The Jewish command to deceive Christians about Bible prophecy

David Roberts’ 1850 depiction of the divinely ordained destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
May 29, 2014 Anno Domini

It’s not by accident that there is so much confusion and disagreement within Christendom regarding Bible prophecy, specifically in the Book of Daniel, as it pertains to Israel.

Deep within the voluminous Babylonian Talmud, the “holiest” and superlative book within the Jewish religion that calls Jesus Christ a “bastard” and the “son of a whore”, is a brief rabbinic command and warning to Jews regarding anyone who attempts to understand the Book of Daniel’s prophecy of the advent of the Messiah, known as the Seventy Weeks prophecy.

“Rabbi Samuel b. Nahmani said in the name of Rabbi Jonathan: Blasted (cursed) be the bones of those who calculate the end. For they would say, since the predetermined time has arrived, and yet he has not come, he will never come.”[i]

There is a variation of this rabbinic command circulating on the Internet that is falsely attributed to “Talmud Law, p. 978, Section 2, Line 28”. Regardless, it accurately reads,

“May the bones of the hands and the bones of the fingers decay and decompose, of him who turns the pages of the book of Daniel, to find out the time of Daniel 9:24-27, and may his memory rot from off the face of the earth forever.”

For those not familiar with Christian Bible prophecy (eschatology: theology pertaining to death, judgement, and the final destiny of mankind), Daniel 9:24-27, which discusses the pivotal final week of Daniel’s prophecy, has been interpreted for the majority of Christianity’s existence as pertaining to the rebuilding of Jerusalem in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, culminating in His death and resurrection, totaling a prophetical span of 490 years. End of story. No gaps, no postponements, no future earthly kingdom, no Jewish theocracy, no Israeli state, no rapture, just 490 consecutive years, fulfilling the Seventy Weeks prophecy. (For a thorough explanation of the weeks, read here.)

DANIEL 9:27 And he (Messiah) shall confirm the covenant ( Rom 15:8) with many for one week (70th): and in the midst of the week he (Messieh) shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease (by the Cross), and for the overspreading of abominations (of the anti-Messiah Pharisees and Sadducees) he shall make it (the old Temple) desolate, even until the consummation (70AD destruction), and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate (the Temple torn down not one stone remaining upon another).

Most evangelical groups have been led to believe that the above passage is talking about some anti-Christ figure instead of Jesus. And consistent with the rabbinic command to obscure the timing of the fullfillment of the Seventy Weeks, evangelical Protestants have no specified dates for the weeks, just that they will be fulfilled sometime in the future. So it turns out that evangelicals are obeying the anti-Christ Babylonian Talmud over the Bible.

One can’t help but think that the new interpretation, which basically twists the scripture to mean that Daniel’s final week was mysteriously cast off from the preceding 69 (gap theory) and is still yet unfulfilled (postponement theology), is a direct result of the Talmudic command that was foisted onto Christendom’s new evangelical movement, resulting in perhaps the greatest heresy of all time: Christian Zionism.

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield: crypto-Zionist who changed America
Support for Israel, the Jews, and the Zionist state isn’t natural for Christians. It is a heresy that has been learned over the last 100 years as a direct result of the Jewish-Masonic subversion of scripture.

Cyrus I. Scofield brought Judeo-Masonic England’s Puritan-based millenarian heresy to America in the late 19th century, and was helped by Jews like Samuel Untermeyer (his handler?) in creating the Scofield Reference Bible of 1909, which would be used to infuse Jewish-Masonic heresy into Biblical exegesis (interpretation). This reference Bible came with Jewish-Masonic-friendly footnotes side by side with Biblical scripture. The Zionist establishment arranged it so that this reference Bible was the standard among Protestant leaders and teachers. This ensured that the majority of preachers would be in agreement when indoctrinating their unknowing masses with Jewish-Masonic teachings on the future, specifically relating to the idolization of the state of Israel, which would come into existence in 1948, not long after Scofield and his work changed America’s thinking regarding Israel and the Jews, and not long before America’s foreign policy was shaped as a direct result of the false interpretations contained within the Scofield footnotes.

Jewish-Masonic millenarianism
The goal of re-establishing Israel, almost 2,000 years after God had it destroyed in 70AD by General Titus and the Romans, has been the longtime goal of Jews and Freemasons hoping to bring about their own concept of heaven on Earth. Since the Jews rejected Messiah, they would have to attempt to create their own Kingdom of God, with themselves as the central figure of worship. The Jews have perpetuated this anti-Christ utopian vision through the freemasons and Protestant groups like the Hussites, Albigensians, Puritans, and many modern evangelical groups, like the Southern Baptists.

Historian E. Michael Jones elaborates,

“…When European Christians first came in contact with Jews in significant numbers, ‘the desire of the poor to improve the material conditions of their lives became transfused with phantasies of a new Paradise on earth, a world purged of suffering and sin, a Kingdom of the saints.’ …The temptation to look for heaven on earth was known as Judaizing, which took messianic inspiration from a distorted interpretation of the Old Testament, but usually without the further distortions of the Talmud. It was a perennial temptation for Christians who failed to find solace in ‘a messiah who suffered and died [and] a kingdom which was purely spiritual.’ The Book of Daniel, the Christian Scripture most likely to be corrupted by Judaizers, seemed to prophesy an earthly kingdom while also offering a key to understanding history in the parable of the colossus with the feet of clay.”[ii]

The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, in direct defiance of God, who destroyed it in 70AD, is a constant theme throughout Freemasonry and secret societies, as well as establishing Jerusalem and Israel as the central hub of the world (world government). Through Kabbalah, which is basically Jewish magic, Jews and masons believe they can attain their goals of creating an earthly paradise. Since the Renaissance, they have experimenting with various methods of achieving this, whether through black and white magic, alchemy, divination, transhumanism, technocracy, or necromancy, to name a few. The Babylonian Talmud itself can only have been inspired by fallen angels, passed down from generation to generation by willing anti-Christ rabbinical authorities.

