Millionaire Alex Jones’ mysterious Dogwood Creek home

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 21, 2015 Anno Domini

Life must be pretty good for Alex Jones.

He’s raking in millions, living large within the protective barrier of his CIA/Zionist handlers, and fooling millions of people with his sophisticated fake persona using psychological trickery and word magic.

His largely lower class audience haven’t the educated means with which to figure out the con. They are at the mercy of a heavily funded psychological operation, with an intelligent millionaire as the window dressing. His audience gets poorer and poorer with the doom and gloom Jones sells them as he himself gets fatter (literally) and richer.

One of the many rewards Jones has received for his establishment shilling is his Dogwood Creek home, which is safely located in a gated community in Austin, Texas . It is now valued at over $1 million, dwarfing the shanty his average listener rents or squats in. One source lists Jones’ home at $1,039,947. Jones also recently opened up another fancy, new studio, supposedly all with the funding of his meager PrisonPlanet TV subscriptions and the proceeds from his Infowars store, which consists of disinformation material and unverified health products. Late last year, Jones claimed to have invested $70-90 million into the Infowars group of companies. By the way, these companies, shown below, are registered through Jones’ Jewish, Bronfman-connected attorney Elizabeth M. Schurig. Other apparent shell companies, like Magnolia Management LLC and I Am That Girl, are listed here.

How Jones can come up with this kind of capital all on his own is as puzzling as his supposed Dogwood roommates and his Jewish neighbours.

Infowars shell companies.

Alex Jones’ Dogwood ‘tenants’
CorporationWiki lists three other questionable characters at Jones 6601 Dogwood Creek Drive address. They are deposed Texas state attorney Jack Stick, sports broadcaster Greg Swindell, and now defunct Jill Beckett Cochran Inc. When cross-referencing these characters with Wikileaks, only Jack Stick’s former employer, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission turns up. It appears the Commission’s Duane Pietsch was in contact with Stratfor on a personal level. Here is one example. Why these people are listed at Jones’ residence is strange.
Perhaps they are being listed at this address through attorney Schurig, or perhaps Jones is in kahoots with them.

Alex Jones’ Jewish neighbours
Another to add to the growing list of Jews connected to Alex Jones is his physical neighbours. Several have seemingly Jewish surnames, including Robert Feiner, Scott Snyder, Cheryl Shapiro. Is Jones and his Jewish wife Kelly more comfortable around such neighbours, or is it just a coincidence, as Texas has a disproportionately large population of Jews?


  1. Free Speech Systems, LLC has an accurate description of Jones and Infowars in their trademark application: Alex Jones is a performer who provides entertainment services:
    “Entertainment services, namely, providing radio programs in the field of news, current events, social commentary, and politics via a global computer network; Entertainment services, namely, the provision of continuing programs featuring news and commentary delivered by radio and internet; Production and distribution of radio programs; Providing on-line non-downloadable articles in the field of news, current events, social commentary, and politics; Radio entertainment services, namely, radio programs featuring performances by a radio personality.”

    1. Guess that’s why it is appropriately called the Alex Jones Show.
      “show” noun
      1 a spectacle or display of something, typically an impressive one : spectacular shows of bluebells.
      2 a public entertainment, in particular
      • a play or other stage performance, esp. a musical.
      • a program on television or radio.
      • [usu. with adj. ] an event or competition involving the public display or exhibition of animals, plants, or products : the annual agricultural show.
      • informal an undertaking, project, or organization : I man a desk in a little office. I don’t run the show.
      • informal an opportunity for doing something; a chance : I didn’t have a show.
      3 an outward appearance or display of a quality or feeling : Joanie was frightened of any show of affection.
      • an outward display intended to give a particular, false impression : Drew made a show of looking around for firewood | they are all show and no go.
      4 Medicine a discharge of blood and mucus from the vagina at the onset of labor or menstruation.

  2. the interesting thing about that house is that when you look at the county property tax records, his name does not show up on there. however, i am sure that is where he lives. i have seen that house before on the internet. he used to live in another place before he moved into that place. i also saw a picture of that one too. he may have kept that one and rented it out etc. he said something about his family having a farm in bastrop etc. i remember the first time i heard this guy was about 1996, coming on late at night on the community cable access channel from austin. i lived in houston at the time. nothing much has changed with him. in my opinion, it is no accident that he is in the position he is in.. it is also interesting how he has compartmentalized several different facets of his scam into various LLC’s and all of them flow back to the same one or two lawyers. somebody, i think a guy who goes by zog corp on youtube , told me where his office is. i am going to go by there the next time i am in austin and do some snooping around. this joker is a real piece of work. do any of you remember the famous austin cable access tv fight in the parking lot? LOL

    1. I am surprised nobody has gone around his studio and LLC addresses yet and reported them. Just be careful snooping. Who knows what kind of protection Jones is getting. If you can get his studio address and some pics and post them, I think you would be the first to do it. Godspeed!

