Alex Jones using hypnosis, subliminals, and NLP on audience

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 23, 2014 Anno Domini

In Is Alex Jones externalizing the hierarchy?, I discussed how Alex Jones serves as cathartic relief for those resisting the New World Order and how he helps to get the masses comfortable with the NWO, thereby diffusing their opposition to it, making for a smoother transition to the one-world government.

To expand on that, I will break down some of the more technical methods Jones uses to psychologically traumatize his audience into accepting the New World Order, including his use of subliminal messages and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is basically the manipulation of communication to provoke at the subconcious level (here is a good video example of how powerful NLP can be). NLP is most prominently used by salesman and mind programmers.

Suggestive Programming (NLP), Affirmations, and double meaning

The most obvious and ubiquitous programming Jones uses is the power of suggestion. You can set your watch by it. As of the writing of this article, Jones did it today on his show. He does it every single show. And that suggestion is the seemingly snide imitation of the elite. If you are listener, you know what I am talking about. It’s when Jones raises his voice and assumes the personality of one of the “elite” and then goes on to mock us victims of the NWO. He does not do this merely to entertain you. It is subtle suggestion and mockery of the victim—you, the listener. It’s a sort of psychodrama. What results from this process is the instilling of fear and learned helplessness into the listener (see Learned helplessness through the alternative media). And if I and many others are correct that Jones is working for the bad guys, then this suggestive programming is to mock us, which feeds their appetite as they destroy us with their world takeover.

As the mountebank delivered his harangue, the clown would repeatedly poke his head out from bemacabrehind the curtain, making fun of everything his master said, parodying his patter and twisting the meaning of his words. The mountebank played the perfect straight man, meanwhile.
Here he was, trying so hard to hawk his wares, and his own assistant was doing everything possible to undermine sales.

The merriment was of course intentional. While the clown seemingly encouraged the public not to buy the proffered merchandise, the mountebank knew full well that the bystanders would easily be converted into customers as soon as they forgot that they were, in fact, supposed to be buying. Once the audience had been effectively hypnotized, once its judgment and willpower had been weakened, the real sales pitch could begin…[i]

Does not John H. Townsen’s quote above remind you of Jones as he disingenuously mocks the NWO elite, specifically when he dressed up in clown makeup in a seeming mockery of US President Barack Obama? Researcher Michael Hoffman describes this suggestive programming as part of the Judeo-Masonic revelation of the method:

The alchemical principle of the Revelation of the Method has as its chief component, a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance. When this is performed in a veiled manner accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolical words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target(s), it is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind-rape.

This ceremonial nose-thumbing, this perverse jesting and clowning is taken to the highest level of intensity by the Truth or Consequences principle which ultimately hinges upon the issue of consent.[ii]

In other words, as it applies to this case, Jones is mocking the victims of the NWO whilst gaining their consent to the tyranny.

In case you doubt that Jones uses or is even aware of NLP, the proof that he at least knows about it is in his film 911 The Road To Tyranny, in which he accurately points out George W. Bush using an NLP technique on the American people. Jones has also admitted to being well read in Edward Bernays’ book Propaganda. Bernays, a pioneer in public relations, was the nephew of Jewish kabbalist Sigmund Freud, who created the black art of psychoanalysis—something Jones also admits to using, at least on himself.

Another type of suggestion that Jones uses is to speak from the point of view of an elitist telling us how we must obey. Again, he does this nearly every show. To this conscious mind, this may seem harmless, but the unconscious mind interprets this message as a command, no matter how facetious the message may appear. In this example, Jones says “You will accept the love of Lucifer.” Again, if you pay close attention to his speech patterns, you will notice and example of this this in almost every show he does. He is breaking you, the listener, down. Here is another example where Jones assumes the role of Satan. Someone discovered yet another clip of Jones, in reverse speech, saying “I am Satan.”

Another, less used, technique Jones uses is the classic repetition command. At times you will hear him repeat a word or phrase. In mind control, a repetition count of three is the most common. See if you can find it in Jones’ dialogues. In just one example, in 911 The Road To Tyranny, you can find a repetition count of three in a few instances. Here us another example. He probably does it every show.

