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Sochi idolatry shows Russia hasn’t returned to her former self

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
February 11, 2014 Anno Domini

If you under the illusion that Russia is resisting the New World Order and returning to the former days of the Holy Russian Empire, the national idolatry committed by Russia’s leaders in Sochi should be your wake up call.

For the first time ever, Russia is hosting the Olympic games (the Soviet Union hosted the 1980 summer Olympics), a Luciferian ceremony that honours the fallen angel Zeus, who is called the father of gods and men ruling from his throne on Mount Olympus, from which we get the term olympic. The Romans, who also employed—perhaps perfected—the use of sport and spectacles as a form of social control, identify this fallen angel as Jupiter.

For the past few months, we have seen a public relations blitz by Russia and the sports industrial complex to promote the games with the traditional torch relay across the country. From city to city, olympic organizers have been profaning the once Holy nation with each lighting of Zeus’ torch. This treacherous blasphemy is not only an indication of Lucifer, head of the fallen angel Greek pantheon, and his almost complete dominance of the world but also of Russia’s failure to completely break free from the shackles of the Judeo-Masonic control that has crippled it for the past century.

The Money Games
Financial exploitation is also high up on the agenda of the sports industrial complex. History has shown that the Olympic games have bee nothing more than a Hunger Games-like spectacle for elitists to enjoy in the spirit of Zeus. The games have brought cities to ruin, crippled economies, created massive debt, displaced citizens from their homes—all while fleecing the taxpayers. This is a mockery of the human race. And Russia is not exception, with the ballooning cost of hosting the two-week-long games now surpassing the $51 billion mark, a cost not only higher than that of any past winter Olympics but of all past winter games combined. Most of the infrastructure contracts are distributed through crony, oligarchical alliances, with little to no benefit to the public. And the corporatocracy reaps massive profits through huge TV deals, sponsorships, and advertizing. I guess Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin just couldn’t help themselves. Instead of doing the right thing and abstaining from bidding on hosting the Olympic blood games, they took the Faustian path. The majority of Russians will remain living in poverty while the little money they have will be squandered on a two-week party for the elite.

The Gay Games

The sky god Zeus, a manifestation of Lucifer’s fallen angels.

While Russian President Putin has done some good things that have unintentionally defied the Illuminati power structure, overall, Russia is, unfortunately, just another lackey nation, albeit one that is a lesser evil. Socially, Russia has many advantages over other nations: family and the Orthodox Church remain central to the lives of many Russians. And, ironically, cultural Marxism has not been embraced by Russian society as it has almost everywhere else in the world. Moreover, Russia has built an international reputation of being a socially conservative nation that doesn’t tolerate homosexuality. The devious LGBT movement (gay lobby) has totally capitalized on the Olympic games being hosted in Russia, a place they claim oppresses homosexuals. They know full well that Russia’s laws only ban the homosexual indoctrination of minors; gays are not oppressed, but it doesn’t matter. The LGBT-friendly mass media is going along with the charade and acting as the LGBT’s biggest cheerleaders against Putin and the Russia-hosted games, using every chance to associate the games with oppression of homosexuals. Sochi 2014 won’t be remembered for impressive displays of athleticism of triumph; they will be remembered as the gay games. There has been little to know cry from athletes that the focus has been taken off them and instead put onto the gay lobby. And if there has, the athletes have been told to shut up or it has gone unreported in the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.

Putin, Israel, and Sochi
Russia’s behaviour during the Syria crisis has caused many to believe Russia is against the Jewish-led New World Order, particularly Israel. While it would be great if this were true, it’s important to maintain objectivity. Veterans News Now columnist Brandon Martinez provides some sobering thoughts on the matter in The skeletons in Putin’s closet. He suggests Putin rose to power with the help of a false flag terror attack and that Russia has opposed Israel and allied itself with Israel when it has suited Russia. This is in stark contrast to the belief that Russia opposes Israel from a moralistic or theological high ground. To strengthen Martinez’s case that the Kremlin is self-serving, we see that Russia selected Israel for Sochi’s war room under the shadow of the Syrian crisis and Israel’s Iran war fetish. This is hypocrisy at best or indicative of ongoing Russian-Israeli collusion at worst.

The Kremlin cannot be trusted. Chechnya has become Russia’s convenient patsy the same way the AIPAC-dominated White house uses Al Qaeda for false flag terrorism against its own people. The Russian people themselves are the ones owed praise for their socially conservative progress. And the re-establishment of the supremacy of the Orthodox Church in Russia is a sign of the nation’s good health. Focus should be on these things, not on Putin and his apparent pseudo NWO resistance.

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