Ted Pike brings in Zionism through the back door

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

Before I begin this brief critique of so-called truth teller Reverend Ted Pike, I want to redefine the definition of Zionism to something I feel is more accurate.

Zionism: the belief that God has set aside a tract of land in the Middle East for ethnic Jews for all eternity as long as they are obedient.

Ted Pike, a well known “anti-Zionist” in the anti-Zionist community, is actually perpetuating the Zionist myth, although in a subtler manner, through his “Bible studies” at his website TruthTellers and in his documentary videos, specifically The Other Israel and Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance. With titles like these, you would think there would be no hint of Zionism in his teachings on Bible prophecy, but, unfortunately, this is not the case. And with his campaign against the Babylonian Talmud and Jewish ADL-sponsored hate laws, his anti-Zionism appears even more legitimate.

Pike a premillennialist Zionist
Give even a casual look at the roots of Christian Zionism and you will inevitably encounter a prophetical teaching known as premillennial dispensationalism. Many evangelical Christians and Protestants the world over adhere to this heretical school of thought, which is driving the end times delusion and the massacre by Israel of almost all of its neighbours, especially the Palestinians. What may surprise subscribers of Pike is that while he is not a dispensational believer—which, in this context, basically teaches that Jews are saved under their own Mosaic covenant (the law)—he does believe in premillennialism, which teaches that the Seventy Weeks Messianic prophecy in the Book of Daniel, the millennial reign of Christ, and the redemption of the Jews have not yet taken place. Some may argue that one can be anti-Zionist and premillennialist simultaneously, but, as Pike demonstrates in his confused prophetic world, it’s pretty much impossible. Pike claims a “remnant” of Jews will be saved in the future end times and will re-obtain the land, even though there was already a remnant of Jews saved in the time of Jesus, the apostles, and at the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem. I guess he doesn’t think Jesus’ redemptive work at His first coming was good enough to save all who would believe, so Jesus must come a second time redeem the Jews separately, at which point Jesus supposedly sets up an Earthly Zionist kingdom for 1,000 years. This is not taught in the Bible. It is a Jewish-centric heresy based on exclusivism—an exclusivism taught only in the unholy Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. To Bible scholars, this heresy is known as postponement theory—a sort of postponed Zionism.

Pseudo anti-Zionism
A word about anti-Zionists in general. Orthodox Jewish “anti-Zionists” are only anti-Zionist in the sense that, if Jews are disobedient to God, they do not obtain the right to dwell in Israel. So, these anti-Zionist Jews are actually Zionists, according to my definition above. They do believe that Jews would have a right to dwell in Israel, just as long as they are obedient. In other words, they are only anti-Zionist while the Jews are disobedient. Pike basically echoes these same pseudo-anti-Zionist beliefs. So, Pike, too, is a Zionist and believes the Jews will return to the land when Jesus supposedly comes a second time to redeem only the special Jews and rapture everyone else.
The redemptive work of Christ on the cross is not enough for Pike and his Jewish gods. No, Christ must come again, merely for the sake of the special Jews, who rejected and crucified Him.

Universalism or Zionism?
The Bible, as well as the Early Church for 1,500-plus years, has taught that Old Testament Zionism was a temporal means to an end and, in and of itself, was never the intention of God from the beginning. It was to be a mere model of the true Zion, which was to be the entire world in obedience to God and the entire Earth as the land for believers in Christ Jesus. This is where we get the word “Catholic.” It means universalism, not exclusivism as the Zionists preach. This universalism, not to be confused with the secular definition of the term, has been taught by the Early Church onwards through the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. It wasn’t until Illuminist Jews and Freemasons wised up and distorted Bible prophecy that we were propagandized with this premillennial Zionist teaching. That and a twisting of Daniels 70-weeks prophecy has confused the good majority of American Christians and resulted in their unwavering support of Israel and Jews. It has also robbed them of enjoying the blessings from living under the millennial reign of our Lord Jesus Christ, who ascended to His throne almost 2,000 years ago. Premillennialists like Pike would have you believe that Jesus hasn’t ascended to His Throne yet. Pike can only conclude that Jesus is waiting in limbo somehwere.