Trauma-based mind control
The element of fear can never be overstated. If you put aside Jones’ loud-mouthed, charismatic act, all you are left with is bad news, fear, and negativity. Between all the bad news going on with the New World Order takeover and Jones’ shouting fits, the listener hasn’t got a chance.

One form of trauma involves opposites (alternating leniency with harshness, simultaneously endorsing two opposing positions). Jones will speak very calmly and eloquently one minute, and the next minute, he is shouting at the top of his lungs, snarling and flailing his arms about. He will go back and forth between these two extremes. This is designed to traumatize the listener: hot and cold, violence and peace, stress and calm.

When leniency is alternated with harshnessness, the effect is devastating and disconcerting because the person looses the ability to predict what is going to happen. Everyone likes to control his or her life. Predicting what is going to happen is part of a person’s mind gaining control over their environment. Even that control is stripped from a slave. They soon learn to quit trying to protect themselves, and they quit trying to think for themselves but docilely submit to whatever fate assigns them…. The slave must reorganize reality through identification with aggressor (Illuminati master). Strong identification is created with the master. The slave is programmed to protect the master.[iii]

See how many times Jones will take you through this process in one show. This is further breaking you down, weakening your spirit, and strengthening the state of helplessness in you. Note in the above quote how the trauma aids the victim in identifying with their aggressor, in this case, Alex Jones. Could this by why his followers hang on his every word and defend him as if he is completely infallible?

Another aspect of fear that I must mention is subliminal messaging. We have proof that Alex Jones has used this at least on one occasion. My guess is that there are probably many more such instances; we just haven’t detected them yet. In the following clip from Jones’ documentary Police State 4: The Rise of Fema, a subliminal is flashed that is read by the subconscious mind as “submit to fear.” But it’s not like Jones needs to use a lot of these, as his show is already saturated with fearmongering messages.

Hollywood programming

A scene from Scanner Darkly depicting a character wearing an obvious Judeo-Masonic Illuminati symbol.

The first thing one hears when they tune in to the Alex Jones show is the theme for the imperial forces of Darth Vader in the kabbalist-based Hollywood film The Empire Strikes Back, part of the Star Wars franchise. According to CIA MKUltra mind control researchers, Star Wars and even Star Trek are recurring themes in mind control programs. The music for the empire in Star Wars represents evil and darkness, at least as far as kabbalists understand it. Why would Jones use such a dark theme as the theme for his supposed resistance to the New World Order world empire? Contradictory, no? It is likely more suggestive programming.
Few people seem to have any problems with Jones’ close connections with Hollywood, whether it’s his friendship with the decadent drug addict Charlie Sheen, Jones appearing in two Zionist Hollywood films,[iv] or Jones making frequent analogous references to movies during the Infowars show. Anyone with any wisdom knows that television and Jewish-masonic Hollywood are key channels of control for the world conspirators. For Jones to be so closely tied to Hollywood is hypocritical at best or sinister at worst. Either he is in on the scam or just a dupe. But for someone as intelligent as Jones—one who executes the sophistication of such things as neuro-linguistic programming, the case seems to by the former.
Jones was featured as a “street prophet” in the 2006 film Scanner Darkly, starring Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., and the Winona Ryder. Those who have studied Hollywood mind control know that sigil magic is frequently used, so they shouldn’t be surprised when they see a character in Scanner Darkly wearing a T-shirt with a picture of the all-seeing eye encompassed by a pyramid. Apparently, Jones has no problem being a part of this. He also doesn’t seem to have a problem with the technocratic theme of the movie, even though he claims to oppose the “scientific dictatorship” and the technocracy.

Each one of these mnemonic circles is actually animated, so it swirls. Most of these examples are from June 2014 Infowars shows. Here are links to the actual animated video clips from the Alex Jones show: June 19, June 20, July 3, and unknown date.