  3. The reason that no owner is shown for the 6601 Dogwood Creek Drive address in the Travis County Central Appraisal District records is that the entity that owns that property has applied for and been granted “Confidential Owner” status.
    The following form shows those who qualify for this Confidential Owner status and Alex Jones does not appear to meet any of the qualifications.
    Those who qualify have to have some kind of direct connection to law enforcement or the law.
    If one wants to protest the false granting of this Confidential Owner status to Alex Jones, one must call the Travis County Central Appraisal District in Austin, Texas, and ask for the “Records Manager.” Then ask the Records Manager how to formerly protest the granting of this status to Alex Jones.
    If anyone knows the exact address of AJ’s “central Texas command post deep behind enemy lines”, that is, his fairly new studio facilities, which is a big top secret, it would be great to blow that cover.
    It is difficult to say how much of Alex Jones’ wealth is solely attributable to his own enterprises connected to because his father is a retired multi-millionaire dentist who formerly owned many buildings and dental offices throughout the Austin area under the name of Castle Dental, an entity which has been sold to some national dental entity but under the same name. Alex’s father has helped Alex financially all along and kept Alex afloat when other up and coming broadcasters would have gone under without infusions of cash at critical times. But now Alex is selling all sorts of things as well as salve for the psyches of would be patriots who want to feel like they are waging a powerful fight to save America.

    1. If anyone knows the exact address of AJ’s “central Texas command post deep behind enemy lines”, that is, his fairly new studio facilities, which is a big top secret, it would be great to blow that cover.

      The physical address of Alex Jones’ radio studios isn’t really a secret. I’ve known it for years:
      3019 Alvin Devane Blvd. Suite 300-350
      Austin, TX 78741

  4. I think you’re being a bit unfair to Alex Jones’ audience. My impression is that they’re no more uneducated than the audiences of the rest of the Presstitute media, perhaps a lot less so in many cases. I also suspect that many who visit the Infowars site have noticed just how remarkably close Jones, Watson & co have become to the MSM in recent years. For instance while Watson & Jones slavishly parroted the MSM line on the Hebdo attacks, the Infowars comment forums told a different story – making it clear most visitors to the site believed the attack was a false flag. Ditto Sandy Hook, Boston and the Woolwich psy-op.

  5. Alex Jones applied for an apparently was unlawfully granted
    “Confidential Owner” status on the Travis County Central Appraisal District form —
    This allows all of the information about the address including owner name and appraised value to not display on this public record database. is main website.
    If Alex Jones is the owner of this property, he does not appear to meet any of the qualifications for Confidential Owner status as that status is limited to people who have direct connection to the law or law enforcement as the pdf form shows. To protest this one has to call the “Records Manager” at the Travis County Central Appraisal District and get instruction on how to formerly protest the granting of this status.
    If anyone knows the specific address of Alex Jones Infowars studio for which he has had multiple “money bomb” donations campaigns over the last few years, it would be a great public service to prominently share that exact address here and everywhere else. How does anyone know whether the money they donatied actually was used for the purpose it was said to be needed and to be used for. The money bombs have stopped because now Infowars is in to the expensive nutritional / vitamin supplements business.
    Alex Jones’ father is a retired multi-millionaire dentist, Castle Dental. Without his father’s financial help over the years given by his father Alex Jones would never have reached the current lucrative enterprises and multiple corporate entities it now controls. Other up and coming broadcast personalities would have been wiped out early on without this financial buttressing.
    All of this dishonest hiding strategies must be stopped.

  6. Alex Jones broadcasts from the following location:
    3019 Alvin Devane Blvd. Suite 300-350
    Austin, TX 78741
    now that is what i was told by a guy i know on youtube.
    i have not checked it out yet. haven’t had the time
    but it appears to be the real deal.
    i was going to go over there and sit in the parking lost and see who pops up. i think jones drives a black suv or whatever. shouldn’t be hard to find out.
    do a google map on it and see what you think. he seems to be very careful about not giving out this info for some reason. some of these mindless minions he preaches to everyday may just show up unannounced……….

  7. Thanks Carson for supplying that info. For some reason my Firefox browser crashes when I try to go to google maps, however Mapquest shows me this address is in fairly close-in southeast Austin out on Hwy 71 East first main Left turn past Burleson. Also can go out on East Oltorf east of I35 and turn right on Alvin Devane Blvd.
    “…he seems to be very careful about not giving out this info for some reason. some of these mindless minions he preaches to everyday may just show up unannounced”
    No, I would not say that is exactly his reasons for wanting to remain secret.
    Supposedly the New World Order guys, “the globalists” as AJ would call these people, hate people who effectively challenge their “takeover” of America and they are very powerful people who can “kill their operation” and may decide to cause personal injury to AJ, his family, and the people and their families who operate “his operation.” That threat, that same kind of threat that is obviously carried out against many people who “know too much” about false flags on US soil, etc., is one of the MAIN THEMES of Alex Jones’ rhetoric on his shows. He is important. He is famous. He is hitting them hard. And therefore he is at risk and has to keep things as secret as possible. All of that cloak and dagger theme certainly bolsters his minions or groupies estimation of how “dangerous” Alex Jones is to the New World Order and how Alex Jones may be their only hope of saving America and their lives and their children’s future and all they can personally do to fight the New World Order.
    Also there is some real danger to public people who are popular and well known and who have some kind of large media presence. There are indeed some lone nutters out there, aside from the ones our government inflicts on us.
    Lastly, the hiding strategy – hush hush, top secret, strategy is to hide those who would “follow the money” regarding Alex Jones’ operation.
    If Alex Jones is actually the legal owner of the Dogwood Creek mansion, then one has to wonder how it became possible for him to buy such an expensive mansion. If his father bought it for him or co-signed on a mortgage for him and that is how AJ came to be the legal owner. If AJ’s money come SOLEY from his father, then it is perfectly A OK in my opinion for him to have that nice home.
    However, we do not know how much salary Alex Jones pays himself out of the donations, money bombs and product sales from his Infowars audience. We do not know if AJ was able to buy that mansion all on his own because of his huge Infowars income.
    The way I generally figure it — the growing destruction of the middle class and the growing ranks of the poor in America and the increasing wealth of “the moneyed elites”, makes his ownership and residing in such an elite neighborhood is all very incongruous.
    It looks very much like Alex Jones is an elite raised as a spoiled rich kid himself and most people who are sick of what is happening in and was has happened to the USA just will reallize what a false facade Alex Jones and Infowars is. A few people at the top are raking in big bucks by selling their main product and his main product is making people think that by listening to his show, buying his nutritional supplements, and supporting the broadcast that they are actually effectively fighting the new world order and standing up patriotically for America. Tummy rot.
    Alex Jones can afford a bunch of attorneys to keep his real estate holdings and his residence a secret from what most of us have to put up with as “public records.” Attorneys know how to finagle special favors from bureaucrats and some bureaucrats at the Travis County Central Appraisal District have absolute dictatorial authority to grant favors to whomever they want and it is all none of our business and the only way any of us could find out who is the legal owner of the home Dogwood Creek Drive is buy having enough money to pay an attorney to be able to get disclosure of that form that granted him special privacy of ownership.
    It all sucks.