Pike’s hyper Preterist strawman
Pike attempts to justify his false prophecy by putting all alternative views to premillennialism into the tiny box of hyper, or full, preterism. Full preterism is a heretical prophetical view that teaches that absolutely all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled. Without getting too technical, the Early Church’s prophetical teaching has always been more of a partial-preterist or historical view, which basically means that the majority of Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, especially the crucial Seventy Weeks Prophecy. Partial preterism and historicism are very different from hyper preterism, but that doesn’t matter to Pike; he is setting up a strawman. It also allows Pike to endorse the Judeo-Masonic inspired Seventy Week gap theory. Pike and his evangelical Zionist cohorts, including John Hagee, twist the Book of Daniel so that the final 70th week is separated (for no Biblical or logical reason) from the preceding 69 weeks, and tosses into the future so that Jews can be elevated again to godhood. I shall soon post a comprehensive article on the 70 Weeks deception and how it is based in a Rabbinical command to deceive Christians.

Ted Pike’s rabbinical connection
In 2006, author Michael Hoffman alerted his readers to Ted Pike’s connection with Orthodox Jewish rabbi Daniel Lapin. Hoffman points out Pike’s compromise in supporting Lapin merely because he is a perceived cultural conservative and the false belief that it’s only leftist or secular Jews that are out to get us. He illustrates how this Jewish dualism plays both liberals and conservatives alike in a sort Hegelian dialectic. Hoffman writes,

Orthodox Judaics have positioned themselves on both sides of the issue. Orthodox Judaic Foxman represents the Leftist ideal of secularism, while Orthodox Judaic Lapin is seen to attack Foxman in public, while offering support for the Right. To penetrate and overthrow this dialectic, we must anticipate the ultimate synthesis toward which this rabbinic chess game is oriented.

Part of Pike’s response to Hoffman reads,

One of the most powerful tools for awakening the church and nation was provided by Rabbi Daniel Lapin of ‘Toward Tradition,’ a politically conservative, orthodox Jewish organization in Seattle…Actually, Rabbi Lapin’s persistent admonitions to American Jews to deeply appreciate America and its Christian culture fulfill God’s command to exiled Jews to seek the peace and welfare of the nations in which they dwell (Jer. 29:4).

Pike is insinuating the heresy that a remnant shall be saved in the future and bring all Jews back into Israel while endorsing an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, who is under the curse of the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. Pike has been duped. The idea that a remnant of Jews will be saved, as described in the Book of Romans, in the future, is another postponed Zionism heresy. James B. Jordan wrote a brilliant piece shattering this myth, The late author Phillip Mauro wrote extensively on the lies of postponement theory, especially in The Hope of Israel.

A call to repentance
This post is not meant as a personal attack on Ted Pike. He appears to be sincere in his convictions, as heretical and confusing as they are. I hope this post will alert subscribers of Pike as well as Pike himself to the anti-Christ nature of his prophetical views.


    1. Edward Hendrie is a Kabbalistic Calvinist. Can trust anything he writes. The Jesus Is Saviour site gives a fairly sterile critique of Catholicism. I will agree that Second Vatican Council Catholicism is anti-Christ.

    2. It is very simple: all you need is a KJV Bible – the Word of God – to understand history and the world we live in. All we need for salvation is Jesus Christ! He paid for us, we belong to Him now!
      We don’t need all these “human traditions” (Matthew Chapter 15) of the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox “Churches”, Mormons, Jehova’s Witnesses, and various other Kabbalah-inspired cults! There are hundreds, if not thousands of different religions and cults all based on “human traditions” (inspired by Satan!) instead of the Word of God (i.e. Jesus Christ).
      Antioch, Syria vs. Alexandria, Egypt: Why the KJV Bible is the Best English Translation of the Holy Bible:

      1. Do you think ritual and tradition of the Early Church is useless? Do you know what ritual is for? Tradition is inspired by Satan if it contradicts the Bible, like that of the Pharisees.
        The KJV is a lesser evil of the more liberal Bibles, like the NASB or NIV. But it’s not the best.

  1. Mr. Fitzpatrick,
    Your comment, “The KJV is a lesser evil of the more liberal Bibles, like the NASB or NIV. But it’s not the best” got my attention. Like you, I believe the KJV to be a “lesser evil”, but still not ideal. I’ve been considering purchasing the Apostolic Bible Polyglot. Would you tell me what Bible you recommend? Thank you kindly.

    1. Hello Jimmy,
      I tend to lean towards the Eastern Orthodox Bibles. Their Old Testament translation, for example, is based exclusively on the Septuagint and not the Kabbalah-inspired Masoretic text.