Has the past century been shaped by a mere misinterpretation of the Book of Daniel?
It might seem incredible, especially to non-Christians, that the whole Jewish-Masonic mess in which we currently live could be based upon this rabbinic command to mislead Christians on the timing of Daniel’s weeks. But it’s Messianic implications are huge. The correct interpretation puts Christ at the centre of prophecy, namely that He fulfilled most of it, save the final judgment. The rabbinic-inspired interpretation, which most evangelical Protestants embrace, puts Jews at the centre of Bible prophecy and the Seventy Weeks fulfillment, which is extremely idolatrous. Are we, as a nation accepting Scofield heresy, being cursed by God for worshipping Israel and the Jews and abandoning the true God? Consider the outcome of a world without Scofield’s heresy. There would have been no support for the Jewish-Masonic goal of creating the state of Israel, no support of the Jewish people as God’s chosen, no need for the Nazis to pave the way for the creation of the state of Israel, no endless wars for Israel, no slaughter of the Palestinians…and perhaps many more alternate outcomes.

“If there had been no Scofield Bible, American presidents influenced by Christian Zionism, such as Truman, Johnson, Reagan and George W. Bush, would most likely have been less sympathetic to Israeli demands, and consequently more attentive to U.S. interests”, writes Israel Shamir. “Moreover, the American people might have been spared the well-publicized pro-Israeli rants of John Hagee, Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell, not to mention the lucrative End Times “prophecy” peddled by Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye.”[iii]

One can certainly see why the rabbis would invent such a curse. Calculating Daniel according to exactly how it is written would have hindered their plans for attempting to set up their false kingdom.

“May the curse of heaven fall upon those who calculate the date of the advent of the Messiah, and thus create political and social unrest among the people.”[iv]

This Satanic proscription not only deceives Christians and the Western world, it deceives Jews, who are being hindered by the rabbinic theocracy from seeing Jesus as the fulfillment of Daniel’s weeks.

[i] Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Sanhedrin 97b, London, Soncino Edition
[ii] E. Michael Jones, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History”, Fidelity Press, South Bend, Indiana, 2008, p. 94.
[iii] Israel Shamir, Zionism’s un-Christian Bible–Scofield-Zionist-Bible.php
[iv] Louis Newman and Samuel Spitz, The Talmudic anthology: tales and teachings of the rabbis (Behrman House, 1945): 277


    The Jewish people as a whole is its own Messiah. Its kingdom over the universe is obtained through the uniting of the other human races, through the suppression of frontiers and of monarchies, which are bulwarks for particularism and hinder the erection of a world republic where citizenship is everywhere recognised to the Jew. In this new organisation of mankind, the sons of Israel, who at present are scattered over the entire earth surface, will all be of the same race and of the same traditional culture, without, however, forming another nationality, and will be without contradiction the leading element in all parts, particularly if it is successful in laying upon the masses of workers a permanent leadership by some Jews. The governments of peoples all pass with the formation of the universal republic effortlessly into the hands of the Israelites in favour of the victory of the proletariat. Then the personal property of the rulers will be able to be suppressed by the rulers of the Jewish race who will everywhere govern over the property of the Peoples. Then the promise of the Talmud will be fulfilled, that when the time of the Messiah has come, the Jews will have the goods of all peoples of the world in their possession.
    — Jewish Rabbi Messianer Baruch Levy, in a letter to his pupil- Karl Heinrich Marx (real name Kissel Mordekay/Mordecai), alias “Karl Marx,” as re-disclosed by the famous French archivist Salluste in his scholarly book: Les origines secrètes du bolchévisme: Henri Heine et Karl Marx aka The Secret Origins of Bolshevism: Henri Heine and Karl Marx Jules Tallandier, Paris, ©1929, p. 23. Note: the well-known letter, from which the above excerpt/quote was taken, was written prior to the writing of Friedrich Engels’ and Marx’s infamous pamphlet: Manifesto of the Communist Party most often referred to as The Communist Manifesto. The letter was first discovered in 1888 and was originally published that same year. Both Engels (creator of the “First International”) and Marx were Jews. The quoted excerpt above was taken exactly as it appeared, from the 2006 English translation (by Timothy Peter Johnson of the UK) of the original 1962 scholarly Spanish masterpiece, Complot contra la Iglesia or The Plot Against The Church written by Maurice Pinay (pseudonym) in which Salluste’s work was cited. Click Here to Read/Download that Book…

  2. Timothy,
    Would like to understand what you are trying to say up there in your post but your speech is a little bit too sophisticated and perhaps even a little bit too “overly religious” for me (and others like me) to understand.
    Could you post a reply and just spell it out 1-2-3 style for us common folk.
    70 weeks? Consummation? Say what? What is going on?
    Would appreciate the “hand hold” on this one.
    Much appreciated- Thanks,
    Plumber Joe

    1. It’s a difficult subject to simplify. The Seventy Weeks prophecy is probably the most important of all Biblical prophecies, because it predicts the coming of Messiah, His death, and His resurrection and how it would change the world forever. The Zionist establishment, of course, has attempted to obscure this prophecy by disconnecting it from Jesus, so that it appears unfulfilled, making Jesus an impostor Messiah. The Evangelicals go along with it, not knowing that it is a Messianic prophecy. They naively believe Daniel 9:27 is talking about the anti-Christ, when it is actually talking about Christ. This error has led to Armageddon hysteria, rapture mania, and support for Israel and the Jews.