    1. Would like a confirmation of the Alvin Devane studio location, as Google Maps shows nothing resembling an Infowars stuido. Corporation Wiki lists the following at the Alvin Devane location:
      Cbs Imaging, Inc.
      One Comp Health Systems
      Universal Leasing and Trading, Lp
      Medical Case Management, LLC
      Cadence Sports Incorporated
      Pinnacle Peak Holding Corp.
      William Totah Printing, LLC
      Texas Wired Music, Inc
      Worksteps, Inc.
      Speedstream.TV LLC
      Metaphor Technology Farm
      Pike Electric, LLC
      Cadence Sports, Inc.
      Ultimate Imaging
      Ixrf Systems Inc
      Cadence Holdings, LLC
      Open Roads Consulting, Inc.
      4TELLX LLC
      Secular Growth Investments, LLC
      Work Health Network, LLC
      Nt Holdings, L.L.C.
      Tess, Inc.
      Sure Score Inc
      Ixrf Systems, Inc.

      1. I remember about two years ago or maybe a bit longer, AJ made a big deal about moving to new larger studios and this was after a big money bomb donations campaign. Then also not quite two years ago, and I am terrible at giving good estimates and do not listen to the show much anymore, he mentioned that the new studio had just taken over more space in a building located right next door and his staff was moving certain items to that other added space – probably live broadcasts from one building and business office in other. (This big move from the Castle Dental building / South Lamar location seemed to be about the same time his father retired and sold Castle Dental, now by same name but in two or more states.)
        You can see by her resume that his attorney is all about helping rich people preserve their assets in every legal maneuver possible and that involves a lot of hiding strategies.
        Elizabeth L. Morgan (formerly Elizabeth Morgan Schurig) — now divorced and using her maiden name ?
        Greatly personally financially profiting by capitalizing on people’s love and concern from their crumbling country and their concern for themselves and their families is not a pretty picture. The Infowars operation should be much more transparent and apparently it is up to others to force that transparency. It appears that the family assets that his attorney is protecting and preserving for the family may be made up of many dollars that come from donations of the listeners of the Alex Jones media productions.
        I personally have liked much of AJ’s information and insights but “his operation” has grown to be a big money operation concurrently with the stark decline and ruination of our country, economy and rule of law. It is sad that we have to try to force transparency of Infowars.

        1. I could see AJ arguing that the lack of transparency is aimed at protecting him from the “globalists” that are supposedly threatening to kill him all the time. I wasn’t aware that Jones Sr. had retired. Thanks for digging that up.

          1. ” could see AJ arguing that the lack of transparency is aimed at protecting him from the “globalists” that are supposedly threatening to kill him all the time.”
            That is a regular feature of his schtick and has been for many years. Just about three days ago I heard him claim he was “under attack” but said he was not going to elaborate about it. The implication was that he was just going to suffer in silence but things were much more dangerous for him and his staff than anyone knows.

    1. Looks like the Alvin Devane location is just for office space for Infowars.
      It’s not just office space. It’s also his radio studio.

      1. Yes, we have confirmed that the Devane location is also the studio. Look through the comments, I took a screenshot of video footage showing the Devane complex through a window looking outside.

  8. yes jones got tired of peeps riding by his other house that he was living in so he moved to the gated community. he said on howard stern show that his wife is of jewish blood line. i used to get a lot of stuff off of the jack blood deadline live forum. they had a nack for keeping up with jonestown news. but since blood got screwed over by jones , i think he moved to atlanta and got out of dodge. jones is what i call a paranoid delusional character, i have read some psychology people talking about it. i have been listening this week after a long absence just to see what is going on. same old same old. he is still yelling and screaming. there is something about the way he delivers his information. not sure what to make of it. as far as the money goes for those money bombs he had, i heard he used to money to pay down on his house. not long after that he started that listener sponsored radio schpeel . the trouble is though that after 20 years of doing this shtick , he is starting to loose his shine. just who is ted anderson? i don’t think nobody really knows. how did he get involved with those two guys in england? i have never seen anyone say why that happened or how it happened. even the gold schlepping is kind of over for the time being with the constant manipulation of metals. so now he sells various supplement products all the time. with gold not doing much for the last few years, one has to wonder how that network is financed by ted anderson. there is a interesting story about how jones met stadtmiller of republic broadcasting fame. one thing is weird though. the israeli front company , stratfor and alex jones inc came into existence about the same year 1995. coincidence? i am not sure. was jones always a setup ? i don’t know. was he turned at one point? maybe, maybe it was a setup all along. maybe patriot radio was a setup all along and controlled opposition? wouldn’t surprise me a bit. in 20 years of being on the air, alex jones has not really helped the cause. not really and nothing is ever done. and you wonder why. gentiles are easy to control and can be very stupid , unfortunately …………..
    for 20 years jones has said the empire is on the run………, i would say the jews are more stronger today than at anytime in our history.