      1. Thanks for your response Timothy. I’m not familiar with any “Eastern Orthodox Bibles”. Could you give me an example? To your point about the Greek vs. Hebrew O.T., that is exactly why I was looking at the Apotolic Bible Polyglot (O.T. based on Septuagint). As an aside, Michael Hoffman reccommends the aformentioned ABP or The Jerusalem Bible (1966). Thanks again….Jimmy

      2. Tim, brother, the Textus Receptus IS the Byzantine Text. These are the manuscripts from Antioch, Syria (one of the cradles of Christianity!!!). The King James Version is the ONLY English Bible which is completely (i.e. Old and New Testaments) based on the Textus Receptus! The Septuagint is from Alexandria, Egypt (a place which was famous for its occultism and pagan philosophies!).
        Antioch, Syria vs. Alexandria, Egypt

        1. No, the Textus Receptus is not the Byzantine text. Furthermore, the 1611 was produced during a time of mass Jewish infiltration of the Church, mainly through the Reformation, which culminated in the Judeo-Masonic Puritan movement in England. Also, the King James Version relies on the Kabbalist Masoretic Text.

      3. The Jews picked up Babylonian and Egyptian mysticism (i.e. Luciferianism/Satanism) while in exile in Babylon and Egypt! This became the foundation for the Talmud, Kabbalah (the so-called “oral traditions”, see: Matthew 15:1-9) and Phariseeism (which “evolved” into today’s Rabbinical Judaism).

    1. Do you honestly believe that Catholics/Orthodox worship paintings, relics, and statues? Those Jesus-Is-Saviour links are deceptive, especially that first photo. The priests are carrying out a mass. The statue of the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus happens to be in front of them. Statues, paintings, and other relics are meant for inspiration. They are not graven images. Why do people have paintings in their homes? Do they worship them? No, they put them on their walls to provide a source for inspiration and beauty. Even heathens understand this very simple concept. Holy relics are the same thing: inspiration. Protestant churches, on the other hand, are sterile and uninspiring. And why? So they can avoid accidentally breaking some commandment? God is a God of beauty. Beauty is right and just.
      In your second link, a woman is kissing a priest’s hand out of respect. This is not demanded by any priest, Catholic or Orthodox. In Baroque France, did people believe that when a gentleman kissed the hand of a fair lady that he was worshiping her? Not a chance. Kissing is a sign of affection and respect. It is not idolatry. As for the Illuminist pyramids, no Church has escaped that infiltration. I agree that it should be completely purged from the Church. Do people who kiss the cross believe they are worshiping a piece of wood or metal? Of course not, again, it’s a sign of respect to the cross Jesus bore. Don’t you respect that? Respect and mannerisms are largely missing from Protestant cultures; it’s no wonder they have such an issue with icons and relics.
      The Reformation iconoclasts had a vicious and despicable appetite for destruction, desecration, and savagery.

    2. What is your opinion on the rest of these kabbalistic Illuminati symbols used in Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism:
      – “Skull and Bones” symbols on the Crosses
      – Double Snake
      – Double-headed Eagle (also used in Freemasonry, Kabbalah, Theosophy, New Age, Russian Federation Logo, etc.) -> has same meaning as forked tongue of the serpent (a.k.a. Doublespeak/Doublethink): they say something and do the opposite.
      Just like the Jewish rabbis who speak out against homosexuality and then rape 3 year old girls:
      This is classical Luciferianism/Satanism!!! Satan is a master deceiver, he uses the “angel of light” doublespeak method/technique (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)!
      I do NOT hate Jews! The Jews NEED Jesus Christ, just like we all do!!! He is the ONLY ONE who can forgive sins!
      I did not mean to offend you. In fact, I like you Tim! You are my brother-in-Christ!
      You have a biblical name and your family name is Irish, right? I love the Irish people, some very fine Christians among them!!!

      1. My opinion is that Illuminati symbolism crept into the Roman Catholic Church sometime during the Renaissance and into the Orthodox Church during the wave of Red Terror. Regardless, Orthodox doctrine has not been disturbed by this, and neither had Catholic doctrine until the Second Vatican Council of 1965. The doctrine is the most important thing. As long as that is intact, you are OK. Hopefully the symbolism can been rooted out.