Hypnotic spiral, Mnemonic circles

There are several ways to induce a hypnotic trance. Some of the more popular ones include the hypnosis spiral, the use of an object that glitters such as a piece of jewelry or a gold watch, and progressive relaxation.[v]

 Most of you are probably familiar with the black and white spiral of the hypnotist that goes around and around until the viewer is lulled into a trance. Today the Zionist controlled press uses these hypnotic spirals, just in a much more sophisticated way. This example from TSN/ESPN sports show, SportsCenter, shows the hypnotic circles being flashed continuously at the introduction of the show, during, and at the conclusion of the show. You can find these mnemonic circles just about everywhere on TV, but mainly on news channels. BBC, Russia Today, and NBC are some of the many who are using them. You would expect it from the mainstream media, but not from alternative media. Sadly, Jones’ Infowars and PrisonPlanet presentations are chock full of them. Below are some examples with links to actual video showing animated swirling, designed to put Infowars listeners into a trance.
The effect is that the trance will allow certain parts or all of the message to bypass the critical portion of the brain—where we analyze for truth what we are seeing and hearing—and seep into the subconscious. You might say that trances reaffirm other forms of mind manipulation—a sort of insurance policy on propaganda.

Sigil magic
Sigils are symbols. And when used by occultists, these symbols are believed to induce spells and trances. Hand gestures, NLP body movements, and symbols—Jones uses them all. Most notable are his use of the “V” symbol, the 666 (A-OK), and baphomet hand gestures.

According to one astute observer, Jones use the 666 sign any time he is talking about the elite (specifically the government or the European Union). In Is Alex Jones externalizing the hierarchy? I documented Jones’ fomenting of violence among his listeners. One observer has apparently discovered a call to violence through and NLP technique. One thing to note about the “V” symbol that Jones is always pushing is that in the TV series V, the alien subversion of Earth is represented by “V”. The V people are a euphemism for fifth column insurgents.

All of this is just too coincidental, especially considering what we already know about Jones, namely that he has close ties to the intelligence community and the Israel lobby. His tactics are becoming more and more transparent.

Alex Jones trained in NLP at Stratfor?
It is interesting that Stratfor—an Israeli-CIA intelligence gathering firm established in Austin, Texas in 1996— was on the mailing list of the International Hypnosis Research Institute, an organization that offers neuro-linghuistic programming training. The anonymous hack of Stratfor’s emails a few years ago also revealed that Marko Papic, a geopolitical analyst with Stratfor, discussed NLP with Kevin Leahy of Knowledge Advocate. With what we already know about Alex Jones’ connections to Stratfor, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him getting trained through Stratfor. The various NLP groups could have contracts with the CIA.

Michael McWhirter

Another Stratfor-Infowars-NLP connection is with a visual effects artist named Michael McWhirter, who worked on several of Alex Jones’ films, including TerrorStorm, The Obama Deception, and Fall of the Republic. Mcwhirter has also contributed to Hollywood films, but he is currently listed as systems developer for a company named Aon Hewitt, a provider of human capital and management services, in Austin, Texas. At the time of the hack, Stratfor had membership with Aon Hewitt. What’s more, McWhirter is a member of an NLP meetup in Austin, Texas. In his meetup profile, McWhirter writes of himself, “I’ve studied/practiced NLP and related therapies for about 8 years and have applied my studies towards my own system of personal navigation and belief pattern exploration.”

[i] Towsen, John H., “Clowns”, E P Dutton (November 1976)
[ii] Hoffman, Michael A., “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare”, Wiswell Ruffin House, Dresden, New York, 1992. p. 90.
[iii] Wheeler, Cisco; Springmeier, Fritz “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave”, Ch. 9
[iv] Alex Jones (III), Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
[v] Bergen, D. “Hypnosis Spiral and Other Methods to Induce Hypnotic Trance”


  1. So in the video I point out the subliminals. I think some people are moving on past Jones and the next deception, is gnosticism. Independent broadcasters is I think gonna be the new thing. Like people who have listeners but not at such a large scale. Its the Bill Hicks spiel where he says “we are all one conscience sharing a human experience. Most people I have heard of named Fitzpatrick are like supersmart.
    This kind of stuff is interesting but you have to know who the characters are to be able to follow this stuff.

    1. You are completely right Southwest, gnosticism is the next big push, its going on right now under the noses of the churches, and being met with little resistance as neo-gnostics like steve quayle and tom horn et al. get “patriots” and “Christians interested in prophecy” suckered into reading the gnostic trash material like “the book of enoch” (which was a book liked by crowley, used by ida cradock to bolster her stance on vile spectrophilia etc., and had some similarities to freemasonic ritual for the royal arch degrees.) which is basically an occult/gnostic “gateway drug”.
      Hopefully more folks will get wise and start fighting back against this slithering subterfuge.

