunt to discredit Alex,why isn’t he up in arms about it??

  4. Rogan’s podcast with Jones and Eddie Bravo was allegedly the most downloaded podcast of all time. According to AJ, over 40 million downloads in one month and supposedly censored by both google and i-tunes. It was a clown-show and embarrassing, so I have no idea what AJ is so proud of. The fact that he’s now little more than the “conspiracy nut” version of Rush Limbaugh everyone laughs at and finds entertaining and few take seriously in any way? The idiot actually started arguing with Bravo about the non-existent moon-landings claiming “they” have “since” landed on the moon in a “secret” program” only his larded majesty know about! LOL Eddie Bravo came off sounding as much more of a rational conspiracy expert than that washed-up old fraud.
    Rogan is 3 quarters Italian, one quarter Irish. As far as I could find out, Rogan’s wife, whom he wisely never brings on his show, since in addition to keeping his family matters private and immune to internet trolls and stalkers, this MO also has the added benefit of keeping at least a part of the Jew-wise demographic occasionally entertained by his show, if not directly in his gate, then at least being mentally influenced and keeping his popularity up, is a Jewess by the name of Jessica Schimmel.
    She is the daughter of this Jew comedian who left the tribe’s shekel-matrix in some stupid car accident. Therefore Rogan’s daughters (two biological, one his wife’s from a previous relationship) are Jews by Talmudic law just like AJ’s kids from his ex-wife, and eligible to go live in apartheid S**tsrael. You see, the mystery is now solved No wonder AJ & JR are such good buddies for so many years! Their kids can all go to summer-camp together in Tel Aviv and Herziliya (who cares how they spell the name of that manure-hole).
    Also, his podcast producer and sidekick Brian Redban (probably not his real name) is an admitted Jew that Rogan supposedly mentored (it’s probably the other way around; he’s almost certainly a sayanim there to handle Rogan and make sure he doesn’t step out of line, although it’s also almost a certainly that Rogan himself, being the shabbos goy useful idiot, doesn’t suspect this). Joey Diaz (he’s supposed to be Cuban, possible Marrano?), the foulmouthed “Goodfellas/Sopranos” type “street” comedian that springboarded off Rogan’s show to his own popular podcast also has a Jew producer named Lee Syatt, a 24-hour-a-day pothead greasy clown who proudly calls himself “The Flying Jew” and sells “Flying Jew” t-shirts.
    Same with the husband-&-wife comedy team of Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky (Polish name, Hungarian woman) who do both solo and duo shows. They are produced by another admitted Ashkenazi Jew by the name of “Blueban.” (lol) Good name for a bunch of sayanim busy “banning” things that don’t play into the Jew agenda, isn’t it? Segura and his wife spingboarded off Rogan’s show into their own podcast called “Your Mom’s House,” which is an often hilarious if extremely raunchy and bordering on “degenerate” show tempered by the fact that they themselves seem like such a “normal” and “nice” couple on the surface (husband and wife joke about their bowel movements, sex acts, porn films, basically every kind of semi-degenerate dance that Jews make shabbos goys do if they want enough shekels to have a career in show biz). All of these people are co-opted directly even worse than Alex Jones and will never tell a significant amount of truth about anything that might topple the power-structure they’re co-dependent with.
    Google and You Tube are finished. They are entirely mainstream organizations now with very little free speech. Of course, they’ll still keep a large percentage of their audience for many years by pretending to the gullible to have “freedom of speech,” since you can still be as nasty as you want and troll as much as you want there but use “racial slurs” or “homophobic slurs” or “sexist slurs,” blah blah blah and especially if you criticize the ultimate nasty-work of Jews in any way that gets an audience and you instantly get a warning and then a ban. David Icke forum is also finished since it was co-opted by its current flock of moderators and taken 90% “Private” which means now only members of DIF with passwords can read the forum and not anyone who might have an internet connection and some curiosity in this direction as it was before. Since taking everything “Private,” threads that I started there that have over 100,000 views and used to get thousands of views a month, have now been cut down to maybe twenty to fifty views a month. It is very thinly veiled and direct censorship.

  5. Of course, the banning of “slurs” has now graduated into banning of all speech that explores areas deemed as threatening to the Jew World Order degeneracy as “hate speech.” You can put out as scholarly a work as Kevin MacDonald, argue just as eloquently for your position and have authenticated source documents to back it all up and still be banned for “hate speech” on Joogle and Jew-tube. IMDB also just deleted many hundreds of millions of comments and no longer has a discussion forum for each movie or actor, etc., because people used to troll the Jew agenda like crazy over there at a very high, something like 57th in the world, Alexa Rating. lol I know I used to do it and two days after I recommended John Le Bon and Zachary Hubbard to some dude, the entire comment section of the entire gigantic site was deleted instantly and with no explanation.
    This stuff will never end until non-Jews and by non-Jews I mean those who do not subscribe in any way to the win-lose dialectic of the parasite personified at its most diabolical by the Jew-mafia “religion,” and its Talmud and Torah criminal codes,
    but rather to the win-win of all true see-will-I-zation (seeing your free-will in action by having your freedom of association protected by the strongest currents of thought and action in society is what creates civilization), ostracize and refuse to deal with Jews and their shabbos lackeys in any way. That is the only real revolution possible at the current time. All other talk is just a smokescreen. You can’t have a bunch of self-proclaimed parasites running the financial and media-communications affairs of your whole country and then expect to have see-will-i-zed results! lol It’s absurd to even think that’s a possibility. The only freedom allowed in this kind of a society is bait for a hook to come later. Just enough for there to be things produced that can be looted by the non-producing and non-creative gang of con-men in charge.

  6. Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones?…top 10 unexpected crossovers i’ve ever seen!What a COHENcidence no?

  7. Sorry, i can’t look for more seconds to this photo of the two (Jones and Sheen) without laughing.

    I know that the subject is serious, forgive me. I’m really surprised. Unfortunately i have watched that degenerate series “two and a half man” some years ago, so…well, as i said, i’m really surprised!Looks like a picture of an episode of this kosher trash. Sorry for any mispelling errors, english is not my first language.

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