  2. The Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    However, see these Satanic Illuminati symbols in the Kremlin Palace!
    See how Satan/Lucifer (the wicked serpent!) sneaked into Russia, the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches, the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches through kabbalistic/talmudic Pharisee-Judaism and Freemasonry:
    – Eye of Lucifer/Satan, double-headed eagles and X symbols in The Hall of the Order of St. Andrew in the Grand Kremlin Palace: http://www.tp178.com/mh/un_moskau/Moskau_saal6.jpg
    (See “Codex Magica” by Texe Marrs, Chapters 11, 12, 13: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/codex_magica/codex_magica.htm)
    – Five double-headed Russian coat-of-arms eagles (Masonic/Kabbalistic!!) in the facade of the palace after(!) the dissolution of the Soviet Union (For more information on this Illuminati symbol see “Codex Magica”, Chapter 12)
    – X symbol on the floor of The Hall of the Order of St. George in the Grand Kremlin Palace (See “Codex Magica”, Chapter 11)
    Orthodox priests are dressed like the Pharisees!!!

    1. Russia went through almost a hundred years of Judeo-Masonic infiltration in the 20th century. What did you expect? So, because there are some remnants of this infiltration left over, we should abandon the Church, is that what you are saying?

  3. Some remnants left? The Kremlin Palace with its satanic Illuminati symbols looks like one of the temples made ready for the coming Antichrist who will be a kabbalistic Pharisee-Jew, a master magician (i.e. a master of deception)! The palace looks beautiful from the outside, but from within… (Matthew 23:27). I’m sure Solomon’s rebuilt temple for the Antichrist in Jerusalem will look just as nice, probably even prettier!
    “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20, KJV)

      1. You know Tim, I love what Russian President Putin wrote in the NY Times on September, 11:
        “There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor…
        We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”
        That remark really touched my heart! I like Putin!!!
        I pray that President Putin is going to clean up the Church in Russia!

      2. Russian President Vladimir Putin:
        First Soviet Communist Government Was Mostly Jewish (Kabbalistic/Talmudic & Masonic!!) – Haaretz
        “Speaking at Moscow’s Jewish Museum, Russian president says politicians ‘were guided by false ideological considerations.’ Russian President Vladimir Putin said that at least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish.
        “I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,”
        Putin said June 13 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.”

    1. Why do you believe that? He’s a KGB agent, he-s well-versed in all the dark arts, including the occult. He’s no innocent, your comment is naive and ignorant, I’m sorry to say :/

  4. Well today I listened to a sermon and been struggling for answers to post and premillennial rapture God has been speaking to my heart that it just does not make sense that Jews were going to obtain their land and that they are Gods chosen people. Those who accept Jesus Christ’s gift kept coming to mind and non of this makes any sense to my born again mind yet churches are telling thier flock this. Thank you for your post and confirming what God has been speaking in my heart… Truth the Jews rejected him and all who trust in Christ’s death for our sins are to be with him in the new heaven and new earth and all this confusing nonsense are lies from Satan to confuse the church. Thanks

    1. Hello all. Ive been reading some articles on this site for a couple of days now, and i understand usually you cant agree with everyone on every issue. I have to say theres a lot of leaven on this site and wouldnt recomend it to new or baby christians. First off you label anyone who believes that Jews can come to Christ as basically heretics, God is not a respecter of persons and that goes both ways.Jesus said to love your enemy’s and there is no love at all on this site period.I agree a lot of what you are saying about the judeo Masonic plot to corrupt christian history and doctrine.but you are discrediting yourself by condemning jews on one hand and praising Catholics on the other.i was wondering why you were talking bad about alexander hislop until i read this post. He unveiled the truth about the Catholic Church, the same church you hold in high regard. To say that the Catholic Church was sound in doctrine before vatican 2 is false, the book the 2 babylons cannot be denied. Catholocism is nothing more than the old Babylonian mysteries mixed christianity. You said they dont worship statues but that is false also,they have statues of their interpretation of Jesus and Mary set up in every Catholic Church which they kneel and bow to before every church service. Why would Jesus have long hair if when the bible says its a shame for a man to have long hair, i cant think of the verse but it’s not hard to find just google it. They also have graven images of the hundreds of saints. There’s no doubt that the Mary of Catholicism is the same entity as the queen of heaven spoken of in the book of Jeremiah. any person willing to put in the time to do the homework will find this to be true. Again you denounce one evil but defend or even praise the other. It doesn’t make sense john paul 2 was a jew i dont hear anyone talking about that. You sound like an official catholic gatekeeper. The Jesuits were founded by Jews, if im not mistaken Loyola was a new. The “pope” is yoked with shamans,witch doctors, and Hindus, the question is who is he not yoked up with. The only one he should be yoked with hes not and thats Christ Jesus. It’s all part of the coming one world religion, and again the info is not hard to find. The real blame for the state that the world is in today should go to Satan.its crazy after all these years the old divide and conquer scheme still works. Im sure satan invented that technique. Even though no one is under the law Jesus summed it up as love your neighbor as yourself. Sorry to see im not going to find that here.