  2. Three words: Lee Ann Mcaddo. Don’t forget the hypnosis of beauty. Fox news is a Grandmaster at this. Even putting ugly, old men next to beautiful women.
    Also, The Simpsons are another example of how the elite laugh at us. Humor is a weapon, a defense, and a contradiction. It almost seems like humor is an outlet to the irrational reality surrounding our culture. And I believe the elite have maximized this. That is why you can have “cartoons” do violence, and it just happens to be “funny.” Imagine if South Park wasn’t a cartoon.

    1. Yep. The line between Alex Jones (supposed alternative media) and the mainstream media blurs even further. Everyone knows how the mainstream media hires sexy news anchors.

  3. I have been listening to Alex since he first was on the radio and public access TV. At first I thought he was good and in his early days, he was truly entertaining and amusing. Now he does a phony laugh and never gives us true humor. I have almost completely stopped listening to him or any Genesis Communication radio ( show.
    I do not know if he is consciously employing NLP or other mind control techniques but I do know that he has developed a formula for himself and his speech with yields the highest sales of his products. On the one hand, people are continually asking the question “what can we actually DO to stop this evil?’ and on the other hand, he feeds his audience the answer to that question. He says the way to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING meaningful is to help him financially to fight the infowar. Buy his products and keep his resistance alive, keep his “truth” ever expanding. People kind of get addicted to his seeming “truth” and they get addicted to the “fix” he provides.
    GCN at times commands all of its show hosts to deal with certain news items in certain ways. Susanne Posel and Vinny Eastwood revealed about a year ago that Pete Santilli was working as a paid FBI informant. Joyce Riley and other show hosts were apparently commanded to squash that news story strongly and immediately and they did, even though those show hosts had recently had Posel and Santilli as their show guests. Howard Duff, who heads VeteransToday squashed and spiked an article by Stew Webb on this matter. To me this shows that all of these people, including possibly Posel, are in the clutches of something that includes a ruling entity that is the Zionist controlled FBI and US intelligence apparatus.
    No GCN host can tell the whole truth about Israel, Zionism, and those Jews of the Jewish revolution spirit, to use E. Michael Jones’ term. In fact, GCN’s tight control over their hosts never showing the US intelligence apparatus or the Zionists’s control of the US media and basically all of government and society has taught me to no longer imbibe any of GCN disinfo, not even for the purpose of analyzing and criticizing it.
    Those internet radio stations that have hosts that at least attempt to expose the Zionist control over the world always are operating on a shoe string and go out of business or are always on the edge of going out of business. It these kind of radio networks financially flourish, you can bet they are a controlled opposition, mind control entity.

  4. Reblogged this on COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture and commented:
    Many listen to the Alex Jones show for news and information, but many of us sense that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. Some have discerned what some of these things are while others remain affected by his boisterous mocking continuing psychodrama, while others proclaim his many virtues in outing the globalists and the machinations of the NWO. He leads everyone to believe that the NWO globalist agenda  is a humungous Jewish conspiracy centuries in the making. Is that stopping short at naming the true conspirators throughout millennia?
    This article helps to clarify what Jones’ true purpose in the media is and by what methods he uses to accomplish his role. It gives examples of those methods and how they affect individuals and the populous at large; thereby, making him a valuable media programmer.

  5. Alex Jones is a Zionist sales-man, who’s a megalomaniacal psychopath. He’s a ‘TIME’ waster and is as evil as it gets. He’s BANNED me from posting on his site, despite him spouting about the 1st amendment. Try it for yourself, even if I only mention EROL on his site, you’re instantly banned across the board.
    Alex had been studying Erol a great deal, then directly QUOTING him on~air. But he KNOWS that Erol KNOWS what’s going on and Alex’s part in it. To simplify, you CANNOT fool an fMRI brain-scan and Erols’ the worlds’ leading light on the psychology of psychopaths.
    The intro, to this 1 of Erols’ comedy videos, may have tipped the balance, lol.
    This is Erols’ latest post, if you want to know EVERYTHING about the inner-thought process of the megalomaniacs EXTERMINATING our entire species, then I’d recommend reading the posts “Measure Urself,” followed by “SunShine,” first.