  3. Christ Is Truth; Bible Is Literature, Product Of Holy Spirit
    The easiest, best, most rational grasp/understanding of the New Test., as well as Old T. is it’s LITERATURE, first, last, and most, one of the best products of Holy Spirit (but not un-like any other written work, potentially). And all/any “prophecy” is just part of the literature. Christ is symbol for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).
    “End-times” and Book of Revelations is merely confirmation and literary dramatization of the determinist (absolute cause-effect) reality, hence CYCLIC nature/course of events.
    Remember: Christ is TRUTH, and this means Holy Spirit necessarily entails human REASON as the means for KNOWLEDGE of such truth. “Faith” properly merely means LOYALTY to that truth.
    But note further, Holy Spirit is not only reason; it also necessarily entails HONESTY, as there are lots of “rationalist” -type folks who are yet satanic and dis-honest, like esp. Jews. And the “spiritual” part is this honest rationality pervading throughout one’s entire consciousness, including the emotion/sentiment.
    It’s not that Christianity NECESSARILY opposes mysticism, for most people have difficulty w. reason and are hence sometimes subject to mystic impulses, but note Christianity upholds as HIGHEST VIRTUE, truth (Christ), again, the ONLY way to Godly happiness, the only SURE means of such truth being God’s original gift, reason.

  4. Timothy,
    I still don’t understand what you are talking about in your article above…
    Here goes what my Bible says…
    (my questions/comments are beneath each section in unbolded type)
    Old Testament — Book of Daniel — Chapter 9
    [1] It was now the first year of the reign of King Darius, the son of Ahasuerus. (Darius was a Mede but became king of the Chaldeans.) [2] In that first year of his reign, I, Daniel, learned from the book of Jeremiah the prophet, that Jerusalem must lie desolate for seventy years. [3] So I earnestly pleaded with the Lord God [to end our captivity and send us back to our own land].

    OK, the narrator (Daniel) starts off talking about desolation lasting 70 years, not weeks. Next, he pleads with his “Lord God.” But Who is his “Lord God?” Since Daniel was allegedly first- a Hebrew- Second, an Israelite, and then third- a Judean (Jew)- wouldn’t that make his god a god named “Yahvah?” Wasn’t “Yahvah” the Hebrew term for the Midian tribal deity?
    Next, the bible has in brackets “to end our captivity and send us back to our own land.” Does “our” mean the Jews? Does “captivity” mean Babylon- meaning, was Daniel deported from the land of Judah off to Babylon/Persia by the Babylonians? Where exactly was “our own land?”
    As I prayed, I fasted, and wore rough sackcloth, and sprinkled myself with ashes, and [4] confessed my sins and those of my people.
    When Daniel says “my people” does he mean the Hebrews, the Israelites, or the Judeans (Jews)? Which group? All three? Some other group?
    “O Lord,” I prayed, “you are a great and awesome God; you always fulfill your promises of mercy to those who love you and who keep your laws. [5] But we have sinned so much; we have rebelled against you and scorned your commands. [6] We have refused to listen to your servants the prophets, whom you sent again and again down through the years, with your messages to our kings and princes and to all the people.
    Who exactly is this “Lord” and this “God” that Daniel was praying to? Again, was it Yahvah?
    When Daniel mentions “those who love you and who keep your laws” did Daniel also mean non-Hebrews, non-Israelites, and non-Jews (aka Gentiles)?
    When Daniel mentions “we have sinned so much” who is “we”- the Hebrews? The Israelites? The Jews? The Native American Indians? All Humans of the world? Then who?
    Again, when Daniel says “our kings and princes” who exactly is “our?”
    [7] “O Lord, you are righteous; but as for us, we are always shamefaced with sin, just as you see us now; yes, all of us- the men of Judah, the people of Jerusalem, and all Israel, scattered near and far wherever you have driven us because of our disloyalty to you. [8] O Lord, we and our kings and princes and fathers are weighted down with shame because of all our sins.
    When Daniel says “but as for us, we are always..” again- who EXACTLY is this “we?” What group exactly is he speaking for?
    When Daniel says “yes, all of us- the men of Judah, the people of Jerusalem, and all Israel, scattered near and far” is that what he means when he says “we?” Aren’t men from Judah called Judeans? If yes, aren’t Judeans called Jews? When he says “and all Israel, scattered near and far” does that mean Israelites? So by “we” does he mean all 12 tribes of Israel- meaning all of the offspring/descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob (all referred in combination as Israelites)?
    Wasn’t Jacob’s father Isaac? Wasn’t Isaac’s father Abraham? Who was Abraham’s father?
    When Daniel says “because of our disloyalty to you” what exactly does he mean? What laws/rules did his group break? Were the rules or laws written down anywhere? If yes, then what was the document called? Can we see this document to this day?
    When Daniel says “we and our kings and princes and fathers are weighted down with shame because of all our sins” again exactly who or what group of people is he talking specifically about?
    When he says “sins” what does he mean? Were those sins written down somewhere as laws? If yes- where were they written?
    Were the laws only applicable to Daniel and his little group of people? If yes, what is the name of Daniel’s little group of people?
    Could one join his group? If no- did that mean that one had to be physically born into that group (Daniel’s “special” group) in order to be a member?
    [9] “But the Lord our God is merciful, and pardons even those who have rebelled against him.
    Again, Daniel refers to “the Lord our God”- who is “our” and who is their god? Is it Yahvah? If yes, in what way was Yahvah ever merciful to others outside of Daniels group?
    How would one know if he rebelled against Daniel’s god? Were the laws or rules written down somewhere? If yes- where? What was the names of the documents/books in which the laws were written?