    1. i don’t think nobody really knows. how did he get involved with those two guys in england? i have never seen anyone say why that happened or how it happened.

      Probably through Jon Ronson, the British Jewish documentary filmmaker who got Alex into the Bohemian Grove.

  9. i was also thinking about the KLBJ building. that would make sense to me. if that other place is a loose end then have to go back to the drawing board. austin is not that big of a town ( at least not yet) it might take a while but he can be found.

  10. The Al Devane street address cannot YET be ruled out as a “loose end.” Someone needs to drive there and see if AJ actually enters the building. As stated earlier AJ and his legal entities/holdings are well disguised by other legal names and forms of of business, corporation, LLP etc. So just because there are some business names listed on some website that do not sound like Infowars or Infowars related, by no means suggests that they are not indeed Infowars. The picture of the building is a one story strip center just like I have always gotten the impression that it is. Again need to see if another similar one story building is walking distance “next door” that also fits description of what AJ said he new “command center” is.
    I just think exposing the exact location of this facility is important just to pay AJ back for his subterfuge. It just seems impossible for this location to be kept totally secret in a city the size of Austin without perhaps very sophisticated lawyered-up hiding strategies under false business names or renting/leasing not owning.
    He gives the impression that his operation is to save the republic and save freedom and justice for all of us and like it is really almost equal to a 501c3 religious, education or charitable entitiy. The facts are, as the record – what little we have of it so far — shows that Infowars is nothing but a big private business to make untold profits off the backs of ever-poorer Americans but in and even greater state of fear and trepidation from his daily rantings.
    AJ’s retired oral surgeon father is “in on” the “formulation” of Super Male and Super Female Vitality products as well as the other Infowars Life line of nutritional supplements, along with Dr. Group who seems legit to me. I notice that when AJ plugs his supplement products, he always makes two points: they are all super high quality and their purchase is to “help fund the operation.”
    Now when he says “help fund the operation” that is probably language recommended he carefully put out there by his attorneys. Customers are to understand that they are not making a purchase like off of Amazon or a regular retail company. The customers are to legally made to understand that the price of the product represents a donation to Infowars. I do not see that it is possible to receive a full refund within 30 days of the purchase price after opening one of the supplement products as some supplement companies do. I do not dispute that the products are “super high quality” but I do question the price of each product, which seems quite exorbitant.

    1. One should take a camera with a telephoto lens, if possible. Basic PI stuff. Camp out in your car for a few hours, wait to see who walks in and out, and snap as many photos as you can.

      1. AJ is always encouraging his listeners to be “citizen reporters” so now is the perfect opportunity. Get good long-shot photos of the building preferably with him or his car in the same shot, etc. Give date and time photo taken.
        Just a few random thoughts I would make.
        AJ misses being there now about two or three days each weekday show, allowing more and more David Knight to take over the mic and host the show. AND he never announces the day before that he will not be present as host the next day. It is always kind of a surprise when David Knight announces Alex is away and he will be hosting the show. That is planned specifically that way so that no one can track Alex Jones. That means that the person who goes there to take pictures must go at around 10:30 a.m. and hang around for 30 minutes and observe the goings and comings.
        Another thing, regarding how none of those business names found for that address on that business website as provided by Mr. Fitzpatrick appear to anything remotely to do with Alex Jones companies.
        Infowars studio and business office is NOT operating as an-open-to-walk-ins retail store., and therefore a person who goes up and tries to innocently enter the office to say, ask street directions etc. can gain more information than just parking nearby and taking videos. THIS attempting to enter DEFINITELY SHOULD BE DONE. Such an attempt by an innocent person will probably be met with a locked door and entry by strangers will not be possible even though there may be much activity heard inside inside. Also this means that the owner or lessor or building management company’s name can be the words that are printed on the door or any made-up phony business name can be posted on the sign or on that business listing website. If Alex Jones Inc. actually owns the building, as we have seen with his specialist legal help, he can disguise ownership in a myriad of ways so that neither his name nor Infowars name can be directly associated with the ownership.
        Suite “300-350” indicates a large number of contiguous suites. In other words like a whole building or major section of an office suites building, not simply suite 300 and suite 350. Again, I heard him say on air that they obtained additional office or storage space next door or very nearby.
        The more I think about this some of what I have suggested may be going on seems most likely to be true. The business name and the ownership of the pace where the business is located can be slam-dunk concealed and no one has to be let in to a locked door since it is not operating as a retail business. And we are learning that AJ wants to keep his business holdings and his personal finances and residence as concealed as is possible.
        I can see some justification for a wealthy public person wanting some amount of privacy and protection, but it is beginning to look like he has carried that ball way too far and is using that legitimate justification to keep secret how much money AJ, Inc. may be raking in from his gullible groupies. Giving fake cover-story reasons for certain actions and inactions that could be true and concealing real motivations is very much like our governmental officials act toward we the people.