  6. ‘He leads everyone to believe that the NWO globalist agenda is a humungous Jewish conspiracy centuries in the making. Is that stopping short at naming the true conspirators throughout millennia?’
    Maybe Im reading this wrong. Are you saying, aJ/bill hicks, is exposing the jew world order?

  7. Reblogged this on STOP THE TARGETING! and commented:
    I’ve heard it said over and over that Alex Jones is Controlled Opposition. In this post Fitzpatrick Informer takes an in depth look at the programming techniques he says Alex Jones uses on millions of unsuspecting audience listeners to get his followers to accept the New World Order through the use of hypnosis, subliminals and NLP. The below pictures show Alex Jones holding up the Baphomet which is a symbol connected with Satanism and the Church of Satan. At times, you will see many celebrities and people of elite status display the Baphomet symbol, most are said to be part of the Illuminati . Read this very interesting post and you be the judge.

  8. Exactly,he never plays any music related to the rebels from the scores of John Williams from any of the movies ever!Again right on the money, the 666 handsign is not a normal hand gesture people use.It’s contrived and you see folks on TV use it more and more,it’s like noticing someone who drives the same car as you,it never fails and all the other vehicles pass by and you don’t pay attention too just the model you drive and some exotic ones.
    like the red 911 Porsche Carrera.It’s hurry up and buy with Alex as his listeners are caught in the daze of the weak.The last money bomb he said that there would be a satellite link after receiving donations but unfortunately there has not been a link established or another money bomb since.How about everyone 1 of a 100 folks to buy a water filter gets one free?Fat chance of that just like his face.Instead of promoting Tangy Tangerine he now whales on and on about iodine but when the guy said he uses triple distilled water in the product he shut him up right away.

    1. I do not listen regularly to Alex Jones but I understand that Mark Dice is now back in with Alex Jones and company. It was yesterday or maybe today where they were going to play one of those “man on the street” Dice things where he asked people silly questions, phrased in just the right way, the neuro-linquistic programming way, and people give very incredibly dumb replies.
      The REASON I never did like those silly videos of Dice’s is that I know that heavy editing goes on and not all those people right in a row would give the same dumb answers. So they cut out some people who gave thoughtful answers, not dumb answers, to make Dice’s videos be more like proof of Dice’s and Jones’ theories. So that is the lie technique I objected to.
      I never knew Dice admitted to using NLP but I did hear him say recently on an interview, and maybe it is the same interview you are referring to, where NLP is a mind control technique, albeit a milder kind. But in that interview in which I must say that Dice is quite an articulate person, Dice did NOT admit to he himself employing NLP. But maybe I need the link and listen again.

  9. The real mark dice on youtube reveals his real last name and some of his background and the business he had going.Have a look if you want a chuckle.

  10. I notice a related article is titled…
    COINTELPRO caught setting up strawman attacks against Alex Jones | Fitzpatrick Informer
    AJ is supposedly currently “under attack” by an entity Lenny Posner who filed a copyright infringement complaint with Google/YouTube and which as severely limited AJ Infowars video posting on YouTube. Alex Claims to be about to launch a big lawsuit to save Infowars and to save Free Speech and the First Amendment and the Internet.
    His ready-for-a-fight against this Google/YouTube Goliath has markedly toned down since that one day last week when he spouted off, but now with the advice of his attorneys he is off that topic.
    I do not think this “attack” on Alex Jones / Infowars falls into the exact same category as the “strawman attacks” covered in that Fitzpatrick article, but in reality the entity that is “attacking” Alex in this latest matter will be found to be the same entities that created and implemented the strawman attacks of the article, and Alex Jones may or may not be aware of the false nature of this latest or any of the so called “attacks.”
    The legal team in Austin, TX, that is advising Alex Jones is the same law firm, Elizabeth Schurig, that is used by and connected to the Billionaire Bronfman (Seagrams) family.
    “HOLLY BRONFMAN LEV IS Edgar Bronfman Jr’s sister. As founder of the Bet Lev Foundation and 100% owner of Lev Group Ltd, Holly Bronfman’s legal affairs are conducted by the high-powered lawyer, Elizabeth Schurig, who also happens to handle the legal affairs of Alex Jones.”
    If Schurig firm is currently AJ’s only legal help on this current matter with Google/Youtube, and we take Alex Jones’ recent rhetoric at face value and that he is sincere, Jones will be surprised to come to the conclusion that not only will he not receive any real help from Schurig and Associates, he may find that the perpetrators of this recent “attack on him, are on the very same team with the Schurig law firm [Schurig Jetel Beckett Tackett] lawyers.