    [10] “O Lord our God, we have disobeyed you; we have flouted all the laws you gave us through your servants, the prophets. [11] All Israel has disobeyed; we have turned away from you and haven’t listened to your voice. And so the awesome curse of God has crushed us- the curse written in the law of Moses your servant. [12] And you have done exactly as you warned us you would do, for never in all history has there been a disaster like what happened at Jerusalem to us and our rulers. [13] Every curse against us written in the law of Moses has come true; all the evils he predicted- all have come true. But even so we still refuse to satisfy the Lord our God by turning from our sins and doing right.
    Can I still read somewhere the laws that were “written in the law of Moses”? Where?
    [14] “And so the Lord deliberately crushed us with the calamity he prepared; he is fair in everything he does, but we would not obey. [15] O Lord our God, you brought lasting honor to your name by removing your people from Egypt in a great display of power. Lord, do it again! Though we have sinned so much and are full of wickedness, [16] yet because of all your fruitful mercies, Lord, please turn away your furious anger from Jerusalem, your own city, your holy mountain. For the heathen mock at you because your city lies in ruins for our sins.
    [17]”O our God, hear your servant’s prayer! Listen as I plead! Let your face shine again with peace and joy upon your desolate sanctuary- for your own glory, Lord.
    Daniel seems really possessive about his groups’ god- it’s always our God, or my God etc. etc.
    [18] O my God, bend down your ear and listen to my plea. Open your eyes and see our wretchedness, how your city lies in ruins- for everyone knows that it is yours. We don’t ask because we merit help, but because you are so merciful despite our grievous sins.
    [19] “O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive. O Lord, listen to me and act! Don’t delay- for your own sake, O my God, because your people and your city bear your name.”
    What does Daniel mean when he says to his god “because your people and your city bear your name”? Does he call his god Is-Ra-El? Please explain.
    [20] Even while I was praying and confessing my sin and the sins of my people, and desperately pleading with the Lord my God for Jerusalem, his holy mountain, [21] Gabriel, whom I had seen in the earlier vision, flew swiftly to me at the time of the evening sacrifice, [22] and said to me, “Daniel, I am here to help you understand God’s plans. [23] The moment you began praying, a command was given. I am here to tell you what it was, for God loves you very much. Listen, and try to understand the meaning of the vision that you saw!
    Again, who exactly is “my people”? OK, so he was sacrificing (murdering) most likely an animal to his god (which is who?) when an angel comes to him from who? Was it from the same god that Daniel was praying to (the god of himself and his people), or was the angel sent to him from some other god? Basically, did some other god, besides the god that he thought he was praying to- send the angel? All very confusing.
    [24] “The Lord has commanded 490 years of further punishment upon Jerusalem and your people. Then at last they will learn to stay away from sin, and their guilt will be cleansed; then the kingdom of everlasting righteousness will begin, and the Most Holy Place (in the Temple) will be rededicated, as the prophets have declared. [25] Now listen! It will be forty-nine years plus 434 years from the time the command is given to rebuild Jerusalem, until the Anointed One comes! Jerusalem’s streets and walls will be rebuilt despite the perilous times.
    When the angel supposedly tells Daniel that “The Lord has commanded 490 years of further punishment upon Jerusalem and your people”- from what time in history?
    Does the angel mean 490 years from that moment that Daniel is being spoken to? If yes, what Christian year was that present moment?
    What is meant by the “Most Holy Place (in the Temple)”? What temple? Where? After explaining- describe the “”Most Holy Place” within that temple. Need more details.
    When the angel says that “It will be forty-nine years plus 434 years from the time the command is given to rebuild Jerusalem, until the Anointed One comes!” what is the angel talking about? 49+434? Why not simply say 483 years?
    Has the command (to rebuild Jerusalem) already been given since the time of this supposed “revelation” was given to Daniel? If so, when- what year was the command to rebuild Jerusalem given?
    Who is or was the “Anointed One”? Please provide more details.
    [26] “After this period of 434 years, the Anointed One will be killed, his kingdom still unrealized…and a king will arise whose armies will destroy the city and the Temple. They will be overwhelmed as with a flood, and war and its miseries are decreed from that time to the very end. [27] This king will make a seven-year treaty with the people, but after half that time, he will break his pledge and stop the Jews from all their sacrifices and their offerings; then, as a climax to all his terrible deeds, the Enemy shall utterly defile the sanctuary of God. But in God’s time and plan, his judgment will be poured out upon this Evil One.”
    Who is or was the “Anointed One?” What is meant by “his kingdom still unrealized”? The “Anointed One’s” kingdom? Whose kingdom? What kingdom?
    What did the angel mean when he said “and a king will arise whose armies will destroy the city and the Temple”? What king will arise? What city will be destroyed? What temple in what city- where exactly?
    “They will be overwhelmed as with a flood” Who is “they”? “This king will make a seven-year treaty with the people” What “people?”
    What did the angel mean by “then, as a climax to all his [the king’s] terrible deeds, the Enemy shall utterly defile the sanctuary of God. But in God’s time and plan, his judgment will be poured out upon this Evil One.”? What king? Who is the “Enemy”- the king? If not the king- then who then is this “Enemy” capitalized?
    What sanctuary- and where? What god- Yahvah? If not Yahvah then who- what is the name of this “God”? Who is this “Evil One” again capitalized- the previously mentioned king? Who exactly is the “Evil One?”
    Very confused- looking forward to further clarification.
    Again, Much appreciated- Thanks,
    Plumber Joe