          1. Good videos that I had not seen before. Looking out his office window, that as I understand is the new building next door that expanded to in 2010 and where his new broadcast studio is, that second building appears to be a one story long rectangular building that can be finished out by the lessee any way they want.
            I see this sort of as an “office park” with two or more long large rectangular buildings. I am going to go over to my doctor’s office in a couple of weeks and that is fairly close to East Oltorf so I may drive by that address on Alvin Davane Drive.
            I get the impression that they are leasing this space and that he is not the owner but that could be wrong since ownership of real property is so easy to conceal under all kinds of business forms and business names, no people names being discernable.
            If I get into that area of town, I will drive by to see what I can see.
            At the time, in 2010, they were mainly involved in selling videos, but they have not made many videos last few years and now have moved into mainly other kinds of merchandise with nutritional supplements taking the far lead in sales at and I think sales now are confined to online and phone/mail orders, not a physical customer service area store. Secrecy of the location seems to have been surprisingly achieved and there is no way that could be with a walk-in customer service area/store.
            The takedown of America sells.

    the main PO box for jones town is located off of burleson rd on a street named promotory point dr. these po boxes like this can be at a business residence if the business generates a lot of mail so this one is probably where his studio is
    i looked up the physical location of his po box. it is kind of right across the hwy 71 ben white road on the other side, a short way away. the search for jones town imho, should move to promotory point dr. i believe he is located off of that street…………..

    1. “these po boxes like this can be at a business residence if the business generates a lot of mail so this one is probably where his studio is”
      “”these po boxes like this can be at a business residence if the business generates a lot of mail”
      No, “these” po boxes are not U S Postal Service po boxes. They are “po boxes” RENTED by a private business that rents hundreds of “po boxes”.
      These private postal box rental places help people conceal their physical whereabouts.
      We do not have the exact address on Promontory Point Drive but if we did we could look up that address on Google street view to see exactly what is at that address.
      Promontary Point is still quite close to the Al Davane address you originally gave.
      I cannot go to google street view with my Firefox browser. It closes out all my browser windows when I try.

  12. Heyy Patrick, got a question. I’m all for outing Alex Jones but one thing I’ve noticed is tons of Jew wise folks pointing at Alex Jones and ignoring many other cancers within out midst. I mean let’s face it, the novelty of Alex Jones being an op has worn off and the people that are susceptible to seeing this truth have by now and if they haven’t there’s plenty of material out there.Why don’t you out, say an Andrew Anglin of Deanna Spingola for instance. Spingola clearly shilled along with a large number of other co-opted personalities for demonizing Sandy Hook OCT doubters. Anglin turns false flags into real events if it serves his hate agenda which again is a Jewish agenda-tHOSE ARE JUST TWO AND TO BE HONEST, there are more co-opted agents out there leading us than honest truthers. So I ask again, why just focus on Jones?

    1. “”why just focus on Jones…?”
      I cannot be said that Patrick “just focuses on Alex Jones.” Patrick has focused on several different personages and probably will on others in future articles.
      Michael Hoffman probably has done more than anyone to show us that it is the Judaics themselves who promote “anti-semitism” in all its forms.
      Anglin seems like an interesting character, but I am burned out on the whole Spingola schtick. She does not matter anymore. I only wonder just how much of the valuable I thought she used to convey is any good now that she has opted for spreading Sandy Hook untruth.
      Back to the subject of this thread. Still would like somebody to “out” if that address on Alvin Devane Boulevard IS INDEED Alex Jones’ “central Texas command post deep behind enemy lines.”

  13. Timothy Fitzpatrick, Alex Jones hasn’t lived at the 6601 Dogwood Creek Dr. location for a long time. He sold that house several years ago and moved to this new location:
    15101 Back of the Moon St. D
    Austin, TX 78734

    It was tricky discovering the address of Alex Jones’ new residence, because he doesn’t own it under his own name. He owns it under the name of a trust – “Hutton Cabin Trust”.

    1. Oh, I almost forgot. In that suppressed Travis County real estate records spreadsheet is proof that Alex Jones owns 3019 Alvin Devane Blvd. Ste. 300-350. He owns it through “Jones Productions LLC”.

      1. Here is a screenshot of 15101 Back of the Moon Street. You can’t see the house, it is shrouded in trees. How did you find out he sold the Dogwood Creek home?

    2. How did you find out he sold the Dogwood Creek home?

      Because I looked up the address on the Travis County property appraisal records website and the owner was someone different (I don’t remember their names). The property was sold in 2010 or 2011 (I don’t remember when exactly). However, now if you look up that address on the Travis County property appraisal records website, the record is suppressed and doesn’t appear at all.