  11. I started to watch the show, some, around the Presidential Primary Election of March 2016, USA, to get news that I wasn’t finding in mainstream media, & was really helped a lot w/ several topics of the discussions, & w/ an interview w/ Donald Trump from his office in Trump Towers, & w/ insights from other regular Washington Insider guests. But, as mentioned above, the show always left me feeling worse about the world, because of the negative speech, which is also mentioned above, & which doesn’t / didn’t sit well w/ the (some) excellent preaching/teaching that I’ve been listening to f/ hrs. on end, every day, while I’m @ work doing physical labor. (The mp3 entitled Right Believing, @ a price of around $380.). But, wanting to hear any election news updates, I tuned in again, tonight, & realized that the background behind Alex in the live studio (or taped, @ this pt.? not sure which…) switched over to a black & white spinning “vortex”, I guess you would call it? w/ concentric circles but in a spiral design that focuses in the center. I am artistic, & love design, color, etc., but..I knew, I guess from early childhood, that this type of visual image is used f/ hypnosis..or mind control. So I immediately X’d out of the website, google searched f/ spinning visual images used f/ mind control (or hypnosis), & a number of very similar images came up in bing images. I just wanted to add to this forum that now I know not to cont. watching this show, & maybe it explains the headaches I’ve recently been having, who knows? or those could be due to a million other toxic air freshener sprays the AM shift is using @ work, which linger heavily in the air & gave me a sick headache 2 Mondays ago. But, I digress, as Alex might say. It’s interesting how @ the voting polls, today, the poll worker re-assured me that the votes cannot be changed, electronically, @ any point whatsoever, by anyone other than you. So then I felt uplifted, re-assured, @ peace w/ the world that I know, confident that the world is not & govt. is not as all pervasively evil as Alex claims, (though it IS indeed & CAN indeed be) then I started to feel relaxed & better about the world & life, etc. But then watching the show again, he kept saying that ‘They ARE going to try to assassinate Donald Trump, & they WILL use a gun, & on & on. I’m thinking, “He’s right now prophecy-ing that w/ the words of his own mouth. You have what you help to create the reality. Words have power & life. If he really believes that, & the ruse is that he’s also got all of these insider Washington sources, so my guess after reading this, now, is, that he likely wants to plant the thought in the minds of the listeners viewers that because he has inside Washington information, although he hasn’t said that his premise or supposition that Trump will have assassination attempts on his life (which is probably really a ploy to scare more people into buying guns, which he sells online), anyway, maybe some naive people listening assume he is “in the know” when he throws out blank statements like a blank check..waiting f/ anyone to come & sign it..& yet the freaky thing is that he was also spending a lot of my precious should be comfortably in bed asleep instead of watching this show @ all hrs., thinking I’ll get important information about the national primaries, as he constantly bates you w/ a headline or story, but throws a million commercials in there, first, & then takes the headlines off on tangents, I don’t know, what he says & what he reports is very conflicting, like you said above. But, back to story, there is also a video on his website now entitled, “The Assassination of Donald Trump.” It is really referring to character assassination, which HAS been rampant in the media everywhere in every venue, & very calculating & effective @ hurting Trump votes (my sister fell pray to, or was sucked in by those staged news stories & twisted sound bites & pics which tell only half truths, or partial truths out of context, which are you find when you take The Word of God & twist it’s original intent/intended meaning, by taking it out of context. So, he is right on, on many things. But he is deceptive on how he handles reporting twisting it beyond & failing to really focus down on the real issues/news @ hand & bringing up the obvious topics like..well, can’t Donald Trump sue the bastard (excuse me, I’m a strong Christian, I should say that word), billionaire & Hillary et. all who funded & orchestrated those violent demonstrations & violated civil laws in doing so, & intentionally damaged Donald Trump’s reputation w/ false allegations of campaign speech rhetoric that they “claimed”, falsely, stirs up violence. That swayed my own sister’s vote. That’s a typical evil Hillary tactic & strategy. So, WHY isn’t THAT what is being addressed in & by ANY or all of the media? I guess we could debate that Q., alone, all day & all night. But, back to my reason f/ posting, I witnessed the use of a huge spinning black & white spiral, which to a degree suggests infinity, to the mind..but, anyway, I wanted to add my testimony that visual hypnotic mind control images are used on the “show”. So, I will not watch it ever again. I wonder how many of those images slipped past me w/out my realizing b4 today, in the last week. & yes, I was sensing earlier in the day, today, symptoms of mind control & a weakening of my mind, as mentioned above, too. Maybe it’s all only geared to get people to buy products? That’s rather bizarre, though. I agree, it is probably more than that?, but..I’m not knowledgeable enough to do anything but guess, w/out more info. The black & white spiral was quite similar to the one shown above, minus the Star of David, & quite large, filling the entire background behind Alex @ the mic. The headaches could also be from staying up half the night, & not enough refreshing sleep.. I agree that fear is huge component of Alex’s “show” or program..