      1. Timothy,
        Daniel was allegedly first- a Hebrew– second, an Israelite, and then third- a Judean.
        A Judean is often referred to (modern times) in short as being a “Jew.”
        In the quoted passages above, was Daniel praying to the Israelite god, which he and other Israelites/Judeans referred to then in Hebrew as Yahvah?
        Please Select Answer:
        1. Yes
        2. No
        3. I Do Not Know

        1. To whom else do you think Daniel was praying? As for the tetragrammaton, YHVH, I highly doubt its origins as being Biblical. I will be writing and article on this eventually.

    Thank you for the reply to me dated June 4th 2104.
    Since you did not specify your answer using a number, I will assume that you answered in the affirmative: Answer #1 Yes. However if this is not the case, please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Again Thanks,
    Plumber Joe

    Timothy Said:
    I will be writing an article on this eventually.
    Great, looking forward to your future article.
    Bye the way, there he goes again with those big words us plumbers have so much trouble with! 😀
    Thought these definitions might help some of my fellow plumbers out there…
    Tetragrammaton —  In Hebrew texts, the group of four letters (JHVH, JHWH, YHVH, or YHWH) representing the holy and ineffable name of God. The common transliteration “Jehovah” is the result of a combination of the Tetragrammaton with the vowel points of Adonai [spoken in Hebrew meaning] “my Lord,”, which is substituted in reading the name.
    Ineffable —  That cannot be expressed in speech. That must not be spoken; too lofty or sacred for expression.
    Transliterate —  To represent, as a word, by the alphabetic characters of another language having the same sound: distinguished from translate. The noun form is Transliteration.
    Jehovah —  In the Old Testament, God; the Lord: common transliteration of the Tetragrammaton. See YAHWEH. [<Hebrew JHVH Yahweh, with the substitution of vowels from ‘adhonay my Lord]
    Yahweh (yä’we)  In the Old Testament, the national god of Israel; God: a modern transliteration of the Tetragrammaton. See JEHOVAH. Also spelled Jahveh, Jahwe. Also Yahveh (yä’ve). [<Hebrew YHWH]
    Yahwism (yä’wiz·əm)  1 The ancient Hebrew religion centered on the monotheistic worship of Yahweh. 2 The use of the name Yahweh for God. Also spelled Jahvism, Jahwism. Also Yahvism (-viz·əm).
    Yahwist (yä’wist)  In Biblical criticism, the writer supposed to have written those parts of the Hexateuch in which God is mentioned as Yahweh (erroneously Jehovah). Also spelled Jahvist, Jahwist. Also Yahvist (-vist).Compare ELOHIST.
    Erroneous —  Marked by error; incorrect; mistaken.
    Hexateuch —  The first six books of the Bible considered as constituting one series. The first six books are:
    1. Genesis
    2. Exodus
    3. Leviticus
    4. Numbers
    5. Deuteronomy
    6. Joshua
    Yahwistic (yä’·wis’tik)  1 Of or relating to Yahwist or Yahwism. 2 Characterized by the use of the name Yahweh (or Jehovah) for God. Also spelled Jahvistic, Jahwistic. Also Yahvistic (-vis’-).Compare ELOHISTIC.
    Elohist —  The author of those portions of the Hexateuch [first 6 books of the Bible] that are characterized by the use of Elohim for God instead of Yahweh or Jehovah. Compare YAHWIST
    Elohim (e·lō·him’, -lō’·him) —  God: Hebrew name used in the Old Testament. [<Hebrew ‘Elōhīm, pl. of ‘Elōah God]
    Elohim is a name used in the Old Testament for God. It is the plural form of the Hebrew word Eloah (God). Elohim means the plural majesty of the one God. The word is found in the first sentence of the Old Testament of the Bible: “In the beginning God (Elohim) created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis – Chapter 1 : Verse1).
    Elohistic —  1 Of or pertaining to those portions of the Hexateuch where Elohim occurs in the Hebrew text and not Yahweh or Jehovah. 2 Written by the Elohist.

    Question# 14. Is there any difference between the Jehovah of the Jews and the Divine Father of Jesus as worshiped by the Christians?
    Answer — There is a difference so vast as to render them practically two different personages. The word Jehovah is the modern English rendering of the Hebrew term for the Midian tribal deity, Yahvah. Moses, after he had murdered two Egyptians for their treatment of an Israelite, fled to Midian, a district across the Red Sea, south of the Land of Goshen. There he married a Midian wife [the daughter of a Midianite priest] and became a sheepherder. Jehovah or Yahvah was the neighborhood god of the Midianites whom Moses seized upon, and utilized, in his later politico-racial exploits back among the Egyptians. Moses claimed that this little tribal god, with all his provincial hates and lusts, was the One Lord God of all the universe. This last could only be interviewed by Moses in person, or by Aaron or his Levites when Moses wasn’t around. Christ came, and got Himself hated unto crucifixion, by standing this narrow and fallacious notion of the deity on its head. Christ said that the Lord God was Universal Spirit, and that man needed no paid priest or elaborate temple ceremonials to commune with Him. This threatened the whole basic foundation of Judaism, since it counseled the masses that priests were dispensable.
    Furthermore, Christ taught that the Lord God was the Father of all mankind, Jew and Gentile alike. This was insufferable to the Israelites, who had a personal monopoly on the Creator, He being their original tribal deity and they being His particular devotees. In the Ebionitic attempts to reconcile the two identities, however, early church fathers mixed the two deities hopelessly, and filled the Bible full of contradictions and paradoxes. See answer to Question 38: Who were the Ebionites?
    Question# 38. Why does the Bible, as the “Inspired Word of God,” persistently represent Christ as being a Jew?
    Answer — Because the Biblical manuscripts, comprising the Old and New Testaments as we know them today, were written under Jewish auspices, by writers striving to reconcile the prophecies of the Hebraic Old Testament with the astounding and not-controllable spread of the new Christianity. Obviously, if Christianity continued to grow and strengthen, in time it would supersede and exterminate Judaism altogether. So the Judaists got busy and worked out a clever ruse that, in practice, came to be called Ebionitism. They “tied into” the aggressive and expanding new religion by preaching that Christianity was the outgrowth of Judaism. Because Christianity was built upon a blanket castigation of everything Judaistic, to be an utter Christian one had to go through the same process and first be a Judaist. After one had first acknowledged everything Judaistic, including the priority of authority of the law of Moses, the authenticity of the Hebrew prophets and prophecies, and the whole patriarchal background of Judaism, then one was ready to take the next step into Christianity. Thus, one of the most important tenets of this atrocious subversion was to make the text impress upon the would-be convert’s mind that even Jesus Himself was born a Jew. Therefore if there hadn’t been any Jews, there wouldn’t have been any Jesus, and if there hadn’t been any Jesus, there wouldn’t have been any Christian religion. This subversion and rewriting of the sacred text was carried to so bold a point that in one place it is crassly and satanically stated that . . . “salvation is of the Jews!” Salvation is nothing of the sort. Salvation is of the Christ, and the Holy Spirit! To explain the point in the modern scene [1937], it is like saying that after a few hundred years the German Jews will get together and subvert the whole Nazi program in history by giving it out that Hitler was a Jew — because he lived, operated, and instructed in German-Jewish Germany — and that one couldn’t become a good Nazi without first subscribing to the tenets of predatory Jewry, because otherwise what would Nazism have had, to be different from or agitate against?
    Question# 39. What was Ebionitism?
    Answer — The subversive instructors, sent out by the Jerusalem authorities to imbed such notions in the minds of early Christian converts, were called Ebionites. It was their job and commission to make the very Judaism against which Christ inveighed, the foundation and background of the new Christian theology. Christ must be made to say that He came “to fulfill the law of Moses.” Thereby the law of Moses became quite as essential to the new religion as did Christ. And so on, throughout a hundred scriptural passages. Again, we can compare it to the Jews of a hundred years hence making Hitler to say “I came to fulfill the law of Karl Marx!” These Ebionites had their headquarters in the Greek city of Pella, so that they would not be openly recognized as subversive missionaries for the Jerusalem Sanhedrinists. And it was in, or near, Pella that the New Testament manuscripts were compiled. The Apostle Paul once cut up an awful shindy about the mischief of Ebionitism, and said that the Doctrine of the Trinity had nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism. It was a clean-cut departure from it. Yet when the Gospels came to be translated into other languages for our modern world, the New Testament Gospels were dyed dripping wet with the subvertings and deceptions of Ebionitism. Christian people today who say, “Yes, I know the Jews crucified Christ, and I know He said some atrocious things against them; also I know that Jews are practically wrecking our United States with their crazy incompetence — all the same we have to remember that they are God’s Chosen People,” — these are but modern Ebionites, acquiescing to the very doctrine that the Sanhedrin went to much trouble and expense to promulgate and get incorporated into the Christian’s “holy” books.
    —William Dudley Pelley, The 45 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Jews Written 1937/Published ©1939