  14. OK, “theZOG” appears to be providing us good new valuable input, but I still have questions problems.
    I appreciate the link to the Austin Bulldog Martin’s article about sleaziness of Travis CAD and Tax Assessor Collector’s Office decisions and record keeping, but the link does NOT contain the spreadsheet you say it does.
    Also the link to TCAD did not work for me
    Server Error in ‘/ClientDB’ Application.
    Runtime Error
    Description: An application error occurred on the server ”
    Mr. Fitzpatrick, please see if you can obtain a google street view of the structure located at
    15101 Back of the Moon Street, Austin, TX 78734
    leave off the “suite D” or st D the ZOG gave us. that will mess up your search.
    Also, Alex Jones’ residence is not likely to be a “suite D” in any structure. It is most likely to be a single family dwelling structure.
    The Back of the Moon street starts out as Rock Creek Drive,
    then curves left and is the same street is called Lake Mist,
    and then cures left again and the same street is called Back of the Moon Street.
    It is in the West Lake Hills area or subdivision and Jones’ former residence on Dogwood was also located in that general area in far west Austin called West Lake Hills. The streets in that area are generally high-end single family structures.
    I can’t see how Alex got tired of people driving by his house on Dogwood if the gate would not allow people driving in front of his house, but it was on the corner of Dogwood at Bunny Run Trail and Bunny Run was not gated and was a public road so I guess Alex’s house could be viewed from that street.
    I would also comment that Alex used to live about one mile from my house about 5 years ago and it was on a street called Oak something in the Western Oaks subdivision in southwest Austin, so he could not have lived at Dogwood resident in what can be described “a long time ago. Five years is not so long ago.
    Not many people are going to drive buy and annoy Alex Jones in his Back of the Moon residence, if that pans out to be his true current residence, as it so tucked away in far west Austin on a street that is way tucked away behind two other street names. However, it does appear to be a public street.
    All this hiding of the person’s name who owns a property is part of that Jewish female attorney’s work that Alex probably still is a client of. People who want to keep their great wealth and their identity secret use those kind of attorney services. So much for the “Infowar” Alex Jones says we must valiantly fight as he does.
    Us ordinary folk play a snowball’s chance in hell in getting our names suppressed from the TCAD records. If we want to do that, we have to have big bucks to pay a very skilled and /or “connected” attorney to set up a misleading Trust name.
    As for Alex Jones “owning” that series of suites in what is a larger group of office-park buildings on Al Davane, I would think that Alex could not “own” just part of that large set of buildings. If Alex Jones has true ownership there, it would have to be ownership of the ENTIRE office park on Al Devane. A series of contiguous suites in one or more of those Al Devane Office Park buildings could only be LEASED, not owned.
    I need to say again that the only objections I have about Alex Jones’ big house ownership is that he did a series of “money bombs” and some of those donations may have, but not for certain, accrued directly to Alex Jones’ ability to purchase a mansion. It is none of our business, legally or infowar wise, exactly where the money bomb money goes. It just rubs me the wrong way that he may be sucker punching patriots and his true believers.

  15. Thanks for the photo at Back of the Moon Street. I notice that driveway curves left behind the trees and at the end of that driveway is where Alex’s house would be. I wonder if it is against the law to go up that driveway, or is it still just Back of the Moon street, and take a photo of the house. Needs to be done.
    When Alex used to say he lived way out in the country, I thought that was joke because Bunny Run / Dogwood is NOT way out in the country, but this Back of the Moon street in same Westlake Hills area does indeed appear to be way out in the country.

    1. Also, I know that google street view or google Chrome often supplies aerial views of tops of houses that are, from the street because of fence or trees, not photograph-able. You can get a real good idea of how large a house is just by roof span.

    2. I never was clear who the owner of the Dogwood house is since it is not listed on the county property tax records.

      It used to be, a year or two ago. But it isn’t now for some reason. Obviously the record has been suppressed by the current owner. You would have to get an updated spreadsheet of the Travis County suppressed appraisal records to see (the spreadsheet on the Austin Bulldog website is from 2011). But I do know that the Dogwood Creek house isn’t owned by Alex Jones and hasn’t been for several years. He and Violet sold it to someone else.

      1. ZOG, something that may be of use to you in your research: Jones publicly spells his middle name “Emerick”, but his birth records spell it “Emric”. Trickery or legal name change? Strange.

  16. Here are pictures of 15101 Back of the Moon St. D:
    15101 Back Of The Moon St Unit D, Austin, TX 78734
    3 beds 2 baths 2,226 sqft

    Precious waterft. lake home in private compound of 4 homes. Perfect for carefee weekend liv. Intimate floorplan connected by private ct.yd. w/FP & dining overlooking Lake Travis. Basketball ct. & dry sauna. Gently sloping grounds to new boat dock. Amenities include guest cottage, lush landscaped private grounds, security. Gourmet kitchen w/Viking stove, natural stone counters, SubZero. Sold furn. w/all new designer top of the line furnishings. Southern Liv. look & feel. Many more upgrades. Precious & ready to go.

    1. Thank you. So the official owner is Hutton Cabin Trust? So Alex Jones is supposed to be the real owner and resident of the house.
      I guess I accept that though not sure which house is his.
      The price and square footage and photo makes this a rather modest home compared to that place on Dogwood. I think that is quite possible that Alex could come by this house through a reasonable salary he pays to himself with some help from his father.
      So my thoughts about money bomb money buying the high life for AJ may have been completely unfounded.
      If I had that kind of money I could think of a much more pleasant terrain and surrounding for a house. Looks like typical central Texas scrub brush. Lots of rocks. No good soil. Mesquite and cactus and not many large trees. It is nice to be on Lake Travis and the lake is super nice when the water level is good. When there is a drought, not so much.

        1. I never was clear who the owner of the Dogwood house is since it is not listed on the county property tax records. No doubt, it was a trust fund and was granted private owner status by the county.
          What was so funny today was that Alex was jeering at and making fund of “trust fund brats” meaning the spoiled rich kids who take up liberal causes just to rebel against their parents. Apparently he was a trust fund kid too and his father’s money has been behind him all the way.
          Yesterday, he and his groupies protested at the Planned Parenthood abortuary, the place where Catholics often sit quietly outside of and pray the rosary. He made a big little gang war out of it and broadcast the whole thing, play by play, via his live show. Something wrong about him using that issue to make for an entertaining show. Prayer is what stops the abortions, not street name calling sessions .

