Satan is LGBT!

“At the heart of hermeticism lies androgyny”

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
November 13, 2013 Anno Domini

A lot can be gleaned from 19th century French occultist Alphonse Louis Constant’s depiction of Baphomet in Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (Dogma and Ritual of High Magic), a treatise on ritual magic. First, we see that the androgynous Baphomet, an incarnation of Lucifer or perhaps some other fallen angel, has breasts, and most likely a penis of some sort, although we can’t say for sure. But the double helix definitely indicates some kind of phallus representation.

The gods’ (fallen angels, led by Lucifer) hermaphroditism is the result of their supposed alchemical transformation, which they are currently imposing on the masses through large-scale homosexual indoctrination, commonly referred to in the Western world as LGBT (Lestiban, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)—and soon to be, LGBTPB, with pedophilia and bestiality added to these supposed “sexual orientations.” André Nataf writes, in The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult (1988),

At the heart of hermetism lies androgyny. Androgyny or hermaphroditism is an awareness of one’s bisexuality and is the ultimate goal of the alchemist’s search. All the disciplines grouped under the general heading of hermetism or occultism—magic, alchemy, initiation, etc.—suppose that the human being, once he is rid of his innermost darkness and lack of understanding, realizes that he is bisexual. This bisexuality is what enables him to relate to other people and the universe. From this point of view, the hermaphrodite symbolizes bisexuality controlled, refined, and harmoniously integrated.

There it is, plain as day. Did you notice the occult view of heterosexuality in the above passage? Darkness. The prophet Isaiah warns the flock:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Isaiah 5:20, Greek Septuagint (Old Testament)

The Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality and sexual perversion, in all of its variations, is unequivocal. Only a church compromised by Satan himself (itself) would teach otherwise.

The Baphomet, Satan incarnate, could be all four elements of the LGBT dogma, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered, since we don’t really know what it is. It is the perfect spokesman for the gay lobby and the hidden force behind this exploding moral perversion. Another thing Constant’s (his alchemical Hebrew name is Eliphas Levi, but apparently isn’t Jewish by blood) Baphomet depiction reveals is the kabbalistic nature of Lucifer and his fallen ones. The right hand pointed up indicates the path of white magic (as above) while the left hand pointed down indicates black magic (so below)—the kabbalistic concept of a unified dualism (the Hegelian dialectic is also an occult concept of dualism). This concept, exemplified in the Yin and Yang symbol, lies at the foundation of virtually every religion but Christianity. Christianity stands out in its specifically monistic concept of the universe (see Privatio Boni). Unlike the occult, which teaches that good and evil are two sides of the same coin, Christian theology holds that evil is not substance but the lack of good and truth. 1 John 1:5 tells us that “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness.” (The 16th-century heresy of Calvinism, engineered by crypto-Jew John Calvin and his Judaic cohorts, is occult subversion of Christian theology.) St. Augustine of Hippo wrote, “what are called vices in the soul are nothing but privations of natural good. And when they are cured, they are not transferred elsewhere: when they cease to exist in the healthy soul, they cannot exist anywhere else.” This is because there is no life or sustenance in darkness.

“Our mystical texts, the Kabbalah, address the notion of transitioning from one gender to another,” writes a Reform Jewish rabbi David J. Meyer.

On the cover of Constant’s Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie is the following Judeo-Masonic hexagram, also depicting the Kabbalistic concept of a unified dualism (as above, so below):

Judeo-Masonic Illuminati Hollywood is out in full force externalizing Satan’s alchemical homosexualism to the masses. Below is singer Lady Gaga, who many believe is an hermaphrodite and who claims she is “born this way” even though science has never revealed a homosexual gene, striking an obvious kabbalistic pose in the fashion of Constant’s Baphomet.

Nataf’ continues with the occult perversion of sexuality,

In sexual magic, or in alchemy, the hermaphrodite represents the orgasm, which, in turn, represents the universe, created by and in the act of love. In magic, the hermaphrodite, freed from customary human sexual polarity, represents the state of purity in which occult work may take place. It should be noted that black magic, with its techniques of alienation, aims to obscure the (potential) state of hermaphroditism.

Clearly, homosexuality isn’t merely a means for the Illuminati power structure to destabilize and depopulate the planet, although this is an added benefit. Homosexuality is the goal and aim of Luciferianism. Homosexuality is Luciferian indoctrination—Satan’s vainglorious alchemical transformation of God’s creation.