  8. To the Gospel of Jude to the contention of the body of Moses between satan & Archangel Michael where he does not oppose satan but only says “God rebuke you”. The Body of Moses is not his dead body but the people of Moses, them who rejected the Messiah & satan contented for them according to the law to the reason that Michael did not oppose. This is but to know as to who is governing these people by looking at the many alters figured in the Freemasonic Israeli supreme court – the gods of the golden calf . They who are said to have been gathered by Freemasonry, now freemasonry itself is the very Entity come against the Woman in the Enmity put by God between Her & the serpent & & by their seed. This revelation totally contradicts that this gathering is by God, which itself says volumes of talmud( a book of speculations)/Kabbalism to its origins full of Pride & filth, desecrating Holy ones. And Lo the Christian Zionists & their likes run after a people in Apostasy instead of God, making Christ a secondary issue.

  9. Timothy. You wrote:
    “There would have been no support for the Jewish-Masonic goal of creating the state of Israel, no support of the Jewish people as God’s chosen, no need for the Nazis to pave the way for the creation of the state of Israel,….”
    Can you elaborate a bit further on why you perceive it as such that the “Nazis” paved the way for the creation of the state of Israel”? That process was well underway prior to the advent of Hitler and the National Socialist party. The NS took advantage of the Zionist plan to rid Germany of the Jews but that is a far cry from what you’re stating here.

    1. Arthur, without the Holocaust guilt complex, the current state of Israel would never have been possible. And without the Nazi persecution of Jews (perceived or real), the Holocaust guilt complex would never have been possible. Kabbalistic magic—exemplified by Hegel—allowed for the “Nazi evil” as a means to an end (thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis). I think the simultaneous build up of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany makes this pretty self-evident. Even the Holocaust six-million figure was arrived at by Jewish magic, not historical fact (see Ben Weintraub’s The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order). And didn’t the Nazis themselves claim to have supernatural helpers guiding them? Seems the same fallen angels helping the Jews were also helping the Nazis, except of course, the Nazis lost the war. I guess you just can’t trust magic. Lesson learned.

      1. It is quiet strange that off the 12 million , 6 million were killed off by Hitler so as to accommodate the balance 6 million in the land, ’cause the land itself cannot accommodate more than 6 million. Seems after all it is just to a convenience- The Freemasonic way.
        Now did Jesus say unto the Jews “I come in my Fathers name & you receive me not, but if one should come in his own name him you will receive” & him they have received, is but to look at the Freemasonry alters figured in the supreme court by the Law leavened , which law is cursed. Is but to know Zeus in his many avatars as the god of freemasonry , said to have unsurped his own father, thus coming in his own name through the corrupted Masonry , the very Entity come against the Woman off the Enmity put by God between the serpent & the Woman & by their seed as Eden. For not a rabbi lifts a finger against this Abomination indicates their acceptance of this corruption that stand against the Kingdom of God by His Christ. Freemasonry by Zeus , the one in his own name does relate to a pre Prophesy of erecting an Idol of Jupiter his greek name, in the Jerusalem temple to the Maccabess revolution that which has became compromised over the time, to a people that rejected the Messiah, except by pretensions.

      2. Timothy writes: “Arthur, without the Holocaust guilt complex, the current state of Israel would never have been possible. And without the Nazi persecution of Jews (perceived or real), the Holocaust guilt complex would never have been possible. Kabbalistic magic—exemplified by Hegel—allowed for the “Nazi evil” as a means to an end (thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis). I think the simultaneous build up of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany makes this pretty self-evident. Even the Holocaust six-million figure was arrived at by Jewish magic, not historical fact (see Ben Weintraub’s The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order). And didn’t the Nazis themselves claim to have supernatural helpers guiding them? Seems the same fallen angels helping the Jews were also helping the Nazis, except of course, the Nazis lost the war. I guess you just can’t trust magic. Lesson learned.”
        Yes, you are correct in stating that without the Holocaust guilt complex the Zionists would never have been successful in establishing their state. As for the build up of NS Gemany that was a direct result of World Jewry’s openly declared war and boycott of Germany that followed on the heels of the NS party being elected to government. The Bolshevik/Zionist Jew coup of 1917 in Russia took place 16 years before the NS government of Hitler occurred so it’s not true to say they were “simultaneous”.
        There wasn’t any “Holocaust” of 6 Million or even 6 Jews Timothy and you appear to be not making that clear in your comments.
        The only “supernatural” help that the National Socialists claimed was the help of God. If you have any other credible evidence to the contrary do post it. I don’t believe that either Lucifer or Satan were inspiring Hitler, the NS or the German Nation to oppose the Zionist/Communist conspiracy that we’re still battling with. On the other hand they definitely were inspiring all the allied nations who, rather than standing with Germany against the Jews and Communist, joined the Satanic Commie forces and then vanquished the Germans.
        It’s good to be aware of magic Timothy so one recognizes it when it’s happening.