    2. That house has a 6+ acre lot. It’s a much larger piece of land than the Dogwood Dr. location.

  17. ZOG, something that may be of use to you in your research: Jones publicly spells his middle name “Emerick”, but his birth records spell it “Emric”. Trickery or legal name change? Strange.

    Yes, I noticed that discrepancy about five years ago. I don’t know what the reason for it is.

  18. that video shot through the window seals the deal no doubt.
    so that is where his studio is. i recognized instantly where that was.
    so jonesy has moved again huh? thanks zog
    you da man buddy…………..
    still missing peter shank

  19. Tim, I’ve got big news about Alex Jones and Violet Nichols. I’ve finally figured out what happened. I literally “have the documents,” as a certain person would say. The situation is much worse (and funnier) than I thought.

    1. It would be great if we could hit AJ in the pocketbook of his one million dollar money bomb production that is to start in a few days.
      The using of people for monetary gain for “patriotism” and “saving the republic” is something I am very tired of. More and more of the alternative “truth” media is nothing but one interminable infomercial.
      I heard Peter Schiff as a guest on infowars recently and while pretending to share his genius knowledge about economics and finance and investments, he put in several obvious plugs for his Euro Pacific capital investments company or one of his companies. I like Peter Schiff and find him entertaining and informative in many ways but his performance made me wish that he would take a big hit in his millions making. They say his companies do make good profits for his investor clients, but the whole thing is based on wrong libertarian fake conservative “free markets” and totally seem to be missing an important ingredient – the eternal moral law.

    2. Tim, here’s my executive summary for now:
      BREAKING NEWS! Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013 and they have been involved in bitter litigation against each other ever since. As part of the divorce decree, Alex Jones was forced to deed the family house (valued at $900k) over to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million. All the documentation of this will be posted shortly.

    3. It would be great if we could hit AJ in the pocketbook of his one million dollar money bomb production that is to start in a few days.

      I like the way you think, dachsielady. Way ahead of you. 😉

      1. The information regarding this whole thing is really scattered and disorganized. The BeforeitsNews article is a hybrid of stuff thrown together. It needs to be written in a clear and concise manner. Who runs that Alex Jones Critic website? It’s not written very well there either.

    4. The information regarding this whole thing is really scattered and disorganized. The BeforeitsNews article is a hybrid of stuff thrown together. It needs to be written in a clear and concise manner. Who runs that Alex Jones Critic website? It’s not written very well there either.

      You’re right, Tim. The patriotard websites are a joke when it comes to presenting this information coherently. That’s why I decided to get involved. I’m here to make sense of the situation and provide a timeline of events, with documentation.
      The Alex Jones Critic website is run by Aaron Wilson, aka “GONOB”. I don’t really know anything about him other than the fact that he’s made a couple of telephone calls to Alex Jones’ radio show.

  20. Who cares where they live, he’s a very hard worker!
    Hopefully, he can work things out with his family and keep things intact.

  21. So is he supposed to live in a trailer? If he did you’d attack him for being too poor to own a house and thus a failure at life. As far as Jewish names goes….Snyder isn’t considered a Jewish surname. Feiner is Jewish sounding though.

    1. Snyder is a Jewish surname, I know Jewish man named Snyder. However, it can also be a Gentile name. I think it is derived from the name “Schneider” which is the German word for “tailor”; tailoring being well known as a Jewish occupation.

    2. Personally, I would never attack someone for being poor, I am poor myself. What we criticize Jones for is enriching himself through shillery and deception. If he became rich honestly, we would have no beef with him.

  22. Wow what a load of crap, Jones is a self made man providing real news , he has spoken out against the armed takeover in Oregon by the way , not that your interested in true facts.
    You people are proving with your elaborate lies that Alex is right over the target and waking up America while you guys are crapping your pants …Your so transparent . is where the truth is spoken. Alex backs up his facts …you spin lies and half truths, .

    1. Tim, you could make an alternate version of that image for Donald Trump. He perfectly exhibits all 10 traits of a cult leader contained on that list.

  23. “You know what it’s like going to sleep every night knowing you work for a bunch of psychotic killers and you bastards are probably going to end up killing me one day!?” -Alex Jones

  24. Wow. So millionaire Jones lives next to millionaire Jews. This is really strange. Never mind that millionaires just tend to live next to other millionaires.
    Where did Jones get his money? I guess it just plain pays to have steel balls in the midst of billions of gutless spineless lazy fools.

  25. I do understand that some of what he displays, or talks about on his show is somewhat extreme, or conspiratorial, but most of the information he puts out comes from WikiLeaks and sources within the government. Most of the headlines in his show, lately, anyone can verify on WikiLeaks website. So, for all of you on here to sit there and blindly make these false, defamatory comments just goes to show what kind of human beings you all really are. Either that, or maybe you all are just really that ignorant.

  26. I used to be a fan of that PoS. What a giant waste of time listening to this deceiver. May Karma take the ultimate revenge on his ass, his assets, his family and all that he holds dear.

    1. Very recently in his broadcasts about the election Alex Jones said the following words.
      A brief passage at 1:14 of the 11/8 regular broadcast:
      Matt Bracken: The only thing that’s going to help [the Dems] is something like a Charleston shooting, so I would look for some lunatic waving a Confederate flag to shoot up–
      Jones: I agree, or some mental patient they release that goes into a black church like you said, or another, you know, God forbid, something like we saw with Sandy Hook.
      Here we have Jones matter-of-factly touting the official narratives of two clearly false flag events.