@ least it felt that way to me, & his language & conversation & speech are filled w/ sort-of fear tactics to incite fear, I think it would be fair to say? So back, briefly to my other train of thought..To entitle a video “Assassination of Donald Trump”, but to fail (it must be intentionally) clarify it & classify it as “Character Assassination of Donald Trump.”, especially when the man sells guns on his website, is either reckless or intentional, & when I was looking f/ late breaking election campaign news & read that headline – slash video title, I wondered f/ a split 2nd if it was a literal assassination. So there is the deception, there, & it can’t be just careless omission of a word to clarify the real subject of the video, especially when Alex is also sitting there near the video (which has a huge recent photo op campaign trail picture of Mr. Trump filling the background beneath the title…@ the same time that he’s there talking about Mr. Trump is defenitely going to have an assassination attempt on his life, & that he’d better start wearing a helmet, because it will probably be to the head, & then segues to this a wierd conversation about “well, someone could be jailed f/ making blank statements that so & so should be shot, w/ reference to..the opponent’s fans coming out in the news saying, supposedly, that somebody needs to take down Trump, or kill Trump, or whatever the discussion w/ himself toward the audiance was in reference to..whether a specific news article, & which one, I forget rt. now, but I’m sure this spec. show is avail. in the archives.. & saying..”it is illegal to like induce? or invite the population/public to just kill someone (specific) whom “you’d” like to see taken down. I guess I invite other readers to do the research f/ me & go review this particular show & add accurate details to my recollection of the subject. But,
    it seems to me that Alex, himself was kinda putting the same kind of invitation out there to the public by making the statement that Donald Trump WILL be shot..WITH a gun.. So, how on earth would Alex be so darn confident & sure of that? Think about it…there could be millions of ways to kill or take down someone..from poison, to a drone (is that what drones can do? I’m not real familiar w/ them, they are still news to me, I’d have to research it, which I don’t have time or the desire to do, but, there are a million ways to take someone down, so, how on earth & why on earth could/would he be predicting a shooting of Donald Trump? But, then you factor in the mind control hypnotic spinning “wheel” filling the background of a segment of his talk show, & maybe you have a recipe f/ disaster..someone watching…& listening to Alex’s words, is falling into a hypnotic trance to any whatever degree, & hears Alex say, “someone is going to shoot Donald Trump…& maybe many gun-owners or future gun-buyers are watching…& couldn’t that be the very thing Alex was discussing earlier…while calling it illegal? Is that ridiculous? too far fetched? or, right on? I don’t know, I’m just trying/attempting to connect the dots. @ the very least, the hypnosis.mind control black & white spinning visual image, is like extremely suspect & you would think, should not be allowed on a “news” talk show? Am I right? Isn’t or shouldn’t that be like illegal? Or, does anything go…on the internet & in the established media, these days? Reason tells me that that should be illegal, or is it illegal? I’d need to go research that, too. Seems suspiciously like an ulterior dangerous hidden agenda/motive?, to me? Or am I reading too much into it, &/or misinterpreting everything including Alex’s reasons f/ hosting a news talk show? But, added to this statement made repeatedly (about Trump is going to either be assassinated?? or have an assassination attempt..w/ a gun, specifically.. while also later talking about & discussing (3, specifically, that he witnessed, … as well as a fried rat) birds blowing up w/ feathers flying everywhere, bright white light of electricity “exploding”, I guess is similar to how he said it or explained it..w/ the crackling sound of electricity exploding in the air when a bird/3 birds (on separate occassions) hits a transformer on his farm where he grew up. This discussion was used to explain how Donald Trump is the guy who has the guts to stand up to the establishment & the “elite” billionaires who are running much of this country, & Donald, Alex explains, is the connector btwn. the silent majority, the people of this nation, & the establishment who want to cont. running this nation & the world, & don’t want interference from Donald & “we the people”..saying it’s like electricity, or power, like in this visual he used. Could that visual possibly be being used (intended to) to recall to mind the explosive reaction when a hand-gun weapon bullet hits a live target?? Or am I daydreaming? & thinking up silly scenarios that do not apply to anything intended whatsoever? Well, it’s way past my bedtime, & I have a real life to get back to..which requires taking care on my own needs & well as the nations’. Thank you f/ the warnings, above, which encouraged me w/ to stay away from Alex Jones’ news talk shows, etc.. God’s best!