      1. As Mary already pointed out, Hislop’s charges of paganism against the Catholic Church are now being used by atheists to attack the character of Christ and the faith in general, irrespective of Catholicism. Was Hislop so naive and careless that he didn’t think about this before publishing his inflammatory ravings? Perhaps Hislop was attacking the faith in general, but through the Catholic Church specifically. If this is the case, it makes his views more perverse and more irrelevant.

  5. I love the way that Protestants like James, in their arrogance and ignorance, feel that they know far more about Catholic theology and history than any Catholic, and arrogate to themselves the task of lecturing their Catholic brethren about their “errors”
    Then, after trashing the Faith of said Catholic brethren, they have the audacity to complain that they aren’t going to find any “love of neighbour” from them.

  6. I realize I’m late in responding to some of these discussions but joshuajericho777 asked about a more reliable English translation of the Bible and I think it’s important to point out that the KJV was based, mostly, on the ‘Douay-Rheims’ translation.
    The problem with the ‘Bible only’ attitude is that the versions of the Bible that we can get our hands on have been tainted by men. Do you really think that’s what God intended as our only source to salvation? Even the Douay-Rheims (as good as it is) had one version “Challoner version” that was changed more than was intended by the Douay Fathers; however, at least it can be easily compared to the Latin Vulgate to see the differences.
    As for the Catholic Church being started by the Talmudic Kabal…that is just not true. The Babylonian Talmud came after the beginning of the only Church started by Christ, himself. It is true that the evil satanic cult of the Zionistic Kabal took over the Catholic Faith during Vatican II and that is why many have reverted back to the “Traditional” Latin Mass started by Jesus. Learn more about the takeover of the Vatican and Christian Churches (which goes back to how the KJV was tainted) on http://www.churcheclipse.com.
    God Bless.

  7. James – sorry but you are dead wrong when you claim, “You said they dont worship statues but that is false also,they have statues of their interpretation of Jesus and Mary set up in every Catholic Church which they kneel and bow to before every church service.” This is just not true. We do not bow to these statues at any point. We genuflect (kneel down and say the ‘sign of the cross’) to the altar of God when we enter or leave the church but it is not to a statue. Get your facts straight before making false accusations. We do not worship Mary in any way. We pray to her, to intercede to Jesus, as the Holy Mother of God and you are correct that she is the Queen of Heaven and the New Eve of the New Testament.
    The Judeo/Masonic infiltration of the Church began around Vatican II (it actually started when they began to change the missal in the 1940’s but continued to creep into it in full swing with Vat2.

    1. “We do not worship Mary in any way”… said without hint of irony just prior to you declaring Mary as “Holy Mother of God”. Not just worshipping, but elevating her above God. The fact that you can’t see this glaring issue shows your strong, delusional, cognitive bias. As a former catholic of fourteen years, much of what James says rings true to me. I think you and I both know that James is not talking about every catholic ‘kneeling/bowing’ – but about the priest! Maybe he’s not familiar with the term “genuflecting”, or couldn’t bring it to mind, for whatever reason, so described it as ‘kneeling and bowing’; because it’s more or less the same actions. You use the usual defensive techniques that was drilled into myself as a child – denying, twisting, conflating, accusing etc. And the usual “everyone that I don’t agree with is a protestant/satan” routine. I could go on for a while here, but I wont. There’s no point trying to convince you of your delusion, I’m well versed in, and well aware of, the stock replies you would use in defence to any facts that I bring forth. Many of us whom point out the truth about the Vatican/RCC are ex-catholics whom God broke free from those bondage chains.