  10. Christians, do not be lied to. There is no Third Temple waiting to be built. Even if Christians are lied to, any temple being build anywhere will be that of the Anti-Christ. Why? Because God has rejected everything human, and physical. That’s why the followers of the Christ are warned to reject the physical world, because it is doomed to end, one day.
    Secondly, God, having appeared on earth as the Christ, He has become everything. “There is only Christ: he is everything and he is in everything. As the chosen of God, then, the holy people whom he loves, you are to be clothed in heartfelt compassion, in generosity and humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with one another; forgive each other if one of you has a complaint against another. The Lord has forgiven you; now you must do the same. Colossians 3:5-11
    Christ, now, is the New Jerusalem. And just as he will one day come down to earth from heaven to judge mankind, so will the New Jerusalem appear, as prophesied by John:_ “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; the first heaven had disappeared now, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride dressed for her husband. Revelation 21:1-7
    The coming of the Christ will happen suddenly. And nobody can tell when it will happen, because it will be the culmination of the Sin of the World, when the world will break the everlasting covenant.

  11. Not to be deceived. Three events are to take place before the Kingdom of God on Earth. 1) the coming of the forerunner with the cry of repentance. John the Baptist born in the spirit & power of Elijah, For Elias is come said Jesus & as the Bible says ‘His word is spirit” when the disciples understood that he spoke of John. 2) The coming of the Messiah 3) The Manifestation of the sons of God (yet to) to Rom 8;19 to which is given a revelation (though its manifestation is yet to be) through the vision of an Indian who is accosted by the sons of God led by Peter filled in the Holy Spirit in the post advent of Pentecost to what is Biblically called in the “Latter Rain” asking the visionary “You Hindu” (read Egypt) & the reply “No, Christian” & is again asked “Hindu Christian” but a firm reply “Christian” after a brief hesitation, to which Peter puts a gun behind his head but the visionary uncompromising & true to his word , thinking that his time is come, utters Jesus, Jesus as his last words. The shot never came but the command “Give him food”. St. Peter faithful to his Masters Command “Feed my Sheep” for unto him was given the keys to the Kingdom & the Authority by the words of Christ “Who you bind on earth will be bound in heaven & who you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”. Irrespective whether Jew of Gentile. The Church that moves in the Spirit against which the gates of hell will not prevail.
    Now this vision was to the testing for the First Commandment “Love thy God” before which was tested, both to the point of death, for the second Commandment “Love one another” in the same vision but in a different time frame such that when tested for the first, the test for the second was not in remembrance. First for the second as is written “If you do not love your brethren who you can see, how then can you Love God who you cannot see”.
    These are them mentioned in revelations as the ‘First fruits” of the Lamb” The “Israel of God” or Spiritual Israel to the Continuation of the Covenant except that the Covenant that was brought about in the Physical is now come in the Spirit, as the seed of Abraham by Faith in Christ Jesus, to know that there are no separate covenants as figured by the Zionists & their Christian heretics, is but to beware of a people in deep Apostasy gathered in Corrupted masonry, running after the flesh, Twisting/falsifying/Ignorance of the Prophecies through talmudic speculations & occultic Kabbalahs, seeking inheritances of lands, instead of God- The everlasting Inheritance, for in the first place there never was a land named Israel but a people.
    The sons of God redeemed from among men not defiled by women meaning averse to any form of sexual corruption the core of which is come the “Sodom”. They who are trained by the Sons of God in heaven called the “Elohim” His inheritance in heaven, one of whom Archangel Michael wrestled with the Patriarch Jacob introducing the name ‘Israel’ meaning Inheritance of God from Earth, now come in the finality as Spiritual Israel, for God is Spirit so also His Word, which Spirit is Life.
    This Elect of God/The remnant seed of the Woman are them who cared not for their own lives to picking up their crosses & keep the Commandments to the Two for in it hang all the Law & Prophets & having the testimony of Jesus – The Spirit of Prophecy, following the Lamb where ever he goes. Denotes the shape of things to come.
    Now The Two integral requirements to the redemption 1) Pick up your Crosses DAILY & follow Me” in order to crucify the old man thus equating with Him by His sacrifice, denoting the lifting up the Brazen serpent on the pole in the wilderness, to ones flesh 2) Keeping the two commandments ,even unpopular, are rarely preached but to itching ears to the Prophecy of Daniel’s stopping the daily sacrifices unto the Abomination of Desolation , is no wonder in these days of the Prophesied Apostasy.

  12. Now the fruit of the words of Jesus @Cana became manifested on the Cross “Woman behold thy Son” the beginning of redemption, to a star upon the crown of the Woman , the heart of Jesus, clothed in Glory in Rev 12 , from the rising of the sun to its setting .To the revelation of the Visionary standing before the Woman in Glory who gestured to her right side to a Cloud indicating the One who ought to be worshipped, denoting directly the First Commandments of God unto Moses , to the First Commandment of our Lord “Love Thy God”, He who Himself stood in Glory on the right side of the Glorious Cloud, witnessing.
    Now in the same vision also stood that ‘ole Dragon called the devil, covered in darkness to protect himself from the Glorious One before him, even His fulness, the accuser of the Brethren, against which the Woman exposed the works of the devil by revealing unto the visionary the initiations of Freemasonry, full of filth & death, even as our Lord stood in battle readiness.
    Corrupted Masonry the very Entity come off that ‘ole iniquity established at the time of QE1, off the Enmity put by God at Eden, against which is come The lamb & Her remnant seed. as the First fruits of the lamb,
    The stone which the builders rejected come as the chief Corner stone & as for her Queen who sits as a widow thinking she has no need— for in a day will her —“. to the Prophecy. Freemasonry to the Flying scroll & the wickedness in an Ephah (Zech 5-Penta-)by the sexual corruptions unto Sodom, that drives it & as for a people gathered by this entity, where not a day of peace is seen even from the formation, beguiled by their speculative talmudism & occultic Kabbalah’s desecrating Holy Ones to- The Abomination , is but to know as to who governs these, to the epistle of St. Jude, in the depth of Apostasy.