  1. The Antichrist will be GAY, and Jewish, this is fact,and a High level Mason to Boot,The NWO is run on the Hidden Hand, the Left Path, at high levels of Gov THEY are all in to this stuff, take the Bible and current events, they are the same, Jesus told us that in the End of Days all would be Evil, and We will be Hated for standing for the Truth. Up is down, Left is right Good is Bad and Bad is Good. Yep WE are HERE. Grab your lawn chair, and watch the Show, and always PRAY to God for all he puts up with.

  2. Sure, One Facet Of Satan Is Queer–But There’s Much Worse Too
    Interesting article/blog by Fitz: I rather think this “gay” stuff u write about is a part of the satanic program, surely, BUT isn’t main part–it’s just entertainment/diversion for the lower-ranking suck-alongs of ZOG.
    ZOG’s main thing is the culture of death, following the culture/empire of LIES LIES LIES. According to AGENDA-21, ZOG want’s de-population–which they’ve already got going w. the GMO food, poison vaccines, fluoridated water–and lately, evermore nuclear radiation poisoning.
    Thus as Christ affirms truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8), he affirms the objective (Aristotelian) reality, God-given, necessary foundation/criterion/premise for truth, this against Jew lies founded in subjectivism (“it’s true because the rabbis say so” ho ho ho).
    But note there’s “no honor among thieves,” esp. as the population dwindles, the economy collapses, and the top ZOG leadership eye one another wondering if they’ll be double-crossed by their erstwhile buddies and co-conspirators–JUST as they’ve double-crossed the poor fools of the present society.
    So my conclusion is the LGBT crap is just distraction–there’s worse stuff they WANT to do, like outright killing people (“targeted killings”). Look for a false-flag up-coming. Another thing they (ZOG) MUST do is remove the free Inter-net.

  3. Satan tempted Eve with “Ye be as gods” for he dare not say “Ye be as God” to say the gods mentioned was to be as himself & the fallen angels, for these are no gods but demons , again come through the golden calf , proving it be a Lie , The very Lie come as the strong delusion unto the sexual immorality of the day , the core of which is sodom. Against this is said of the Elect of God, the first fruits of Lamb in the words in Rev “These are not defiled by women” unto the sodom agenda come off satan unto Eve in the garden to be as him/them. Even corresponding to his duality of his henpeckedness by his female self denoted by Zech 5- the flying scroll to Freemasonry governed by the wickedness in an Ephah established upon her own pedstral,

  4. I despise FtM’s, whom I will always consider Female, First and Foremost!!! I will NOT call them “transmen”, because they are NOT “men!” I also do not consider MtF’s women, since they can never menstruate or have a baby! But as a female-bodied person, I really hate the idea that I could be one of those self-hating, delusional DYKES, like the ones I’ve seen on YouTube, who want a you-know-what so badly that they’re willing to wear a stupid-looking rubber one in their pants, through which they try to pee standing-up, and risk the embarrassment of leaking urine down their legs! So please don’t EVER confuse this precious little “princess” named Veronica, now 32 years old, with one of those hormone-created FREAKS!

  5. The Scientific/Biological fact that there is no sodomic gene proves the truth that God is perfect in his creation, but the devil by his agents try to disprove, read- falsify the truth by bringing in the sodomic agendas. Biologically it is the male chromosomes that decides the sex of the child is again to the Biblical fact that God made the man & from him made the woman as also the reason why it is stated that they are no longer twain but one in marriage. However the very fault leading to the sodomic agendas again goes by the Jewish, read Talmudic misinterpretation of the Biblical words “God made he him: Male & female created He them.” & the misinterpretation to the belief that Adam was created as a Hermaphrodite & so man can be that way like Bahomet (read satan) who was not created that way but made himself that way with his female self ruling him which ought not to have been for as the Bible states the woman was created for the man & not the man for the woman” His error was caused due undue sexual overtunes to conflict within, into its corruptions which outcome is sodom unto false potrayal of Hermaphroditism, totally falsifying God , his nature & His Image.
    To Know that that the words Image & likeness are two distinctive words, Image means to reflect & Likeness in this case to mean “manner” so God made He him: male & female created he them in the same Likeness(manner) that He made himself. To the clear distinction between the Male & the Female but one to the fulness as was orginally made uncorrupted, which satan tries to turn it around like him, thinking to change times & laws is what the Bile professes, come through the Talmudic misinterpretation,,Talmud/Kabbalah full in speculation & works, for Beware of the “Leaven of the Pharisees” is what Christ warned about, no small matter.

  6. Some of this mis information written i,baphomet is not Satan, he is the demon
    Of rchikd sacrificein Baphom’S snakes can be found on the Canadian medic logo and perhaps Americas too. Babhomett is one of Satan,angels .
    Me Ripergerr. Gives a took on this, if you trust him, at least about the topic.

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