  8. Sorry – one more quick comment just for clarification. I am on the staff of the ‘Church Eclipse’ website and I am a proud Traditional Catholic; however, not all of our staff is Catholic. I just wanted to point that out for people learning from our site. We have worked hard to prevent the facts of how the Judeo/Masonic cult has infiltrated the Vatican and Protestant, Evangelical Churches as well. My comment on the Catholic Faith are mine and are not representative of all the staff. Thanks – Judy

  9. Jesus Christ is the God of Christianity, of all real Christians. Jesus himself had began a New Religion Called Christianity . Jesus came to earth and began a new religion, separate from Judaism that he first introduced to the Jewish people. But the Jews have rejected Jesus and his new religion. and anyone who wasn’t Jewish was a Christian or a Gentile. A Jewish identity meant one thing: Jews don’t believe in Jesus. Jewish leaders, at the time of Jesus in Jerusalem, in addition to the Jewish shouted , “Crucify Him! Crucify Him! and thus had killed Jesus. When Jewish People embrace Yeshua, they don’t convert to Christianity and not the real Jesus Christ. They remain Jews and do not become Christians. All, even the Jewish People do need to convert to Christianity; In John 8:58, Jesus Christ actually declared not only His pre-existence but also took upon Himself the name of God as revealed to Moses in the burning bush: “Amen, amen I tell you, before Abraham was born, I am.” Jesus nor his disciples lived and died as observant Jews in Israel.
    Is the Christian movement that goes by the name “Messianic Judaism” a form of Judaism? In essence, so-called “Messianic Jewish” groups claim that they represent a “completed form of Judaism” or “completed form of Jewishness” or “Biblical Judaism.” In actuality, self-styled “Messianic Judaism” is a counterfeit form of Christianity that follows the rabbinic Judaism. There are radical differences between Judaism and Christianity. Traditional Christianity depicts Judaism as an incomplete religion because it does not include a sole belief in Jesus. Judaism is not and has never been an incomplete form of Christianity. Judaism is a different religion from that of the Christian ones that have developed over the last two thousand years; including the Christian movement that goes by the name “Messianic Judaism.” Any attempt to artificially blend the two is deceitful, demonic, erroneous.
    What makes Christianity Christian is its belief in “Jesus Christ: Son of God, God incarnate.” The early Christians replaced Torah with Jesus as the access to God; soon forgiveness of sin was said to be possible only through belief in Jesus. Theological reflection on the significance of Jesus ultimately led to the doctrine of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Jewish Identity of Jesus Is Meaningless to non Jews, Gentiles, Christians. Messianic Jewish movement” have often presented a confused and contradictory theology. All present-day Christian denominations and sects are theological offshoots of the first century mostly ex gentile churches that had developed separate and distinct from first century Jewish groups . Since the first century, Christianity has been at odds with most of rabbinic interpretation. belief of the Gentile church for the Torah is irrelevant to salvation has became the dominant doctrine in the New Testament all Christianity. The Christian community was distinguished from Jewish Christians by its lack of traditional Jewish practice.
    Judaism and Christianity are entirely different and essentially unrelated religions. Judaism and Christianity are entirely different and essentially unrelated religions. The two religions bear different messages and distinctive meanings, each for its own faithful. The Christian concept of God is not the Jewish concept of God; in essence, their God is not our God. One cannot replace Torah with Jesus and still have a reason for Judaism or truthfully call the new entity “a form of Judaism.” The respective adherents to Judaism and Christianity are part of distinct and separate faith communities.
    Any self-defined Christian today that claims Torah observance is incumbent upon Jewish-born Christians would be considered as heretic by other Christians. Fabricating a counterfeit ritual and cultural milieu, this self-styled “Messianic Jewish movement,” creates a false illusion of adhering to a false form of first century Jewish Christianity as practiced by the early Jewish followers of Jesus. The ritual and cultural milieu they depict never existed.
    It is impossible to preserve the cultural aspects of the Jewish people while replacing the spiritual, the theological, and the salvific grounding and reason for that culture with a non-Jewish faith system. Jewish religious life finds its theological and spiritual meaning through the life of Torah, not through the death and resurrection of Jesus.
    There is a common understanding among Jews of all denominations that Judaism, understood as the culture and religion of the Jewish people, contains all they need to achieve spiritual fulfillment, that is, salvation. Anyone who is not a real Christian still ends up in hell
    One of the saddest stories in the Bible is the story of the Jews rejecting their own Messiah. After spending millennia desperately waiting and anticipating His arrival, most Jews didn’t want Him. They rejected what he taught, now stood for. While Jesus taught a strict form of partial Judaism, enforcing narrow divorce laws there were a few teachings, however, that devout Jews found hard to swallow. The first was that He could forgive sins. Jews believe the forgiveness of sins is a much more involved process than one man’s word. They also believe that if sins are forgiven so easily, it will only lead to more sin. Secondly, Jesus’ teaching to love our enemies and pray for them. This is anathema to the long-suffering Jews who have been persecuted so harshly by so many. It also sounds contradictory to laws in the Old Testament, such as Deuteronomy 17:7, which says to purge evil “from your midst.” The disconnect was that it is good and appropriate for a nation to have and enforce good laws, and to go to war for just causes but Jesus taught that our own dealings should be filled with grace and mercy.
    Jews also do not accept Jesus’ teaching that He is the only way to God. With a religious system based on restitution and sincere repentance, Jews have no need of an intermediary to reach God. They reject the need of forgiveness and salvation since they have theory own religion and they also still do not believe mankind has a sin nature, they do not believe any reasonable, attentive person can sin so much that they cannot find forgiveness through their own effort. Their pride in their strict adherence to the law of the Old Testament blinded them to Who Jesus is. Paul says in Romans 9:30-32: What shall we say, then? That Gentiles who did not pursue righteousness have attained it, that is, a righteousness that is by faith; but that Israel who pursued a law that would lead to righteousness did not succeed in reaching that law. Why? Because they did not pursue it by faith, but as if it were based on works. They have stumbled over the stumbling stone.
    There are no New Testament promises of any future blessings for Jerusalem, or Israel but only some of them y will come to accept Jesus as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10).
    All real Christians differ in many ways from Messianic Jews including history, beliefs, dress, and practice. Messianic Judaism itself is a relatively new phenomenon. Jews falsely still do believe that an anti-Semitic view of the Messiah’s life and death is a main theology in Christian Europe for thousands of years. … yet the New Testament teaches that there is no distinction between Jews and Gentiles: 26 For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. 27 For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26-28)
    Messianic Jews Tend to Use false Jewish Symbols the Christian Does Not use. And there is not evidence that any of the early Christians they attempted to look and dress like Jewish rabbis as many male Messianic Jews do. The New Testament demonstrates the apostles did not appear to look like Jewish rabbis or Levitical priests. When, for one example, the Apostle Paul was arrested, the authorities did not recognize him as a Jew, but thought he was an Egyptian (Acts 21:37-38). Paul had to tell the military commander he was a Jew (Acts 27:39). Thus, Paul did not look like a Jewish rabbi, nor was he apparently wearing distinguishing phylacteries or tzitzits as the Messianic Jews do. Christian males are not to have their heads covered when the pray: 4 Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head. . . 7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man. (1 Corinthians 11:4,7) Many Messianic Jews do pray with their heads covered. Messianic Jews tend focus on improper aspects of outward appearances and traditions of Judaism.