  13. More Jewish Manipulation of the Ignorant American People:
    The Shemitah: The Biblical Pattern Which Indicates
    That A Financial Collapse May Be Coming In 2015 –
    by Michael Snyder | January 26th, 2015 :
    Read some of the comments below that above mentioned article.
    You’re starting to get to a few more of them who were once like me.
    For example…
    Lennie Pike Comments:
    Instructed by whom? Your Master here on earth? Who would that be exactly – someone in Washington D.C. taking orders from someone on Wall Street taking orders from someone in The City of London taking orders from someone in Israel (not every one there) taking orders from someone straight from hell?..
    Take your orders from God Almighty in heaven through His Son Jesus Christ and forget the rest – then you will be o.k. with no worries – just saying.

    T. Follows:
    Exactly. The Fed and all the central banks of the western world continually create Debt for the people of their nation. Cui Bono – To whose benefit. Why, the International Bankster Cartel. Even Robert owes his share of the National Debt of the Nation. Like Greece – The United States of America is BANKRUPT. I will say emphatically – God is NOT the One who is causing the stock markets to Crash every 7 years per this article. It is the International Banking Cartel of the House of Rothschild (who is JEWISH). Cui Bono – To whose benefit. ALL THE MARKETS OF THE WORLD ARE TOTALLY CONTROLLED – By the Global Rothschild Banking Cabal. Again, the Banksters will CRASH the markets of the world on a day in September 2015 – You can take that to the Banksters.
    David Then Agrees with T.:
    T you are 100% correct!
    Lennie Pike further agrees with T.:
    Right on!
    And the paid Jewish Hasbara immediately jump in to muddy the waters…
    Tim, please do an article on the “Shemitah” piece mentioned above.
    It could really help to wake up some of those who are still ignorant of how the Jews continue to “Mislead Christians on Bible Prophecy.”
    ps: I’m pretty sure that Michael Snyder also writes for Alex Jone’s Info Wars:

  14. Dispensationalism makes a mockery of Jesus Christ, Christianity as it contradicts the teachings of Jesus Christ. This false theology is propagated by people who claim to be Christians but who are not. There can only be one correct teaching – the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, expressed this way by the apostle Paul: There is one body and one Spirit —just as you were called to one hope when you were called — one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. Eph 4:4-6
    This apostate teaching is based on a false Christ because it promotes ideas and principles that are simply either made up, or is a distortion of the Word of Christ. In many ways, it is anti-Christ in nature because it runs counter to Christ’s teachings. These ideas violate and distort the character of God by showing him as having favourites, implementing two separate plans of redemption, one for the Jews and another for the rest of humanity. It promotes the worship of the nation of Israel, anyone Jewish, and Jewry in general. It is falsely Zionism friendly. It promotes the message of racial supremacy of the Jews, that they are intrinsically special, and who receives special protection from God. It emphasizes the land of Israel rather than Christ. Ultimately it brings its devotees to align themselves with the nation of Israel regardless of the political situation. In so doing they become blind to oppression and injustice. I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned! Gal 1:6-9
    Jesus said to the Jews “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:42-44
    Only by being born again does one enter into heaven next
    And you are heirs of the prophets and of the covenant God made with your fathers. He said to Abraham, ‘Through your offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed.’ When God raised up his servant, he sent him first to you to bless you by turning each of you from your wicked ways.” Acts 3:25-26

  15. Rev: Apostle John witnessed the Ark of the Covenant (first holy family of God- the very throne of God) in the temple in heaven needless to say that with God there is only one covenant for all of Heaven & Earth , so this talk of separate covenants is but utter rubbish a Zionist/Protestant creation.

  16. 1. If there is no future Temple, how do you explain Ezekiel 40-44?
    2. Have you ever considered the possibility that declaring a Judaocentric Jerusalem during the millenium to be “ethnocentric” is, in itself, ethnocentric?
    3. I fear that you are boasting against the natural branches. And Paul did outline consequences for that.
    4. I agree with you. I don’t agree one aota with Rabbinic theology particularly when it comes to the rejection of the Messiahship of Jesus. I wouldn’t have come to believe in Jesus if I did agree with their theology. However, I do hold that God used Rabbinic teaching and authority to create a culture that would preserve the unity of the people, whom, scripture holds (e.g. Dt. 29) as a nation in exile, so that they could survive history as was promised through Jeremiah 31:35-37. Hosea also declares that those were “my people” will be called “not my people”, but again would return to be “his people”. If you believe that God is through with the Jewish people, you really have no understanding or appreciation for just how loving and patient God is. The survival and eventual reinstatement of the Jewish people will bear testimony to a God whose love and patience is without limit. If you say that the Israel of that text is referring to the Church, I would seriously regard your exegesis as suspect.

    1. To the old Covenant, Israel was not supposed to intermix with the heathen from the Fathers neither the Mothers side & at the time of Prophet Erza came the cut off, such that today there is no one who can claim that is off Israel in the pure, Covenant sense(The Jew by mothers side crap(to which there are no biblical attestments) was only a cover up & to enhance the nos,, effectively negating the Old,Covenant that was put off, the very reason for the New Covenant, such that the word “Israel” today is spiritual, called the Israel of God, as children unto Abraham by Faith. Such that it is not for any man to claim the Covenant but for God to reveal, to be not deceived by the Zionists & their puppets.through deceit & mis-interpretations.

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