  12. JD4me, I read your long post and hope you’re feeling less troubled via the AJ show now! I started watching it around the same time as you, for the same reasons. My background includes mental health, law and journalism and I have to agree, I get very annoyed with Alex Jones quite often. As Susan says above, the repetitive command stuff is such a pain in the brain I suppose – and sorry you were having headaches. But too much of that say the same thing 20 times to one is enough to push you over the edge in my opinion. Also, have you ever noticed some of the comments on his so-called inundated YouTube websites have some ultra stupid troll type comments? Now he says he’s going to set-up a studio in Washington. I find I’m not wanting to watch him nearly as often. The one value MAY be some of the contacts through him. I find some of them interesting, like Dr. Steve Pieczenic. The most important thing to me is that President follows through with his promises and so far he’s doing quite well in doing just that. And I don’t think his marriage is on the verge of collapse; Melania’s terrified and who wouldn’t be? The number of threats to them plus his family has probably been excessive. There’s a desensitization worldwide via the media re violence and in fact the media as a whole really needs to stop with the fake news fraud. That’s why we watch Alex Jones, right~!! Best to everyone for the new year!

  13. The mere fact he uses the hand gestures symbol, the 666 (A-OK), and baphomet should be warning enough for us to steer clear of these kind of people. Many YouTub Ch uses this symbols, even those who are religious ones and those hot babe beauties who makes us laugh on YouTube.
    I don’t believe well known people can’t speak against one group of the NWO, without an OK from a higher up, of said group. Kind of like how Scientology is being attacked, who gave to the okay for that? Many people in the entertainment are in the Scientology, would that be like Satan fighting against himself? I believe there is something deeper here going on; if only I knew what it was.
    The video, “Derren Brown Conversational Hypnosis” uses hypnoses (half circle) at the beginning of the videos. So, you have to watch out for the so-called “watchers,” I’m sorry to say.

  14. So when you repeat Jones’ mantras ie – the claim about satan to us, your audience, are you doing essentially the SAME thing you accuse him of doing? That is, attempting to use some kind of NLP conditioning?
    I don’t know, honesty and Christian modesty insist we avoid such language at ALL costs, for the love of God. Language matters and due caution and modesty in language is a virtue.

  15. Neuro-linguistic programming and Kabbalah

    “The fact is that Kabbalah operates with the concepts of “gilgul” (reincarnation) and “tikkun” (correction as a result of reincarnation), and therefore, Kabbalah agrees with the postulate that at the subconscious level, the memory of the past is preserved, sometimes manifesting itself as a feeling or a behavioral reaction.”

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