  27. Hey, Tim, check out the comment that someone recently made on my site:

    In addition, the most traceable, questionable evidence (although circumstantial) rests in publicly available Secretary of State and deed records: Infowars registers its headquarters and rents in the center of an Austin office park, designated as a HUD zone, where 99% of the tenants are Federal contractors and subcontractors. Right across the parking lot from Infowars is fellow tenant Honeywell. If Infowars is anti-government, why conduct business in an office park region set up for Federal contractors? These contractors receive special award consideration and tax benefits for locating in these “underutilized” areas of town. If anyone has access to Deltek GovWin, try searching for Infowars contract award, or subcontract. Can’t help seeing a possible connection with Honeywell.

    1. The latest news re AJ is that AJ and PJWatson are saying Infowars is a direct target to be shut down or censored as part of the list of the newly government issued “fake news” sites.
      PJW video is here
      The Barry Soetoro Channel on YouTube just put out two videos commenting on AJ’s dropping out of commenting on Sandy Hook and possible connection between PizzaGate and Sandy Hook. Soetoro suggests reason for AJ’s mysterious dropping out of commenting on these false flag events is that he is under threat from those who want to take over control of the Internet. Soetoro makes some very good insights but he too cannot mention the Judaic / Zionist source.
      Here is another good video that purports to show AJ Pre-AJ’s sellout to the Zionists.
      (((ALEX JONES))) Before Selling Out
      Politically Incorrect
      I also want to share some info about Anthony Guciardi who used to be a regular, possibly full staff employee, of Infowars and did shows about his purported area of expertise, health supplements, very frequently as the “guest” on the infomercial type Infowars regular broadcasts. Gucciardi sort of faded off the scene the last couple of years but now he is again appearing on the show at failry regular intervals. The guy has some power at the Infowars company because he got someone fired for not going along with his homosexual antics in Dallas a few years back with several Infowars staff reporters there to cover JFK assassination memorial activities. Just think this is very interesting and had feeling it was honest sharing of info.

      Investigative journalist Matt Short gives his first hand account of his experience during a night on the town after the JFK Assassination anniversary on Nov 22nd 2013. What is normally a private affair among men, Gucciardi stepped well outside of manly boundaries by taking a group of prominent Alternative Media journalists and producers to a local Dallas gay bar without their knowledge and consent. As Matt Short states, although the group was tolerant and had no problem with being at a gay bar with Gucciardi, when Gucciardi was observed by the group dancing with a transvestite, he again stepped outside the realm of proper decorum by threatening everyone not to disclose what they had seen. Short stated he went so far as to “threaten to destroy their careers.
      Not only were there multiple confirmed witnesses to this event, as well as the threats, Gucciardi obviously followed through on his threat by destroying the career of a prominent & reputable Alternative Media producer who was fired within 48 hours of the scandalous remarks.
      Is Alex Jones infiltrated by a sexual deviant; an unethical “truther” who threatens others not to disclose the truth — even though witnesses had no intentions of revealing the details of this escapade? Is Anthony Gucciardi directly responsible for the firings of and/or Alt Media employees, obviously sabotaging or compromising the integrity and stability of the worlds largest Alternative Media outlet?”
      Source of the above —
      2013 Infowars reporters as well as other alt media journalists invited to party at a gay bar in Dallas by Anthony Guciiardi. An employee was fired within 48 hours from Infowars staff.
      Gucciardi still on staff.
      Do not go to beer barrel site it is a virus installer
      • Alex Jones lackey Anthony Gucciardi goes to gay bar …
      Alex Jones lackey Anthony Gucciardi goes to gay bar, threatens to “destroy careers” if … for the firings of and/or Alt Media employees, …
      • Earth Life could have been Exported to Mars | Alternative
      Alternative; Space; Sci-tech; Money; Politics; Health; Global; … Alex Jones’s Anthony Gucciardi Threatens To Destroy Prominent Alt Media Journalists …)

    2. The latest news re AJ is that AJ and PJWatson are saying Infowars is a direct target to be shut down or censored as part of the list of the newly government issued “fake news” sites.

      Infowars will never be shut down, because Infowars is a C.I.A./D.O.D. intelligence operation, as almost all “alternative/patriot” news websites are.
      Alex Jones is a confirmed C.I.A. asset/agent:

  28. Thezog…What a pile of bull crap you posted…Get ur facts from crackerjack boxes on the net?…I am so tired of folks like u slandering truthers…Just stop, nobody’s listening to you anymore…Trump won/we the people won…Get used to it…;)

  29. I’m no stranger to money, in fact, I know exactly what is involved… Selling a product or service for a profit… whether it helps anyone or not. Congrats Alex… You sold out (your poor and uneducated viewers),

  30. seriously, is Dogwood supposed to something to brag about… never heard of it. Does Trump own it?

  31. Wow this guy is a scum bag! His company location is unknown, the product he sells is not even shipped from the location an i know this because when i ordered a water filter it said ” from shipping department Kansas City ! So WTF if he’s not really selling product from his site where the fuck is he selling it from?
    No Trump does not own DogWood!
    It’s a really expensive place to live , think of it as a giant nursing home but without the weird nurses who wear the ugly outfits from the 70’s!

    1. Really, that’s the best cliche you guys could come up with to excuse your cult leader Alex Jones? You seem to bounce between either that cliche or the ubiquitous “he’s waking people up”.
      Come up with something original next time. 😉

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