  10. Ted Pike is like most false teachers — he teaches some lies mixed in with truth. He is wrong not only on premillennialism and dispensationalism, but wrong about “eternal security is false.” Jesus said plainly that he loses NONE of the sheep (elect) his father give him. There is nothing more secure than the promise of Almighty God. The only way eternal security could be false would be for Jesus to be a liar, wrong or weak. That would be a different Jesus and another gospel, like the Catholics have. Read John 3, 6 and 10 for starters. Salvation is free, eternal and secure.
    This should be enough — one promise, stated twice:
    John 10:27-30 (KJV) My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. I and my Father are one.
    So, Pike’s doctrine most closely matches the Pope’s. If someone can prove his connection to the Vatican they should write an expose’.
    Fitz, you need to get out of the RCC. You admitted above, in so ,many words, that it is apostate. Why would you stay if you think its head, the Vatican is in error? That makes no sense. Jesus said “You must be born again to see the kingdom of God.” You cannot see that Romanism is not true Christianity, but is apostate? Neither is lukewarm good enough. Rev 3.
    I’m glad I found your article, Fitz. I will be praying for your deliverance from the fowler’s snare. Pray about this — ask the Father to reveal the truth to you. God bless you.

    1. Wolf, I am no longer in the RCC. I am Orthodox now, although I am sure you will criticize it as well. Even so, I consider traditional Catholics among the faithful. I cannot say the same for Protestantism.
      As for your “once saved always saved doctrine”, it, like all Protestant doctrines, is heresy, unless you can show me even one of the seven church councils to have vouched for its canonized status.
      Pray for me, as you insist, but also pray for yourself that God show you if you are to be in error regarding authority and the true Church.
      From what I can see, Protestantism has served as one of the greatest assets of the Judeo-Masonic plot against God and man.

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